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How To Sell Unworn Wedding Dress

Reputable Wedding Dress Resale Sites

How to Make Money by Selling Wedding Dresses on eBay

We took the guesswork out of this process and came up with a list of reputable sites to sell a preowned wedding dress. Keep in mind that these websites are also great resources to peruse if youre interested in buying a used wedding dress. Theyre literal goldmines for buyers and sellers.

Most importantly, reselling your wedding items after the big day is one of our favorite wedding budget hacks! Its worth noting that while selling your wedding dress online can absolutely help you recoup some of your costs, its not typically an easy, quick, or convenient task to tackle. These sites each have different benefits and costs involved, depending on the level of work youre looking to do yourself.

Weve outlined all the details below. Whether you want to sell your wedding dress locally or resell your wedding dress online, this thorough guide will empower you to choose the option thats best for you!

Online Wedding Dress Marketplaces

Where:Still White, Nearly Newlywed, Once Wed,,,,

How: These kinds of sites tend to have a flat fee for sellers, which makes things easier if you’re not planning on doing any more selling in the near future. Either way, acquaint yourself with the company policy before you sign up, then use our tips below to give your dress the best chance of finding a home.

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Hi Has Anyone Had Luck Selling An Unworn Unaltered Wedding Dress Online

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I bought a dress 2 months ago but I fell in love with another dress that I am going to wear for my wedding. See pictures of the dress I’m selling below. I paid & dollar 958 plus taxes, selling for & dollar 750

back with a train

Galina Signature dress in size 0

on May 21, 2018 at 7:40 PM

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Things To Consider Before Selling Your Wedding Dress

Often when brides ask us about selling a wedding dress, it’s because they’ve found a dress they love that’s outside of their budget, and they’re considering spending a little extra in the hope of making some of the money back after the wedding. It’s a good plan, in theory, but there are a few factors to bear in mind before you hand over that credit card.

  • The kind of wedding dress you’ve got in mind – is it a popular style and size?
  • The style of wedding you’re having – is the dress likely to be in good condition after the wedding? This is particularly important if you’re having your ceremony in a forest, taking your portraits on a beach etc.
  • Your plans for immediately after the wedding – is there time to get the dress dry cleaned and put it up for sale? Many’s the bride who tossed her dress in a bag as she headed off on honeymoon, only to forget all about it upon return!
  • How motivated you are to sell your wedding dress – are you an organisational marvel? Or the kind of person who tends to shove problems in the cupboard and hope they’ll go away

Before you buy an over-budget dress with the idea of selling it after the wedding, ask yourself if you afford to buy the dress if you don’t sell it afterwards? Things happen, red wine spills, dresses tear, dry cleaners mess up, dresses fail to sell. If, for whatever reason, you can’t sell your dress, can you take the hit for the full cost?

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Have A Fair Returns Policy

Catherine Deane Kendall

Be considerate of the fact that wedding dresses are a large purchase, and think about the returns policy youd be drawn to if you were buying a second-hand dress.

Youd probably want to be able to try the dress on at home, then send it back if it wasnt quite right, so mention that youre happy for other brides to do the same in the listing. Its likely to mean your dress will attract more attention, even if it does take a little longer to properly sell.

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Where Can I Sell My Wedding Dress Locally

An alternative to selling your gown online is to sell it locally. You have several different options here as well. You just need to ask yourself, do I want to sell my wedding dress to a store near me or directly to a buyer. From there on, you can try your luck either at a local second-hand shop or find customers via Internet platforms.

Give A Detailed Description Of The Dress

Be thorough in describing your dress – give the correct measurements , name the designer or brand, the model name or number, and the fabric, and mention whether it’s been worn and/or professionally cleaned. Keywords are important for anyone Googling and searching dress sights for particular dresses, so keep in mind what you’d be searching for in your description.

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Where Can I Sell My Wedding Dress

Image: Damien Vickers

If you want to sell your dress, then online marketplaces are a great place to start. Thanks to the power of the internet, it has never been easier to turn your beautiful wedding dress back into cash and these websites have made the whole process pretty enjoyable too.

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Tips For Selling Your Used Wedding Dress Online

3 Quick Tips for Selling Your Wedding Dress (or anything!) on Facebook Marketplace FAST | #shorts

When looking to sell your wedding dress, there are a few factors to consider. First of all, make sure your dress is in good condition without any tears, stains, or other damage. Since youve likely only worn the dress once, its probably still in good condition.

Also, keep in mind that photos sell. The more photos you can include from all different angles, the better.

You can include both photos of you in the dress and the dress on a hanger, but make sure to show any important details such as beadwork or a special lace design up close.

Provide all relevant information such as size, exact color , petticoats, and so on. If the dress was altered in any way, try to describe the alterations with as much detail as possible.

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Be Smart And Steadfast

Act fast when you find what youre looking for, but dont be shy when it comes to asking questions. While coveted designers and styles tend to get snatched up quickly, be smart when it comes to shopping and negotiating one of these sought-after gowns. Request even more photos of the dress’s condition and consider asking the seller to allow for a return should the dress not fit or be as described.

Average Price Of Second

On average, American brides pay about $1,600 for their wedding gown. Second-hand prices, in contrast, tend to be from 50% to 90% lower. How much you can earn depends on many factors, really.

First, the purchase date plays a significant role. The older the dress is, the more of its value it loses. Second, any damages and stains drastically lower the asking price for your used product. Third, the size may also play a role here. Average-sized dresses are easily found, and so the competition is enormous there.

That said, we cant give an estimate on how much money you can make today by selling your used dress. However, if its relatively new and in a spotless condition, you can expect to get at least 50% of its original price.

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Where To Sell Or Buy A Used Dress

After youve decided to buy or sell your wedding dress, you might be wondering where to do so. Consider utilizing multiple sites, especially if you need to sell or buy your dress quickly. Sites typically take a commission from the sale, which ranges depending on how hands-on you want to be during the process.

  • Nearly Newlywed: $25 listing fee and 40% commission for hassle-free selling
  • Tradesy: 19.8% commission fee on sales over $50
  • Still White: one-time $20 fee $30 for a premium listing

Best Sites Selling Your Wedding Dress Online

Unworn, Brand new, Stunning Stella York fit and flare ...

People these days dont have the time to meet with every potential seller or something they need. Instead, they do most of the shopping online. So, just like you can sell used cell phone or get rid of used DVDs, you can also sell wedding dress too.

Selling online extends your audience reach and saves you precious time. No meeting in person, no risks of being scammed. Just list your dress and wait for someone to buy it. Its simple as that.

If youre not sure where to sell a wedding dress online, just scroll down to find the most popular and reliable options.

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Selling Your Wedding Dress: Price It Right

It is a fact. Today, more brides are selling their wedding dresses than ever before. They want to recoup a big chunk of what they spent. And they also want to share their dress with another bride saving it from a lifetime in the closet.

Just check out what these recent sellers said:

I love the idea of letting someone else be as happy in it! I think of it as some sort of sisterhood of the traveling gown!

In addition to getting some money from the sales , I am so very happy to have my wedding items be enjoyed by other brides. It makes me smile to know that instead of languishing in storage, they will be sharing someone elses special day!!

I asked that the buyer send me a picture of her in my dress so I could include it in my scrapbook!

If you are thinking of joining these modern women and sharing your dream wedding dress with another happy bride, pricing your wedding dress properly is the first step to selling it successfully.

Here are our guidelines for best pricing:

How To Sell A Unused Wedding Dresses

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Can anyone help me. My mom and I are looking to sell my sister’s unused still with the tags on it wedding dress. She bought it when she got engaged to some slimeball guy a few years ago. Well long story short that wedding never happened, thank god. But I myself just got recently engaged and my mom is trying to sell the dress and put that money towards my wedding. Before you all ask, my sister us totally ok with it, and the dress is 4 sizes too small for me, and our styles are completely different. But we can’t find any good websites that buy dresses. We’ve tried buy/sell/trades on Facebook but no luck. We don’t want to go online to Craigslist, or sell it to a consignment shop either. Any help, thanks

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How Much Can I Sell My Used Wedding Dress For

How much you can sell your used wedding dress for depends on a number of factors.

As a general rule of thumb, a used wedding dress in great condition and under two years old can usually sell for 50% of the retail price. If your dress is a designer brand such as Vera Wang, you can get closer to 60% of the retail value.

There are calculators that can estimate how much you can get for your wedding dress. Enter some general information such as your dresss brand, condition, size, etc. and you can get an estimate for the value of your gown.

Here are a few calculators to help you determine the best price to sell your wedding dress:

Sell It For The Right Price


It can be hard to know how much to sell your wedding dress for, but here at Hitched wed recommend you follow these rough guidelines

  • If your dress is less than three years old and has been worn once, charge 50% of the RRP.
  • If your dress is less than three years old but has not been worn, charge 75% of the RRP.
  • If your dress is older than three years old, youll want to drop a further 10-20% off those recommended percentages.

If your dress is vintage, in theory, you should be able to sell it on for the price you paid for it. That said, if you choose to sell your wedding dress on eBay or similar, you might want to reduce the price to attract your buyers.

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Where To Sell Or Donate Your Wedding Dress

In This Article

If youre considering selling or donating your wedding gown after the big day, or youre looking to purchase a pre-owned dress to cut down on costs, youre not alone. Theres a vast marketplace for second-hand wedding dresses, so weve asked expert Erin Richardson to share her tips and insight.

Meet the Expert

Erin Richardson is the General Manager of Weddings at A07 Online Media .

Maximise Its Value By Having It Professionally Cleaned

Your dress is more likely to sell if youve had it professionally dry-cleaned before you try and sell it. That way, its new owner has one less thing to worry about.

Take a look at our top tips for preserving your wedding dress to find out how to get it dry cleaned in the right way.

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Selling Your Wedding Dress Conclusion

All in all, selling your wedding dress online should be your first choice. If you are unsure on what to do with old wedding dress than internet resale stores are the way to go. They enable you to reach so many more potential buyers and improve your chances of selling for a better price. Plus, they let you make quick cash right from your sofa. They are convenient and, in some cases, a much safer option.

Did you know that you can get tons of fantastic tips for earning money easily and quickly? Thats right! Here, at Pro Money Savings, we publish fresh content all the time, and you can get our expert advice right into your inbox.

So, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter right away!

The Knot Editors’ Pick For Buying And Selling Used Wedding Dresses

Selling unworn Alfred Angelo wedding gown Size 4 : sanantonio

Nearly Newlywed: Part used wedding dress boutique, part inspirational blog, Nearly Newlywed saves sellers time and stress by handling all buyer interactions and shipping. The application process is quick and easy: Sellers just submit their measurements with a wedding dress description and photos of their gown. If their listing is approved, Nearly Newlywed takes it from there, answering any buyer questions and shipping the dress directly. So, sellers can sit back and relax while the website’s experts do the grunt work. Bonus: The website also sells wedding-related jewelry and accessories.

Review: Why do we love Nearly Newlywed so much? This innovative marketplace makes putting used wedding dresses for sale as seamless as possible. If you’re purchasing a used wedding dress, the thorough authentication process ensures you’re paying for the real deal and not a counterfeit wedding dress. And if you’re selling, once your application is approved, your work is done. Be aware that this website charges a $25 listing fee, and once your dress is sold, you’ll earn 60 percent of the final price. But you’re paying for unparalleled convenience and a truly trusted customer service team.

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