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What Goes On A Wedding Website

How To Write Your Wedding Website Sections: Wording Tips & Examples

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If youre not a confident writer, sitting down to fill out the different sections of your wedding website can feel daunting, to say the least!

Not only do you want to ensure you include all of the right information, but you also want to word it in a way that is easy for guests to understand and conveys your personality and excitement for the big day. No pressure, right?!

When it comes to writing your welcome message, about us and bridal party bios, it can be a real struggle turning your own thoughts and feelings into actual words that flow cohesively. But your wedding website is an essential point of communication and interaction with guests, so its important to take the time to get it just right!

If youre currently struggling to write your own wedding website and need a helping hand, youve come to the right place. Keep reading for some wording tips, examples, and inspiration to get you started!

Help With Accommodations & Travel

This is where you want to add all of that info that is so incredibly helpful and important to getting your guests there to celebrate with you. Hotel room blocks, shuttle times, and more. It keeps it tidy and is so much easier to include on a website than in endless invitation inserts.

I recommend adding your hotel block information here as soon as you have it. This lets your guests know where they should stay and how to book. Be sure to include the address of the hotel, along with any booking information your guests may need including:

  • A booking link
  • Date to reserve their room by
  • Phone number to the hotel
  • Address

Make it easy for guests to plan where theyll crash after the party.

If youre having a shuttle service to pick up your guests, you can also add transportation information here.

PRO TIP: I recommend cheating the shuttle times you share with guests. For example, if your shuttle is set to depart the hotel at 4:30pm, put 4:20pm on your website. This will help make sure your shuttle can continue to run on schedule, even if someone left their sunglasses upstairs in their hotel room, or missed the elevator. Give everyone a little grace by cheating those numbers a little bit.

A Guest Book And Rsvps

Those closest to you have probably already gotten in touch to say their congratulations, but more distant pals may not exactly feel comfortable calling or texting you. Thats where your guest book comes into play, itll allow them to easily share their well wishes. You can also encourage guests to use your wedding website to RSVP.

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Things You Can’t Forget To Include On Your Wedding Website

Give guests all the details.

Once you’ve chosen a venue and set the date, the next big task you should cross off your to-do list is creating your wedding website. Not only is this task super important-it puts all of the information about your big day in one easy place for your guests to see-but it’s also pretty fun. Before you get carried away with uploading your engagement photos and retelling your proposal story, make sure you understand exactly what information needs to be included on your final website.


How Do I Get To The Venue

Wedding Invitation Ideas: Paper Source. Save the Dates ...

Transport and logistics will be another key question from your guests. Will they need to make their own way to the ceremony, or have you organised shuttle buses or additional transport?

If guests are driving to the venue, youll need to include any relevant details regarding parking options. If parking on-site is limited, you may also want to encourage guests to carpool or book a taxi.

Alternatively, if youve organised buses for your guests, make sure you clearly outline the meeting points and relevant times for both pick-up and drop-off.

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The Basic Wedding Information

Your website should hit all the major points you plan to include on your wedding invitations. In addition to listing your wedding date and the venue’s name, you should also outline start times for both the ceremony and reception, the RSVP deadline, and your preferred dress code. If you’ll offer guests the option of RSVPing online, clear information on how to do so should be included.

Send Invites And Track Rsvps

One of the most exciting things about creating a wedding website is the moment you start seeing the RSVPs coming in. Thats when it hits you – its actually happening.

Regardless of how long your guest list is, youll need to keep track of whos joining, who cant make it, and whos bringing along whom. While this can sometimes be tricky, Wix Events is a useful tool that will help you stay organized.

Wix Events allows you to easily track and manage your guest list. It also automatically collects RSVP responses and organizes all the information for you. On top of that, you can use it to create and send out email invitations and save-the-dates, enabling guests to RSVP either from their email or directly on your website.

If youre planning multiple events for your wedding – such as a bridal shower, wedding rehearsal or toast with the family – Wix Events makes it easy to schedule them and keeps them organized in one place. In short, its like having your own wedding planner – but its free, and you dont have to deal with phone calls.

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How To Choose Your Perfect Wedding Website Domain Name

by | Last updated Jul 15, 2020

Technology has changed the wedding planning game in countless ways, and one significant addition is the wedding website! Gone are the days of leaving your guests to figure out important details on their own now you can include everything in one place online!

When creating your website, you have two choices when it comes to the website address: go with the free address that comes with the wedding website creation service, or upgrade to a unique and memorable website URL. Which option is right for you?

The Important Wedding Details

Should Wedding Filmmakers Put Full Pricing On Their Website?

The first – and most obvious – thing youll want to get up on your wedding website is the important details of your big day. What exactly are these details, you ask? Theyre the who, what, where and when of your big day plus a few add-ons. When it comes to this section, the more details the merrier. Remember to keep the info updated if any of your plans change . If you plan to live stream your wedding, provide details and a link to the online event.

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Should You Have A Wedding Website

In most cases, the short answer is yes.

Having a wedding website truly makes things easier for everyone involved.Your wedding website can be the catch-all homebase thats the perfect reference point for your wedding guests.

It is where you can park all of the answers to any questions they may have. And, in return, instead of answering all of the questions all of the time, you can simply refer your guests to your wedding website.

These Are The 5 Best Wedding Websites To Use For Your Wedding

So much has changed technology-wise over the past few years that it can be hard for wedding websites to keep up! But some new and not-so-new wedding websites have launched and re-launched with some great designs and tools that are way cooler than we could have ever imagined. And while were pretty sure well see more and more wedding websites and technologies arrive in the very near future to make not only planning your wedding easier but make the experience fun for guests, we wanted to review whats currently available so you can pick the best, cheapest, and easiest-to-use wedding website out there.

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What To Put On Your Wedding Registry

If you’re not sure what to put on your wedding registry checklist, you’re not alone. You probably need things for your kitchen, dining room, bedroom and bathroombut there’s no need to stop there! If you need wedding registry ideas, look no further than our essential list below.

Before you get started, though, it can be helpful to brush up on some wedding registry etiquette rules. While you can register for just about anything, avoid adding specific things you need for your wedding day, like decorations or cash funds for paying vendors. It’s also recommended to avoid registering for personal items, like clothes or big furniture pieces for your house. Your wedding registry gifts should be items you and your S.O. can enjoy together.

This ultimate wedding registry list includes everything from china to sheets and cash funds. But no matter what you decide to register for, enjoy the processmaking your registry should be a fun task for you and your S.O. to complete together in the months leading up to the wedding.

The Request To Attend

Wedding Invitations: A Complete Checklist

There are many ways to ask for the pleasure of your guests’ company. The British spelling of “honour” traditionally indicates the ceremony will be held in a church or another house of worship. Here are few options:

  • “the pleasure of your company”
  • “at the marriage of their children”
  • “would love for you to join them”
  • “invite you to celebrate with them”
  • “honor of your presence”

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Faqs To Include On Your Wedding Website

The catch-all solution to all those pesky wedding questions

You already know that a wedding website is the easiest way to disseminate important information about your wedding. And by now you also know that Squarespace is by far the best, most customizable, and easiest platform to use to build your wedding website. So now you might be finding yourself wondering how to ya know actually get the right information into the right hands. Of course, youll have time and date, a map to the location, and a registry page. Thats obvious, right? But what about all the rest of the information?

Ready for the trick? Its an FAQ page. Its a catch-all for all the details you know folks are going to ask you about, but you dont want to answer 100 separate times. Its a place where your guests know they can go to figure out the answers to their questions without texting or calling you. Its a game-changer for your wedding website .

I know what youre thinking what goes on a wedding website FAQ page? Youre not alone people ask this question all the time. So we compiled the most complete list of important questions we could find to answer on your wedding website FAQ page to save yourself the maximum time and energy. Feel free to copy and paste these ideas just make sure you update the answers to match your wedding details.

What Do You Need A Wedding Website For

Wedding websites are the best way to keep guests informed of all your wedding details. While that used to be what wedding invitations were for, to be honest those have really just become a formality. Dont get us wrong, we still love invites. But most wedding guests arent using them for information anymore. And this is where your wedding website comes in!

When looking for a wedding website, there are a few key items you want to make sure yours has:

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Chalkboard Sign Ceremony Program

Chalkboard signs have become really popular in recent years and adding a few key details can help yours stand out. One element to consider adding is special illustrations that bring certain parts of the day to life such as an outline of the chapel, a sketch of a cocktail glass, or an illustration of the venue. You might also consider adding your wedding hashtag or wedding monogram to your chalkboard.

Ways to Display: Think about displaying your chalkboard on an easel or in a tabletop frame near the ceremony entrance, so guests can read it on the way into the venue. For added elegance, consider draping flowers over the top of your chalkboard sign or using an ornate frame to surround your chalkboard.

Wedding Website Domain Name Vs Provided Url

Origins: Why does the wedding ring go on our left hand?

If you sign up to create a wedding website through a popular site like or, youll be provided with a free address. Whats the difference between a provided website address and your own wedding website domain name?

First of all, you dont get much choice about the free address thats provided with a wedding website service. Youre likely to end up with something super long like –

Choosing to purchase your own wedding website domain name frees up the options. You can choose a more succinct URL, and its more likely that your name will be available to use.

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Do You Have Any Recommendations For Local Restaurants Points Of Interest Or Things To Do

Help your guests plan their free time by sharing any local recommendations they may enjoy. This can include cafes and restaurants, points of interest, sightseeing, popular activities and even the weather forecast. Again, your venue or wedding planner should be able to provide you with some recommendations.

Do: Include All Necessary Information

As mentioned, the point of your website is to deliver all the necessary wedding need-to-knows to your guests. Think of it this way: Consider all the things your guests may text you to ask about and then add that information to your site. You should include the basics: the date, location, travel and lodging logistics, directions, and points of contact. Then, add in more: a weekend itinerary, links to your registry, your couple story, and wedding party introductions.

If youre having a wedding with a set dress code , be sure to add that to your site, too. We recommend including details of expected weather around your wedding date, too, if possible. Also, let guests know if there are any other outdoor wedding conditions to prepare for. This may include suggesting a shawl for cooler nights or certain footwear if youre ceremony or reception are taking place on sandy or grassy terrain.

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Details Cards You Might Need


If you are reserving hotel room blocks for out of town guests, it is recommended to share this information on an accommodation details card. This card is especially essential if you have a lot of out of town guests who may not be web-savvy enough to find room block details on your wedding website.

What to Include: Along with the name of the hotel and street address, inform guests of the name or group code your room blocks are listed under along with the date to reserve by. You may also wish to include the hotel’s phone number. If a shuttle is provided from the hotel to your venue, you may also add it here.

What Not to Include: You do not need to list the hotel website’s booking pagethese are often long and can look confusing. It’s best to include this on your wedding website. Don’t include too much informationsuch as the temperature, recommended airports, or other minor details guests can find on their own.

Ways to Save: Omit the added cost of including a website card by briefly including your wedding website at the bottom of this card.

Reception Insert

If your wedding and reception are held at different venues or if there is a long break between both events, this insert may be necessary to share all of the extra details with guests.

What Not to Include: If you have any other wedding festivities, such as a post-wedding brunch, do not list it on this card. It can appear confusing to guests if too many events are listed on one small insert card.

Website Card

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