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Which Hand Is The Wedding Ring Worn

In What Order Should I Wear Rings On My Ring Finger

Why are Wedding Rings Worn on Left Hands: History Of Tradition

Your engagement ring goes on your left hand ring finger, the same as the wedding ring. For that reason, on your wedding day youll have a couple of choices.

Lots of people stack their wedding and engagement rings and wear both of them on the left hand ring finger. In the UK, those with engagement rings wear them on top of the wedding ring, meaning that the wedding ring is placed on the finger first. This is because superstition states that the wedding ring should never be taken off.

Before you walk down the aisle, you should switch your engagement ring to your right hand. When the wedding ceremony is over, you can then slide your engagement ring on top of the wedding ring to seal it in place.

If you dont want to wear both your engagement ring and wedding ring on the same hand, there are a couple of things you can do.

You could move your engagement ring to the ring finger on your right hand, you could weld the rings together and create a bespoke ring or you could forgo wearing an engagement ring altogether.

Whatever you decide to do, the most important thing is that you wear your jewellery in a way that is comfortable for you.

If you dont want to follow tradition, youre actually more than welcome to wear your wedding ring on your right hand. You make the rules!

But if you choose to wear your wedding ring on your right hand, youll be in good company! Married couples in the following countries tend to wear their ring on the right hand:

  • Bulgaria

A Love To Last A Lifetime

Whether you wear your diamond engagement ring and wedding band on your right hand or left, your index finger or thumb, your ring finger is not what matters. More than just beautiful pieces of jewelry, your engagement and wedding rings symbolize a promise of your commitment to one another, your future experiences and your union together. They are an unwavering symbol of your love, now and Forever.

Problems Withwearing Your Ring On Your Right Hand

The most obvious reasons areall societal. If you were to wear your ring on your right hand in a culture where wedding rings are traditionally worn on the left hand,people could assume that you arent married.

This could be problematicbecause:

  • You might get hit on by others who have no idea thatyoure married
  • It might seem that youre being unfaithful to yourspouse by concealing your wedding ring on the wrong finger
  • You could be mistaken for being divorced, as somepeople wear a ring on their right hand to signify a divorce

As you can see, all theseproblems are related to society and how society perceives you. If this isntsomething that bothers you, its likely you wont care what people say orthink.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, itall comes down to personal choice and beliefs. If you arent guided bytradition or religion, you can pick any finger you wish to be your wedding ringfinger.

It might be confusing forsome and may get raised eyebrows, but as theres no law stating that yourwedding ring needs to go on your left hand, youre free to get as creative asyou like.

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What Does Wearing Rings On Different Fingers Mean

Different cultures have different meanings associated with each finger. While your wedding ring finger is traditionally on your right hand, some cultures wear wedding rings on their right index finger. Similarly, signet rings worn on the pinky finger are also associated with marital status. In general, though, there are no hard and fast rules to follow, so choose whichever finger works best for your ring.

The Traditional Ring Finger Meaning

Why We Wear Wedding Rings on the " Ring Finger"

The tradition of wearing an engagement and/or wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand is a romantic oneâbut the meaning is totally untrue. Kristen Lawler-Trustey, a spokeswoman for jewelry brand Forevermark, explains that the ancient Romans believed this finger had a vein that ran directly to the heartâthe Vena Amoris, or “Vein of Love.” So of course, couples in love should wear the symbol of their love and devotion on that lifeline.

Today, we know there’s no such vein , yet the tradition of wearing the engagement and wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand continues here in the US. But there are some countries, says Zaven Ghanimian, CEO of Simon G Jewelry, where the ring finger of the right hand is the more popular choice for brides and grooms to wear their rings, like in Russia, Greece and Colombia.

Want to know more about which finger and hand to wear your wedding, engagement or promise ring? Read on.

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Colored Bridal Shoes With A Wedding Ring And Wedding Dress

Segal Jewellery looks for the trends from the wedding world and finds that not only simple colors such as white and gray can be combined with the wedding dress. However, the entire color palette should be used! Because when choosing a simple wedding dress in A-line or with little decoration, the focus can easily be on the eye-catchers on the feet bright red, lively green, cheerful blue set an accent with the colored bridal shoes and enliven them Your bridal look.

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Rings have different meanings when worn on different fingers and while you may think that your normal is everybodys normal, that is not true at all.

The same Romans who introduced the culture of marriage proposal by presenting a ring and they too who taught us to wear it on the left hand later changed their minds and considered the left hand untrustworthy. This is the origin of the right-hand wedding ring.

In India, they have long worn their rings on the right hand because the left was seen as impure. With changes in recent times, however, this tradition has ebbed away and people can now wear them as they please.

Germany and Netherlands also wear their wedding ring on the right hands while keeping the engagement ring on their right hand. This balance signifies a status change from engaged to married.

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Can I Wear Rings On My Ring Finger If I’m Not Engaged Or Married

An old wives’ tale denotes that wearing a non-committal ring on your left-hand ring finger could be bad luck. Not the superstitious type? If the ring fits, wear it! That being said, wearing a ring on that finger could signify to others that you are in a committed relationship, which might not be ideal if you’re out on the dating scene.

What Is The Ring Finger

Wedding ring. Right hand or left hand?

In many Western cultures, the ring finger is designated as the fourth finger on the left hand. The tradition of wearing a wedding ring on this digit originated from the belief that this finger has a vein running directly to the heart.

“Historically, wedding rings have been documented to be worn on every finger, even the thumb,” says jeweler Stephanie Selle. “Today, wedding rings are most commonly worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. But some countries including India, Germany, Spain, Norway, and Russia traditionally wear their wedding rings on their right hand.” Overall, it seems cultural traditions and norms set the standard for this custom. “It’s interesting that with all of the wedding traditions and trends that people decide to make their own in some way, the ring finger is one that most people keep,” notes Selle.

Meet the Expert

Stephanie Selle is a jeweler and jewelry history aficionado with over 20 years of experience in the industry. She is the owner of Washington-based With These Rings, a workshop specialized in helping couples forge their own rings.

Below, we delve into the intriguing story behind traditional ring finger placement and why you might choose to follow this custom. Plus, uncover other commonly asked questions and traditions behind engagement and promise rings.

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How Do I Match My Wedding Ring To My Engagement Ring

The answer: however youd like. This is where you have utter freedom to express yourself there are very few, or no, customs regarding how to match your wedding set. So whats this mean for you? You have 3 main elements to mix and match: metal, stones, and style.

Weve taken one of our most popular engagement rings, the Petite Pavé, to show you all the ways you can choose a matching wedding ring.

The Meaning Behind Wearing Wedding Rings On Your Right Hand

Weddings come with many norms and traditions that span across cultures and societies all over the world. No two cultures are the same. Manyif not mostcustoms and traditions are wildly different. Thats why culture clash is a real thing.

Perhaps the most prominent wedding tradition is the exchange of wedding rings between two people. Depending on where youre from, the finger you choose to wear your ring on and the hand you wear your wedding ring on might look very different from couples in other countries.

For example, in American tradition, when a person gets engaged, they put their engagement ring on their left hand, while tradition in other countries is a right hand ring. Its common on the actual wedding day to also add the wedding band to your engagement ring finger. But, this tradition isnt the norm for all cultures.

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Guide To Wearing Your Engagement And Wedding Rings

Diamond engagement rings have been exchanged as part of wedding traditions for hundreds of years. Theyve become universally recognized as symbols of promise, devotion and everlasting love A Diamond Is Forever. But on which hand and finger should your engagement and wedding rings be worn, and how are they worn around the world?

What Hand Do British Wear Wedding Rings On

Wedding Traditions: Why Is the Wedding Ring Worn on the ...

Which Finger is the Wedding Ring Finger? The majority of people wear their wedding ring on their left hand, particularly in the UK. Tradition states that you wear your wedding ring on your fourth finger. This finger is often known as the wedding ring finger, and is also the finger you wear your engagement ring on.

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We’re Uncovering The History Behind The Age

Sara Lobla

In This Article

“What finger does the wedding ring go on?” We’re willing to bet you’ve known the answer since you were a child. It’s pretty common for most people, particularly in the United States, to sport their wedding ring on the left ring finger. But why is the wedding ring worn on the “ring finger” in the first place? And do brides and grooms absolutely have to?

Is It Okay To Shower With Your Wedding Ring On

We would advise against showering with your wedding ring on. When youre showering, theres a chance that your ring could slip off of your finger and go down the drain before you can catch it. Its not worth the risk of losing your wedding ring, both for sentimental value and the actual cost of the ring!

Wearing your rings in the shower can also lead to damage, as all the soaps and shampoos may not be good for the metal or the gemstone itself. Its best practice to simply remove your ring and keep it somewhere safe while you shower.

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What Hand Does A Mans Wedding Ring Go On

Men commonly follow the above traditions in most Western cultures, men wear their wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand, just like women.

Men and women both can opt to wear their rings differently, however. Some modern couples even forego wedding rings entirely, opting for alternatives like wedding band tattoos or other jewelry instead of rings.

Wedding Ring On Right Hand Meaning

Which HAND Does a Wedding Ring Go On | Wedding Ring Finger

Ancient Romans are widely credited for sparking the tradition of wearing ones wedding ring on the right hand. During these times, Romans believed that the left hand was unreliable, untrustworthy and unhappy. Similarly, wearing rings only on the right hand was customary in India for several years because the left hand was considered impure.

Luckily, the stigma of wearing a ring on the left hand isnt such a big deal in modern times. However, some countries and cultures still prefer the right hand vs the left or a mix of both. For example, in Germany and the Netherlands, golden engagement rings are worn on the left hand and wedding rings go on the right hand.

Who Wears a Wedding Ring On The Right Hand?

There are several cultures that wear their wedding ring on their right hand instead of their left. Additionally, sometimes the engagement ring is moved from the left hand to the right after marriage, or the bride and the groom wear their rings on different hands post-ceremony.

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Which Countries Wear Wedding Ring On Left Hand

Wearing a wedding ring on your left hand was first popularized by the Roman Aristotle society with the belief that a vein of love flowed directly from this fourth left finger to the heart. This is why it is referred to as the ring finger.

Many Western countries like Canada, UK, Mexico, South America, Italy, USA and France. For these European and American nations, wearing the wedding ring on the left hand and stacked up together with the engagement ring is their normal.

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Significance Of The Ring Finger

You may be asking, Why do people wear wedding rings on the fourth finger of the left hand? There is a long history of wedding rings that varies by culture, but this practice comes from the Ancient Romans or possibly from the Ancient Egyptians.

In Ancient Rome, it was believed that there was a vein on the fourth finger on the left hand that ran directly to the heart. This vein was called the Vena Amoris, or the vein of love. It was common practice to wear wedding rings on this finger, because the veins were connected directly to your heart.

In modern times, this theory has been disproven: its not anatomically correct that a vein runs directly from your ring finger to your heart. Its still a lovely story, however, and many couples still choose to wear their rings on the fourth finger of their left hand anyway. This placement often signifies that you are engaged, married, or in an otherwise committed relationship.

In some cultures, its actually more common to wear wedding bands on the ring finger of the right hand instead of the left. This is common practice in places like Russia and Greece.

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