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Black Opal Mens Wedding Band

Mens Opal Rings Tips And Ideas

Black Opal Halo Engagement ring & stackable wedding band.

FAQ: Are opals suitable for mens rings? Do men wear opal rings? Are opals strong enough for a mans opal ring?

Opals are one of the worlds most amazing gemstones, and men all over the world are taking advantage of opals striking colours to create a unique, masculine piece of opal jewellery. However, its important to do your research if youre thinking about buying a mens opal ring or having a custom opal ring made. Since men are usually much harder on their jewellery, mens rings usually need to be much harder wearing than ladies rings.

Since opal is not as hard as diamonds , you do need to take precautions to ensure your opal doesnt get damaged. Opals rank at about 6 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, whereas diamonds rank at 10. To put this into perspective, opals are about the same hardness as glass. There are a number of ways you can ensure the maximum security and durability of your opal. Much like opal engagement rings, you should consult the advice of experts before going ahead and buying an opal ring.

Opals Down Under has made hundreds of customised opal rings, and weve got mens rings down to a fine art. Here are our tips to help you get the best out of your opal ring:

Black Opal Mens Jewelry

Black Opal Mens Jewelry comes in many varieties. The term black opal is usually associated with Lightning Ridge where the opal comes out of the ground mixed with what is called black potch which is actually natural opal without color

When it sits at the back of precious opal color it has a dramatic effect on the presentation of the stone, giving it a darker more dramatic look. Black opal is the rarest of all opals

However its close cousin, Boulder Opal is also considered a type of black opal because it has a dark brown background resulting in the same dramatic foreground colors.

Boulder opal is becoming very popular as black opal mens jewelry because it caters for such a wide variety of personalities. Some men like jewelry that is glittery and traditional in presentation.

Why Talking Is A Good Idea

Buying jewelry online is intimidating. We should know. We’ve been selling online for 17 years.

We’ve taken a totally different approach. A personal one.

Remember how experiences used to be intimate? Jewelry buying should be an intimate experience.

It isn’t about having the largest selection, or selling the cheapest jewelry. Were not aiming to be the Amazon of jewelry. We are a family-owned jewelry store in Modesto that is very picky about quality and design. That’s been our calling card since 1989.

Beautiful jewelry should stir the soul. Before selecting a piece for display we ask, How does this design make me feel?

In a world of infinite choice, its nice to slow down and appreciate the work of master craftsmen.

Dont use your credit card to buy this. Not yet.

Its 5:40 AM in Modesto right now. Call us and see why we fell in love with this piece. One shouldnt ever have to buy jewelry online without asking all your questions first. Oh, thats right, thats what makes us different from the thousands of online jewelry sites out there.

When you call you arent talking to an agent in a call center. Your talking to either Ron Yates, Ashton Yates-Woolley, Marissa Stewart, Mechelle Yates, or Justice Carillo at our Modesto store location.

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Does Opal Hold Any Meaning In Wedding Bands

Like many gemstones, Opal has a long history filled with superstitions, naturopathic properties, and historic meaning.

At it’s core, Opal has been thought of as possessing certain healing properties. It is said that it can kickstart your creative thoughts and bring a sense of balance to the holder. It can also promote peace and stability. Some believe that Opal brings good karma but in certain cultures have given it the negative stigma of promoting bad karma. Largely due to an ancient novel in which death was brought to an opal wearer, the association of bad luck to Opal has carried down to some generations.

However, Opal has also been associated with magic and power throughout history. Some believe that different types of opal can promote different things. Red opal, for many, is believed to bring increased sexuality and passion. Green opal can be thought to alleviate negative energy. While black opal can promote feelings of safety and security.

Regardless of ancient legends and prophecies, Opal is popular mostly for one reason – its beauty and uniqueness. If looking at Opal for a wedding band, you can be confident that you are getting a unique band that will stand the test of time. If you like looking at it, it will like looking at you 🙂

What Is The Best Opal For Wedding Rings


Australian Black Opal Wedding Rings are gorgeous and are the most precious opal variation on the market. Unfortunately, this variety of opal is so rare because Black Opals can only be found in one place on earth, a small 30km square field in North-western NSW called Lightning Ridge.Black Opals appear black but instead have a natural backing called “potch,” which gives them a dark hue. Against this backdrop, the classic rainbow hues of an opal dance in beautiful patterns on top. An intense Black Opal Wedding Ring that really mesmerises can be worth many tens of thousands. Black Opal Wedding Rings are in a class of their own for beauty, with their rainbow variety of hues blossoming in fire-like patterns, from oranges, greens, blues and flashes of red, pink and indigo.However, many online stores stock a form of fake Black Opal Wedding Rings, which are dyed and treated Ethiopian Opal. Whilst still being an authentic type of opal, they are visibly unrecognisable from a Black Opal, but structurally they are extremely prone to cracking and losing colour because the dying treatment can be affected or reversed by household chemicals.

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A Selection Of 10 Black Opal Rings We Think Are Gorgeous

Opal is one of the most common and versatile gemstones. One of the birthstones for the month of October , it is not uncommon to see at least a piece or two of opal in every jewelry collection. Most opal comes from the white, blue, or green spectrums as these are the most common. Many black opal rings have a type of hybrid stone with a thin layer of gem-quality opal over a darker stone like onyx or obsidian. This is referred to by jewelers as an opal doublet. A significant portion of the budget-friendly opal pieces features opal doublet stones. Gemstone quality opal is made of opal all the way through. The price tag will often reflect this as well. We are big fans of both gemstone quality and opal doublets. For us, it is all about the look.

The opal is often cut in a cabochon style since opal, no matter the color family, is a solid stone. Light does not pass through opal as it would a clear stone like diamond, emerald, or sapphire. Spending time and effort on round brilliant cuts of opal will not increase the wow factor. For this reason, most opal pieces feature a smooth, rounded face. Designed to expose as much of the brilliant play of color as possible, this is the best way to highlight the natural beauty of opal.

Black Opal Venetian Ring

The first ring on our list combined lab-created black opal with cubic zirconia and 925 sterling silver. It looks rich without the rich price tag.

Venetian style black opal rings are a fairly new style of ring. Introduced by jewelry giants, Verragio, their Venetian line was most notable for the lacy gold work in the bands and settings. The metal was delicately shaped to leave open, negative space much like a piece of delicately woven lace.

This ring builds from that concept. The seven millimeters black opal cabochon is boldly set in four prongs. The sterling silver is gently cut on the sides and below the setting into a lacy pattern. Two cubic zirconia stones grace each side of the ring.

This ring, because of the Venetian styling, will have a significant elevation off the finger. The added height of the sculpted silver only serves to highlight the depth and dimension of the lab-created black opal.

We love the inspiration for this piece. We love the price tag even more. Simply put, this is a must-have ring for the price.

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Are Opal Rings Expensive

Opal can be valued drastically differenty depending on the form and quality of opal. This is because there is no singular form of opal. Within wedding rings and bands, opal can be found much more at lower price points than other gemstones like diamonds. Price will fluctuate more so due to the metal in which the opal is layed in. Alternative metal rings with opal generally can be found pretty easily under $500. While gold and platinum opal wedding bands will almost always be more than $500 per ring.

Jqueenjewelrycom Abalone Shell & Opal Collection

Lightning Ridge Black Opal Mens Ring with Diamonds 14k yellow gold size 10

This collection features blue/green-yellow/marine/carmine red/lavender purple opal and abalone shell inlaid into the ring surface, which absolutely a handicraft.This ring is for couples seeking a wedding band that’s tasteful, unique, and timeless.The combination of abalone shell and blue opal creates a unique, undeniable presence when being worn – it looks even better in person.The chaste purity and unique composition means no two rings will be alike! Some of the color profiles & hues of abalone will differ slightly from the image,Because the abalone shell is nature. The ring feels great on the finger & is perfect for daily use. If you’re going to wear a ring daily, why not choose one that stands out as powerful and exclusive to you?

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This Black Ceramic Mens Band With An Opal Inlay Designed With Presence Is A Real Showstopper

Eternity collection product information includes: Abalone and blue opal ring mens wedding band 8mm unique etsy in 2021 rings mens wedding bands mens wedding bands tungsten blue opal ring black fire opal meteorite black ceramic ring hombres black etsy black ceramic ring black engagement ring black rings. 8mm black opal ring with abalone tungsten rings for men 8mm comfort fit mens wedding bands unique black and green opal mens ring.

Black Opal Mens Jewelry With A More Rugged Style

Others prefer a more rugged style that they consider to be more manly. Boulder opal fits this perception very well because many boulder opals are a mixture of brown ironstone and color.

At times the ironstone itself is just as interesting as the opal color because it comes in all sorts of patterns and shapes. Sometimes you can perceive pictures in it and if the pictures are obvious enough can be very valuable.

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The Opal Wooden Barrel Ring

Introducing the vintage barrel ring, designed inspired by antique wooden wine barrels. Inlaid with natural blue opal. The other half is inlaid with beautiful koa wood. Crafted out of high-tech ceramic making it super durable and comfortable.

  • Ring EngravingAvailable.
  • The pictures without a white background give the best natural representation of the ring. Minimal to no editing is used.


  • Durability Comparable to Tungsten Carbide
  • Lightweight
  • Oval Profile for Comfort Fit
  • This ring is 8mm in width.
  • 100% Waterproof

Are Opal Wedding Rings Expensive


Valuing opals is extremely complex! Generally, opal gemstones with a black or dark body tone showcase a more vibrant play-of-colour, which is considered more valuable than opals with a white, light, or crystal body tone. As the most valuable form of opal, Black Opals Wedding Rings are the most popular choice for a Wedding, which may cost over $10,000 AUD per carat.Each characteristic of an opal plays a role in determining its worth. According to the following characteristics, a jeweller will meticulously examine and assign a price per carat. Considering the quality of the Opal Wedding Ring, the cut and polish, the size of the gemstone, the opal’s type, body tone, clarity, pattern, colour bar thickness, colour play, and flaws.The clarity of an opals colour is critical when assessing the value of an Opal Wedding Ring. Red fire is the rarest colour, followed by green/orange, green/blue and blue. Therefore, Red Fire Opal is generally more valuable than a predominantly green opal, which is more valuable than a stone showing only blue colour. However, the brilliance and clarity of an opals proportioned pattern is the main decision-maker. A brilliant blue/green can be more valuable than a dull red bright twinkling stars of a pin fire pattern can be more valuable than a cloudy open or mixed pattern of similar colouration or a brilliant, lustrous light opal can sell more than a lack-lustre Black Opal.

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Black Opal Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh Ring is an absolute classic and we cant get enough of it. Two hands of 925 Sterling Silver, representing friendship, come together to grasp a stunning lab-created black opal stone cut into the shape of a heart. This shape symbolizes love. The rich variation of deep colors in the black opal grant gives this ring a stunning, eye-catching look. In place of the traditional crown atop the heart, a subtle crystal stone perches, representing loyalty. When paired with the black opal, it provides a wonderful contrast of light and dark.

Rich with symbolism this is a perfect gift for friends or romantic partners. The traditional Irish representation of love, friendship, and loyalty, how it is worn determines whether the relationship it celebrates is one of romantic love or platonic love. It can also indicate the level of the relationship. Wear this beautiful Claddagh ring with on the right hand with the bottom of the heart pointed toward the fingertips and it means you are single and hoping to find that special someone.

This can also mean you are wearing it as a symbol of friendship as opposed to romance. If you are in a relationship turn the ring around so the heart points toward your wrist. Move it over to the left and it represents a long-term commitment of either betrothal or marriage. The heart should point toward the fingertips for an engagement. Once you are wed, flip it around to point toward the wrist.

Best Sellers For Black Opal Rings For Men

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Mens Black Opal Knight Ring

Knight rings have an origin story almost as long as written history itself. Traditionally knight rings were family rings. They got the name because most common people lacked the money or resources to make such a treasure. Only men who were knighted held positions of power or courtiers had the expendable cash to make body adornments like rings.

The knight rings may have featured a family heirloom jewel. More often than not that jewel was not a precious stone. If it was a precious stone it was likely one native to the region rather than an exotic or imported stone from a faraway land. In medieval times, family wealth was determined by how much actual treasure, cash, and land was held. Rings became a popular way to secure and claim ownership. By mounting a valuable stone in a ring adorned with your familys crest or name, it became indisputable who laid claim to its value. These rings were often passed down from father to son as were the titles and, depending on the society, the knighthood.

This knight ring features the lab-created black opal of course. The shoulders are adorned with eight cubic zirconia stones, four on each side in a geometric diamond shape. Compared to the knights rings of old this one is understated and simple. But by no means does the simplicity detract from the elegance of this handsome piece. The is perfect for any man of any tastes. Everyone wants to feel like royalty and this black opal knight ring goes a long way to helping create that!

Best Places To Find Opal Wedding Bands For Men

Men’s Big Black Opal ring in Gold Design A 47 . 16×12 mm

Opal rings can be tough to come by in your big box stores like Jared and Kay. The best opal men’s rings are found at specialty online jewelry retailers like Larson Jewelers or Jewelry by Johan. In addition to a few specialty stores, you can find some great opal bands on Etsy. Etsy rings are often handmade and great if you are looking for a ring truly unique to you. Here are the top places to look for your opal wedding band:


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