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Mens Wedding Band Comfort Fit

How To Determine Comfort Fit Size

Mens Wedding Ring Low Dome Comfort-Fit in 14k White Gold (6mm)

An effective way to determine your comfort fit size is to find out your standard fit size at a local jeweler such as John Atencio. Once you have that measurement, you will generally want to order a half-size smaller. For instance, if your standard fit size is 9.0, you will usually need a comfort fit size of 8.5. Bear in mind, however, that this is more of a general recommendation and not necessarily a hard and fast rule. For bands wider than 8mm, its generally not a good idea to go down half a size because bands wider than 8mm tend to fit tighter. Bear in mind also that ring sizes can be similar to shoe sizes in that they differ slightly based on the manufacturer. With all that said, if you are sized with a special comfort fit sizer, you wont need to go down a half size. John Atencio uses comfort fit sizers to provide accurate sizing for his comfort fit rings.

The Inner Shape Of The Comfort Fit Ring

Notice the Inner Part of the Ring Appears Less Wide than the Exterior Width

You might not have been aware of it, but the inside of a band rings come in different shapes. Many inside band surfaces are flat. But happily somelike the Comfort Fit ring, give a narrower feel than their actual width when worn.

Most comfort fit rings also incorporate nice rounded surfaces. This helps your band slide off smoothly. For example a comfort fit band that is 6mm wide, may feel more like a 4mm width, due to its specialized inner shape. That 4mm feel will be much easier to slide over your knuckle.

Some Comfort Fit rings are convex, rounding up into your finger and some have a kind of soft edged bevel invisible from above that falls away from the finger, leaving a narrower area of contact.

Best Palladium Mens Wedding Bands

Palladium is a metal very similar to platinum in its appearance. It has the same silvery-white color, and is extremely strong and durable. Palladium is quite rare, and thus rings made from it tend to be a little more expensive, and offer a slimmer selection.

Brian Gavin Diamonds is one of the best places to find rare palladium wedding bands for men. They carry a large range of rare wedding rings, including designs from high-end jewelry designers like Furrer Jacot and Sholdt.

Here are some options if youre looking for a palladium wedding band:

This is a simpler, classic look, with the contrast of a satin finish inner band and rounded, shiny edges that allow palladiums natural beauty to be shown off in full glory.

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Most Modern: Ring Bear Black Beveled Tungsten Band

Courtesy of Ring Bear

This sleek black tungsten band from Ring Bear is a smart and modern choice for any groom. The relaxed comfort fit, beveled edges, and bold hue is ideal for anyone who wants a stylish band thatll withstand whatever life throws your way. Plus, its carbon neutral and has the option for free engraving.

Mens Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Comfort Fit Men

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Rounded Comfort Fit Wedding Bands For Men:

Men’s wedding bands that feature an inner ring shank that is slightly rounded are commonly referred to as comfort fit.

If you look closely at this style of wedding rings, youll be able to see the differences in the design.

In the first place, the inner edge of this comfort fit style wedding band by Brian Gavin is beveled slightly.

As a matter of fact, a lot of men prefer comfort fit wedding bands because they feel more comfortable. After all, the interior of the ring shank is slightly rounded and that might be more comfortable than standard fit rings.

On the other hand, a lot of guys prefer the flat standard fit wedding bands because they tend to have a lower profile. In other words, a flat traditional fit wedding band has a lower profile and will fit more flush upon the finger. As a general rule of thumb, it’s probably a good idea to try on different wedding rings to determine your personal preference.

What Are Comfort Fit Men’s Wedding Bands

When it comes to choosing a men’s wedding band, fit is one of the most important factors to consider. While standard fit wedding rings are the most common type, comfort fit is a newer option that continues to be a hot trend for men’s wedding bands. Read on to learn the basics and benefits of a comfort fit mens wedding band.

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Comfort Fit Vs Traditional Fit Rings:

Traditional Fit Rings

  • The traditional fit, also known as the standard fit, is an older type of interior composition that was used by jewelry makers for centuries prior to the development of more comfortable designs. This traditional style is flat along the interior of the ring, resulting in the same diameter from one edge to the other.
  • You can commonly find traditional fittings with rings made from precious metals, such as platinum, gold, silver, or palladium, the newest precious metal.
  • Standard fit bands do not feature any extra dome of metal.
  • Contrary to popular belief, standard-fit wedding bands are not uncomfortable by any means. However, they may not be the best option for grooms who work with their hands all day or live active lifestyles.

Comfort Fit Rings

Do Mens Wedding Bands Incorporate Gemstones

Platinum 950 Comfort Fit 4mm Ladies and Mens Wedding Band, Size 7 –

Modern wedding bands utilize all types of materials, and many of our mens wedding rings include beautiful gemstones. Shane Co. offers rings for men in hundreds of distinctive styles with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. All of our stones and diamonds are ethically sourced, hand-matched and hand-picked in Antwerp, Tel-Aviv and Bangkok.

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What Are The Most Common Metal Types For Mens Wedding Rings

The most popular metals for mens wedding bands are platinum and gold. Shane Co. carries a variety of gold shades including rose, yellow and white gold mens wedding bands. We also offer a large collection of other precious metals such as cobalt, titanium, Damascus steel and meteorite bands. Choose a single shade of metal with accents or a two-tone style blended with more than one metal.

When shopping for unique mens wedding bands from Shane Co., you can select from these metal types:

Comfort Fit Is More Comfortable To Put On And Take Off

I always recommend Comfort Fit for any band wider than 6mm. It is at the 6mm width that sliding a ring off your finger can become more challenging. You may not realize that you need a larger ring size for a wide ring than a narrow ring. This suction situation is part of it. The other part of it is that the wider your ring is, the less you can wiggle it off. Its very width slows down the removal process. If you try on various widths of rings you’ll find that you probably need at least a half a size larger to comfortably remove your ring.

Below is a diagram showing flat inside and light and heavy Comfort Fit.

They arent called Comfort Fit for no reason. Comfort Fit bands are simply more comfy to wear than flat-inside ones.

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In Contrast Standard Fit Rings Are Flat On The Inside Of The Ring Which Means The Inside Diameter Is The Same As You Move Along From One Edge To The Other

Also we provided very precise measurements to eliminate all doubts, use them. In the event that both the inner and outer edge of the ring was rounded, it would be known as a comfort fit style wedding band. By the way, the pattern that runs along the outer edge of the ring is known as a milgrain edge.

Comfort Fit Rings Have An Interior That Is Domed Giving It A Slight Rounded Curve

Milgrain Comfort

This minimizes the area of contact between your finger and the ring’s surface, while still keeping the ring securely around your finger. As stated, this gentle beveling of the inner parts of the ring allows for a much more gentle feel once on the finger. Why choosing a correct ring size is so important?

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Best Gold Style: Katkim Halo Band

Courtesy of KatKim

Contemporary meets classic in this 18k gold band by KatKim. The satin finish and grooved halo are unique, but the beloved shape and 5mm width will be celebrated for a lifetime. It comes in yellow, white, and rose gold and can be made with platinum by request.

Comfort Fit Ring Vs Flat Fit Wedding Bands For Comfort

18kt Custom Made, Textured, Super Heavy Comfort Fit Band, 3.75 mm deep.

Not all wedding bands are created equal. In fact, there are bands out there parading as wedding bands that are a joke. They look like a wedding band and seem like one, till they bend and crack from the stress of daily wear. For lasting value, dont just pick one.

Chose a quality, comfortable band thatll be like a little friend, not an annoying thing. Two rings may look the same, but trust me, theyre not. Lets explore the differences and make sure youre a winner in the wedding band best-choices contest.

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Most Timeless: Ring Bear Milgrain Band

Courtesy of Ring Bear

The timeless band shape is elevated with Ring Bears Milgrain Band, which boasts a subtle raised border along a smooth surface. Made with recycled materials and coming in a wide variety of widths and metals, its an ethical ring that checks off all the boxes. Plus, it comes either matte or polished and has an option for free engraving.

Best Platinum Mens Wedding Bands

Milgrain Comfort Fit 4mm 14K White Gold Mens Wedding Band, Size 11 –

Platinum is a rare, valuable metal, often used for jewelry like wedding rings and engagement rings. Its value comes from durability, beauty and rarity. Platinum is a strong, heavy-duty material that is more durable than white gold. At the same time, the natural color and sheen of platinum gives it an elegant and luxurious appearance.

Here are the top mens wedding bands in platinum:

For a little more flair, go with this wide 8mm comfort-fit band, which rocks 12 channel-set diamonds totaling 0.96 carats. The satin finish directs all the attention to the diamonds, allowing them to shine even brighter.

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Comfort Fit Wedding Band Vs Regular

Regular standard construction rings dont have the luxurious feel of a Comfort Fit band. Meanwhile comfort fit rings are not completely flat and have a rounded interior instead.

Men S Palladium 5mm Comfort Fit Plain Wedding Band With Luxury High Polish Mens Palladium 5mm Comfo Plain Wedding Band Palladium Wedding Band Wedding Store

Alternative Ways To Size Your Ring:

In the event that you are interested in things that are curiously odd, you’ll find this interesting. A long time ago, an old-timer in the industry told me that a man’s ring size is the same as his shoe size. As a matter of fact, I thought he was trying to pull a fast one on me since I was a newbie in the industry.

However, he told me that he was being perfectly honest and advised me to keep his advice in the back of my mind. Interestingly enough, I’ve found his theory to be fairly accurate throughout the years. Although that may be true, I still recommend using a ring sizer to verify your size before buying a wedding band.

Brian Gavin offers a wide selection of wedding bands for men in all the popular styles. The majority of designs are available with plain or patterned designs, with or without milgrain edges, and of course, we can custom create anything you might have in mind.

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Most Simple: Lia Terni Balance

Courtesy of Lia Terni

Coming in eco-friendly silver, gold, and recycled gold, these unisex bands by Lia Ternia form together in perfect balance, representing the life you share together. Whether you purchase matching rings or buy a single one standalone, the simple yet symbolic design will remind you of your bond for a lifetime.

Water And Contact Dermatitis And Flat Inside Fit Bands


Flat Inside with Rounded Angles at the Outer Edges

Many men have never worn a ring of any kind before they married. Suddenly they have to get used to having ring on their finger all the time. For the record it usually takes three weeks to get used to wearing a ring all the time.

Since most men have never worn a band, , they don’t know what to look for when shopping for their wedding band. I’ve gotten a lot of calls over the years from new ring wearers concerned they may be allergic to gold wedding bands.

Usually they are not allergic. Reddish and irritated skin can come about merely because water with traces of soap can become trapped under the ring keeping the skin too damp. Traces of soap when in contact with the skin for too long can cause contact dermatitis. One thing in common in most of these cases is a wider ring and a flat inside construction. The longer skin is exposed to dampness, the greater the chance of rash and irritation.

The Comfort Fit design seems to help wick away dampness.

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Qu Es Un Anlisis Dafo Y Cmo Realizarlo

por IngenioVirtual | , Plan y estrategia digital

El análisis DAFO o FODA es un elemento de mucho peso en cualquier estudio de mercado. Una de las herramientas más interesantes que tenemos para comprender la posición que ocupa nuestra empresa y saber hacia dónde podemos dirigirla. Consiste en realizar un estudio interno y externo en base a cuatro atributos principales.

Gracias al análisis DAFO podremos conocer las fortalezas, oportunidades, debilidades y amenazas asociadas a las tendencias del mercado y otros factores. A partir de ahí, podremos definir objetivos al ver con mucha mayor claridad qué pasos debemos tomar.

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  • How Should A Wedding Band Fit

    As a matter of fact, you are the only person who will know how your wedding band should fit. After all, some people will prefer a ring that fits snugly on the finger. While other people might prefer a wedding band that is one size smaller or larger.

    With that in mind, we recommend that you begin with a wedding band that matches your ring size. In the event that it feels comfortably snug on your finger, then you’re good to go. However, if the ring feels too loose or tight, then adjust the size accordingly.

    Obviously, you want a wedding ring that slips comfortably over the knuckle. However, you also don’t want it to be too small or too big. In some respects, selecting the right size wedding band is similar to buying a comfortable pair of shoes.

    Under those circumstances, we recommend trying on a few different styles to determine whether a flat vs comfort fit band is best for you. Of course, Brian Gavin is happy to help you choose the best wedding band for your particular taste.

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