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What Is The Inner Envelope For Wedding Invitations

And A Healthy Amount Of Regular

Wedding Invitations : How to Address Wedding Invitations

I’m Laura and I have a lot of paper-feelings.

When working one-on-one with my clients to craft their perfect suite, I get asked a lot of the same questions over and over. Which is great thats what Im here for! But like Moose and Pippa right around dinnertime, specific questions tend to follow me around:

So, whats the difference between inner and outer envelopes, anyway?

Which do I need?

I mean, I know my mom insists we get both but do I have to?

I have a plethora of educational canned responses saved up for emails like these, so I thought it was the perfect time to add this topic to the Stationery 101 series.

Unless youre new around here, its no secret that Im a sucker for fun facts. And fun paper facts? Well, they get me feeling like Sunday morning. Way back when mail was delivered by hand, envelopes could get fairly dirty en route to their destinations. Picture a mailman coming up to your front door, doing you the favor of removing that outer envelope, and handing you the clean, pristine inner envelope. Fancy, right? Youre too good for that regular old street dirt, I know.

Tradition since then has held, and invitations for formal events are often sent with both inner and outer envelopes. The outer envelope contains the guests mailing address, and the inner envelope states exactly who is invited to the event.

The choice of inner and outer envelopes can be super beneficial for a few reasons:

I dont want to break etiquette, but do I have to have both sets?

To A Couple With Distinguished Titles Other Than Doctors

Apply the same rules for military personnel, judges, reverends, etc., that you use for doctors. If both titles don’t fit on one line, indent the second line. And remember that whichever half of the couple “outranks” the other goes first, regardless of gender.

  • Outer envelope: “The Honorable Josephine Wood and Mr. Jonathan Wood” or “Captains Josephine and Jonathan Wood, US Navy”
  • Inner envelope: “Judge Wood and Mr. Wood” or “The Captains Wood”

Does Minted Send Wedding Invitation Samples

Yes, we would love to send you sample wedding invitations! This way, you can see our papers and printing techniques for yourself to help you visualize your wedding stationery. We offer three different sample options :

  • Free sample kit with our curated designs: This includes a handpicked mix of flat, foil-pressed, and die-cut invitations, plus swatches of our premium paper.
  • Free sample kit with your design selections: You pick your favorite wedding invitation designs, which we will add to our free sample kit and mail directly to you. To choose this option, browse our wedding invitation designs select a favorite design and select “order a sample.” Use code: 10FREE for a $10 samples credit.
  • Free sample kit with a personalized save the date: Choose from five of our unique save the date designs, personalize it with your photo and specific wedding details, and we will send it to you with our free sample kit.
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    Do Envelope Liners Require Assembly

    Minteds slip-in envelope liners come attached with a peel-and-seal adhesive strip for quick and easy assembly. They measure 6.5 x 5.25″ in size and cover the interior of the envelope flap and drop 3/4 of the way into the envelope .

    Minteds envelope liners can be purchased as a matching accessory to wedding invitations they are packaged separately from the invitation envelopes, have a pre-applied adhesive strip, and can be easily slipped into the envelope for quick assembly. To assemble the envelope liners, heres what you need to do:

  • Remove the top layer of the pre-applied adhesive strip.
  • Carefully slide the liner into the envelope using the sides of the flap to center the liner.
  • Once lined up, firmly press the liner to adhere it to the envelope.
  • Using the crease on the envelope flap as your guide, close the envelope and press the fold.
  • Or, you can purchase Minteds pre-lined invitation envelopes, which means no assembly is required. Each of your envelopes will arrive with a liner already in place.

    To A Single Person With A Plus One

    Nico and LaLa: Wedding Invitation Etiquette: Inner and ...

    Traditionally, Ms is used by women regardless of their marital status and Miss for unmarried women, usually those under 18. Of course, these are old-fashioned rules, and today you can go with whatever you like!

    Outer envelope: Ms. Lillie Ellis

    Inner envelope: Ms. Ellis and guest or Lillie & guest

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    Why 2 Envelopes A Quick Rundown Of Traditional Double Wedding Envelopes

    Wedding invitations enclosed in two envelopes you may have seen it, may have heard of it, maybe both, but did you ever wonder why one invitation needs two envelopes?

    The quick answer is, its a tradition thing its classic wedding etiquette, its a formality. In todays day and age, some prefer two envelopes, some do not. But whatever your preference is, in this video and post, we give you a quick rundown on traditional double wedding envelopes:

    • A brief history lesson on where the tradition comes from
    • What a set consists of
    • How to arrange invites inside of them
    • How to properly address them

    Never again will you wonder what that mysterious second envelope is for!

    What Does It Mean To Address The Inner Envelope

    Addressing the Inner Envelope. Historically, the footman would deliver the wedding invitations, set inside an outer envelope. A servant would receive the package and remove the inner envelope from the outer. They would then deliver the invitation to the appropriate member of the household to whom the inner envelope was addressed.

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    How To Add And Guest

    Since its awkward and impersonal to address the outer envelope as Mr. James Smith and Guest, the two envelope system works well. Address the outer envelope to Mr. James Smith and the inner envelope to Mr. James Smith and Guest. If youre only using one envelope, include a short note with your invitation: Dear James, Youre welcome to bring a guest to the wedding. Please let me know. Best, Laura. If theres time and James supplies the information, you can send his guest an invitation, too.

    How To Address Wedding Invitations To Those With Other Distinguished Titles

    How to assemble wedding invitation with belly band and envelope insert

    Apply the same rules you use for doctors for military personnel, judges, reverends and so on. If both titles don’t fit on one line, indent the second line.

    On the outer envelope:

    The Honorable Jane Kelly and Lieutenant Jonathan Kelly, US Navy

    If they’re both captains in the military:

    Captains Jane and Jonathan Kelly, US Navy

    On the inner envelope:

    Judge Kelly and Lieutenant Kelly, US Navy

    The Captains Kelly

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    How To Address Wedding Invitations To Children 18 And Older

    Children 18 and older should receive their own invitations . You don’t need to use titles, but you can if you’d like. Just be sure that you’re using the correct identifiers for the guests. If you’re unsure about their preferred title, it might be best to forego titles in general, or use “Mx.”

    On the outer envelope:

    Do Wedding Invitations Need Inner Envelopes

    wedding invitationinnerenvelopesinvitationsdorequire inner envelopes

    . Similarly, what is an inside envelope for wedding invitations for?

    Tradition since then has held, and invitations for formal events are often sent with both inner and outer envelopes. The outer envelope contains the guest’s mailing address, and the inner envelope states exactly who is invited to the event.

    Also, do minted invitations come with inner envelopes? We do not currently offer an option for both an outer envelope and an inner envelope .

    Additionally, how do you stuff a wedding invitation without an inner envelope?

    Proper Assembly:

  • Step 1: Lay your wedding invitation down with the wording facing up.
  • Step 2: Place your reception card, wording side up, on top of the invitation.
  • Step 3: Tuck your response card, wording side up, under its envelope flap and place on top of the reception card.
  • What are inner envelopes?

    The slightly smaller envelope is called an inner envelope. This is where you would indicate exactly who is invited to the wedding by listing each guest’s name. The outer envelope is used for mailing.

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    To A Family Including Children

    When inviting an entire family, the family name or the parents’ names should be listed alone, and everyone can be included on the inside.

    When including female children under the age of 18, address them with a Miss.

    • Outer envelope: “The Thompson Family” or “Mr. and Mrs. Alan Thompson” or “Mr. Alan Thompson and Mrs. Emily Thompson”
    • Inner Envelope: Alan, Emily, Roger, Chance, Miss Jennifer, and Miss Lily

    How To Address Wedding Invitations Without An Inner Envelope

    Nico and LaLa: Wedding Invitation Etiquette: Inner and ...

    Traditional wedding invitations have both an outer mailing envelope, which contains the mailing address, postage, and return address, and an inner envelope. The inner envelope is printed with only the recipients names, and contains all the pieces of the invitation suite: the invitation, RSVP card, RSVP envelope, and any additional enclosures such as a reception card, a map with directions, or invitations to additional weekend activities. When two envelopes are involved, the outside envelope is addressed more formally while the inside envelope is slightly more casual and frequently incorporates first names.

    If you choose to send wedding invitations without an inside envelope, which is more common these days, simply focus on properly addressing the outer envelope. Below, we provide guidelines for how to address invitations with a single envelope vs. an inner and outer envelope for your reference.

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    How To Address Wedding Invitations To Children And Families

    Include younger guests on the inner envelope of their parents’ invitation by their name. For girls under 18, you can use “Miss” if you’d like. Boys don’t need a title until they’re 18then they can be addressed as “Mr.” As with the other guests invited, you can always forgo titles or use the gender-neutral title of “Mx.”

    Note: If you don’t include each child’s name, you’re implying that children are not invited. That said, don’t be surprised if some guests still mistakenly assume their children are welcome. If you’re concerned this will happen with your guests, ask your immediate family and wedding party to help spread the word that the wedding will be adults only and add the message to your wedding website. You may still have to follow up with guests who don’t get the message via phone to gently explain the situation.

    On the outer envelope:

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abraham

    On the inner envelope:

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Abraham

    Daniel, Jeffrey, Miss Brittany and Mx. Kelly

    How Do I Assemble My Invitations With Double Envelopes

    Once everything is addressed, youll want to take the time to assemble your invitation suite properly. If youre using an envelope liner, you should line the inner envelope, which is usually kept unsealed.

    * Find this invitation recipe here

    Place your invitation into the addressed inner envelope so that the front is seen when you lift the envelope flap.

    Youll then place this inside the outer envelope so that when its opened, you can see the names written on the inner envelope.

    We recommend using an envelope moistener with adhesive when it comes to sealing the outer envelope. Applying even pressure ensures a secure seal.

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    To A Married Woman Doctor Or Two Married Doctors

    If the woman uses her husbands name socially, the address is Dr. Barbara and Mr. James Werner. If she uses her maiden name both professionally and socially, it is Dr. Barbara Hanson and Mr. James Werner. If the husband is also a doctor, the address is either The Drs. Werner or Drs. Barbara and Robert Werner.

    There’s Actually A Reason Why Wedding Invites Come In Two Envelopes

    Wedding Invitation Envelopes – everything you need to know!

    The rules of wedding etiquette are constantly changing, making it difficult for modern brides, grooms and guests to find up-to-date and correct information. That’s why we’ve launched #MannersMondays, a weekly series in which we ask our followers on Twitter and Facebook to submit their most burning etiquette-related questions. Then, with the help of our team of etiquette experts, we get you the right answers to your biggest Big Day dilemmas. Check out this week’s question below!

    do we really need inner envelopes? They seem like such a waste!

    Anna Post — great-great-granddaughter of etiquette guru Emily Post and author of Emily Post’s Wedding Etiquette — is here to help us answer this week’s question. Find out what she had to say below:

    You can submit your wedding etiquette questions via or tweet them to us with the hashtag #MannersMondays.

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    Why Is There An Inner Envelope For Wedding Invitations

    Inner envelopes help eliminate the potential for any awkward questions regarding your guest list. Inner and outer envelopes are the more traditional option. If your wedding is black tie, classic, or just all-around formal, you may want to stick with having both sets of envelopes to abide by wedding etiquette.

    Inner Envelope & Outer Envelopes

    Its best practice to place your wedding invitation and its envelope within an outer envelope to protect it from getting marked or bent in the post. As a general rule of thumb, the outer envelope tends to be more formal, featuring your guests full name with title and their full address. The inner envelope is more informal and can show just a first name, their last name and title, or initials.

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    How Do You Address An Envelope To Two Doctors With Different Last Names

    If you are writing to two doctors with different last names, you should spell out each title and name when you address the letter. For example, writing to two doctors at a practice, you would address a letter to Dr. John Smith and Dr. George Winston. It is generally advised that you avoid writing Drs.

    What Is An Inner Envelope Used For In Wedding Invitations

    How to Address Wedding Invitation Envelopes

    One of the most common questions I get as a wedding calligrapher is what is an inner envelope? And do I really need one?

    Traditionally, wedding invitations were wrapped in two envelopes the outer envelope, and the inner envelope. The outer envelope would have the guests full address on it, for the postal service to deliver the invitation. In those days, mail was delivered by horse and dust, mud or rain might damage the outer envelope. When the invitation reached its destination, the messenger would remove the outer envelope, revealing the pristine, inner envelope to be presented to the guest.

    See that sweet little blush envelope below? Thats the inner envelope! Your invitation suite would be placed into the blush inner envelope, and then the blush inner envelope would be tucked inside the navy outer envelope.

    Nowadays, your wedding invitations arent being delivered by horse, so an inner envelope isnt really a need. However, many brides like to keep it as a nod to the traditional, and a way to make their wedding invitations even more special to their guests. While inner envelopes are an additional cost, they are a very cost-effective way of elevating the look and feel of your invitation suite. Inner envelopes make your guests feel like they are opening a little present when they open your invitation, and set the tone of your wedding as an elegant event before the guests even arrive.


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