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How Much Would A Beach Wedding Cost

Hawaii Wedding Price Examples

How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

After all this, you may be wondering what Hawaii destination wedding package is right for you? Let us help you figure it out by looking at some examples!

Example 1: Hawaii BEACH Elopement

For this example, lets theorize that you want to get eloped on Maui with just you and your partner. You want to keep it as simple as possible, so you check out our Beach Elopement Package. Youre thrilled with whats included, love the bouquet choices it comes with, and are more than happy with an hour of photography, so you book it for $2,550 and decide to pass on the add-ons.

For your reception, you also keep it simple with one of our beautiful a la carte wedding cakes and cut into it right there on the beach. You follow your wedding with dinner at a world-class restaurant for about $200 even.

  • $2,925 TOTAL = beach elopement plus cake plus restaurant
Example 2: Hawaii BEACH Wedding

What if you dont want to elope? Lets say you decide to get married on the beach with 15 guests. We would recommend our package 4 because the bride wants extra photography time for getting ready coverage. The bride saw our Instagram and fell in love with a custom bouquet that cost $85 extra. You also have two bridesmaids who need attendant bouquets , 2 groomsmen with boutonnieres , you want a musician , shell leis for the guests , a videographer , and the just Mauid sign .

  • This puts your BEACH ceremony costs at $5,765
  • $7,273 TOTAL = beach ceremony + restaurant reception

View Our Hawaii Wedding Packages!

How To Plan Affordable Beach Weddings

When it comes to planning affordable beach weddings, the key is to know where you want to host them and what to expect when you do. The good news is, beach weddings are actually beginner-friendly options for DIY event planners .

In this article, well go over all of your most burning questions, get specific about numbers, and provide some locations to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Ceremony Cost

Our couples spend an average of $3,200 for BEACH wedding packages . Total costs range from $2,550 to $7,250.

At Simple Maui Wedding, we offer 4 Maui beach wedding packages that run from $2,550 $3,850. Our starting package is our Beach Elopement package with 1 hour of photography coverage. Our Stunning Beach Wedding package is our largest and includes 3 hours of photography coverage. While our most popular package is our Simply Beautiful Beach Wedding, which tallies in at $2,850 and includes 1.5 hours of photography coverage and all of the features marked in the chart below.

Not every couple decides to include extras, but when they do, our most popular add-ons for Maui beach weddings are the custom bouquet upgrade , flower crown , and rental of our one-of-a-kind Just Mauid Sign . Other frequent requests include vendor services like videography and live music .

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Youll Pay More: A Full

Destination wedding planning from a distance can be tricky. Meeting with local vendors, visiting wedding venues, scheduling a menu tasting, and other tasks can be exponentially more difficult. Thats why hiring a local wedding coordinator is even more of a must. According to the WeddingWire survey, 36 percent of destination wedding couples hire a wedding planner, as opposed to 24 percent of couples hosting a hometown wedding. And couples hosting a destination wedding are more likely to host a full-service wedding planner than those hosting a wedding closer to home. Yes, a full-service wedding planner costs money, but he or she can actually help you save money in other areas by connecting you with vendors who are within budget and keeping your spending on track.

Brighton Savoy: Hotel Accommodation & Wedding Events Venue

How Much Does the Average Sandals wedding cost ...

Phone: 9592 8233Address: 150 Esplanade Brighton, VIC 3186, Melbourne, Australia

Brighton Savoy, is a family-owned Accommodation, Wedding & Hotel Venue, in Melbournes South East Bayside suburb of Brighton, across Brighton Beach. Owned exclusively by the Lee Family, the Brighton Savoy is one of the premier hotels in Brighton which features the best of contemporary design with unparalleled customer service and attention to detail that only a 4-star hotel can provide.

Brighton is one of Melbourne, Victorias, Baysides most exclusive and popular suburbs, located on the Port Phillip Bay coastline and just 20 minutes from the CBD. Surrounding suburbs include Bentleigh, Elwood, Glen Huntly, St Kilda, Hampton, Sandringham, Moorabbin & Black Rock.

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Hawaii Travel Hotel & Flight Expenses

Your trip to Hawaii with a 7-night hotel stay for two, plus Round Trip Flights for Two, plus Daily Spending will cost roughly $6,931

Airfare Cost For 2 to Hawaii
  • Average Round trip for two: $1,524

Valuepenguin tallies a roundtrip to Hawaii from $400 to more than $2,000, but these averages include first-class travelers. Most of our couples can fly coach to Honolulu from the continental U.S. for between $500 and $800 and then island-hop for an extra $112 each to Maui.

Total roundtrip travel costs average out to $1524 a couple, but many cities like LA can get tickets for much cheaper.

  • Total $5,407 = Lodging plus weekly spending

Visitor statistics estimate the average daily lodging price on Maui to be $104 per person, with an average visitor stay of one week . For our estimates, were going to double this cost because the prices have likely been skewed by backpack travelers who opt for timeshares, Air BnBs, family accommodations, and even tents. Oahu lodging rates will also tip the numbers because their accommodations tend to be more affordable due to the dense population. This brings the bare minimum price of lodging to $1,456 per week.

With hotel costs calculated in, this brings the estimated lodging cost up to $2,530 for a 7-night stay with two nights at a high-end hotel or $3,255 for an entire week at one of these pricier resorts.


How To Select The Perfect Beach Wedding Location

When planning a beach wedding, location matters.

Perhaps you were inspired to travel to Bali after seeing a glossy magazine advert of the popular tourist destination. With the possibility of endless entertainment before and after the fact, maybe Cancun is more your thing. If you prefer to stay closer to home, Florida or California might be good options. Perhaps the peace and serenity found on islands like Saint Lucia and Grenada compel you to take your wedding party to Caribbean shores. This is where you also might consider the Bahamas or Jamaica – both beautiful island getaways in close proximity to the US.

Whatever the case, it is important to pinpoint a destination before getting your planning underway. Sometimes it helps to select a few potential destinations, weigh the pros and cons, and go from there.

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Hawaii Venue Wedding Ceremony Cost

Our couples spend an estimated average of $5,200 for VENUE wedding packages . Total costs range from $3,575 to $12,700.

The costs of Hawaii wedding venues depends on a few factors: the location, the property type, and the demand. A private venue is likely to cost more than a restaurant, while the price of a hotel or resort can easily surpass both. To get a good grasp of the overall numbers, lets look at Simple Maui Weddings venue packages, which include all three of the previously listed types.

Our Maui venue wedding packages range from $3,575 to $8,500, bookended by the beautiful and affordable Gannons restaurant and the luxurious Four Seasons Resort in Wailea. Check out our price guide below to get a visual rundown of what each package offers.

Add-ons for Hawaii venue weddings often cost a little more than beach affairs because of the ceremony arch and the florals for the attendees of honor. Many of our couples also opt for vendor services like extra photography time, videography, live music , and custom bouquets.

The Cheapest Country To Hire A Venue

How much does a wedding cost – Professor Savings

Once again, Mauritius had the cheapest wedding venues at an average price of just £511! This was accompanied by other tropical destinations including the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Mexico and the Maldives, which all came in at less than £750. These findings suggest that it really does not cost a lot to get married with the sand between your toes.

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Hawaii Destination Wedding Cost Ceremony Lodging & Airfare

Finding accurate Hawaii destination wedding cost #s can be very tricky when online prices range from $5,750 to $32,900. Luckily for you, weve demystified the prices in this comprehensive article!

First, well break down the prices starting with average beach ceremony & reception costs, then transition into venue ceremony & reception costs, followed by travel & accommodations, and wrap it all up in an easy overall GRAND total. Well dive into the nitty-gritty details along the way and even toss in an example wedding scenario or two!

No matter your budget, Simple Maui Wedding is here to help you turn your dream wedding into reality.

Make Sure You Can Legally Get Married In Your Destination Wedding Location

Nichols said another thing to consider with weddings held abroad is whether you can actually get married there, or if you need to have a civil marriage ceremony in advance in your home country.

“Legal requirements differ depending on where you get married,” she said. “I got married in Mexico, but the legal wedding requirements caused for me to get blood drawn, and that was a no-no, as I am deathly afraid of needles. So this is something you will want to think about.”

As a compromise, Nichols said she and her husband chose to have a symbolic ceremony in Mexico instead and got legally married in their hometown the day before they left for Mexico.

“Also, on that note, because the primary language is not English in Mexico, if we would have gone through with the legal ceremony, the officiant would have been someone from the government and the ceremony would have been held in Spanish with a translator,” she said. “So if that’s not your cup of tea, you will want to look at residency requirements at home.”

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How Much Can You Save By Getting Married Abroad

We are pleasantly surprised that a tropical wedding is considerably cheaper than getting married in Europe and, more specifically, the UK. You can save up to a staggering £13,500 by getting married abroad. Not to mention you also get the best backdrop for wedding photos! If you were to get married abroad with SN Travel, the cost of the venue, flowers and cake will generally already be included . Therefore, the price for weddings in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and other long-haul destinations will be considerably less than this data suggests, with wedding packages including accommodation and flights for the bride and groom from around £4000 .

High Season And Weather

Affordable destination weddings in Mexico and the ...

Were lucky to have all-year-round sunshine in the Riviera Maya which includes Playa del Carmen, so Weddings take place every day.

The month of MAY is the most popular month for weddings.

In May, its cheap to fly in, hotels are decently priced, and the weather is still great .

Since May is such a popular month for weddings, it tends to book out pretty quickly and with a long time in advance.

Can you believe that Hotels will even have different pricing depending on each day of the week! They also price based on the Ceremony time.

4pm or 5pm is considered the most popular ceremony hour, as its a little cooler.

Rain on Your Wedding Day?!?!

All of the hotels and venues have backup plans in case of bad weather.

During the rainy season it can get unpredictable so keep away from those months.

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Don’t Expect All Or Even Most Of Your Guests To Attend

Rachel Davidson lives in Chandler, Arizona, but she and her husband decided to get married in Half Moon Bay, California.

“The idea of a destination wedding came up, and we thought, what better way to make our wedding really feel like a once-in-a-lifetime event other than holding it in a place we and our guests had never been to?” she told Business Insider.

But early on during the planning phase, Davidson discovered that several of her close friends and relatives wouldn’t be able to make the trip, including three bridesmaids she had picked out before she was engaged. Out of 150 invited guests, 74 attended.

“For me, this was the biggest downside of a destination wedding not being able to share your special day with all your loved ones,” she said. “They just couldn’t afford to travel to another state or country because of budget and time constraints. At this point, I kept wishing I’d win the lottery so I could afford to fly them all to my wedding.”

John Frigo, who lives with his wife in Chicago, said a lower turnout was something they had to accept with having their destination wedding in Negril, Jamaica.

“I never considered a non-destination wedding,” he told Business Insider in an email. “Personally, I don’t like being the center of attention, so I never wanted a big wedding with a lot of people. We both wanted something smaller.”

Budget For Your St Thomas Wedding Ceremony

For the sake of this discussion, Im going to focus on a wedding package that includes at least the following:

1. Wedding Officiant

*All prices and packages were taken from the respective websites of each resort or vendor.

The chart is meant to present just the facts maam.

What follows is a little commentary and context to provide some flavor to the chart.

Ive performed weddings on every stretch of sand in St. Thomas, so I do have a few opinions.

And by the way, none of my opinions should be taken too seriously or should replace your own research. Maybe you can find some better, less biased, more reliable information on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

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The Cost Of Having Your Wedding In St Thomas Virgin Islands

Theres a huge $$$ range for weddings in St. Thomas. The cost depends on a ton of factors including number of guests, the resort you choose, the vendors you choose, etc.

But thats not a helpful answer. You want specifics.

Im going to lay out the costs for a St. Thomas wedding.

In this article, Im going to focus on 2 areas for determining the cost of a wedding in St. Thomas:

1. The cost of a beach wedding ceremony, and

2. Other expenses for your destination wedding.

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