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How To Make A Seating Chart Board For A Wedding

Table Planner: The Seating Chart App

How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart : EASY Chalkboard Transfer Process

If you’d rather plan out your reception tables from the comfort of your couch, the free seating chart app Table Planner is worth a download. This savvy app allows you to name or number your tables, make notes , and drop-and-drag placement of your guests as you try out different configurations. You can even import your guest list straight from your contacts! The one downside is that Table Planner is only compatible with iPads, so far.

But as an added bonus, once your seating chart is complete, you can also use this tool to create a customized wedding map highlighting key locations and venues, providing a great resource for your guests if you’re planning a wedding with multiple venues or events over the weekend.

Diy Wedding Seating Chart

iSave to

Some couples prefer DIY to save a few dollars, and some feel a sense of genuine pride working as a team and completing a project. Whichever version describes you, these 3 wedding seating chart examples are gorgeous, easy, and low-cost.

  • Write your guests details on a irror. Try to make sure the frame matches your theme, and make sure to practice your calligraphy before attempting the final product.
  • Choose an assortment of Planters and hand-craft your guests cards to sit inside like feeding instructions. Take it a step further by creating homemade shelves or platforms for them to sit on, or create a giant planter that sits on the ground.
  • Create a lattice wedding seating chart where simple cards sit in a nice arrangement. This is great for outdoor, rustic, and casual-themed weddings.
  • Get materials here:

    To make your life simple and your wedding seating charts a great success, just follow the advice we listed above.

    Like everything else on your wedding planning to-do list, a wedding seating chart becomes simple and beautiful if you put in a little research and planning ahead of time. We hope that these samples triggered your imagination and that our guidance inspires you to create the wedding of your dreams.

    Wedding Seating Chart Frame

    Add a little extra to your printed wedding seating chart by adding it to a frame. Different types of frames and easels can be used to tie in your wedding theme while giving it a wow factor. There are plenty of beautiful and cheap frames you can source from local second hand stores or online marketplaces that sell used items. Frame your seating chart in an antique frame with gold, rose gold or copper finishes to bedazzle your guest back to an era of glamour and elegance. Using a wooden frame will add to the rustic theme and a simple black or white frame will create a formal look for your wedding seating chart.

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    Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About How To Create A Wedding Seating Chart:

    Before we dive deep into the process of actually making a wedding seating chart, lets get some of the most common questions and concerns out of the way.

    How do you seat guests at a wedding reception?

    Every wedding is unique. Each aspect of the event should be customized to fit the personalities of the happy couple. But there are a few best practices to streamline the task. Well get more into that in a little bit.

    Do the bride and grooms parents sit together?

    It depends! Do they get along? If so, theyd probably love to share their happiness together on the wedding day. If they dont prefer to celebrate together, seat them with other close relatives at separate family tables.

    Should you assign seating at a wedding reception?

    You might be wondering if a seating chart is even required. A good rule of thumb is, if there are over 75 guests or the reception features seated dining, a seating chart should definitely be used. But even if the wedding is smaller, a chart will make the event feel more organized. This empowers guests to relax and keep their focus on celebrating.

    Which side of the room does each partners side of the family sit at reception?

    If the wedding features a religious ceremony, the couples beliefs will determine which side of the family sits where. Also, it varies from culture to culture. For example, Christian ceremonies often place the brides family on the left while Jewish ceremonies seat them on the right.

    Does the bride sit to the right of the groom?

    Finalize The Reception Table Layout

    How to Make a Wedding Seating Chart

    Once you have a finalized headcount and the square footage of your dining area, its time to start drawing up your layout. Work with your caterer to figure out the most optimal table layout, so guests wont be bumping into each other and servers can easily cater to each guest.

    It is key to understand that the shape of the table you select can influence how your guests interact with each other. Round tables are the standard option and are even sometimes included in a venue’s rental package. Round tables are also the easiest table shape to work with since you’ll only need to consider who each guest will be sitting next to on their right and left sides. Round tables tend to be more social as all table guests can easily hear and interact with each other. Longer rectangular tables take a bit more planning to figure out how to seat guests, as there are guests to the left, right, and across from you.

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    Wedding Seating Chart Board

    Shop Similar Macrame Seating Charts

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    Create Beautiful Typography For Your Wedding Seating Chart

    With over 130 free fonts to choose from, your wedding seating chart design can capture the look and feel of your wedding. From elegant, script fonts to more formal serif fonts, you can choose a typeface that best captures the tone and feel of your wedding.

    The text tab also contains pre-made text pairings that showcase the best font pairings. Simply select one to add it to your design, then edit the text with the right names and details.

    Spreadsheets Will Save Your Life

    How to make a wedding seating chart with MS Word and a browser

    Our best advice: Use a spreadsheet to track RSVPs as they come in. Next, insert a column into your RSVP spreadsheet categorizing and color-coding all guests by relationship. For example your family, your partner’s family, your friends, your partner’s friends, your coworkers, your partner’s coworkers, and so on. That way, you’ll be able to easily sort your guest list and break it down into more logical table groupings.

    “Love Story” escort cards by Liz Conley Photo: M Place Productions

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    Why Do You Need A Seating Plan

    Correct seating of guests at the banquet will not spoil the holiday and facilitate its organizer’s celebration. Even a royal family has a wedding seating chart! The seating of guests at the wedding has the following positive aspects:

    • Waiters will easily find invitees who have special dishes – this applies to elderly and sick guests.
    • Toastmaster can easily create a pair for competition.
    • The more important guests will sit in the right places.

    The thoughtful seating of the guests at the table allows everyone to get to know each other. It is rarely possible to bring relatives together, and a wedding, a special celebration where everyone comes together, is a great occasion to unite family and friends. That is why the seating at the table should be taken with all responsibility in order to remember later about the wedding with excitement and trepidation. With the help of a wedding seating chart sign, you can create a pleasant atmosphere at the celebration. And after all, you can make a wedding seating chart for free.

    Or Create A Physical Seating Chart

    For couples who would prefer to make a wedding seating chart that’s tactile, you can use one or more poster boards to create a physical layout you can play around with until you’ve found the right mix. After you decide on what type of tables you want and where they’ll be located, based on the dimensions of your venue, sketch them on the poster board. To save a lot of do-overs, keep things neat by writing each guest’s name on a Post-It and then simply stick guests in different seating arrangements. Another option: a large whiteboard and dry erase markers.

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    Wedding Seating Chart Faqs

    Have some questions about making your wedding seating chart? We’ve got all the answers to help you figure out where to seat your guests and guide them to their seats.

    Do the parents of the bride and groom sit together? This all depends on your family situation, but traditionally, your parents and your partner’s parents would share a table at the wedding reception. Additional VIPs would also be seated at the same table, like grandparents, siblings who aren’t already in the wedding party, and other close family friends.

    However, if your or your partner’s parents would prefer to sit separately, then each set of parents could host their own table of close family members and friends the same applies if your or your partner’s parents are divorcedeach parent could similarly host their own reception table. But if you’re truly stumped about where to seat your parents, it’s best to talk with them directly to find out what they would prefer.

    Photo: Heather Waraksa

    Who sits at the head table at a wedding?The “head table” refers to the table where the newlyweds will be sitting. You could decide to sit with your new spouse at a table just for two, which is sometimes called a “sweetheart table.” If you prefer to sit with your guests, you could sit with your wedding-party members and designate that table as the head table. Or, you could opt to sit with your parents and let that be the head table.

    Should A Seating Chart Be Organized Alphabetically Or By Table

    Trilogy at Vistancia Wedding

    This is a hotly debated question and even industry professionals are split as to which style of seating plan is best. Generally speaking, arranging your guest list alphabetically is the more efficient method, but for a very small guest list, couples can consider making an exception to organize by table number.

    Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events advises couples to “always always always organize a seating chart alphabetically by the last name. If it is organized by table, as I have seen in photos, it takes guests a longer time to find their name and table assignment, and staring at a poster is no way to spend a cocktail hour. Listing guests by table causes a bottleneck, and generally, it is not a pleasant guest experience.” Shannon Ducker of Shannon Rose Events agrees that when it comes to large guest counts, alphabetical is the only logical organization method. “For guest counts of 100 guests or fewer, it’s perfectly acceptable to organize a seating chart by table if the design lends itself better to that method. For any events larger than 100 guests, you should always organize alphabetically so that guests can find their seating assignment more easily.” Ducker goes on to suggest that seating charts list parties and not individual guests as this “allows for couples and families to find their table faster since they are only having to look once for their table.”

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    Shades Of Gold And Silver Spray Paint

    Now the fun beginspainting!

    I found 3 metallic shades of paint that were just perfect for the seating chart.

    *Tip Use post-it notes to label where each frame is in the layout and which color to paint you are using for each. This helped me keep everything in order.

    First, I removed the back and glass of each frame for easier painting.

    Then I spray painted frames and let them dry before doing a 2nd coat of paint.

    *Tip Use plastic cups to hold the frames up off the ground while painting.

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    Wedding Favour Seating Charts

    Again perhaps a little closer to escort cards than a traditional seating chart, but we’re all for breaking the rules and using a little creative license! Combining them with a seating chart will make the most of your wedding favours, creating a feature with them and giving you more back for your buck.

    Photo by Wolfcrest Photography via United With Love

    Make It Easy For Guests To Find Their Seat

    How To Create a Seating Chart Frame | DIY Wedding Seating Chart Sign

    Now that you’ve determined everyone’s seating assignment, the final step is to figure out how you’ll tell guests where they’re seated. Tented escort cardsindividually printed with each guest’s name and table numberis a simple way to do it. Or, you could get creative with larger seating-assignment signs or charts.

    Arrange guests names in alphabetical order by last name, so folks can easily find their table assignment. Also, be sure to use a large, readable font so there’s no confusion.

    Photo: The Styled Soiree

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    String Art Seating Plan

    Give your guests a bit of a brain workout with this modern and fresh string art seating display idea. Just make sure to use a different coloured string for each table number so that it doesnt take your guests forever to find their seat! Real bride Aideen tried this one out for herself.

    Photo by Adam Barnes Photography via Laura Hooper Calligraphy

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