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Do You Put A Return Address On Wedding Invitations

How To Address To A Widow

How To Address Your Wedding Invitations By Hand

How to address wedding invitations to widow is actually fairly simple. Unlike a divorcee, a widow would be fond of the memory of her late husband and want him remembered, so he is usually honoured on the outer envelope, as shown below.

Outer envelope: Mrs. Charles Meeks

Inner Envelope: Mrs. Meeks

For a widower: Mr. Jonathan Sanders

For a less traditional take, simply write her name as she currently uses it.

How To Address Parents

Whether parents are helping host the wedding, it can seem overly formal and awkward to address them as Mr. and Mrs. Smith, instead of just Mum and Dad. It comes down to how formal you want to be, but if you really want to stick to proper titles you absolutely can.

The same rules apply for grandparents.

How To Address Without Inner Envelope

If youre wondering how to address the invitations with one envelope or how to properly address wedding invitations without inner envelopes, you can include the guest and kids on:

  • The outer envelope
  • Indicate the exact guests on the RSVP card
  • Guest address on the pocket
  • Address the guests by name on the belly band

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How To Address Wedding Invitations To A Married Couple

If you’re inviting a married couple, put their names on the same line. You’re free to forgo titles and list the names separately . If they have different last names, list the person you’re closest with first. If you’re equally close with them, go in alphabetical order. Or, if one person has taken the other person’s name, you can address the invitation to reflect that .

Example One:

Ms. Celine Elgin and Ms. Jacqueline Purcell

Celine Elgin and Jacqueline Purcell

On the inner envelope:

Ms. Elgin and Ms. Purcell

Mr. John and Mrs. Samantha Rivera

Mr. and Mrs. John Rivera

On the inner envelope:

John and Samantha

How To Make Address Labels

Where To Put Return Address Labels On Wedding Invitations

Wondering how to print address labels for the invitations, or even how to use a printer to address your wedding invitations? There are apps and programs you can use at home to print your own address labels, but make sure you count the cost of blank labels, ink and time. Sometimes DIY projects dont actually turn out cheaper and the risk is considerably higher. If you are wondering how to use a printer to address your invitations, you may want to consider following a tutorial.

Consider ordering professionally printed address labels when you order your invitations and other wedding stationery to save yourself the hassle of printing your own labels. This will ensure everything matches and looks great.

Wrap around labels are a practical way to save time and money because you dont need to use two labels and the different sides of the label display their relevant information.

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How To Address Bridesmaid

If you are wondering how to address a bridesmaid and her husband on wedding invitations, or a single bridesmaid, simply follow the earlier etiquette for married couples and singles if you are using formal wedding invitations. If you are striking a more casual tone or want to specifically honour a member of your bridal party, you could prefix their name with something like to my honoured bridesmaid/groomsman but some people find that a little clumsy.

Return Address On Wedding Invitations

Where should your return address go on your wedding invitations? It will go in two places usually the RSVP envelope, and the main envelope.

I generally keep the RSVP envelope pretty standard, but often use a monogram, design elements, etc. for the names line. On my own wedding invitations, we didnt have names on our RSVP envelopes, and they were all fine.

For the main envelope, you generally put the return address on the flap side of your wedding envelopes. This is where problems can arise, because the machines might have the envelope upside down and read the return as the main address. If that happens, youll get everything returned to you not what we want!

You can avoid this issue by making the return address as small and out of the way as possible. I put it up high on the flap, really small, and use as few lines as possible. So the apartment number goes on the same line as the main address, and the zip code goes on the city, state line. Bonus points for making it a unique shape that definitely wouldnt be mistaken for the main address.

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What To Put For Return Address On Wedding Invitations

The First Look. You can also hand-deliver the envelopes to the post office and express your concern to the postal worker who can hopefully give you confirmation and peace of mind that you wont be receiving any invitations back.

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Doctors And People With Distinguished Titles

3 Ways to Address Wedding Invitations

Depending on the level of formality, doctors can be addressed by “Dr.,” which is more casual, or “Doctor” which is more formal. When addressing an invitation to a doctor, the spouse with the professional title is listed first . That being said, if both spouses are doctors, follow the etiquette for married and unmarried couples with the same or different last names, addressing both individuals as “Dr./Doctor.” If their last name is the same, you can also address them by their surname . If not, list by acquaintanceship or alphabetically by last name .

The same etiquette applies to those with other distinguished titles, such as military personnel, reverends, etc. However, if both people have distinguished titles, it’s seen as best to first address the person with the higher rank.

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Return Addresses On Back Of Invitations

Posted in Etiquette and Advice0

Soooo we had a stamp made with our address on it so we dont have to write it a million times. BUT i want to put it on the back of the envelope because it looks better since i am handwriting the people we want to invite on the front. Will USPS not send them if the address is on the back? I know they would LIKE it to be on the front, but I am not sure if they will send if it is on the back. Any input? I was thinking of sending one to see if the person actually gets it. Good idea? Thoughts?

on March 24, 2016 at 11:41 AM

  • MICHELLE Dedicated on March 23, 2016 at 1:43 AM

    I hope they send the rsvp back. David’s bridal printed our address on the back of the rsvp envelopes.


  • Master on March 23, 2016 at 1:47 AM

    Its not the postal service, its the machine that reads and sorts the mail. The way it is supposed to work is, it scans the envelope, identifies the top left corner, reads the center as the “mail to” addess and sorts according to that. So it really depends…if it goes in the machine faceing the right way it will read that mail to address correctly, if it goes in the wrong way and the address is on the back instead of the upper left where it belongs it will identify the return address as the “mail to” address and you will get them mailed to you. There really isn’t anyway for you to control it. it might not happen, it might happen to only a few, it might happen to all of them.


How To Address The Outer Envelope Of A Wedding Invitation

The outer envelope is addressed conventionally using titles, first, , and last names.

  • An invitation to an unmarried couple residing at the same address is addressed with both names connected by and. Use one or two lines, depending on length.
  • No abbreviations or middle initials are used when addressing formal invitations.

While titles are abbreviated all other words such as Street, or Boulevard are spelled out. State names may be written in full or use the two-letter postal code abbreviation. Middle initials arent used, so either write out the middle name or omit it. Generally, an invitation to parents and children is addressed to the parents:

Mr. and Mrs. James Arthur Darling

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General Rules For Addressing Wedding Invitations

  • If both guests’ names dont fit on one line, indent the second line.
  • If youre having a casual wedding, such as a backyard barbecue or brunch in the park, you might be able to get away with addressing your envelopes less formally, such as leaving off titles or just using first names. But otherwise, err on the side of formality: people expect a bit more pomp and circumstance surrounding weddings, and older or conservative guests will take note if you are too informal.

Write The Full Address

Do You Have To Put Return Address On Wedding Invitations ...

Though save the dates are less formal than invitations, its still widely accepted to feature the full address on envelopes.

Use the full versions of street names, towns, and cities you can abbreviate the state. Make sure you include the right zip code. For international guests, check their countrys address format in advance.

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When Should We Make The Deadline For Rsvps

Make your RSVP date two to three weeks before your wedding date to allow enough time for you to get a final head count to the caterer and to finalize your seating chart. If some guests still haven’t responded by your deadline, give them a quick call and ask for their RSVPs so you have all their information.

How To Address Wedding Invitations To Those With Other Distinguished Titles

Apply the same rules you use for doctors for military personnel, judges, reverends and so on. If both titles don’t fit on one line, indent the second line.

On the outer envelope:

The Honorable Jane Kelly and Lieutenant Jonathan Kelly, US Navy

If they’re both captains in the military:

Captains Jane and Jonathan Kelly, US Navy

On the inner envelope:

Judge Kelly and Lieutenant Kelly, US Navy

The Captains Kelly

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How To Address To Military Personnel

Knowing how to address military the invitations can be complicated. First tip: when a member of the military are on active duty, never address them as Mr/Mrs/Ms. When wanting to know how to address wedding invitations to navy corpsman or other branches of the military, you can divide it into senior and junior officers.

For senior, the title is listed before the name, for junior , the title is written on the line below. The branch of service is on the line below for senior officers and on appears on the same line for junior officers.

Where Do I Put Return Address

How to Address Wedding Invitations & Examples : DIY Wedding Invitations

For mailing, the return address usually goes on the back flap of the outer envelope and is traditionally the address of whoever is hosting the wedding. For the RSVP return envelope, the address used should be that of the person whom youve designated to receive response cards, be it your parents or you . Dont forget that the RSVP envelope should include the proper postage for return mailing.

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When To Get Your Envelopes To Your Wedding Calligrapher

Depending on your handwriting and the level of formality of your wedding, you may want to have your envelopes inscribed by a professional calligrapher. To find one in your area, ask your stationer or wedding planner for recommendations. You’ll have to get your envelopes to the calligrapher at least two to three weeks before you need them some calligraphers require even more time. Also provide her with a neatly printed guest list, complete with full addresses and social and professional titles . Compiling the list, as well as making phone calls to parents or friends to acquire or confirm addresses and spellings, can take some time, so don’t wait until the last minute to get started.

Though etiquette for addressing and assembling invitations has relaxed, there are still some requirements, outlined on the following pages . “The little things do matter,” says Dorothea Johnson, etiquette expert and founder and director of the Protocol School of Washington, in Yarmouth, Maine. “When a couple uses the appropriate honorific and writes out an address in the correct way, it shows they’ve put thought into it.” And when your guests receive your invitation, expertly assembled and addressed, there will be no doubt that you have done just that.

How To Address To A Married Couple

How do you address invitations to a married couple? If you want to go traditional or formal you would say something like Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bekken, but if you want to know how to address wedding invites to a married couple in a more casual manner, you could forego the titles and just list the names: Daniel and Jacqueline Bekken. When wondering how to address to a married couple listing both names, the most common option is usually: Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Jacqueline Bekken.

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Vintage Postage For Wedding Invites

Vintage postage is a beautiful option for your wedding invitations! How does it work? You dont need to provide any additional postage so if your invites cost $0.55 to mail, then you can just curate $0.55 or more in vintage postage values.

All postage holds its value forever in the US . There are also Forever stamps that are considered vintage now, because theyre out of general circulation. Forever stamps began in 2007, and will always hold the current value of a 1oz stamp. For right now, thats $0.55, so a Forever stamp from 2007 currently still has $0.55 value.

Most wedding invitations require at least an extra ounce charge, so theyre $0.75 or more. It can be tough to get to that high of a number in vintage postage, so I love to combine a current Forever stamp with some smaller-value vintage postage to create a gorgeous look without breaking the bank.

Vintage postage will come at a premium though, because there is a limited number of vintage stamps that havent been used! Its especially difficult to find 100 of the same stamp, so people charge extra for this service. Plan to pay ~3x the value .

Where to buy Vintage Postage? I share all of my favorite sources in our Wedding Invitation Assembly Guide as well as my favorite trick to get the lowest pricing you can find on certain stamps! But there are lots of sellers on Etsy who will help you source the postage, for a bit of a premium. For recent years Forever stamps, try Amazon!

Envelope Addressing Etiquette For Weddings And Formal Occasions

How To Address Your Wedding Invites

When you address wedding invitations or another piece of formal correspondence, traditional etiquette rules provide very specific directions about using titles, ordering the names and even how many lines to use.

Weve updated our wedding envelope etiquette rules to answer all your questions. And maybe some you havent thought of yet.

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