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How To Dj Your Own Wedding

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How to DJ Your Own Wedding –

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Yes You Can Use Spotify As Your Wedding Dj

Before we got married, I read SO MANY posts about how it’s just easier to hire a DJ and not worry about ceremony music on an iPod. Still I wasn’t having it. I wanted to control the music, I wanted to make it our own, and I didn’t want to pay out the wazoo for any of it. Our solution? Spotify.

Spotify is a free music service, available in the United States, that works through a player on your desktop , only all of the music is web-based and free! You can find almost anything on it. Like Pandora, the free version includes semi-annoying but necessary ads here and there. Unlike Pandora, Spotify plays your playlists AS IS. You pick the exact songs.

Here’s how we pulled it off

How You Save Money Djing Your Own Wedding

When you use your own playlist for prelude, cocktail hour, or dinner , you eliminate the need for a DJ/band to play the music for you! Ironically, Im telling you how to spend less on hiring a DJ. Were very open and honest with our clients and we want to give you great advice that is useful, too. Even if it means we may make less at your event.

So for DIY couples who want to DJ your own wedding, this is an easy way to save 2-3 hours of DJ or band time. This can mean hundreds of dollars saved! If you use your own playlist for the prelude, ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner moments, youll only need to hire the DJ for the dance portion of your event.

So if your event is 5.5 hours, and 2.5 hours is for the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner, then youll only need the DJ for 3 hours, versus 5.5 hours! Some DJ companies have minimum booking time, so be sure to ask about this.

Other Options

You can certainly rent the entire system and eliminate the DJ or band, altogether. This will save you much more, as well. You can rent an entire wedding package with everything you need, for about the cost of one hour! If your goal is to simply have your specific playlist playing, then this would be a great option.

If you DONT want to worry about all the hassle, then hire a professional and leave the hard work to them! Read our article How Much do Wedding DJs Cost article for more information about average DJ prices!

Austins Best DJs Team

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You Are Ready To Dj Your Own Wedding

That brings us to the end of our series on DJing your own wedding.

If you feel like you could benefit from a little more information and training, check out my new book and course on DJing your own wedding. There youll get a special Bridechilla offer for the 90-page eBook and video course that will walk you step-by-step on how to successfully DJ your own wedding and make sure your friends have an awesome time.

One: Decide How You Will Play The Music

Why Its Not Advisable To Dj Your Own Wedding And On Eid 2020

First, what software/playlist app will you use? Choose the app from which to play the music. Apple Music and Spotify are both popular choices as they have unlimited streaming options for around $10/mo.

With these services, you essentially have access to pretty much any song you can think of. They are available on both your computer and phone. And the best part: you can make your playlists available offline!

You could also look into any Smartphone apps that you could use to make a playlist, like The Music Concierge. Choose whichever option works best for you!

Use Appropriate Equipment

Next, what sort of amplification system will you use to play the music? A good wedding DJ doesnt only play music they also set up their professional equipment, monitor the sound levels, and ensures that everyone can hear properly.

Look into places that rent out sound systems or consider buying one if you think you may re-use it. Alternatively, ask around your family and friends to see if anyone has the equipment you can borrow.

Lastly, youll need to find someone willing to hit play for you on the day of the wedding. Select a point person to fill in as a stand-in wedding DJ.

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How Can I Do My Own Wedding Music

Tips for Creating the Perfect Reception Playlist

  • If youre making the set list on your own, make sure to include PLENTY of music.
  • Add a mix of genres.
  • Play 1 slow song for every 5 fast songs.
  • Avoid any overly-negative or non-romantic songs.
  • Listen to your entire playlist.
  • Stay true to your musical tastes.
  • Dj Your Own Wedding Reception

    In order to DJ your own wedding reception, you may need to get a larger sound system, depending on where the dance is happening, how large the hall is, if its indoors or outdoors, etc. If its outdoors, be sure to ask about sound ordinances. Many cities and counties require outdoor sound to be off by 10 or 11 pm. Once you know all the details, you can get an adequate sound system. Wed recommend good, high-end powered speakers, such as Yamaha, or QSC speakers. .

    It will certainly sound better with a subwoofer, but its not 100% necessary if youre trying to save money. Some speakers will let you directly plug in an aux cord, but most will use an XLR or 1/4 cord input. You can use the same wire from the ceremony system. Just be sure to link your two speakers together, with a longer XLR cable.

    They have this 25-foot XLR cable for $10 on Amazon! Just link one speaker to the other, using the link input, or sometimes, its called thru. Youll want to link from the speaker that you have your music plugged into. Heres the photo below, of where you input the music and where you link to the other speaker . Youll have to enlarge the picture, or just search Yamaha DXR 15 and you can see better photos.

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    How To Have An Eco Friendly Wedding

    What better time to celebrate the beautiful earth or make good on any of your eco related resolutions for the year than at your wedding. We have been inspired by the large number of companies taking a stance on environmental issues and embracing alternative products that do less harm to our world.

    With all that in mind, this month, in homage to our planet we have rounded up some top tips for you to have a more environmentally conscious wedding. Ditch your pen and paper and jot this one down on your electronic to do list instead.

    Say no to confettiWhilst it is tempting to have one of those Instagram worthy photos leaving your wedding venue while your guests shower you in confetti, its actually quite harmful to our environment and wildlife, not to mention you will be polluting your wedding venue with the tiny specs of confetti that are hard to get rid of.

    Confetti is difficult to tidy up and depending on how it is made it might not be biodegradable, and if left sitting in the soil the dye can be damaging to our environment. As an alternative insist the support of your most crafty friends for a day of DIY. Purchase a hole punch and rummage through your gardens for some leaves. Use your hole punch to make small circles in each leaf for an eco-friendly confetti. Alternatively, speak to your florist about doing confetti made from flower petals.

    Wedding favours with a purpose

    Straws: No plastic straws for your cocktails purchase paper or stainless steel ones instead.

    Putting It All Together

    How to DJ Your Own Wedding Using Your iPhone Qusik DJ

    Okay so you have all your equipment and all your songs…what now? Here are some easy steps to get you set up and ready to DJ!

  • Put all your music into iTunes. This may involve ripping music from CDs or importing downloaded MP3s. If you need help figuring out how to do this, check out the links further down the page under the heading iTunes Essentials.
  • Compile your playlists. A good rule of thumb is 2 slow songs and then 3-5 fast songs. If you have a lot of older folks, you might need more slow songs mixed in to get them on the dance floor. Don’t forget to crossfade the music!
  • Determine when you need to make announcements or special dances and make a timeline. Make two copies and keep one in your laptop bag so you won’t forget it.
  • Listen to your playlist from start to finish. Pay special attention to how the songs fade between each other. You don’t want any gaps between songs. If you find any, you can right click the song and go into its properties to change when it ends. This will cause the song to fade into the next one without any gaps.
  • Make at least 2 backups of your playlist. You can back the playlist up on CDs, on another laptop, and/or on an iPod/iPhone .
  • Perform a test run. If you are the bride or groom, run through the setup with the person who will be running it. If you are the one running it, play a few songs for the couple so they can make any changes they would like.
  • Arrive at the reception early and get set up. Once the reception starts, you’re ready to go!
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    How To Dj For Dinner

    For dinner music youll create another folder and label it dinner. Youll want to get at least two hours of dinner music. Depending on your crowd size, dinner can take a long time. Again, more music is always acceptable and preferred. Go with slower tempo songs for dinner.

    As your selecting your songs to play, envision yourself at your own reception as a guest. Think about the people that are there, the mood of the room you want. Think about what music you would enjoy listening to that also goes with the mood you want at your event.

    Keep the volume level for this portion of the event low, youre guests are sitting down eating dinner and probably having conversations with others. You will need two cds for this part too.

    Two: Collect The Music Create Your Playlist

    John and I have spent the last 6-8 months with various playlists that well add to whenever we hear a good song. Luckily Spotify has tons of pre-made playlists that we listen to. Its given us some awesome inspiration and helped us find some good songs we may not have otherwise thought of.

    We started with four major playlists and decided on the mood of each one:

    • Ceremony: songs without lyrics, potential processional songs. Example: Yo-Yo Ma Cello solos
    • Cocktail hour: upbeat, a little bit of dance, fun music. Example: Lorde Royals
    • Dinner: Chill, music to eat, have conversations and give toasts to. Example: The Flaming Lips: Do You Realize?
    • Dance: Dance music, of course! We once went to a wedding that didnt have any slow songs or any lets go refill our drinks songs, and we were on that dance floor all night. It was fantastic, and we wanted to do the same with our playlist hereexamples: Lots of Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake.

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    Check With Your Venue

    When figuring out how to DJ your own wedding, you must run these things by your venue. Ask them what sound system they have currently had that you can plug into.

    Some venue charges plugin fees when you are not using their in-house or preferred DJ.

    Also, check where you will set up your booth/table/area/space. Do you need a specific type of table? How long are the extensions needed to get into your DJ table?

    Will you have enough space if you are to bring your own speakers? Will you need ventilation for your from-home or rented equipment? Can you do a set-up test the night before the wedding?

    These are the type of questions you will need to ask and go over with your venue coordinator. Ensure to add to your contract what the venue has agreed to this way, there are no surprises when you pull in with your equipment and start setting up.

    Keep On Dancing Tips On How To Dj Your Own Wedding How To Play Your Own Music At Your Wedding Ceremony And Wedding Reception How To Dj Your Own Party With A Laptop Looking For Music For Your Backyard Wedding No Dj For Your Wedding Ceremony And Wedding Reception How To Dj Your Own Wedding Reception No Dj At The Wedding Planning A Diy Wedding Dj Playlist Dj Your Own Wedding Or Be A Diy Wedding Dj With These Tips That We Are Sharing In This Guide

    How to DJ Your Own Wedding
  • Assign a music captain
  • Music is the essence of the soul, especially holds at wedding parties, or at any event for that matter!

    The music sparks happiness and joy in the newlyweds and the guests. It creates a pleasant vibe for your big day and keeps the party in a flow. The importance of a good DJ to lift the whole event can not be overstated.

    However, if you are budget conscious and not exactly into events for a large number of guests, then you can definitely try to be a DJ at your own wedding.

    A decent DJ can easily consume up to 10-15%, and a pro DJ can be upwards of 20-25% of your wedding budget this is how important they are in setting the mood appropriately at your wedding!

    If you dont mind putting extra time into working on your own DJ-ing skills, this can actually be a great and fun idea!

    Your playlist should match the vibe of the moment to make it more memorable or intense. Its quite a big job to do it by yourself, but if you are tight on the budget to hire a good DJ and dont want to spoil your day with any local DJs antics/tricks , then you should consider the following tips to DJ your own wedding.

    Here are TOP 9 TIPS to help you out!

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