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How To Display Wedding Favors

Display A Gallery Wall Full Of Photos

Wedding Favor Box Decoration Ideas | Wedding Favors, Bridal Shower Favors, Baby Shower Favors

A gallery wall is a great way to display wedding photos exactly how you want. Whether you love the look of traditional framed prints, want to give your photos a canvas print treatment, or opt for something fun and modern like re-stickable , its totally up to you how your gallery wall comes to life. Bonus: creating a gallery wall with photos from one event will make your display look totally professional.

Use Trays For Wedding Favors To Show Em Off

If your tables are already packed to the brim and you dont want to over-clutter them, use a separate round table in the reception area. You can simply place favors in a neat and organized way in rows or in a small basket or tray, as shown in the examples below.

One example? Tree favors! Theyre great on a separate table because theyre large and will get in the way of dinner. But off to the side on their own table? Genius.

by wreaths by green gifts

As a note, youll want to include a favors sign to encourage guests to take one.

I know it seems obvious, but youd be surprised how many guests are hesitant to take one if its not clearly labeled. 🙂

This sign is by SweetNCCollective as one example.

buy here

Now, lets talk about displaying favors on wedding trays. If you dont want to spend money on something youll never use again, I have good news and bad news.

The bad news: these are currently on sale at 50% off, so time is limited to get them at a good price.

The good news: these make great trays for wedding favors and afterward at home in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. Some people have reviewed these trays and mentioned how they work great for essential oils, bathroom toiletries, or makeup/nail polish on the other hand, they work great for holding spices, coffee pods, and more in your kitchen.

There are many wedding favor trays available in different styles, so choose whichever one that coordinates best with your wedding theme and personal style.

buy here

How To Display Koozies At A Wedding

You should display wedding koozies so they dont blow away or scatter all over the place. An elegant basket or cool wall mural are great solutions.

Did you order personalized wedding koozies as favors? Here are some pretty ideas on how to display them!

Put Wedding Koozies in a Nice Basket

A wicker or wire basket is an easy way to display custom wedding koozies. You can put the basket on a welcome table with the table numbers, or place it near the bar so your guests will see the koozies while getting their drinks. Write Take a Koozie! on a DIY sign and place it in front.

Use Wedding Koozies to Hold Silverware at the Reception

Place the fork, knife, and spoon at each place setting inside of a personalized koozie. Just be sure to have a linen napkin underneath so your guests dont wipe their greasy fingers on your favors !

Set Wedding Koozies on the Dinner Plates

If youre hosting an indoor wedding, you can simply put the personalized koozies on top of a napkin on the dinner plates. Your guests can move them to the side when its time to eat!

Hang the Koozies in a Fancy Display

Create a wall mural by hanging custom wedding koozies on clothespins in a giant display. Have a sign in the middle that says Please Take One so nobody confuses the favors for decorations.

Line the Koozies Up in a Cute Box

For a rustic wedding, you can organize your koozies in rows inside a wood or wire box. Glue fake flowers on the outside or put down string lights to make the box look pretty.

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Creative Ways To Display Your Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are here to stay as theyve become a permanent trend to show off your creativity and playfulness as a newlywed couple. A clever wedding hashtag is just as necessary during wedding planning as a well-curated wedding playlist or an organized wedding registry.

Sure, your guests know youre cool. But dont let them forget it! If your wedding guests are taking photos, then theyre probably sharing them online. A personalized wedding hashtag will make sharing photos fun and keep them categorized in one place whenever you want to relive the memories. Oh, and will let everyone know which amazing wedding theyre attending.

Wedding Hashtag Sticker by Ferris Co Studio via Etsy

So let us help you create one with Wedding Hashers. Theyre the pros in helping come up with the most clever and cute wedding hashtags for couples. Generated by their team of professional and witty writers they have fun with puns and provide you with the perfect hashtag.

For only $25 Wedding Hashers will send you three original hashtags within the next business day. If you want more options, theyll create 5 for $35, or 12 for $50.

Once youve chosen your favorite, own it. Start creating decor, wedding favors, or signage to display your hashtag throughout your ceremony and reception, and let the magic happen.

Ways To Display Your Favors

28 Unique Ways to Display Your Wedding Favors

1. Set a favor at each place setting.

2. Arrange baskets of favors at the entrance to the reception hall. Place a card next to each basket with the words “Please Take One” written in calligraphy.

3. Arrange favors in a circle around the centerpieces of each table.

4. Arrange favors in three circular layers, one on top of the next, replicating a wedding cake.

5. Fill shallow wooden crates with favor bags. Line up the crates on special favor tables.

6. Visit every guest table with your fiancé and welcome each person with a favor.

7. Line beautiful woven baskets with straw or bundles of cloth and rest your favors on top.

8. Attach raffia, cord or ribbon to each favor and loop your favors around chair backs.

9. Recruit young relatives to pass out favors from decorated baskets as your guests leave.

10.Set up a large table near the entrance to the reception hall. Arrange your favors in swirling patterns across the tabletop.

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Create The Illusion Of A Wedding Cake

One of the greatest options on this list ofwedding favor display ideas is fashioning the favors to resemble a weddingcake!

This quirky option is not only appealing to theeye but will be the talk of the reception! This can be achieved by using awedding favor table by the entrance to the reception area again and placing thefavors in a circular formation.

An easy way to create this dramatic look is touse a cake tier platform or a cupcake stand. This tiered tower allows thefavors to be placed in the circular formation, creating a wedding cake look.

The addition of accents like lace or ribbon canreally increase the look as well!

How To Display Your Wedding Favor Signs

Many couples place their wedding favor signs in photo frames to keep it simple and within budget. Popular frame sizes are 8 x 10 and 11 by 14 for placing on tabletops or hanging on walls. The frames materials, colors and style should reflect your wedding theme. A good example is a weathered, wooden frame for a rustic- or country-themed wedding.

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Cool Display Options For Wedding Favors

Weddings favors have become an integral part of nuptials in recent times. They are a sweet gesture of gratitude towards guests for taking the time to be a part of someones big day. While it is important to pick suitable favors for different age groups, the display factor of these gifts is equally important. Explore some unique and interesting ideas for favors displays that will enhance the overall decor of the function at which they are gifted.

Placed on Guest SeatsUseful and functional favors placed on guests seats add an aesthetic edge. Items such as pretty umbrellas and parasols are great for sunny outdoor or beach weddings, while handheld bamboo fans are an elegant choice for summer soirees. Switch them up with a warm scarf or shawl for a cooler outdoor wedding.

Dinner Place Setting TakeawayTreat your guests to more than just a delectable dinner. Add a little token for them to take away and relish. These could be curated boxes of chocolates or mints, or flower crowns which will add a novel touch. Or you can also go the eco-friendly way with small potted plants or succulents in nifty vases.

Quirky SignsGet creative with fun quotes and one-liners on innovative signboards at your favor displays and setups. You could even custom create a catchy tagline specific to your relationship or add your wedding hashtag that captures the nuances of your love and vibe of the wedding.

Before Diving Into Our Wedding Favors Inspiration Guide Here Are A Few Helpful Tips:

  • A good starting point would be to narrow down your search for wedding favors that match your wedding theme, location, and palette.
  • If youre thinking of how much to spend on wedding favors, keep in mind that the cost of wedding favors doesnt have to put a strain on your wedding budget! You can easily find unique options at any price point. Some couples even decide to go the wedding favors DIY route, and the results can be surprising!
  • Distribute and offer your favors at the most appropriate time. If you are going for lets say hangover kits then give these to your guests at the start of the cocktail. Or planning on distributing flats for dancing? Then make sure wedding party favors are handed to your guests during the wedding reception. But if youre going for larger-sized gifts, then make sure you offer these at the end of the celebration, so that your guests dont have to carry them around.
  • You can kill two birds with one stone by going for versatile options. Exploring some creative place card ideas? Why not use your wedding giveaways for this purpose. You can even incorporate your wedding gifts into your overall reception décor. Think display table, boxes placed on seats, bottles or candles used as table décor, etc.

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Davids Bridal Personalized Metallic Foil Playing Cards

Courtesy of David’s Bridal

Fun and whimsical, this classic deck of cards gets a custom, wedding-appropriate twist with personalized labels that you stick onto the case. Another fun idea: Add a small note of thanks that also includes instructions on how to play your favorite card game.

Free Printable Wedding Favor Signs To Create In Minutes

Wouldnt it be nice to scratch a few wedding tasks off your list?

Totally Promotional has been in the wedding business for nearly three decades, so we know all about the daunting details couples face. How about a sign-making shortcut? Use our free printable wedding favor signs for your favor displays!

Simply choose the signs you need below, print them and place them in photo frames near your wedding guest favors. Each sign coordinates with one of our most popular wedding favors: hand sanitizer, koozies, lip balm and cups.

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Paper Blast Store Tic Tac Labels

Courtesy of Amazon

For an affordable, cute, and practical idea, try buying a bulk batch of Tic Tacs, and adding a personal touch to each box with these customized labels. They come with a cheeky pun thats sure to make guests smile you just add your names, wedding date, and choose from 16 colors, then stick them on the Tic Tac pack.

Pass Out Favors At The End

10 Creative Wedding Favor Display Ideas

As guests leave the wedding event, passing outthe favors is a great option as well!

It is now customary for the hosts of thewedding to thank the guests forattending and making the wedding a memorable one. Thanking each guest in personprovides the conclusion of the wedding event with a more personal touch!

Itâs the ideal time if you were thinking ofwhen to give out wedding favors. The hosts can talk to each guest as they leaveand make sure everyone gets their favors.

A young family member is a perfect choice forthis, just as using them if giving the favors as they enter.

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More Wedding Favor Sign Ideas

Chalkboards are very trendy for conveying a thoughtful or fun message for your guests. A combination of artistic talent and colorful chalk can create a memorable masterpiece! One of the easiest ways to display a chalkboard wedding sign is on an easel.

A custom wedding banner is also a good sign option if you want something a bit more unique and impressive. A small, 2 x 4 vinyl banner costs about $40 and is ready to hang when it arrives!

Give It Pretty The Perfect Blend Coffee Wedding Favor

Courtesy of Etsy

Pick up these personalized coffee bags to house a few scoops of your favorite coffee beans or grinds. Theyre great to give out as a favor the night of the wedding, though could also be a good option to add to a hotel wedding welcome bag, or even as a favor at the next-day wedding brunch.

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Make Them The Centerpiece Focal Point Or As Part Of Massive Displays

  • Instead of treating wedding favors as decors, you can also treat them as a wedding centerpiece
  • Smaller wedding favors can be part of the arrangement of each guest table
  • Incorporate the wedding favors in the floral arrangement of the tables
  • Have the wedding favors in a table or A-frame in the middle of the reception to make them more noticeable, especially when they look like displays themselves
  • Have a booth in the reception for the wedding favors
  • Use a backdrop and place the wedding favors in front of it
  • Dedicate an arch behind the wedding favors so the area looks noticeable and also picture-perfect
  • Place the wedding favors in a well-decorated part of the venue that guests may be interested in going to for photos

Let Guests Take Home The Centerpieces

DIY: How to make Wedding Favor using the Cricut

While a big bouquet of flowers may be the most common way to create a table centerpiece at a wedding reception, that simply doesnt have to be the case. Beautiful ceramic candle holders, decorative items, or even a set of little plants can serve as a centerpiece that can then be shared between the guests at that table. Many beautiful decor items can also make good favors just make sure to display a decorative sign letting guests know they can take these items home at the end of the night.

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