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How Do I Find A Wedding Officiant

What Does It Mean To Officiate A Wedding

How to Become a Wedding Officiant

To officiate a wedding is to oversee the official union of two people in marriage. A wedding officiant is vested with the power to legitimize your union in the eyes of the court. An officiant also sets the tone for your ceremony, leading the couple through their vows and shaping the experience with the words they choose and the pace they set. An officiant may be based in a religious faith, may be an interfaith officiant, may be a secular officiant, or may be a friend or family member who has received ordination online.

You can have a traditional wedding officiated, or you can also have an officiant oversee a commitment ceremony, a vow renewal or an elopement. Once the wedding is complete, the officiant will ask you to sign the wedding certificate, and will then submit the document to the court on your behalf. This makes your marriage legal. Wedding officiants work with you no matter how simple or elaborate you would like your ceremony to be. The more involved wedding officiants are in the planning and customization of the ceremony, the more they will typically charge.

Questions To Ask Potential Officiants

Most officiants offer an initial complimentary meeting. Begin by asking where they were ordained, their officiating experience, and where they have performed weddings.

They should ask what you have in mind for your ceremony. They should want to know how you met, your belief system, and your plans for the future. If they dont show interest in you by a reasonable amount of time, politely thank them and close the conversation.

So far, so good? Proceed with these questions:

  • Have they performed a wedding at your venue before?
  • How early will they arrive before the ceremony?
  • Do they run the rehearsal and is there an extra charge for the rehearsal?
  • Do they require a contract?
  • Is there a back-up officiant available?
  • How are payments broken down?
  • Do they have a video available of a ceremony?
  • What will they wear?

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Finalize The Ceremony With The Couple

Tips on Finding a Wedding Officiant

Even if you write the ceremony, it’s up to the couple to finalize the plan. Though some couples want to be somewhat surprised during the ceremony, it’s always a good idea to have them take a look at your introduction and any statements you might make about the meaning of marriage and their relationship. If they don’t care about being surprised, have them read the whole thing. Be receptive and accommodate any changes they request .

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Selecting Your Wedding Officiant

Start researching the marriage laws in the place youre getting married in. Find out if the state has any restrictions on who can or can’t marry you. From there, your officiant search can begin. You might look into wedding ministers or wedding pastors as options non-religious couples can check out tips for choosing a non-religious wedding officiant. Be sure to ask around for references. You can even chat with other couples in our online wedding forums.

Make sure you meet any potential marriage officiant in person before booking. You and your partner should feel comfortable around them, and they should get a sense of the two of you as a couple. It’s not uncommon for a wedding officiant to request several counseling sessions to get to know the couple better.

How Much Does A Wedding Officiant Costb Schwartz Photography

It’s difficult to nail down an exact number, as wedding officiant rates differ so much. The cost of a wedding officiant will vary based on the location, the length of the ceremony and the level of personalization. A good starting point is to allot two percent of your overall wedding budget for your wedding officiant. Plan on using more if you’d like a personalized ceremony or if you have any special requests.

Understand that the services officiants offer are time-intensive and require a lot of energy, so it may cost more to bring on your chosen individual. However, investing your budget in an amazing wedding officiant is well worth it if you ask us.

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Finding A Religious Officiant For Your Wedding

If you desire a religious wedding and have a house of worship, your choice is relatively straightforward. It is still best to meet with that person to discuss the questions below.

Otherwise, you’ll need to decide first what denomination best fits with your beliefs. Once you’ve done that, contact your local house of worship to ask if their religious rules allow them to marry people in secular settings. You might attend some worship services to get a sense of different officiants’ styles, then meet with them to make sure that they are available on your date, and amenable to the type of wedding you envision. Like any important job, don’t just give it to the first interviewee. Talk to a couple of different people and choose the one that you are the most comfortable with.

Who Performs A Wedding Ceremony

Tips on How to Officiant a Wedding with Jon Hansen

Anyone who is authorized by the court or a credible online source has the power to perform a wedding ceremony. Traditionally, wedding officiants were ordained members of a religious organization or civil officiants authorized by the court to legally marry two people. With the increasing customization and personalization of weddings, many couples are asking a friend or family member to become ordained and act as their wedding officiant. Wedding officiants can represent a wide range of backgrounds including Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, nondenominational, interfaith or nonreligious. There is no legally required structure for a wedding ceremony, so couples can customize the language of the ceremony and their vows in any way they desire . To legally validate the marriage, the couple and the wedding officiant must sign a marriage certificate after the ceremony verifying the date and names of those involved. The wedding officiant should then submit the certificate to the court, which will in turn mail an official marriage certificate to the newly married couple.

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How To Choose The Right Wedding Officiant For Your Ceremony

Whether your wedding officiant will be a religious officiant, a civil officiant, or a loved one, here’s everything you need to know to find and choose the perfect wedding officiant.

Your wedding ceremony is about you, your partner, and celebrating the start of your life together as a married couple. But other than your vows and your I Dos, you and your soon-to-be spouse arent going to be saying much during your ceremonythat responsibility falls on the wedding officiant.

If your wedding was a circus, your wedding officiant would be the ringleader. Theyre the person in charge of speaking to the crowd, moving the ceremony along, and, you know, actually marrying you. Its a big jobwhich is why its important to choose the right person. Heres how to do exactly that.

What Does The Officiant Say At Your Wedding


That is entirely up to you, as the couple getting married, and your ceremony officiant. We’re all familiar with the traditional vows, but you can choose to incorporate anything you want into the ceremony. Get creative and use any text that speaks to you as a couple, or incorporate stories from your time together. Need tips on writing your own vows? Find some inspiration here.

If you want a personalized ceremony, it’s important to spend time getting to know your officiant. Most pros will ask you to fill out a questionnaire so they have a general idea about your relationship. However, if you want to go the extra mile, schedule a meeting or two so your officiant can fully understand the bond you two share.

To the VillaRamos sisters, getting to know the couples is their favorite part of the job. “Who they are individually and together, how they interact with each other, the details of their lives that seem inconsequential but are, in fact, incredibly meaningful,” they say. “Many times, we can relate to our couples and the challenges they’ve faced, the dreams they share, the future they’re working towards, the values they’ve built their lives around. It’s a profound experience and one we’re super grateful for.”

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Review The Registration Process

As soon as the date of the wedding is set, you’ll want to meet with the couple to discuss their ceremony expectations and review any registration requirements. “If you have to register with the local government before performing a marriage, youll need to make sure you have copies of your credentials and fill out any necessary applications to complete the registration process. Plan ahead so you have extra time to allow for processing the paperwork or any delays,” Anakotta says.

What Should A Couple Look For

5 Steps to Find the Perfect Secular Wedding Officiant â ...

Fees, personalities and time commitments vary widely, as well as the Jewish component. Some officiants expect to meet with the couple six times, while others meet just once in advance of the event. Some may consider even a phone conversation adequate. Also, while costs invariably run higher in large cities , if the fee uncomfortably stretches the couples budget, most officiants are open to reducing it, says Diamant.

If you or your betrothed, belong to a congregation, the clergy typically waives fees, but may ask for a donation to the synagogue. Other issues to consider when choosing an officiant: How traditional or customized a ceremony do you want, and how much Hebrew would you like it to include? How do you feel about traditional restrictions that might limit your scheduling options?

Many rabbis, even in the liberal denominations, will not marry couples during the hours of Shabbat, which, depending on the time of year and your location, is not only all-day Saturday, but can begin as early as late afternoon on a Friday or end as late as after 10 p.m. on Saturday .

In addition, some rabbis follow the strictures that forbid weddings during the seven-week period, known as the Omer, between Passover and Shavuot. Weddings are also traditionally forbidden during the three-week period of mourning in the summer, from the 17th of the Hebrew month Tammuz through Tisha bAv .

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What Is A Wedding Officiant

A wedding officiant is the leader of the wedding ceremony. They work with the couple to prepare materials for the ceremony and perform the marriage on the day-of.

According to expert Natasha Anakotta, an officiant can expect to spend “anywhere from six months to a full year before the ceremony” preparing and officiating each wedding. “This allows enough time for ordering credentials and official documents, completing minister registration, working with the couple on the ceremony creation, practicing, and working out the logistics and details,” Anakotta says.

Meet the Expert

Natasha Anakotta is the Outreach & Operations Manager at American Marriage Ministries .

The upsides of getting a loved one or family acquaintance to officiate your wedding are plentiful: It’s more intimate and personal than having a stranger officiate, it’s less expensive than hiring somebody, and it’s a very special way to include them in your big day. Read on for a complete guide to officiating, from getting ordained to writing the actual ceremony.

How Much Do Officiants Cost

Because most couples haven’t hired an officiant before, it can be difficult to figure out how much to budget for the person performing the ceremony. This is due to the fact that the cost of a wedding officiant differs by area, and also because professional officiants charge different amounts based on their specialties and level of experience.

Since we’ve been helping couples find local wedding officiants for over two decades, we’ve been in a position to collect and analyze officiant prices both geographically and over time. The results speak for themselves: our comprehensive pricing guide is one of the most popular officiant resources online!

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How To Get Gigs As A Wedding Officiant

With todays economy and cost of living, many people are looking for the side hustle, a way to make extra income on the weekends or off- hours. Some deliver pizza, some drive for Uber or Lyft, and some keeping using Dads gas card to buy groceries at the convenience store.

A unique year-round way to bring in some extra cash is to offer your services as a wedding officiant. Performing weddings is an excellent source of extra income for pastors, performers, celebrity impersonators, or even costumed characters. Here are a few handy tips to get started.

How To Legally Officiate A Wedding

Start a New Career as a Professional Wedding Officiant (A Mini-Class!)

Most weddings are officiated by a notary public, members of the clergy, justices of the peace, judges, and in some states even the mayor is qualified to perform a wedding. If you have been picked by your friends or family to officiate their wedding, however, and you dont fit into any of these roles, it is important to find out the rules of the state you are under. To legally marry the couple, you would have to become a temporary officiant under the statutes of the state so that their marriage can be legal. So, depending on the location, it is important that the couple:

  • In some states, an officiant is not even required. So, you can just get married in front of a few witnesses, and ensure to submit the accurate paperwork to the state.
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