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How To Pick A Good Wedding Dj

Personality Are They Your Kind Of Person

Tips For Pick Out Wedding Songs 2020 Wedding DJ

Ive said this many times in my articles, but for me its all about the people. In fact, I think most people prioritise the people-factor when buying any product. Even when buying into something as boring as a bank account, mortgage or car insurance, if I can find a company that employs lovely people, Ill generally go for that company, and many other people are the same. If you can find a DJ you get on well with, chances are theyll get on great with all your guests and give them a great night.

A certain amount of confidence is always necessary for a DJ. Someone who will get your guests worked up into a frenzy, encourage dance-offs and always be happy and smiling, is a great enhancer to the party vibe.

I also think a DJ who is passionate about music is always worth looking for. I have come across many DJs who seem a little disenchanted with their job. Perhaps they used to love music, but after doing it for 30 years theyve ended up forgetting why they started in the first place. But when you find one who enjoys the tunes they play just as much as you and your guests will, it means theyll do a better job. It usually means theyll pull out awesome songs that you havent heard in years, which creates that Oh my word, I love this song! atmosphere amongst all the music lovers.

What Makes A Good Wedding Dj

Being a DJ is about way more than pushing play on an iPad playlist. Here are the qualities that set a good wedding DJ apart from the crowd.

If we could only give you one tip, it would be this!

Your DJ is going to be responsible for setting the tone of the evening. If you have a boring DJ that means a boring wedding.

A DJs personality is the most important clue youre going to get. Instead of relying on emails and texts, meet with your DJ in person to talk about your vibe, needs, and favorite music. This will help you decide whether they can create the party atmosphere youre looking for.

Four: Arrange The Music Like A Pro Wedding Dj

Once youve got all the songs you need, its time to put together the perfect wedding reception playlist. Besides collecting the music, this step has been the most time-consuming. We want to make sure each song flows nicely into the next.

Create Smooth Transitions

If youre using a smartphone, iPod, or Computer, make sure your songs flow. Theres a simple way to cut down how much time there is in between songs, minimizing any awkward lag.

If youre going to DJ your own wedding, youll want to assemble your playlist like a professional. What youre looking for with the order is just a good flow. Playing three Michael Jackson songs in a row isnt the best idea in terms of flow. Youll also want to consider the flow between musical genres

A good idea is to listen to your playlists in their entirety to see how the order feels and tweak as needed. Be careful to not have a song that ends in a busy way followed by a song that begins in a busy way because it will sound a bit messy on the crossfade.

Finalizing the details

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Building The Perfect Playlist Is An Art

Putting together a DJ playlist for a wedding or special event is an art. It really is.

Think about it: as a DJ, youre tasked with putting together a list of 120-150 songs that will appeal to your whole audience and one that ensures theyll be interested enough in them to dance. Its kind of a daunting task!

Youll also be dealing with people coming up all night making requests, some of which will DEFINITELY kill your dance floor.

How To: Choose Between A Band And A Dj

Choose the right Wedding DJ

Whether its the theme tune to your favourite movie or that advert that makes you cry, music makes the world go round and its an essential part of your wedding day. It creates the mood and gets everyone on the dance floor to party their socks off. You want your music to be a perfect reflection of you as a couple and a great medley of tunes for your guests to love and party to all night. While you might have a list of your favourite tunes coming out of your ears, you might be stuck on whether to have a wedding band or DJ? We compiled a list of pros and cons for each, so you can just sit back and enjoy the music while you choose.

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How Do You Motivate A Shy Crowd To Dance

Some wedding bands will teach the latest viral dance or verbally encourage guests to step onto the dance floor, while others will just select songs that naturally get people moving. Either way, it’ll be helpful for you to get a feel for how a potential band will interact with the crowd. “Keeping the dance floor full is something that becomes second nature after years of doing it,” Titchenell explains. “This mostly comes down to the selection of songs, as well as keeping an eye on the energy levels of the audience.” Ask about their go-to method for keeping the energy levels high will help you make a decision.

How Do You Ensure A Comfortable Sound Level For All The Guests

It won’t hurt to have a plan for dealing with volume control and sound-sensitive guests. Because, when it comes down to it, what your 14-year-old cousin thinks is the perfect volume is different from what your 89-year-old grandma is willing to put up with. If you have a fun dance-off going, you don’t want people who aren’t participating to have to shout like they’re at a crowded bar.

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First Dance Song: You & Me Song By The Wannadies

I love it because it was my wedding song, but, I also love it because it’s real, says Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events in Los Altos, California. The relationship between two people is you and me. And most of the time, it’s not all romantic or like the movies. It’s about being a team. It’s about choosing each other every day. It’s the silly things, the fights, the simple things like watching TV and still it’s you and me.

Everything You Need To Know


Theres a lot of advice out there on how to choose a wedding DJ. And it can be overwhelming and headache-inducing. The good news is: it doesnt have to be. Finding the right DJ can be easy if you know what to look for.

And it all boils down to knowing what youre looking for. But in all the chaos that is wedding planning, its hard to even know what you need and what you should ask for. How do you know the DJ you book will provide the atmosphere you want, vibe with your guests, and above all, help you create the experience you envision?

All of these factors seem like they would lead to a complicated, convoluted response. However, like with many complex questions, there is a simple answer. Imagine the vibe you want for your big day. How do you want guests to feel afterwards? And how can your DJ help you achieve this?

With that in mind, the big question to bear in mind when starting to choose your DJ should be:

  • What is the experience I want to create with my wedding, and how can my DJ make it happen?
  • If Ive found more than one who has the vibe I want, how can I narrow my parameters and find The One?
  • What are important traits that make up a good wedding DJ in general?
  • And what questions am I forgetting to ask?

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Getting Organized To Dj Your Own Wedding

Without a DJ, make sure that youve figured out other logistics. Some wedding DJs also act as the MC during dinner and set up music for your ceremony. Other professionals also include a lighting package in addition to the sound equipment in their fees. If youre planning to DJ your own wedding, youll need to make sure all these bases are covered.

What will you do about lighting and sound amplification? Who will announce the bridal party during dinner? What about calling everyones attention when its time for the first dance? Who will announce last call? Its one thing to rely on a friend, but choose someone reliable .

Lean On Their Experience And Professionalism

While it may be tempting to take an offer from a friend whose cousin is a DJ, hiring a professional makes a difference. When looking for a DJ, dont feel pressured to pick one because the pricing is the lowestunless they are absolutely perfect for you.

Wedding DJs can seem expensive, but the last thing you want is music thats all over the place. Not only that, but you want your DJ to be professional when it comes to your wedding. You want to be able to request from the DJ a specific song without them completely vetoing your decision because of their ego. Dont just take our word for it, heres what one of our expert wedding DJs said:

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What Makes A Great Wedding Dj 5 Things To Look For When Booking A Dj

Youre planning your wedding, and youve finally gotten to the point where you need to decide on entertainment for the big day. Youve already chosen to use a DJ instead of a band, but you arent sure what to look for and what makes a great wedding DJ.

A great wedding DJ will be flexible and communicate clearly with the Bride and Groom. They should have an approachable personality and show evidence of their experience in the industry. The DJ is more than the music they play at your wedding they also need to be comfortable interacting with your wedding guests.

Since a DJ will set your wedding celebration tone, dont settle for someone who provides less than your planned vision. DJs can make or break the experience you and your guests have, so its essential to think through what you want from your DJ before deciding on the right one for you. Keep reading to see the qualities that are important in a great wedding DJ.

How Many Musicians Are In The Band How Many Vocalists Do You Ever Substitute Performers Are There Different Options As Far As How Many Musicians/instruments We Can Hire


Understanding the makeup of a band is key for hiring a group that’ll keep your guests entertained all night long. In your interview process, ask if the band ever makes substitutes, and how often, as this may indicate their style as a unit. “A band that performs more often together will inherently be tighter musically as opposed to a band that substitutes musicians on a regular basis,” Titchenell explains. “We recommend that couples take this into consideration when looking for pros.”

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Costly Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Wedding Dj

Your wedding day is something youve been planning for a long time. Youve taken special care to ensure that it is magical, unique, and everything youve ever dreamed. Whether formal and modern, or laid-back and original, your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life.

Planning your event can be stressful, but it is also fun and exciting! While preparing for your big day, you want to make sure you have thoroughly examined every detail and made the right decision for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Throughout the planning process, youve booked photographers, caterers, venues, and so much more. You carefully check each item off of your wedding to-do list, and you make sure to follow up on references, reviews, and face-to-face meetings. Choosing the right DJ for your Minnesota wedding is as essential as all the other planning decisions youve made. The DJ will help set the tone for the reception and personify your style.

When selecting a DJ, you might wonder what factors to consider. Youve been looking forward to this day for so long, finding the DJ that matches your style as a couple is essential to pulling off a fantastic wedding and reception. Avoiding certain mistakes when hiring your wedding DJ will help ensure your day is everything youve hoped. Here is a list of nine common and costly mistakes people can easily avoid by choosing Adagio DJ Entertainment.

1. Lack of Experience

2. Choosing the Cheapest DJ You Can Find

3. Not Finding the Right Fit

How To Dj Your Own Wedding

No Budget for a DJ? No Problem. Skipping a DJ at your wedding is one way that couples choose to save money. But before you plug in your iPod and set of speakers, see what you could be missing.

As with just about everything else involved in a traditional wedding, professional DJs are expensive. Thats not to say it isnt worth it the entertainment can make or break your reception!

For example, a good DJ can read the flow of the party and choose the appropriate songs for the mood or get people on the dance floor. They can make announcements and come with their own light and smoke shows. However, Ive heard so many horror stories about DJs that it seems to be that the $300 DJ considered budget might not even be worth that. Many couples decide to DIY DJ for many reasons:

  • A decent DJ could be a good 10% of the total wedding budget
  • They may not need anyone to make announcements
  • Perhaps the venue is small and a big DJ setup could overwhelm the space
  • They dont listen to Top 40 songs and would rather have total control over the playlist

There are a ton of reasons to hire a professional DJ, but if you simply cant swing it for whatever reason, there are ways to pull it off yourself. Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to pull this off!

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Two: Collect The Music To Create Your Playlist

Spend your engagement period by collecting songs you like that are must plays at your reception. Consider creating a few different playlists that you can add songs to whenever you hear something that sticks out.

Pro tip: Spotify has tons of pre-made playlists that are great for inspiration! They may help you to find some good songs you may not have otherwise thought of. The best thing about being your own wedding DJ is that you have full control meaning you can include that quirky song that reminds you of your spouse-to-be thats never hit the mainstream radio airwaves.

Song Selection for Your Wedding Playlist

You may be tempted to pick songs that only you and your best friend know. Hey, its your wedding. But you dont want to alienate people and cause them to leave the dance floor. Once those people leave, its harder to get them back.

Music is a great way to set the tone for your event. Putting together multiple playlists can be a lot of work, but it also gives you complete control over the mood of each moment. Its a lot of work up front, but putting together your own customized playlist sets up a framework of how the evening will runand saves you from the dreaded Chicken Dance!

Think of your wedding playlist as an outline, like you would put together for a presentation. Creating the outline can be a lot of work, but it helps your presentation go smoothly when it counts. Plan ahead, and youve got yourself the outline for an awesome day.

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