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How To Do A Wedding Slideshow

Apply Beautiful Effects And Animations

How to Make an Impressive Photo Slideshow in Minutes!

Now let’s add some magic to your slideshow. Use slide animation effects to make your photos pan left and right, zoom in and zoom out, or rotate around. Apply various transitions to make your slideshow either dynamic and explosive or calm and graceful. Add beautiful nature effects like floating bubbles and glowing hearts to make your video even more fairytale-like.

Choose a suitable project format and add your pictures

Story Of Us: What To Include In A Video

  • Use Childhood Photos. Pick the old pictures of the couple as little kids and include them in a video with some cute and lovely captions.
  • Ask Friends to Help. Your friends definitely have some pictures of you as a couple that you can add to your video. And dont forget to check social media you can find some great shots on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Think About Shared Interests. If you share a hobby that brought you two together, its worth mentioning in a video. Or maybe you have a movie or music that you both like? It will also help to tell your love story.

Create A Photo Slideshow For Your Weddingin 6 Easy Steps

A wedding photo slideshow is a nice addition to a reception. Here’s how to create oneeasily and stress-free.

Photo: Kari Dawson Weddings

Looking for a surefire way to keep your guests entertained, delighted and moved at your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner? Put together a photo slideshow featuring childhood pictures, sweet snaps from your romance and photos featuring your friends and family members we guarantee everyone will love it.

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Preview And Burn Photos To Dvd Slideshow

Now after making all these changes, use the Preview tab to see all changes you have made to the slides. If you’re not that satisfied, just go back to make adjustments. Click on Burn tab where you can save your work to disc or DVD directly, complete the DVD presetting including disc label, burner, TV standard, etc. Finally, hit the Burn button to start burning wedding photos to DVD slideshow right away.

Customize Fonts And Colors

How to Do a Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow

After you’ve replaced the content, its time to customize the colors and the fonts. If you want to recreate your wedding experience, be sure to use the same font you used in your invitations along with your wedding color scheme.

Easily customize the fonts by selecting the text on the slides and choosing a different font from the drop-down menu in the Office ribbon area.

To change the colors, click on the colored area and select a different color from the right-hand sidebar.

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Watch Save And Export

Now that youve done all that heavy lifting, its time to sit back, watch your slideshow and make any final tweaks. Preview the slideshow and move photos or songs around, speed up or slow down the length of time each photo plays, and make any final changes to your photo lineup. Once youre happy with the results, you’re ready to export your slideshow! In iPhoto, click Export at the bottom of the slideshow window. Choose a format based on the tool youll be using to broadcast your slideshow . Then, save it to iTunes. From there, youll be able to drag and drop it to the broadcast tool of your choice. With a free online tool, you may have the option of downloading your slideshow directly to your computer or sending it to yourself via email. Either option is fine, just be sure the format of the slideshow is compatible with whatever device youll use to broadcast it at your event. You may also have the option of burning your slideshow to a DVD and broadcasting that through your laptop.

List Your Themes And Get Your Photos Ready To Pass Along To Us

As you look at your collection of photos, you will see a few themes emerge. Make a list of the most obvious subjects like babies, kids, teens, college years, shared interests, families, friends and/or wedding party, and photos of the couple.

We will use this list to create individual albums or folders, adding appropriate pictures to each one. Then we will put them in an order that tells the couples story.

Your collection of slideshow photos may be a mix of prints and digital files.

We collect your prints, scan them, and add any image corrections that might be needed. If you scan any printed photos yourself, make sure to scan them at 600 dpi.

There are several ways for us to collect your digital images. But first, we suggest that you place them in one central location, or file.

You could simply drag and drop them into a folder on your computers desktop, then copy that folder to an external hard drive or thumb drive.

If you are a Mac user, and all of the photos are in your Apple Photos library, we suggest you create an Album and title it Wedding Slideshow then drag all of the photos into that album.

One tip if you use this method: Take a few minutes and indicate your favorites, the photos you KNOW you want included, by highlighting the icon.

If you want to go a step further, you can create a Folder in My Albums titled Wedding Slideshow. Then add individual Albums within that folder titled with each of your subjects or themes.

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How Much Should I Put On My Wedding Presentation Slides

If you’re adding text to a slide keep the text short and minimal. If you’ve got too much text on your slide, it’ll look like a big wall of text to your wedding guests.

Likewise, if you’re using images or infographics don’t put too many images and infographics on a slide. Too many items can overwhelm the audience.

Programs To Create A Wedding Video

How to make a same-day wedding slideshow FAST

Those are just a few tips on how to make a wedding video. Having said that, we havent touched on one of the most important parts of that process. That is the wedding video editing software. Whether you are an experienced or novice filmmaker, selecting the proper wedding movie maker will make your job much easier.

We have searched online and gathered a list of the top three wedding video makers that will undoubtedly suit you. Each program has its own advantages, but regardless of your decision, you can be confident that you will be creating the best possible video.

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Explore 3 Examples Of Wedding Slideshows For Inspiration:

This slideshow uses professional photos in a variety of settings to show off the energy and exuberance of the happy couple. By using only professional photos, Joyce and Kevin keep the slideshow looking smooth and polished. Their music is happy and laid-back and doesnt overpower the video.

Jonathan and JoEllens slideshow does a great job of knitting together their photos and memories into a cohesive story. Their template and animations are simple and unobtrusive, and give the slideshow an elegant feel. By starting with each of their photos separately as babies and then transitioning to photos together, we really get a feel for their memories as individuals as well as their time together.

Kenneth and Ivanna created a truly unique slideshow that exemplifies their personalities. They made a stop motion video of their photos moving across a table to create a captivating and engaging experience for their guests. If you can make your video as fun for the guests as it is for you, youre on the right track!

Testarosa Wedding Organizer Powerpoint Template

This wedding planner PowerPoint presentation template is perfect if you’re an event planner. Use it to show your ideas to your client. You get over 30 unique bride slides in this wedding PowerPoint. Testarosa also has a minimal and modern design that’s professionally crafted. It’s both elegant and creative to showcase your talent.

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Wedding Slideshows Are Blissfully Easy To Make

Smilebox free wedding slideshows are meant to be enjoyed even in the making, so simplicity is at the heart of the process. Thats why our slideshow maker has been designed for ease of use and incredible views. Our variety of wedding slideshow templates give you the ability to see all the directions that your wedding slideshow might take. Our wide range of customization options let you arrange the perfect setup. Lastly, once youre happy with the wedding photo slideshow that you have created, Smilebox gives you various ways to save and share it maybe even as an invitation to the wedding itself.

Check out the fast and simple steps to make a wedding slideshow below.

Decide On Some Slideshow Details For Us To Include

How to Do a Rehearsal Dinner Slideshow

When we start to work on your project, we will ask you for some additional details to round out your slideshow.

Titles, Subtitles and CaptionsWill you want any text added to your slideshow? We can add title slides to the beginning, and credits to the end of the show. We can also add captions or subtitles at any point during the slideshow.

In order to add text, we will need a list of names, dates, and any specific titles, or subtitles youd like to see in the slideshow.

Choosing MusicWe understand that music adds an emotional background to a slideshow. You may have already decided on one or two specific songs.

Due to copyright laws, any music in slideshows we produce for our clients must be royalty free, or used with permission.

If you have popular songs in mind, we can help you find a licensed version, or a cover version of the song. Keep in mind that acquiring permission to use copyrighted music can be quite expensive.

If another version is not available, we can help you find similar royalty-free songs that will still express the theme and mood of your slideshow.

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Wedding Slideshow Templates: Shortcuts To A Gorgeous Video

Want to create a lovely wedding photo montage or animated photo collage, but don’t think you have a neck for it? SmartSHOW 3D is here to help you! The software comes with an impressive library of 200+ templates that allow you to make a stunning wedding video in mere minutes. Graceful animation, serene backgrounds, smooth transitions, romantic music, and whimsical nature effects create a perfect frame for you most cherished wedding pictures. All you have to do is to add your photos to the chosen template and voila – you have a tear jerking wedding video in no time!

Here’s just a little glimpse at what SmartSHOW 3D has to offer:

Great Luxury Premium Wedding Template For Powerpoint

Thanks to its high-end look and feel, the Great Luxury template lends itself well to the best wedding slideshows. Easily create full picture slides as well as combination wedding slide backgrounds with both photos and text. There’s no doubt Great Luxury should be one of your options if you need a wedding presentation PPT.

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How To Make A Wedding Slideshow Unique:

Now that you know how to make a wedding slideshow, its time to learn how to make one thats unique and memorable. With a few creative ideas, your wedding slideshow can be engaging and fun for your guests and show off your unique story as a couple. Here are some of our favorite ideas from across the web:

  • Interview your friends and family about yourselves and your story as a couple.

  • Record words of marriage advice from people that you look up to.

  • Create a documentary-style slideshow covering the wedding planning process.

  • Include video clips from your childhood.

  • Show video of milestones like your first date, anniversaries, or the proposal.

  • Record a choreographed dance performed by the wedding party.

  • Create a parody of a film you enjoy.

  • Have a friend or family member narrate in a voiceover as if telling a fairytale.

  • Have a friend or family member read a script live during the wedding slideshow.

How To Burn Wedding Photos To Dvd

How to Create a Same Day Slideshow at Wedding Receptions

In this part, we are going to introduce the all-in-one DVD slideshow maker. Itâs time to start and create the DVD slideshow maker with Wondershare DVD Creator. Using this wedding slideshow software, you can compile various amazing effects that enhance photo slides view. It makes the burning time consumption less when compared to the other photo to DVD software. The developers have concentrated more on the quality when it comes to input as well as the output. The interface is designed by segmenting the main menus for easy navigation to create wedding slideshow. The conversion process is very simple and the rate of speed is pretty terrific. Wondershare DVD creator will get you into perfect wedding slideshow template where you can convert slides to DVD easily. The user can create wedding slideshow, edit the image, crop, trim, animate and use other features to make it unique.

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Y Planner Wedding Powerpoint Theme

Do you need wedding PowerPoint backgrounds for event planning? This wedding PowerPoint theme might be for you. The wedding PPT template comes with a clean and modern design that’ll make your presentation stand out.

Don’t fall for wedding PowerPoint examples that are free. If you’re a wedding organizer, this wedding slideshow template will work great for you. It features:

  • 30+ unique slides

Which Images To Select

In general, slideshows are there to serve two purposes. The first is to make the client and their guests excited and happy by portraying their wedding as an emotional, romantic, and fun event . The second is to display our work at its best, absent of any gregarious amateur mistakes and timed to great, fitting music. With that in mind, we have to be very selective on which images we display by following the guidelines below.

Avoid the Odd Man Out For example, if you decide to show each couple in the wedding party during the grand entrance, make sure you dont show every couple except one. If there isnt a great picture of that one couple, leave them all out and just cut right to the couple entering the room. The same situation applies to aisle shots for bridesmaids and other situations where a guest, family member, bridesmaid or groomsman should be in the scene or sequence but for some reason or another is not.

Dont be Afraid to Leave Out Entire Scenes If youre too high on the number of images and youre not sure what else you can take out, consider cutting out entire scenes that are random or out of place, less exciting and interesting, or lacking in typical quality or creativity. The point is, really hammer home certain poignant or important moments, even if, in the process, you have to leave out other good moments and images.

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