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Can You Rent A Wedding Dress

Dye Your Wedding Dress A New Color

Wedding Dresses : How to Rent a Wedding Dress

Instead of throwing away or cutting up your garment because you are certain you will never wear it again, consider dying it a another color. Your wedding dress will turn into a formal gown suitable for a variety of special occasions. We do, however, have to issue a warning: A professional should dye the clothing for you since not all fabrics and embellishments are suitable with color dyes .

You should also clean your clothing well before coloring it, since stains may set or get worse during the coloring procedure.

Should You Rent Your Wedding Dress

In This Article

Fact: Wedding dresses aren’t cheap. Generally costing at least four figures , the price of a gown sounds even more expensive when you consider that you’ll only be wearing it once in your life .

“The average bride spends between two and five thousand dollars on the wedding dress alone,” says expert Blaire Walsh. “When only wearing that dress for approximately three to five hours, it just doesnt seem worth it when you can focus on making your wedding dreams come true by having that firework sendoff or an extravagant Parisian-themed dessert table for your guests to indulge in.”

Meet the Expert

Blaire Walsh is the style director at Rent the Runway.

If you’d rather spend more on your honeymoon budget than a pricey gown, renting is a popular alternative that allows you to save money while still wearing an expensive dress down the aisle. It’s up to you and your partner to prioritize what really means the most for your wedding day, says Walsh. “Why not splurge on that funky brass band you keep thinking about and save costs by renting your wedding wardrobe?”

Some bridal boutiques offer this option in lieu of buying if you only want the dress for the wedding day. There are also plenty of online wedding rental services with a wide range of styles to choose from. This generally works in the same way as any other online shopping experienceonly you send the garment back after you’re done wearing it.

Bailey Mariner/Brides

Alter Your Wedding Dress

If you dont want to part with your wedding gown after only one outing in it, you might want to consider having it changed into something more appropriate for everyday use.

Work with a tailor or seamstress to design a completely unique item of apparel that you may wear again and over again. Take it as a surprise for your partner on your first anniversary, and it will make the occasion even more memorable.

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Yes You Can Rent A Wedding Dress But Your Options May Be Limited

Walking down the aisle in a white wedding gown is a childhood dream of nearly every girl. Imagining the details of the perfect wedding dress becomes like a part-time job. Others may be less interested in wedding dress shopping. Some find it to be a very nerve-wracking process that doesnt always go as smoothly as imagined. On top of that, wedding dresses can be pricey. And what if you are working under a really strict budget?

The idea of renting a gown verses buying one seems like the dream scenario. Instead of paying thousands of dollars for a gown thats going to be worn only once, you can rent a dazzling wedding dress without the price tag. Unfortunately, it isnt that simple and there are a lot of factors to ponder. Renting a wedding dress could save you money, but the final decision should be made after considering the pros and cons of renting your bridal outfit.

Creative Things To Do With Your Dress After The Wedding

You Can Rent, Customize, or Buy Your Wedding Gown from ...

Repurposing, reusing, and recycling are all options. Third-party items have been incorporated to assist you in navigating and enjoying lifes most important moments. If you make a purchase after clicking on one of our affiliate links, we may receive a commission. Having formally said I do, you may find yourself with a few loose ends to tie up, such as unwrapping gifts, sending thank you messages, and arranging your honeymoon arrangements. If youre like most people, youre probably wondering what to do with your wedding dress now that the ceremony is done.

You may either have it properly maintained , donate it to someone in need, or reuse it as décor for your newlywed home, depending on your preferences.

If youre wondering what to do with your wedding dress and want to reduce the carbon impact of your event, here are some inventive ideas for repurposing your gown.

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+ Ideas For What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses

*As an Amazon Associate, we receive a commission on qualifying purchases made via our links. The price that you pay remains unchanged. Many brides choose to save and retain their wedding gowns after the big day, while others are unsure about what to do with their large, heavy wedding gown after the ceremony is through. As a 50-something-year-old woman, I can tell you that none of my friends has ever shown an interest in wearing their mothers wedding gown. I understand that some families have a specific custom of handing down the wedding dress through generations and that it may have a deeper personal value in such instance but for the majority, they will want to purchase their own garment to commemorate their special day.

  • Because Im an Enviromom, this makes my skin crawl a little.
  • Especially if the item has significance to the individual and is only available for a limited time?
  • That is why I wanted to talk about some of the choices for getting rid of a used wedding gown.
  • Whether you decide to sell it in order to recuperate some of your expenses or give it in order to assist others, there are several excellent choices available.
  • This will ensure that wherever your dress travels, it will be the best it can be!

Is It Cheaper To Rent A Wedding Dress

Fact: Wedding dresses arent cheap. Generally costing at least four figures , the price of a gown sounds even more expensive when you consider that youll only be wearing it once in your life . At this point, a bride might wonder, is it worth the cost? Should I rent a dress instead? Well, bride-to-be, there are both pros and cons to that idea. Lets narrow down the decision-making process, shall we?

Many brides say yes to buying a bridal gown, but some are skipping the lifetime commitment to a dress theyll wear once. Lets break down the ins and outs of wedding dress rentals to help you decide if renting a wedding dress is the right move for you.

Since you only get to wear a wedding dress once in your life, there is a dilemma of whether you should buy it or maybe rent it. We decided to dive into the problem, and here is what we think about the two possibilities.

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Get Crafty With Your Wedding Dress

Turn your dress into something you know youll use and enjoyor something that someone else will enjoyif youre skilled with a sewing machine and arent frightened to see your garment in bits. Due to the fact that you will most likely be dealing with a significant amount of material, you will be able to make a variety of unique household products and accessories.

Wedding Dress Hire Range

Why buy a wedding gown when you can rent it?

Please ask us about our wedding dress hire in-store and see whats available for rental, or give us a call and we will be more than happy to go through it with you.

We have a wide range of beautiful, elegant wedding gowns for hire, and we have the largest wedding dress collection on the Mornington Peninsula. Check out thewedding page for few photos of our gorgeous gowns.

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Store The Wedding Dress In A Cool Dark Place

Following a thorough cleaning, it is time to put the bridal gown away for safekeeping. Protect your garment from direct sunlight, which can cause it to fade and turn yellow in a short period of time. Discard the hanger, which may cause the heaviest garments to become deformed if not removed properly. You should avoid keeping your clothing in a conventional zip-top plastic bag under any circumstances. That type of plastic retains moisture and has the potential to stain a bridal dress. The only exception to this rule is acid-free plastic, which is used to construct wedding preservation boxes.

The safest method to preserve your gown for many years is in an acid-free bridal chest that protects it from air and light, Conant recommends.

Con: You Usually Dont Get To Try On The Dress Ahead Of Time

If youre only renting a wedding dress for a few days, youll likely get it just before the big day. What if the gown arrives damaged? Or, what if the fit is off? Youll only have a short time to modify the dress if the rental company even allows that.

For many brides, the stress of not seeing or trying on the dress until right before the wedding isnt worth the savings. You can partially alleviate this stress by trying on the dress in person before renting, or paying for an extended rental so that the dress arrives a few weeks before the wedding.

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Things To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Big Day

Immediately following the exchange of wedding vows and the conclusion of all of the celebrations, you may be wondering what to do with your wedding dress. It took a great deal of effort, time, and money to create, and you only wore it for one night. However, this does not always imply the end of the road for your cherished gown. Fortunately, there are a plethora of things you may do with your wedding dress after the ceremony is over.

You Won’t Get The Sentimental Aspects

You Can Rent Your Wedding Dress From Borrowing Magnolia ...

If you want to keep your dress forever and possibly pass it down to the next generation, a rental probably isn’t for you. For some brides, an heirloom wedding dress holds memories of a lifetime, and renting a dress takes away the sentimental value.

Renting a dress could also take away from the dress shopping experience with family and friends. If you dream of saying yes to the dress in a room full of your closest loved ones, renting may not be an option for you.

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Wedding Trends: Renting Your Wedding Dress

by BrideBox Wedding Albums· October 10, 2013

This blog is brought to you by your friends at BrideBox Wedding Albums the highest quality DIY Wedding Albums available direct to brides. Your precious wedding memories deserve to be shared for years to come, our incredible quality albums do just that. Join our mailing list today to get 20% off your future album! We hope you enjoy this post!

For the modern bride, the wedding dress plays a starring role in her wedding. Purchasing a new gown, however, can tie up a hefty chunk of the couples budget, consuming funds that could go to other areas of the wedding. Renting a wedding dress is an emerging trend that gives brides the option to wear a stunning gown without completely draining their wedding budget. Even brides who arent constrained by a budget can gain several attractive benefits by renting a wedding dress.

Wedding Dress For Rent

Wedding Dress For Rent carries international wedding brands such as the South Korea-based Rose Rosa and the Romania-based Ersa Atelier. It also specializes in traditional Chinese clothing, which is typically worn during the tea ceremony for parents, a cultural wedding tradition. Sizes are limited and the companys website could be more user-friendly, but its a viable option for renting a wedding dress.

Established: 2014 overseas 2018 in the U.S.

Selection: The company has over 260 wedding dresses for rent as of January 2021.


  • From the website, its unclear what sizes are available. Many dresses are listed in medium, but their pages ask you to email the company with your measurements.
  • In a conversation with Wedding Dress For Rent, we learned that its dresses can be altered to fit sizes 0 through 10.

Try-ons: Wedding Dress For Rent doesnt have a physical store. However, you can order your dress and try it on well before your wedding, according to our conversation with the company. If the dress that you ordered doesnt fit, you can exchange it and get a store credit if the new dress is cheaper or pay the difference if its more expensive. You wont need to get a refund and pay the full price for another dress.

Rental length: Three or five days

  • Shipping to you is calculated based on your location, according to the company.
  • Free return shipping

When you get charged: Upon placing your order

Who cleans the dress: Wedding Dress For Rent

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Dye It For Something Totally Different

In the event that simply hemming your dress into something a little shorter isnt enough for you, its time to take it to the next level and colour the entire thing. Regarding inventive ways to recycle your wedding dress, this one is a little more time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the outcome may vary depending on the fabric of your gown . You may even dye your wedding dress for a whole wedding dress makeover if you truly want to throw away the old and bring in the new .

Turn It Into A Gown For Your Little One

How to Rent Wedding Dress

Having a bespoke christening gown made has become an extremely common method of repurposing a wedding gown after the wedding has taken place. Considering that most baptism dresses are white and have comparable design features , its a rather straightforward change. Aside from that, whomever is sewing will have an abundance of spare cloth to work with. You may even save the old leftover fabric to use for any future children you might have, or to make a matching outfit for your older child.

Making your wedding dress into clothes for your children is a wonderful way to give them a small piece of your special day, regardless of how they choose to wear it.

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