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How To Properly Store Wedding Dress

Tips To Store Your Wedding Dress And Accessories

How to Store a Bridal Dress : Wedding Dresses

With lots of couples postponing their weddings because of Covid 19, many bride have been asking how to store their wedding dresses and accessories right until their big days arrive. The same advice applies post-wedding, for anyone who wants to preserve pieces of their wedding day attire as keepsakes for years to come. Lets see how to keep them safe right.

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How And Where To Store A Wedding Dress Long Term

Once you have your dress covered in a breathable cotton fabric, where should you put it? Lindsey recommends a dry, dark place, like under your bed. Even though your closet may be considered dark and dry, hanging your dress isn’t advised. “Storing your gown lying down will help relieve pressure from the straps and keep it intact until the big day!” Additionally, if there are heavy embellishments on your gown, the pressure of those elements would be alleviated as well.

If, like me, you have pets that love hanging out under your bed , a high closet shelf could also be an option. It’s still dark and dry as long as you have doors on your closet, but keep it far away from any sharp cat or dog nails and dirty paws. Even if your pet isn’t “prone to scratching, pet hairs and most bridal fabrics are not a good combination,” Lindsey said.

If neither of those are options for you, Lindsey suggests contacting your local dry cleaner to see if they have storage options for you. “If a local dry cleaner offers storage options, that’s a great option to pursue because it eliminates all the variables.”

The Best Way To Store A Wedding Dress

You planned for months, made all the arrangements, and celebrated the moment when two became one. It was magic the moment you said I Do. Now that wonderful day will live in your memories forever, but where will your dress live? The average cost of a wedding dress in Pennsylvania for 2019 was $1,781 according to, which likely makes that the most expensive dress you ever wear just one time. So it only makes logical sense to think about what you would do with the dress after your wedding day. While there are 886,000,000 search results on google stemming from the search What do you do with a wedding dress after the wedding, it would remain logical to think that you will be emotionally attached to your dress for some time after your wedding, not wanting to do anything to tarnish the memory of your beautiful wedding day. Reality though is that something has to be done with the dress. So, taking the proper steps to ensure your wedding dresses longevity is something you should be thinking about before ever saying I do.

How to Store A Wedding Dress Before the Wedding

Storing at home:

It should go without saying but you should never store your dress in a garage or attic. The temperature is constantly changing in these spaces and that can lead to humidity concerns, running the rest of fabric discoloration. The most ideal spot is in a cool, dry, dark spot, like an air-conditioned or heated guest bedroom.

Wait until your wedding day!

Dry Cleaning

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Be Smart About Where You Store Your Wedding Dress

Once youve carefully packaged your dress, be sure to store it somewhere safe from extreme temperatures, light and humidity.

Sally Conant, executive director of the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists, recommends keeping your gown somewhere you would be physically comfortable. Aim for a cool, dark and dry environment with a relative humidity of 50 percent. This rules out attics and basements. Attics are too hotso hot, in fact, that temperature could reach 140 degreesand basements are damp and prone to flooding.

Many women chose to store their dresses under their bed or in a dry closet. If you dont have any room to store your gown, we have a variety of self storage unit climates and types that will keep it cool, dry and protected.

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Wedding Gown Preservation After

Rows of wedding dresses on display in a specialist wedding ...

When you get back from your honeymoon, don’t forget to get your wedding dress preserved by a reputable specialist. Preserving a gown is a special process that entails professional cleaning and preserving your dress after it has been worn at your wedding and reception. This process is done in many steps, including not only inspecting and cleaning your wedding dress of both non-visible and visible stains, hand treating and cleaning highly soiled areas such as the hem and neckline, but it also entails a preservation process that protects your dress through the years from yellowing and stains that might have otherwise surfaced over time. Be sure to check reviews by real brides when selecting a company to entrust your precious gown with. Having your gown professionally cleaned, preserved and protected in an acid-free preservation chest will ensure you’ve created a family keepsake that will be cherished for generations to come.

Not sure if wedding dress preservation is worth it? Check out our blog post.

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How To Store A Wedding Dress In A Box

When thinking about how to store a wedding dress long term, some golden rules from above still apply somewhere dry and dark is optimal, as is keeping all plastic away. A great option is a wedding preservation box, which you can do yourself, or pay a professional, being sure to factor the cost into your wedding budget to avoid any surprises.

If you choose to do this yourself, it is imperative that colourless, acid-free tissue paper is used, along with an acid-free archival box.4 White cotton gloves are essential, to avoid residue from your hands transferring to the dress. Fold the dress into the box, using tissue paper between soft layers hard creases are where breakdown of material occurs first and seal the box thoroughly.5

While this process can be done yourself, and there are preservation kits available online, professionals will know how to tailor every step of the process to your dress. A professional boxing entails a specialist cleaning, repairing and gently steaming your dress, before wrapping it in acid-free tissue paper, and putting it in a box or chest specifically designed for wedding dresses. The oxygen is then sucked out and replaced with nitrogen. Some preservationists also offer boxes with clear acetate or Coroplast viewing panels.

How Can I Make Sure My Dress Is In Good Hands

“I always tell my brides to ask a lot of questions. You want to make sure that the person taking care of your gown pays attention to detail and knows fabrics as well as how gowns are constructed,” says Karen Jean-Aimee of Madame Paulette, a luxury cleaning and restoration service. Ask about the type of cleaning method used, do the cleaners hand clean and if they will pretreat any stains and soiled areas. Some companies, including Wedding Dress Preservation by The Knot, go so far as to photograph, measure, carefully remove and inventory ultra-delicate embellishments before cleaning to really prevent damage. Then, they’ll meticulously reinstall them.

Also, find out if the company does the work on location or if it ships gowns elsewhere to be cleaned and packaged. Don’t rule a company out if it doesn’t work in-house, especially if they have good reviews. It’s just good to know where your dress will be in case you want to check in.

Sending your gown away for treatment? You’ll worry less if you know it’s insured during transit and service. Wedding Dress Preservation by The Knot includes $1,000 of shipping insurance with its Cleaning and Preservation kit. You can also add additional coverage for $15 per $500 of value. In addition, the company offers shipment tracking so you’ll never be up all night wondering where your gown is.

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Buy An Air Tight Dress Box

When storing your wedding dress you want to make sure to invest in a pH neutral wedding dress box. This will prevent any discolouration to the dress, they can often develop a yellow tinge.

Getting a robust box can last a lifetime and can prevent any damage to your dress and can come in handy when you eventually look for more permanent storage or look to sell the dress.

Looking For Wedding Dress Storage In Southern Idaho Look No Further Than Stor

How to Store a Wedding Dress

Now that you know how to store a wedding dress, its time to find the perfect storage space for your very own prized nuptial possession. Look no further than with our storage experts right here at Stor-It. We are Idahos oldest, largest, and most trusted storage company. With 14 locations across the Treasure Valley and more being built this year, we have the facilities to meet all of your storage needs. For your wedding dress, we recommend our climate-controlled facilities. You can also check out our packing and moving supplies available for sale on site, where youll find specially-made storage boxes for large clothing items, like wedding dresses, and much, much more. Store and shop with us today!

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Preserve Your Wedding Gown Before You Store

It’s not enough to have your wedding dress cleaned if you want to keep it in peak condition. It will also need to be preserved to prevent yellowing of the fabric, mold, mildew, permanent stains and the creases that may be too set in to remove. Many dry cleaners offer this service, and some places even specialize in wedding dress preservation. Preservation specialists know how to clean the dress and preserve the fabric so it can stay in storage for decades if need be. If a dress has stains on it and hasn’t been properly cleaned and preserved, these stains can set into the fabric over time and will be much harder to remove years later. Without proper preservation, you may have to pay to have the dress restored as cleaning won’t be enough.

How To Store Wedding Dress

Wedding dress preservation is super important. Your wedding dress has so many important memories attached to it not to mention that it was probably expensive. If thats the case, its to no surprise that you would want to preserve it.

Preserving your wedding dress can save it from mildew and mold, brown spotting, and creasing. This means that you can save it for the future, whether you want to keep it for yourself or pass it on to someone that you care about.

Theres a lot that goes into storing a wedding dress properly from having to take care of stains that you cant even see, to making sure that youre storing it using the right tissue paper.

This is why weve compiled all of the best tips for making sure that your wedding dress is as beautiful as the day you wore it, for years to come.

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Choose A Professional Wedding Dress Preservation Service

Fun fact: Its believed that brides have been preserving their wedding dresses since as far back as the 1700s. In the intervening centuries, the process has evolved greatly. What was once just an effort to keep a delicate fabric intact can now eliminate yellowing, permanent creasing, mildew and mold, oxidation spots, light and dust, according to Life Storage.

Shoes Jewellery & Hair Accessories

Dustproof Wedding Dress Storage Clothes Bag Cover For ...

Shoes and jewellery are best stored in their original boxes, with any necessary padding around them again remove any plastic. Make sure they are somewhere safe, moisture-free, and that you note where you left them you dont want a mad panic trying to find your wedding earrings in 12 months time!

Photo by Peter Carvill via One Fab Day

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Storing A Wedding Dress Safely

Ideal storing conditions for a dress made of fine fabric such as wedding gown exclude light, heat, and humidity. Light will cause the parts exposed to it to fade, the humidity will cause the growth of mildew, and heat will accelerate the darkening of latent stains.

If you need to store many other items along with your gown, consider renting a climate-controlled long-term storage unit. Handing the delicate items to professionals like warrants adequate storing conditions.

However, storing a wedding dress at home is possible as long as you find a proper spot. Don’t put the box in a garage, basement, or attic as these places often do not have regulated climate conditions. Also, there is always a possibility of exposure to the elements or even pests.

Don’t stack the box containing the dress. Over time, even the sturdiest cardboard deteriorates under pressure. Keep the box off the floor at all times, especially if you have pets or little children. The best place for your carefully wrapped and packed wedding gown is on a top shelf in your wardrobe a clean, dark, and dry place. Do not forget your wedding shoes! Clean them and stuff them with the same acid-free wrapping paper, and store them in a clean shoebox with silica gel bags. Change the desiccant bags every six to twelve months.

This is a guest post. Risa James Events has no financial relationship with the writer or with any companies named in the post.

Will My Wedding Dress Turn Yellow Before My Wedding

Its unlikely for your wedding dress to turn yellow before the wedding, but its possible depending on how you use and store it before the big day. Usually, the wedding dress can be yellow after six months if its not cleaned and kept correctly.

This is because the fibers that make up the textiles will degrade, and its more noticeable on wedding dresses since they are white. The decay turns the white wedding dress in a shade of light to even dark yellow.

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Try Your Dress On Monthly

Recently, many people have been forced to delay their wedding due to the pandemic. If this is the case for you, it is important to continue to try your dress on monthly up until your wedding day. This will ensure that you can identify the presence of damage to the wedding dress, as well as ensure it still fits as your body adapts and changes.

What Is Wedding Dress Cleaning Vs Preservation

How to store your wedding dress

Wedding dress cleaning typically involves a general stain removal, but an extra preservation treatment is needed to make sure it stores that way for years. Most brides choose to professionally clean their wedding gown after the big day, but not all choose to preserve it. A cleaner can give you a general treatment, but a professional wedding gown preservationist will help you:

  • Create a museum-quality preservation plan for stains based on your fabric and embellishments.
  • Use appropriate solvents for your specific wedding dress.
  • Clean and preserve your wedding dress in a timely manner .
  • Place your wedding dress in a special preservation box and explain how to store and care for it long-term.

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