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How To Address Wedding Invitations Modern

Without An Inner Envelope How Do I Properly Invite Guests And Children

Wedding Invitations : How to Address Wedding Invitations

Though traditional wedding invitation etiquette calls for the use of properly addressed inner and outer envelopes pocket invitations are anything but traditional, and they certainly do not require inner envelopes.

In this post, well give you ideas for addressing your pocket invitations without inner envelopes. Like pocket invitations, our addressing tips would not be considered traditional, but are proper, and clearly indicate exactly who is invited to your big event.

When In Doubt Write Things Out

Tradition says not to use abbreviations on an invitation, writing “Twenty Main Street” rather than “20 Main St.” For very casual weddings, there’s the option of choosing to ignore this rule. However, using the long-form can help an invitation stand out as a special occasion. It marks an invite as something that took a little extra time to address, which is never a bad thing to communicate.

Things You Should Know Before Addressing Assembling And Mailing Your Wedding Invitations

If you’re in the middle of wedding planning, you likely have your big-day stationery suite picked out and ready to go. Before you eagerly pop those fresh-off-the-press paper goods in the mail, however, you’ll want to research everything there is to know about properly formatting all of the information typically included on the invite. Like with most things wedding-related, there’s a code of conduct to follow when addressing wedding invitations and guests, assembling invitation pieces in a specific order, and choosing a time to send.

Thankfully, these must-know wedding invitation tips will help you mail your invites without a hitch. Trust usyou’ll find this cheat sheet particularly helpful when it comes time to put together all of the elements that actually go inside the envelopeincluding that second “inner” envelope. If you’re already confused, don’t be. While these invitation customs have history, there are endless ways to make your paper suite your ownbut it’s important to nail down a few of the bigger rules, to ensure that the invites make it into your guests’ hands safe and sound.

Since you paid good money for your invites, you also want to be certain that they remain in pristine condition throughout their journey. Here, you’ll learn about requesting hand-canceling, which prevents heavy machines from damaging soft paper goods. Ready for more invitation suite tips and tricks? Click through for all the paper good details, big and small.

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How To Address Wedding Invitations To Married Couples

Doyou need to learn how to address wedding invitations to marriedcouples? The outer envelope should include both names, this isimportant because it will show that they are both invited . You should do this even if you aren’tclose to one of them. How you address the inner envelope depends uponhow close you are to each specific couple. For couples you areespecially close to, you can forgo titles and last names. If you arenot as close you will use titles and last names.


How To Address Parents

Envelope Addressing

Whether parents are helping host the wedding, it can seem overly formal and awkward to address them as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, instead of just Mum and Dad. It comes down to how formal you want to be, but if you really want to stick to proper titles you absolutely can.

The same rules apply for grandparents.

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How To Address Wedding Invitations To An Unmarried Couple

Addressing wedding invitations to an unmarried couple isnt much different from that of a married couple. The main difference being that its common practice to address the man before the woman also you need to invite both individually by name.

On the outer envelope:

Mr. Zachary Lee and Ms. Linda Lewis

On the inner envelope:

Mr. Lee and Ms. Lewis

How To Address Wedding Invitations To Same Gender Couples

Doyou have questions on how to address wedding invitations for same-sexcouples? You can use the same rules you use on other couples ifyou’re addressing a same-gender couple. List them on one line if theyare married or living together. You can also choose to write boththeir full names on the inner envelope. Simply addressing theinvitation to their first names and skipping titles and last names isalso completely okay.


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How To Address Hand Delivered

Hand delivered invites tend to be a bit less formal, and will often suit a local or small, intimate wedding where you know everyone very well. You can still opt to use peoples formal titles, but consider whether it is going to feel strange handing an envelope to your buddy or your mother when it reads Mrs. Mary Crawley, esq..

How To Address Indian Wedding Invitations

3 Ways to Address Wedding Invitations
  • Invitations are formally issued from the brides home
  • RSVP cards are not part of Indian wedding culture and it is assumed you are coming unless you send your regrets
  • Close family and friends should be invited in person
  • Guests who are not as close as the above can be mailed an invitation
  • Friends of bride and grooms parents are invited, as well as business acquaintances of both families
  • Make guest list first, book venue after

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Envelope Addressing For Distinguished Or Professional Titles

If only one person in the couple has a distinguished title, it is proper to put his/her name and title first. If the wife has the professional title and uses her maiden name professionally, you should address her as such.

If both people in the couple have professional titles and have different last names, both of their names should be written.

If both people in the couple are professionals and have the same last name, you may address them as shown above or The Doctors Jones would also be acceptable. Many of the same rules as Doctors apply to military personnel, reverends, judges, etc. If both parties have distinguished names, it is best to put the person with the highest rank first. Also, it is best to include The Honorable in front of any title for an elected government position excluding the President.

The Honorable Governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf and Mrs. Frances Wolf or Colonel Elizabeth Kurtz, U.S. Navy and Dr. James Kurtz.

How To Address Without Inner Envelope

If youre wondering how to address the invitations with one envelope or how to properly address wedding invitations without inner envelopes, you can include the guest and kids on:

  • The outer envelope
  • Indicate the exact guests on the RSVP card
  • Guest address on the pocket
  • Address the guests by name on the belly band

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Inviting People Who Cant Attend

Its a personal call, rather than a point of etiquette, as to whether or not you choose to send invitations to guests you know wont be able to be there. There are two things to think about as you make your decision. First, guests with whom you are very close may still expect and be excited to receive an invitation to your wedding, even though they cant attend. Second, its best not to send invitations to guests who arent in your closest circle, as theres an obligation for them to send you a present. Guests who are very close to you would likely have purchased a gift regardless, thus making the gesture of an invitation a considerate one.

Addressing Inner Wedding Invitation Envelopes:


Inner envelopes serve a couple of purposes:

They add an extra layer of protection to the invitation and enclosures. If your wedding is a little more formal or you like the idea of an inner envelope then this is where you would list the children invited to your wedding. As a rule, only the parents are to be listed on the outer envelope. The inner is for the parents and the children. See the examples below.

What you should know about inner envelopes when addressing them to your guests:

Close family and friends.Its perfectly acceptable to use familiar names and titles. Memere and Pepere, Aunt Marie and Uncle Joe, Jennifer and Cordell

Couples with young children. If you are using inner and outer envelopes, the outer envelope is only addressed to the parents. The inner envelope will include the parents names with the childrens names below. Rule of thumb for teenagers: if you are inviting anyone in the same household that is 18 or over they should receive their own invitation.


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How To Address To Military Personnel

Knowing how to address military the invitations can be complicated. First tip: when a member of the military are on active duty, never address them as Mr/Mrs/Ms. When wanting to know how to address wedding invitations to navy corpsman or other branches of the military, you can divide it into senior and junior officers.

For senior, the title is listed before the name, for junior , the title is written on the line below. The branch of service is on the line below for senior officers and on appears on the same line for junior officers.

Single Envelopes Are In

Double envelopes are no longer the standard tradition these days. Not only a cost saver, using just a single outer envelope is also environmentally friendly! Put the solo outer envelope to work by listing the names of every person invited to the wedding. Avoid writing “and Family,” which is vague and could mean extra unexpected guests showing up at the wedding.

Use the below examples as inspiration as you address your solo outer envelopes.

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How To Address The Invitations With Grooms Divorced Parents Or Brides Divorced Parents

Things may get a bit tricky if one or both set of parents are divorced. And what if they have remarried? You can ultimately judge this case by case depending on your relationships with each parent , as well as factoring in who is contributing financially. Remember that you dont have to include all parents names if it doesnt feel natural. An easy way out of this awkward situation would be to address it from the couple and use the phrase together with their families, but we understand if you want to honour parents specifically.

How To Address Chinese Wedding Invitations

How to Address a Wedding Invitation
  • Invitations are traditionally issued from the grooms parents
  • Relatives and family friends are invited by the parents of the bridal couple
  • Bride and groom issue the invite to their own friends
  • Refer to an online chart if confused on specific Chinese titles to avoid disrespecting anyone
  • If inviting a whole family, follow up closer to the wedding date to clarify how many seats you will need for them

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Traditional Etiquette Dictates The Following Exceptions To The One Per Household Rule:

  • Children over 18 years old, who still live at home with their parents should receive their own invitation.
  • Unmarried couples who are not living together should each receive their own invitation if both partners are invited guests .
  • Adult roommates should each receive their own invitation, so long as they are all invited guests .

If your budget allows, plus ones are a great way for your guests to feel more comfortable at your wedding. Etiquette indicates that if you know the name of your guests plus one, you should use it on the envelope, following the name of your guest. The words and guest can be written after your guests name if the plus one seat is open-ended.

How To Address Your Wedding Invitations

In a world of email and text messages, we dont often send out formal mail to family and friends. When it comes to mailing out your wedding invitations, chances are youve got a few households that have you stumped on how best to address the envelopes. Maybe your cousin has a plus 1 that you dont really know or your your Aunt is a doctor but your uncle is not. All these situations can be tricky and with all the time and effort that went into creating your wedding invitations, getting those lovely envelopes addresses properly is the final icing on the cake so today we are sharing our ultimate guide to addressing your wedding invitation envelopes.

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How To Address To Singles

While single guests at a wedding can be a little tricky, we dont want to make them feel like they are problematic! This section is for if you want to know how to address wedding invitations with a plus one and what to do when addressing a divorcee or someone widowed also what to do if you dont want to offer a plus one.

Without An Inner Envelope Where Do I Include Guests & Kids

Printable Envelope Addressing Template Wedding Addressed

Since traditional invitation etiquette suggests that the formal mailing address goes on the outer envelope and the informal address James Jones and Guest, or James Jones and Timmy, Tommy, and Susie goes on the inner, people very commonly ask how to indicate that guests and kids are invited if there is no inner envelope.

This is a great question and a valid point to make, but it is not one to get worked up over! In this modern day many people still use double wedding envelopes, but an increasing number do not. Even without the use of an inner envelope and traditional wedding etiquette, there are several ways to properly address your envelopes and to indicate that guests or kids are invited, which we discuss below.

1. Include Guests & Kids on the Outer Envelope

The easiest way to include guests and kids is just to include them on the outer mailing envelope. For example, Mr. James Jones and Guest, or Mr. and Mrs. James Jones and Family.

Its formal, its proper, its easy for you, and its the clearest way for your guests to see that their significant other or children are invited to your event even before they open the envelope no questions asked.

2. Indicate it on the R.S.V.P. Card

Another option is to use the reply card to indicate that guests or kids are invited. There are two ways to do this, both of which can be done on their own, or in conjunction with including guests and kids on the outer envelope.

1 Add a Line to Indicate Number of Guests Attending

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How To Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes

Although its the last step in assembling invitations, addressing envelopes is actually one of the most nuanced parts of the process. The names you write on the envelope are the way you let guests know who is invited to your celebration. This article is meant to be your guide to addressing. There will be three types of wording addressed: traditional, modern formal, and modern casual. Traditional and modern formal styles seem similar , but a modern formal tone can be thought of a relatively more progressive version of the traditional tone, which is usually only used on extremely formal invitations.

Remember, etiquette is meant to make your guests feel respected. Many of these rules have been used for centuries, and as a result can seem very outdated. If you think a rule will offend someone, dont be afraid to ignore it! You want every invitee to feel welcome at your wedding . With that in mind, youll be ready to take your invitations to the post office in no time.

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