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How To Become A Wedding Officiant

Complete The Application Form

How to Become a Wedding Officiant

Attach additional pages if necessary.

PDF form issues

Fillable PDF forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers. To fill in and save the form:

  • Save the PDF form to your computer click or right-click the link and download the form.
  • Open the PDF form with Adobe Reader. Fill it in and save it.
  • Step 4. Gather supporting documents

    Ensure you include with your application:

    • a cover letter

    Step 5. Send your application form

    Email, mail, fax or courier your application and the supporting documents to Vital Statistics at:

    Start Building Your Brand

    As Chris Carfi wrote in the Create It post within his Entrepreneur Journey series:

    Your brand connects the core of what youre promising to deliver to your customers to a set of triggers that remind the customer of that promise.

    Once you figure out the personality you want your brand to embody and the kind of experience you want your customers to have when they interact with you, you can begin to develop the visual assets that will represent your brand promise.

    These include:

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    How To Get Clients For Your Wedding Officiant Business

    A common mistake officiants make when starting out is that they think that it will be easy for couples to find them. You will need to invest a significant amount of time in marketing, creating a stellar website, networking and education. And of course, there will be some initial startup costs. You must also have patience. It takes time to become established. You will be constantly learning new ways to advertise and become a highly desired officiant.

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    Paying For Lead Advertising

    You may have heard of Thumbtack. Thumbtack is an example pay for lead site that charges you for leads when a couple searches for services. Others you may have heard of is Wedfolio or Fash. We strongly suggest trying to avoid these pay for lead sites. One lead can cost up to $20 and there is absolutely no guarantee that the couple will hire you. Remember that these sites use competition to make money, and encourage couples to reach out to as many vendors as possible. Each time a vendor responds the lead generating website gets paid by the vendor. Paying for leads is a tricky thing. Many new officiants use these sites to try to get business until they are able to attract couples on other sites, but again this could be a costly adventure. There are free classified listings you can opt for like Craigslist, but what most find is that people who use these sites do not want to pay for a professional officiant.

    Identify What Makes You Different And Name Your Business

    Six Best Wedding Officiants Near Lansing

    I remember when I broadcast to the world that I was starting my own solo wedding officiating practice. A lot of my friends were fascinated and behind me, but some almost pitied me. One friend with experience in the industry even commented on Facebook, Good luck, Mark. It can be a tough, tough business. Uh thanks.

    Heres the bad news: your city is likely already glutted with an army of well-established wedding officiants.

    On to the great news: a majority of these fellow officiant colleagues are pretty set in their ways, settled into a rhythm of pulling out a canned ceremony for every wedding, and work for big officiating companies that have words like eternal, personal, promises, and treasures in their names. Im not bashing them! Chances are, theyre getting booked. And if you want to fight for that marketshare of couples looking for a $200-$300 officiant and a wham-bam ceremony, by all means, you can jump right in there.

    Oh, and you can skip right to Step 4 right away.

    Do you want to set yourself apart and establish your own premium brand in the industry? Then read on.

    Heres the golden question: when a couple is suddenly engaged to be married and find themselves Googling find a local wedding officiant for the very first time in their lives and no idea what theyre looking for, how can you be at the front of the line to grab their eyes and their business?

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    Getting Ordained In New Jersey

    If you’ve never performed a wedding before, the task can seem daunting. That’s why we’re here to help! Becoming a marriage officiant with the Universal Life Church is quick, easy, and totally free. As soon as you complete and submit the online ordination application, you’ll be a legally licensed minister! Members of the Universal Life Church perform weddings in New Jersey on a regular basis with the help of a minister license.

    How Many Couples Can I Marry In A Year As A Wedding Officiant

    Some wedding officiants marry hundreds of couples per year. Many will get married with just a quick 15-minute appointment. Not all marriages require a long ceremony, and many simply go through the necessary parts of the ceremony.

    Weddings can happen anywhere and can include as little or as much as the couple wants. Some will be elopements, others more formal, and even some will be traditional. If youre a wedding officiant, you can marry as many couples a year as you have time to marry.

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    Tell The Couple What They Want In Your Business Name

    This is how I came up with my company name Unboring!Wedding. When I was starting out , I would do these pre-contract consultations with couples who were getting married, and I got to ask them, So what are you looking for in your ceremony? And they all said something along the lines of Anything but boring like every other wedding weve been to. Please just not boring!

    I realized I was doing more than providing a wedding ceremony. Ultimately, I was solving a problem for these couples. Their problem was not just that they needed someone to marry them. Their problem was that they were worried it would bore everyone to death when they did. So, youre saying you want an unboring wedding?

    Bingo. I literally took the words out of their mouths, made it my company name, and thats how I find my ideal client.

    In business-speak, the particular way youre solving a problem for people is called your unique selling proposition. As a wedding officiant, you need to figure out what yours is.

    Its what will set you apart, and you need to make it about the client, not about you and what you like and want. You might love fluffy bunnies, but if all everyone else wants is fireworks, Fluffy Bunny Ceremonies wont attract clients.

    In a world that wants firework ceremonies, you go with Fireworks Weddings.

    Imagine this. Youre searching on the Internet for a wedding officiant. You get this list:

    • Jim Smith Wedding Officiant
    • The Wedding Guy
    • Sweet Treasures Weddings

    What Do You Need To Perform A Wedding In California

    Start a New Career as a Professional Wedding Officiant (A Mini-Class!)

    Once you’ve determined what you need, simply log in to your account and order the materials from our online catalog. Based on the feedback we’ve received from our ministers in California, we recommend ordering a California Wedding Kit. Although ministers are generally not required to register in the state of California, it’s possible the county clerk will ask you to present proof of your ordination before they will accept the legality of the ceremonies you’ve performed. Also keep in mind that the couple may like to see your ordination credentials. As requested by the county clerks, please place your order well in advance of the wedding to avoid complications.

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    Can My Friend Or Relative Get Ordained To Perform A Ceremony Of Any Religion

    Though some online organizations are for specific religions, many are either nondenominational or interfaith. The American Fellowship Church, which has been ordaining people since 1975, ordains people of any religion, and those who go through the process are also able to perform nondenominational services.

    Understanding Legal Intent And Civil Ceremonies

    Your state will have specific laws and requirements about how a marriage license is to be signed. They will also have requirements for the wedding ceremony and what will constitute a legal marriage. It doesnt matter how large or small the ceremony is. As a wedding officiant, you have to make sure these requirements are met.

    If you become a religious officiant, you will likely have specific religious guidelines to follow, too. In some cases, the requirements are as simple as asking the couple if they are sure they want to be married. If they provide verbal consent, youre good to go. In other states, there may be a bit more to it.

    Its also important for the officiant to ensure the marriage license is filed properly with the county clerk. Sometimes, the couple will do this on their own. Other times, you will be responsible for filing the marriage license for the couple.

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    Create An Online Presence

    This stage is the perfect time to establish your online presence. Youve already got a domain and professional email. Youve developed the visual assets that represent your brand. Now, its time to build a website that will help you share what you do, who you do it for, and how you do it.

    Depending on the type of business youre trying to build, a portfolio site might be useful to showcase your past projects. This includes graphic designers, web designers, copywriters, illustrators, artists and any other creative business niche.

    With designer templates for entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, Websites + Marketing offers features including:

    • The ability to manage your website plus integrated marketing tools all in one place
    • GoDaddy InSight Data-driven suggestions and tailored action plans to help you keep improving your website and marketing efforts
    • Customizable website themes making it a snap to instantly change layouts, fonts and colors
    • Built-in SSL certificate

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    Finally, dont forget to register social handles that reflect your brand and business name.

    All of the above will help you position yourself as a professional and help you build trust with potential clients and customers.

    Reza Nazer Ba Additional Languagesenglish

    Wedding Officiant / Minister in Atlanta, GA // Fash

    Reza speaks fluent English and Farsi so he is able to conduct your wedding ceremony in English or Farsi . Congratulations on finding your soulmate and embarking on this next chapter in your lives. Reza lives in Richmond Hill, and he and his soulmate have one daughter. They are the center of his universe. Reza was born in Iran but has lived in Canada for over 20 years. Professionally, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Strayer University, USA, and has worked as a licenced Paralegal in Immigration for the Iranian-Canadian community for over 10 years. Helping others to get married, settle down, and began their new life in Canada is very gratifying work. He has been marrying couples since early 2017.

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    Getting Ordained In California

    The ordination process to become a marriage officiant is not nearly as difficult as you might anticipate. In fact, our online ordination process is straightforward, fast, and completely free. Legally licensed ministers of the ULC conduct countless marriages in California every year. Once you have your minister license, officiating a wedding is just a hop, skip, and a jump away! Click the link below to get started.

    How To Get Ordained Online

    If you are considering a career as a professional wedding officiant, or if you have been asked to perform a wedding ceremony for a friend or family member, chances are that you will need to get ordained. While some states make allowances for civil officiants without the need for any type of credentials or ordination, most states require at least an online ordination in order to qualify to perform a legal marriage. A simple search brings up many different options for getting ordained online how do you know which service to choose?

    At WeddingOfficiants.com The Wedding Officiant Directory, weve been working with couples and officiants for more than 15 years and are very familiar with the process of getting ordained, and what options are available to anyone seeking online ordination.

    If you are interested in being ordained in order to become a wedding officiant, we highly recommend taking a look at our Officiant Resources page, which has several high-quality articles and excellent advice for professional wedding officiants including our popular How To Become a Wedding Officiant page. In addition to being home to the Wedding Officiant Directory, WeddingOfficiants.com is a fantastic business resource for officiants. ministers, celebrants, pastors, rabbis, and cantors. We are here to support you in your wedding officiant career, take a look at our membership options today!

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    Meeting With Couples3 Lectures 3min

    • Printable Ceremony Questionnaire
    • Tips on Reading the Ceremony.02:22
    • Key Points for a Successful Wedding Rehearsal01:11
    • Tips for the Big Day02:17
    • Printable Same Sex Ceremony – Added 2-27-153 pages
    • About Handfasting Ceremonies – Added 5-22-152 pages
    • Handfasting Ceremony Samples – Added 5-22-157 pages
    • Printable Keepsake Vow Renewal Certificate – Added 6-10-151 page
    • Additional Non-Religious Readings – Added 8-31-1603:48
    • Printable Keepsake Marriage Certificate #200:00
    • 978 Students
    • 1 Course

    Lora C Mercado started her officiant business in 2009. She has built a steady income doing something that makes her happy and being a part of such a wonderful moment.

    Lora is also a published author, who has over ten books to date. In addition, she also is the founder of a grief healing website dedicated to helping people cope with the loss of a loved one.

    Doing voice over work is another one of Lora’s talents. She has recorded many commercials and phone prompts for companies across the globe.

    How Do I Become A Wedding Officiant In Canada

    What is a Wedding Officiant and How Did You Become One?


    In many states, an online ordination is all that’s required to legally marry a couple.

  • Apply to be ordained. Now comes the official part.
  • Plan the ceremony.
  • Practice.
  • Consider doing it again.
  • Secondly, can you become a minister online in Canada? As an online minister, you can officiate wedding ceremonies, funerals, and other important ceremonies. While these regulations vary from province to province, they generally boil down to allowing marriages to be performed by registered ministers of recognized religious bodies.

    can anyone officiate a wedding in Ontario?

    You can choose a civil or a religious ceremony. In a civil ceremony, you can be married by a judge or justice of the peace. In a religious ceremony, you can be married by an officiant who is recognized by your faith group and is registered to perform marriages in Ontario under the Act.

    Who can perform marriages in Canada?

    Legally, you must be 18 years or older and not already . There are exceptions to the legal age limit. You may marry with your parents’ consent if you are under 18 and over 16. Under some circumstances, parental consent may not be necessary if a judge says so.

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