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Do Wedding Rings Have To Match

You Can Choose Matching Bands Complementary Bands Or Go In Different Directions

Customizing wedding ring / Powder coating Ring / I color match my ring to my shoes

When you place a wedding band on each others ring finger, you take part in a ritual that dates back centuries, while also looking to the future. In most Western cultures, brides and grooms traditionally place a wedding band on the third finger of each others left hand because people once believed a vein ran directly from that finger to the heart. Medical science eventually corrected that belief, but the tradition remained.

Traditions do vary by country and culture when it comes to who, where and even whether a wedding band is worn. Even in the United States, for example, double-ring ceremonies where the groom also gets a wedding band didnt become common until the 20th century.

The traditional choice in the U.S. today is a matched set one band for her, one for him . These matched wedding sets:

  • Are an outward expression that you and your spouse have become one unit.
  • Demonstrate that you have similar tastes and belong together.
  • Show that you value traditions and want to be part of them.

However, many couples take the non-traditional route today and choose different wedding bands. When you choose non-matching wedding bands:

  • You can each express your individuality.
  • You can avoid one partner feeling pressured to choose a matching band he or she doesnt love.
  • You can choose a ring that best complements your skin tone and size, and reflects your personal style.

Saying Goodbye To Tradition:

Maybe you arent really concerned about matching bands thats okay too. You and your groom might have completely different ideas about what your wedding band should look like and at the end of the day, maybe all that matters is finding something that youll like and want to wear daily. While this may open up additional options, you can still keep the search stress-free by using the same tips above and narrowing down what you like based on color and material. You can also use this as an opportunity to get a band that really matches your personality. Whether youre more into simple bands or something more complex, you have great options. Did you know you can even add a color to a band like red or blue, or add a wooden or meteorite inlay?

Metal Options When Matching Wedding Bands

When it comes to getting matching wedding bands, there are occasionally roadblocks that might come up.

However, there are options for wedding bands and there is nothing wrong to choose a non-traditional route.

One reason that you might end up finding it difficult to get matching wedding bands is if one partner has a metal allergy. Depending on the severity of the allergy and the preferences of each partner, it might be more difficult to get a pair of rings that match 100%.

If you would prefer your rings to at least appear to be matching, even if the metal type is different, this chart can help you to navigate different metal choices, appearances, and potential allergies:

Around 5% nickel or cobaltPlating: oxidized zirconium

As you can see, there are many options available for ring bands that are similar colors but are different metals.

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You can also see that many of the alloyed metals are often used in very small percentages. For example, tungsten carbide rings are alloyed with metals that can cause dermatitis in a small percentage of people. However, you will find that the small amount of any metal that is in a tungsten carbide ring will probably not cause any type of reaction unless you are very sensitive to it.

American Tungsten in particular only sells tungsten carbide rings that are alloyed with nickel.

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Why Are Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Wedding Rings

Engagement rings are more expensive than wedding rings because they typically feature a large diamond along with other intricate details like milgrain or pave. Wedding rings are usually more simple in nature, such as a plain metal band or a pave band with small diamonds.

The average cost of an engagement ring in the U.S. is $6,350, but the price can range anywhere from $500 to $45,000 and more. Most couples spend between $1,000 and $5,000 on an engagement ring.

The average cost of a female wedding band is around $1,000 while the average cost of a male wedding band is $500.

Vintage Vs Modern Bridal Rings

Matching Wedding Bands: Do you have to match?

If your engagement ring sports a vintage style, dont create too much of a visual clash by pairing it with a modern wedding band. These styles generally dont work well together. Rather, stick with the same stylistic look and opt for a vintage wedding band. Conversely, if you buy a modern, trendy engagement ring, pair with a modern wedding ring.

Here is an example of a vintage engagement ring paired with a beautiful vintage inspired wedding band.

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Start Early And Have Fun

Try not to think of this as another wedding related task but more of an experience in choosing the jewellery you will wear together for a lifetime. Turn a shopping trip into an event by combining with a lunch date or dinner at your favourite restaurant take your time in discussing your budget and style options. Prepare to reason and make compromises in order to reach an agreement youre both happy with. Start the process early to avoid the stress and panic of time limitations you want the experience to be relaxed and romantic. Youre choosing the sentimental piece of jewellery that everyone will recognise as a symbol of your eternal love. Think about looking back on this moment and remember how special and romantic it was choosing your wedding rings together.

Symbolism Of Matching Wedding Bands

Having matching wedding bands wasnt even on the table for most couples until the last century. Dual ring ceremonies, where both partners exchange rings, began in 12th century Greece but didnt take off in the United States until World War II. With young couples feeling the pressure to marry before new grooms headed off to war, couples exchanged rings so that theyd have a daily reminder of the spouse they would have no contact with for months on end. Matching rings became a way to further symbolize unity.

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Different Bands: For The Non

This is the non-traditionaloption thats increasing in popularity. In todays world, where individualityand personality are highly valued, this symbolizes:

  • Youre both different and have your individualityyet you can work together as a pair.
  • Youre secure in your love and trust for each other.
  • You both value independence and treading your ownpath.

Choosing your own weddingbands not only demonstrates your individuality, but its also a practicaloption. Theres no need to feel pressure when shopping as you can opt for whatsuits you best, as per your appearance and lifestyle. For example, if you spenda lot of time working with heavy machinery, you might opt for a siliconewedding band, while your partner might go for the traditional gold band. In thesame way, you can choose a metal color that suits your skin tone like yellowgold for tan or dark skin.

This option gives you andyour partner a lot of versatility and flexibility. However, make sure that theboth of you are on the same page about choosing completely different rings toavoid ill-feeling and disappointment.

Engagement Ring On Left Hands Ring Finger Wedding Band On Whichever Finger

Engagement Ring Designs / Matching Gold Wedding Rings / Couple Matching Ring Designs / Wedding Bands

Engagement rings are mostly worn on the ring finger of the left hand. Most people who wear their engagement rings stick to tradition. Promise rings are often worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Wedding bands, though, can be worn on any finger the wearer sees fit. It may not be the norm, but each individual must decide for themselves.

Though there may be an official way of wearing your rings, this is the 21st century, and there should be no right way. Every person must do what they feel is best for them. After all, beautiful rings such as Kirk Kara or Michael B rings would look good on anyone, regardless of which finger they are on!

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Do Mens And Womens Wedding Bands Have To Match

While wedding bands dont have to match, they should complement each other. Yet, this can be easier said than done when youre trying to balance two different styles and personalities. Fortunately, the Paul Medawar team is ready and more than happy to help! In this blog post, well help you better understand the benefits of matching versus complementary wedding bands.

Questions For You and Your Partner

  • Is the engagement ring part of a set that includes a wedding band?
  • Do either of you have metal sensitivities? If so, consider a hypoallergenic metal like platinum.
  • What types of clothes do you and your partner wear? In other words, what are your personal styles?
  • What metals complement you and your partners skin tones? For example, white gold and platinum flatter most people, but rose gold and yellow gold are excellent options as well.

Which Should I Choose

Same or Different? By Revolution BA. See this here.

Take a look at some opinions expressed by our readers:

Tilly: I think mismatched rings are more common than matched rings. We loved the contrast of our different rings and how it represented our totally unique styles!

Aubrey: Our rings were completely different because he needed something he could wear at his workshop and I loved rose gold. So he ended up with a silicone band and I bought my shiny rose gold set. Its an indication of how we work together to find solutions as a whole.

Jordan: Ive always been very traditional, so it was important to me that our rings matched perfectly. I wanted it to symbolize that we were one. I understand not everyone will see it that way, but for us it was a big deal.

As you can see, theres arguments that can be made forall three options listed above. At the end of the day, it comes down to whatmatters to you and your partner, what you value and what you prefer. Theresreally no right or wrong answer.

If youre looking to browse engagement and wedding rings, we recommend starting here.

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Wear Engagement Ring On One Ring Finger And Wedding Band On The Other

Another option, though less traditional, is to wear the engagement ring on one ring finger on the left hand and the wedding band on the right hands ring finger. This way is good for those with short fingers, who dont like having so many rings on one finger. Also, some women do not have a wedding ring set that matches , and so, the wedding band may not look good with the engagement ring. Similarly, the ring may be so stunning that it is needed to be displayed on its own without distraction.

Does The Wedding Band Have To Match The Engagement Ring

Anyone have wedding bands that do not " match

Woman are enthusiastically introducing additional bands of varying styles to their engagement ring stack. Popular mixes include adding a contemporary or vintage style to your classic set by placing a one of these styles in between your engagement ring and wedding band. Below you will see an example of a what a Ben Garelick customer styled when she added Gabriels Luminous ringin between her classic prong set wedding and her halo engagement ring. Another option is to add color by introducing a new metal color to your stack. Why not add two rose gold accent bands on either side of your platinum engagement ring? This popular look is definitely trending!

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Should My Matching Wedding Ring Be The Same Finger Size As My Engagement Ring

If your engagement ring is already tight on the finger, consider re-sizing this first. Once at a comfortable size, choose the same finger size for your matching wedding ring. In such circumstances arrange any re-size work at the same time, with both the wedding and engagement ring being matched in finger size.

How Are The Rings Sent Out And Is The Service Safe

We send all our UK orders via Royal Mail Special Delivery, which is an insured and trackable service. In the event that you have to return a ring to us, e.g. for a resize, please use the same service and keep hold of the tracking number until we have confirmed receipt of the package.

Parcels to ROI are sent via Royal Mails international service, which is also insured and trackable.

Packages to mainland Europe and the rest of the world are sent via FedExs International Priority service.

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Considerations For Your Wedding Band

  • Lifestyle

A question many people find themselves asking is whether they want something with diamonds, or something more minimalistic. We recommend trying on both styles and keeping an open mind. Youll want to put your lifestyle and occupation into consideration.

If you are very active, work with your hands, or travel a lot, you may want a low maintenance band that you can wear all of the time without having to fuss about cleaning or fear losing your ring. Something simple, without diamonds, can be both timeless and practical.

  • Metal Type

Many metal options are available to choose from with yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum being the most popular. If you want your bands to look like they go together but dont specifically match, choosing the same metal is an easy way to accomplish that. Otherwise, both people can choose the metal they like the most.

  • Style

From including gemstones, textural techniques or engraving, the sky’s the limit for wedding bands. Depending on the choices that each person makes, there are ways to incorporate stylistic choices that create symbolic connections between the rings without outright matching. For example, this could be a matching gemstone or fingerprint engraving – details that can hold a lot of meaning.

  • Ring Size

Its Ok To Share Things In Common

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

Youve got the same home address. You get under the same set of sheets. You love matching outfits. Not only is your list of favorite films identical, but a shared passion for the cinema was a key component of your courtship.

Youre still in delighted shock that you can end every evening by slipping into matching pajamas, splitting a pint of Rocky Road and tackling a Netflix cue with your beloved.

And, wouldnt you know it, youve got the same taste in jewelry too. Dont be embarrassed! This isnt like when you change your drink order so it doesnt seem like you are blindly copying your blind date. Youre married, for goodness sake. Say Well both have the Rosé to your waiter and rose gold to your jeweler, and toast the life you share together.

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