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How Long Do You Need To Plan A Wedding

Months From The Wedding

How Much Time Do You Need to Plan Your Wedding

With a year to go, it might seem too soon to plan but theres a lot you need to do early on.

Set Your budget this will help all of your decision making. Having a budget planner in place with help you make choices and find places where you can shrink or expand your expectations.

Create the Guest List Too soon? No, not at all. How many will you be catering for? What size venue do you need? How much budget will you need? The head count is essential to this so go early and make some decisions now. You may also need to negotiate gently with family members and let them know where youre drawing the line. Your Mother-in-Laws nephews neighbours dog might not make the final cut.

Hire your wedding planner? Or maybe just call up that friend whos brilliant at planning. A wedding planner will be way ahead of your thinking on all this and could well be the best investment you make if youre after a wedding that is both memorable and goes to plan. Its not always seen as essential but if youre planning on hiring one, the time is now as it will save you a lot of time and probably a few headaches.

Agree on a wedding theme Again, this is best done early on with your budget and guest list. The wedding theme will help you decide so many things that are coming up in your big To Do list.

Focus On The Bigger Picture & Try Not To Stress

The best way to avoid any additional stress is not to worry about the tiny details. Keep in mind what the big picture is when planning your wedding. It is the love between you and your fiancé that you are celebrating. Dont sweat the small stuff!

So, you really didnt want the ushers in top hats. And maybe your partner doesnt want the wedding cake to be red velvet. Each of you is going to want things that the other doesnt really care for, but it is important to be flexible and learn how to compromise. If there is something which you really object to, make sure that you give a fair reason.

Try not to be a bridezilla and micromanage everything. Sometimes you can just sit back and relax. If you hire talented and reliable vendors, they will take care of it all. These professionals plan weddings for a living, so trust them to get the job done.

Three To Four Months Before The Wedding Day

After your dress arrives, youll go in for your first fitting, which typically takes place three months before the big day. At this fitting, youll discuss if you want anything custom added or taken off from the dress. Your seamstress will also alter the hem length, and measure how much your dress needs to be taken in or out. He or she may also figure out where the bustle is going to attach during this appointment, so that its in place for your next fitting.

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Set A Wedding Day Schedule

To ensure that all the pieces of your wedding day puzzle come together seamlessly, make a schedule and try your best to stick to it. Consider every step, from waking up, getting your hair and makeup done, to your first look with your partner and even the pre-wedding toast.

While it may be impossible to follow a schedule exactly to a tee, if you are falling 15-20 minutes within each step, youre doing extremely well. After all, your wedding day should be a monumental and joyous occasion celebrating the people you love, and not about perfect timing. Try to enjoy and relish every step, and dont be too upset if you run a little behind schedule.

Don’t Feel Bad About It

Celebrations by Amy Bacon: How long do you need to plan a ...

There can be a lot of guilt associated with elopements so this might be easier said than done, but try not to feel bad about your decision – you don’t have to justify it to anyone. Of course, some friends and family might be initially disappointed with the idea of not sharing your day with you, but once they get over the shock, chances are, they’ll be nothing but chuffed to bits for you. I think the adage of “prepare yourself for the worst but expect the best” is key for this. Hopefully everyone will be rooting for you, but try not to be upset if a couple of people aren’t as excited about your news as you’d hoped.

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Everything You Need To Plan A Wedding

Almost everyone has a dream wedding plan in their head: white dress, smart tuxedo, that first dance, leaving for your honeymoon in a beautiful vintage car.

While its easy to get caught up in the romance of it all, there are a lot of things big and small that you may not think to consider when preparing for a wedding. With a wedding, the detailswhether its gifts for your groomsmen or having a repair kit handycan make or break the day.

Below, you can find a checklist to help you make sure that youve thought about and planned for every part of your wedding: from the earrings worn by the flower girls to the ribbons on your car.

Some items also have recommended places to source them. Hopefully this guide and checklist will help you have a happy wedding day!

Complete Your Invitation Suite

At this point, you’ll need to finalize the design for the rest of your invitation suite, because formal invites will need to be ordered next month. If you want all of your stationery to match, from the invites to the seating cards to the menu and even your table numbers, we recommend using The Knot Invitations. Or, if you’d like to get custom wedding invitations, now’s the time to reach out to a stationer and begin bringing your paper dreams to life.

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Lay Out Wedding Clothes

Take a peek into them. Be 100% sure that everything is perfect. The suit, gown, lehenga or any special cloth you are wearing fits perfect. Go into the specifics and split the clothes according to the occasion. And letâs not forget ironing and conditioning your clothes. In fact, this is the first thing in the last week that you should do.

Weddings are all about how much you can spend and where you are spending that money. So, a spending sheet must be maintained. Let all the receipts go into that register as you get busy handling other important things. The more organized you are, the more hassle you avoid. Clear all the calculations and get going.

Other Things To Remember

How Long Does It Take To Plan A Destination Wedding?

Wishing Well. For guests to place money or cards.

Gifts. For bridesmaids, groomsmen and people such as the parents of the bride and groom.

Wedding Rings. Keep them in their original boxes so they’re harder to lose or smudge.

Ring Cushion. For the page boy or ring bearer.

Thank You Cards. To send out after you get back from the honeymoon and sort through the gifts.

Cleanup, Gift Pickup & Payment. Will any bar tabs or reception costs need to be paid following the wedding? Who will take the gifts home from the reception? Will anyone need to clean up or pack up once the bride and groom leave the wedding reception to start their honeymoon?

Rentals. Do you need to rent any chairs or other items, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding?

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Useful Tips For Planning A Six Month Timeline

  • A shorter planning period likely means that your big day wont feel so far away and that the initial stages of organizing wont be as abstract. Youll want to sit down and make a solid plan of your wedding theme, location, and guest list right in the beginning. Committing to these elements early means that youll be able to dive into the details and get more done with plenty of time.
  • No matter how much time you have to plan your wedding, its important to give your guests plenty of notice. Make sure to let your guests know well in advance if theyre invited especially if your wedding is farther away. Ordering your wedding invitations sooner is also a great way to push yourself to commit to a theme so that you can continue the planning momentum. Be sure to check out our resource on the cost of wedding invitations to help you keep your budget on track.
  • Take advantage of new technology such as this online planner by Trello which can help cut down on wasted time and keep every wedding detail just a click away. Using a digital planner enables you to keep track of tasks and deadlines on your own and stay in control of your timeline.
  • Wedding Planning Timeline: How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding

    Congratulations your loved one said Yes!. Now the hard work begins! Planning a UK wedding is great fun and allows you to be creative, but it does require some really strong organisational skills. It would be a great idea to get that really organised friend on your wedding party.

    Wedding planning can and does take a lot of time, so get started as soon as you can and be prepared for negotiations, set-backs, changes to plans, and some emotional rollercoasters too.

    That said, its an incredibly exciting time and we wish you the best of luck on your endeavours. Planning your wedding is going to require time, energy, and money, so lets get into it

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    How Long Do Wedding Dress Alterations Take

    Wondering how long wedding dress alterations should take? Find out now, with this complete guide.

    Wedding dress alterations might feel like yet another to-do that you need to cross off your growing wedding day checklist, but dont discredit the process.

    Most wedding dresses typically undergo two, three, or even four rounds of alterations. For that reason, youll need to leave extra time before your wedding day, so that your tailor or seamstress can work his or her magic.

    A wedding dress is sometimes described as the best tailored dress a woman will ever wear. Thats all thanks to the multiple fittings that youll have before the big day. So, how long do wedding dress alterations take, exactly? This article is going to explain everything you need to know about bridal gown alterations, so that you can plan accordingly for your big day.

    Essential Tips For Planning A Last Minute Wedding

    Celebrations by Amy Bacon: How long do you need to plan a ...
  • First: Dont panic. Instead, get help to start planning. One way to cut down on the burden of planning a wedding on a deadline is to use digital tools such as WeddingHappy that act as your personal wedding planner and unofficial de-stressor. Tools like this can be shared with wedding parties and partners, and can plan the organization so you can get things done. With a helpful platform you can focus on what matters throughout your shorter timespan and stay productive.
  • Priority is key: sit down with your partner and determine the things that you both care the most about. This will give you an idea on what projects to start on first, and ensure that the folk band you and your partner love makes the cut.
  • Think carefully about your guest list. Including only the people you need cuts down on costs and scale. The more guests you invite, the bigger the venue needed and larger venues can be more difficult to book on short notice. Also, there might be more last-minute changes to your plans as some guests may not be able to take time off work or fly in if they live far away.
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    How Long Does It Take To Plan A Wedding The Ultimate Timeline And Checklist

    Whether youre newly engaged or considering popping the question, weve compiled the ultimate guide to wedding planning

    Its been said the course of love never did run smooth, and wedding planning is no exception. Between your engagement and I dos, the stakes are high and your stress levels, if left unchecked, will be higher. But there are simple ways to help alleviate the pressure and avoid turning into a bridezilla .

    Whether youre newly engaged or considering popping the question, weve compiled the ultimate guide and checklist to help your wedding planning go smoothly.

    We consulted expert wedding planner Gloria Darko, founder of My Wedding Fixer, for all the tricks of the trade for a stress-free wedding planning process. Heres everything you need to know

    Why Is Wedding Planning So Hard

    It really doesnt have to be! Wedding planning can and should be fun if it all feels a bit much, read our guide to remaining calm whilst wedding planning. Dont let it take over your life, simply follow the plan on the checklist and dont put too much pressure on yourself. At the end of the day, as long as you get married, thats all that matters.

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    Myth #: We Need That Venue

    In short: no, you don’t.

    Some people have emotional connections to specific locations the attended school there, their parents were married there, they ate dinner there once when they were five and have dreamed of getting married there ever since. That’s all well and good, and if it means that much to you, that I would never discourage you from adding your name to the list and waiting in line for your turn at a particular venue.

    However, if you simply fell in love with the pictures on the website and think that you must-must-must get married there, even if their next available date isn’t until 2020, then I would encourage you to reconsider for a number of reasons.

    First, if you have to wait that long for a chance to have your reception at a specific location, why would you want to? Doesn’t that mean that everyone and their cousin has been there, done it, and attended four weddings there already? Every single wedding hosted there may have been beautiful, but I assure you, it can be just as beautiful somewhere else, and it will be fresh, and new, and uniquely you.

    Once you’ve made peace with the fact that your previous “dream” location may not be in the cards, open yourself up to all of the amazing possibilities there are out there.

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