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How To Create Your Own Wedding Invitation Template

Input Wedding Details In Text And Images

How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitation (Free Template Tutorial)

Now that you have already chosen an elegant wedding invitation template, take the time to edit the pre-designed texts with the actual pieces of information. You can choose whether to use formal or informal wording, just make sure to be consistent throughout the invitation. You can also adjust some pre-designed vectors and designs in the template.

How To Choose The Best Wedding Invitations To Print At Home

To ensure the best results for printing stationery at home, opt for a printable invitation template in PDF format that isnt too color-heavy .

In my view, a great option for time and cash-strapped people is printable wedding invitations and stationery. That way you can say you DIYed them, without actually having to get too crafty!

Here are the key things to consider when choosing printable wedding invitations:

a) Check the invitation file format

Usually, you will see templates offered in 2 formats JPEG and PDF.

When youre printing wedding invitations at home, to be honest, its not going to make a HUGE difference if you use the JPEG or PDF file. But, as a rule of thumb, PDFs are better for printing.

Hopefully, the PDF will be provided with crop marks and a bleed margin.

This means that the design of the card will bleed past the edges of the card. So, when trimmed to size via the crop mark guides, there will be no ugly white spaces at the edges of the card .

In the below example, the red dotted line shows where the card would be trimmed to size according to the crop marks in the corners this ensures the background color extends to the very edges of the final invitation:

If youre planning to print a few invitations onto a larger piece of cardstock, then a file with crop marks and bleed will really help when it comes to cutting them down to size. For instance, if you send your designs off to a professional printer, they will likely ask for a file with bleed.

There You Have It My Best Tips On Printing Your Own Wedding Invitations

Psst! If youre feeling overwhelmed about how to print wedding invitations at home, then you can always opt for professional printing. Professional printing could end up being almost as cost-effective and less hassle if youre time-strapped. If youre in the UK then try I used them for my own wedding stationery printing and they were awesome. If youre US-based then I hear great things about Vistaprint!

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How To Cut/ Trim Wedding Stationery

If you print your own invitations onto a larger piece of card you can fit a couple of invites onto one sheet. This is a pretty cost-effective way of doing things and, as long as you use a file that will print with crop and bleed marks , its not too difficult to cut them down to size.

Im currently working on a video to show you how I personally trim wedding invitations with a craft , a ruler and a cutting mat. But you can also use a guillotine or paper trimmer. Whichever route you go down it does take a little practice and you WILL get a little bored after a while, but its pretty straightforward to get good results.

Until I get my video edited and posted, have a look at this tutorial on how to cut wedding invitations to size. Its not exactly how I do it but its a good place to start!


Let Adobe Spark Be Your Invitation Design Expert

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Hone your creativity with the power of Adobe Spark Post. Explore professionally designed templates to get your wheels spinning or create your invitation from scratch. Establish a theme for your designs using photos, icons, logos, personalized fonts, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic. Duplicate designs and re-size them to create consistency across multiple types of assets. With Adobe Spark Post, its free and easy to make, save, and share your designs within minutes.

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Tie Everything Together With Your Nz Wedding Invitations

No matter when trend or style you love, when planning all the aspects of your wedding you should always think to tie everything together with complementing details. All the finer details of your wedding should work together to create the perfect atmosphere for your wedding day, dont ever think any detail is too small or just doesnt matter that much, because on your wedding day it all matters!

Even your envelopes can match your wedding theme, with our new envelope liners now available. Envelopes are something that people rarely give much thought too, but instead of just plain envelopes, why not choose something that will add to the overall design?

The designs available for your envelope liners include:

  • Floral

  • Tropical

The design of your envelope liners can match the theme of your wedding, and help pull everything together. Your loved ones will really enjoy the extra attention to detail, and it will ensure that your New Zealand wedding invites really stand out.

Come Up With Something Unique

You must always try to create the best wedding invitation. Dont be afraid of experimenting with different color combinations, fonts, format, and adding some personal jokes into your wedding card design. Sometimes just switching up your wording helps you make your wedding invitation unique. You can let the other elements flow naturally in that case. Go through the fresh wedding invitation templates and come up with something out of the box.

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Garden Wedding Invitation Example

This Garden Wedding Invitation Template is suitable for garden-themed weddings. The lavender and purple give it a soft and fragile look. The vibrant colors are attractive to the eyes, making the wedding invitation card more memorable than ever. This template can be edited under different various design softwares.

Customize Wedding Invites With Greenvelope

How-To Make a Wedding Invitations with Download & Print Templates

At Greenvelope, our high-quality wedding invite templates are hand-selected by an in-house team of designers. The invitation kits are made by stationers, illustrators, calligraphers, and artists who craft stunning designs for all occasions. Be sure to browse through our ever-growing selection of invitations for your big day. And dont forget our other cant-miss designs for the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner.

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Dont Forget The Envelopes

One final way to make your invitations stand out? Killer envelopes.

Envelope liners are a popular option you can create them with pretty paper, an engagement photo or even fabric.

As for the addresses, you can hire a calligrapher, but thatll cost you a whopping $2-$5 per envelope. Its much more affordable to enlist your friends to help you, or to just print pretty labels.

Dont forget to include your return address, using a label or stamp.

The next step is to visit the post office to weigh your entire invitation and see how much postage itll require.

As for actual postage stamps, you can purchase custom versions but itll cost you more than $1 per stamp.

When it comes time to finally blissfully!!! mail out your invites, its a good idea to physically take them to the post office.

That way, you can ask the postal worker to hand cancel them . Some post offices will do this for free others charge up to 20 cents per envelope.

Thats it! You just finished your DIY wedding invitations. Now all thats left to worry about is the band, the food, the cake, the dress, the honeymoon

Looking for even more ways to save on your big day? Heres our list of 90 Savings Tips from Wedding Professionals.

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Design Your Own Wedding Invitations

If you are the type of person who likes to take charge and do things a certain way, then DIY wedding invitations are the perfect solution for you. With all of the wedding planning you’ve got going on, there is no one better to make sure your wedding invitations look just right except for you. Even if you are not the bride-to-be and are just a member of the bridal party, you’ll get the perfect results when you design your own wedding invitations and cards. As you start putting the guest list together, don’t forget to take a little time to get your invitations squared away. When you make your own wedding invitations with Shutterfly you can customize them down to the last detail to make an invitation design that you love.

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What Youll Need To Print Your Own Wedding Invitations At Home

a) Cardstock for invitations

In order to determine the best paper to print invitations on, you need to know the maximum thickness of paper that your printer can deal with.

You will need to be realistic about the weight/ thickness of the card achievable if you opt for at-home printing. You wont be able to have super-heavyweight invitations, but with a bit of experimentation, you can identify the best quality card-weight that your printer can handle .

Be aware of how printing quality will be affected by the finish of the paper. For example, a glossy card may use more ink and textured paper may be more likely to have bleeding ink. Check a sample of paper youre hoping to use to check how well your printer performs with it.

With all the experimentation youre doing to check the best paper and printer settings, youll definitely end up using more card than you imagine. Toss in a few teething errors in trimming/ cutting card down and you should allow for c. 10-15% extra just in case.

Tip! To get a feel for different types of cardstock, why not try a sample pack of wedding stationery paper? You can nab one for free from or Vistaprint !

b) Ink

Ink will be one of the most expensive parts of printing wedding invitations at home.

Design Wedding Invitations And Stationery That You Love

Make Your Own Wedding Invitation Template Free

Keep in mind that although you are currently focused on your wedding invitation, you’ll still need beautiful and unique bridal shower invitations for the bridal party as well as stationery for your reception and ceremony. Even if you don’t intend to have a large ceremony, you can still invite your closest family and friends to your bridal shower and nuptials. With Shutterfly, you can customize all your wedding stationery for pre-wedding events, all your wedding ceremony needs, and post-wedding thank you cards. After your wedding, upload all your images and designs with unlimited photo storage so we can imprint them on unique and mounted wall art that commemorates your big day in a beautiful way.

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Simple Wedding Invitation Template

This Green Themed Wedding Invitation Template is an excellent choice if you are looking for a wedding invitation that is flexible. The versatile layout and design makes it suitable for various wedding themes. The fun design along with the two-toned color scheme helps it stand out. The layout also allows the texts to be arranged in an organized manner. Download it now.

Websites To Create Your Own Wedding Invitations

Published date: 15th October 2021 | Author: Molly Malsom

NB: To help you browse our best suggestions we have included some third party links. Some purchases made through these links may earn us a commission to help keep our blogs and offers current and up to date. Thanks for your support!

Your wedding stationery is the first part of your wedding that your guests will see, so you want it to leave a lasting impression And what better way to do that than to create your own with a bit of wedding invitation DIY? Wedding invitation wording is important and whether youre a skilled designer or a novice with a vision, there are plenty of websites and apps to give you a helping hand.

To help get you started, here are some of our top recommendations for creating your own wedding invitations that will get your guests extra excited for your big day!

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Should We Allow ‘single’ Guests To Invite A Date

If youre like most, this will surely be one of the most hotly debated questions youll face in your wedding planning. Accommodating your ‘single’ guests is considered a nice gesture, but not a necessity. If you need to manage your numbers carefully, one approach is to exclude plus ones for all single family and friends, but make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. One exception might be your wedding party. Also, ‘single’ guests in long-term relationships should be treated as married couples, and both should be invited.

Diy Wedding Invitations: How To Create Beautiful Custom Designs

DIY Wedding Invitations!!!! How to Make Your Own Wedding Invitations from home!

Weddings are gorgeous affairs with beauty infused into even the smallest details. Leading up to the big day, brides and grooms find themselves immersed in a world of choices, including invitations and wedding stationery. With elegant options ranging from custom hand-painted designs to letter-pressed invites and laser-cut wooden albums, wedding invitations can quickly become pricey. Most couples spend between $400 and $650 on wedding invites alone.

That doesnt mean you have to blow your entire wedding budget if you want stunning invites. You can still have a gorgeous design by making your own wedding invitations. Here, youll find everything you need to know about designing DIY wedding invitations, including paper and online invitation options. Plus, youll find some of our favorite wedding invitations that you can customize online to help you get inspired.

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Download Your Designs And Print

Once youve got your designs finalized, its time to download and print!

5.1 Print at Home

If youd like to print them yourself at home, we recommend downloading your design as a PDF file and selecting crop marks and bleeds so you know where to trim your paper.


  • if youre printing at home, avoid full bleed background colors to save on ink
  • do a black and white design for cheaper printing at a professional printer

5.2 Print at a Print Shop

If youd like to print your designs via a professional printer, or a reputable online printing service such as Overnight Prints or VistaPrint, we recommend downloading your design as a high-quality PDF, or PNG or JPG. Depending on what printing service you use, they will have certain file requirements so just be sure to check what you need so you download the best file.

5.3 Print via Canva

You can actually order prints of your designs directly through Canva for a simple and convenient option.

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