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How To Ask For Cash For Wedding

Tips For Choosing Unique Wedding Invitations

How to Ask for Cash as a Wedding Gift: Plan It For Me Episode 4

Choosing unique wedding invitations can be a daunting task gone it comes to planning your big day. For many couples, wedding invitations are prearranged since the details of the business itself are finalized. Picking wedding invitations that you adore is a great way to begin the process of planning a wedding. pretty and unique invitations can be the icing upon the cake to an already absolute day. The wedding invitation furthermore sets the tune for your day, by offering clues to the kind of wedding your guests will attend thus it is important that you pick a wedding invitation that speaks to your unique style and complements the style of your wedding.

There are thousands of alternating types of wedding invitations available, from unchanging and conventional to unbiased and funky. The choices are wide and far-off reaching. Choosing that one invitation style that is absolute for the two of you can be a long and intimidating task. You know that you desire a unique invitation that begins to tell the symbol of the energy you are creating as a couple, not an simple task, but it can be done! Finding a unique wedding invitation starts in the manner of a conversation.

Wedding Invitation Wording Money Instead Of Gifts sample:

wedding invitation elegant wording for wedding from wedding invitation wording money instead of giftswedding invitation elegant wording for wedding from wedding invitation wording money instead of gifts

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Don’t Ask For A Cash Registry For Showers And Events Leading Up To The Wedding Day

While it can be nice to have cash coming in as early as possible, it’s our advice that you either graciously accept whatever gifts youâre given at the showers or organize an event in lieu of gifts altogether. This can be anything from a spa day to a ski weekend where the memories of a great day organized by your friends becomes the gift itself..

Having A Wedding Website

Having a website for your website can help you in a lot of things, including asking for money gifts. At least asking for cash wedding gifts on a website doesnt seem as tacky as asking for it on wedding invitations.

There are a couple of creative ways to ask for money as a wedding gift that makes you appear less tacky and cute even.

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How Do I Ask For Money For A Wedding Gift Sample Wedding Gift Poems

Some couples like to use poems to take some of the sting out of asking for cash gifts. These don’t always strike the best note – they can come across as a bit forward or cheeky – but we found a few examples that we think work well. Or, you could get creative and write your own!

  • If a gift is on your mind,A contribution would kind.It will help us more than words can say,To celebrate our special day!
  • If a gift is your intention,We thought that we would mention,We’d love some pennies to rub together,To save for something we will treasure!
  • As weâve lived together for a year or two,We really donât need anything new.But if you were thinking of getting us a small wedding gift,Some money for our future wouldnât go amiss.
  • As weâre getting married, we thought it would be great,To move into a brand new home â we really cannot wait!As wedding gifts are bulky and weâre a little short on space,Some money would be the ideal gift to help us buy our place!

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Start A Honeymoon Fund


An easy way to show guests where their gift money is going is to start a honeymoon fund. You can build a fund on sites designated for this exact thing. Some enable you to write out a little story about why you chose a particular destination and what youll do there. Guests can contribute to the overall cost of the vacation, or purchase specific items you can enjoy while there, such as activities, a bottle of champagne, or special meals. Dont be afraid to let your guests in on exactly why the trip is important. This trip marks the start of life as a married couple, so guests will want to be a part of making it the best trip ever for you.

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A Couple Of Practicalities To Consider

If you decide to ask your guests for cash instead of presents, we recommend providing a well-labeled box in a visible location. This provides the perfect place for guests to safely put their gifts.

Needless to say, you should send thank you cards when you return home from your honeymoon. This goes a long way and is a lovely reminder of your special day.

We hope this has helped give you a few ideas on how to handle this situation. Youll be surprised at how many of your guests comment on what a fabulous idea this is. We hope this blog post has settled your mind at ease- there really is no reason to feel weird about asking for cash instead of wedding gifts.

Happy planning!

Rosie Greaves Freelance writer, and wedding and relationships expert.

Make A Suggestion Instead Of A Request

If youre afraid to outright ask for monetary gifts instead of traditional registry items, you can always just make the suggestion of cash. On your save-the-dates and invitations, you can place a nice line like, monetary gifts encouraged. This way, youre not vetoing traditional gifts, but simply encouraging guests to give money. This could be the best of both worlds if you dont mind receiving some gifts and have a small registry. Those who want to bring cash do, but your suggestion leaves room for those who are really looking forward to bringing you their homemade salad tongs. If youre really afraid of cramping the guests style, this is the route for you.

The truth is, most guests are more than happy to give money, either in the form of a check, donation to a honeymoon fund, or a gift card. Some were planning on doing it already. Even if there are a special few that feel hindered by the request, most guests dont want to give you something you wont enjoy. Those who may get offended will usually be close family or friends who were planning a more personal gift. No matter what, if you do your best to let guests know your preferences and say it in a kind way, chances are youll come out on the other side without another toaster oven or ugly dish towel collection.

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Instead Of Printing Flat Gifts Preferred On Your Wedding Invitation Use An Insert Card

Remember we mentioned that you should never print money requests on wedding invitations. You can, however, use an insert card. When you print Flat gifts preferred or Please, no boxed gifts on an insert in the invitation, it somehow makes the request less tacky.

Your guests wont associate the wedding invite with a demand for money, just the same way that they wont feel that the insert card is part of the wedding invitation. Using an insert card to ask for money does one thing it removes the request for money wedding gifts with the wedding invitation.

If youre going to make this method, theres no shame in having a cash registry at your wedding. The guests already know what you want for presents, and most likely, theyll be bringing their checkbooks with them. Make it easy for them to make cash donations by having the cash registry prominently displayed.

Is It Cool To Ask For Cash

Episode 83 How to Ask for Cash Gifts for Your Wedding

It used to be an etiquette faux pas to ask for cash on your wedding registry. Please relax. The practice is common today. In other cultures, guests often present envelopes of money as gifts. You can even find specialized cash registry applications that help you prepare for life after the big day such as putting a down payment on your home.

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Register For Gift Cards

Looking for cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift? Consider adding gift cards to your registry. This discreet way of asking for money will help you and your S.O. stock up on funds for your favorite restaurants, stores, and online brands. We’ve partnered with plenty of great companies to help you get gifts you’ll really use, so don’t overlook the convenience of adding a few gift cards to your wish list.

Don’t Make Cash The Only Option

Though you may desire cash, don’t make it the only option. You should still make a registry even if you’re primarily asking for cash gifts, Swann said.

“The reason why is so that family members who prefer to go the traditional route of providing a gift will be able to select something from your registry,” Swann told Insider.

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Can I Ask For Cash For A Wedding Gift

If youd rather have a lump sum to put toward your first home, some furniture or something else entirely, asking for cash as a wedding gift has become more and more acceptable. Of course, be aware that some people still disagree that its okay to ask for cash for a wedding present, and may instead choose to buy you something.

Some couples choose to have a wishing well at their wedding, whereas others will provide a bank account or use a website like Joyable.

If youre having trouble deciding between all the different kinds of wedding gifts, or between different registries, you can certainly register at multiple registries? If you have a wedding website, its easy enough to list alternative wedding registries.

Is It Rude To Ask For Money As A Wedding Gift


Some couples have come up with creative ways to ask for gifts, money, or charitable donations on their wedding invitations. The truth of the matter is that doing so is rude. Proper etiquette says that wedding gifts of any kind should never be mentioned on an invitation or even sent with the invitation.

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Cute Ways To Ask For Money As A Wedding Gift

You should only use these eight suggestions only after youve implemented some of the ways listed in the How to Ask for Money for Wedding Gift Tactfully.

If you proceed with these cute ways of asking for money as a wedding gift methods without laying the groundwork, theyll most likely blow up in your face.

Wedding Invitation Wording Money Instead Of Gifts

Wedding Invitation Wording Money Instead Of Gifts Pleasant to help my blog, in this occasion Im going to teach you concerning Wedding Invitation Wording Money Instead Of Gifts. And today, this is the primary sample impression:

wedding invitations asking for money wedding ideas from wedding invitation wording money instead of gifts

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How Do I Ask For Money For A Wedding Gift Sample Faqs For Your Wedding Website

Any of the above phrases can be used on a wedding website FAQ, the question being “What about gifts?” But we wanted to share few more ideas for how to subtly imply that physical gifts aren’t ideal. Do bear in mind, though, that these options are pretty indirect, so your guests may not pick up on your message.

  • Are you signed up with a wedding registry service?No, we are very lucky to have everything we need for our home already.
  • Who should I give my card to?The best man will be accepting cards on the day on our behalf.
  • Should I bring my card with me, or send it in advance?We will have an area set aside on the day where you can safely deposit your card.
  • Where should I send a card or gift?The best man will be accepting cards on the day on our behalf.
  • Should we bring gifts on the day, or send them ahead of time?As space at the venue is limited, there won’t be a table for gifts on the day. However, the best man will be accepting cards on the day on our behalf.
  • Will there be a gift table? There won’t be a table for gifts on the day. However, the best man will be accepting cards on our behalf.

Still got questions? You’ll find them in our ultimate guide to wedding invitation wording here.

Not Having A Registry

Moneyologist: Can I Ask Wedding Guests for Cash?

Not having a gift registry at the wedding hints that you probably have everything to start a life together. Wedding gifts, traditionally, are intended to help a young couple get started in life. Thats what makes them different from, lets say, gifts youd expect whenhosting afall baby shower.

When you imply that you dont need gifts by not having a registry, guests are still going to want to give you something to start your new lives. That something is often money.

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There Are Lots Of Ways To Get The Word Out

The tried-and-true method of telling people what you’d like for wedding presents is word of mouth. It’s a good idea for couples to provide their parents, their attendants and those close to them with a list of registry sources or, as in your case, let them know cash is preferable. But remember that there’s no dictating to guests what they must give it’s their prerogative to choose. If you’re asked directly, be honest and polite: Say, “We’re saving for a down payment on a house, so if you’d like to give a check, that’s how we’ll use it. But whatever you decide will be terrific. Thank you for thinking of us.” Cash presents are perfectly acceptable–as long as the guests feel comfortable with the idea. Some people just don’t like giving money, and that’s okay too. For this reason it’s a good idea to set up a traditional registry–even if it has only a few items on it–so guests have a sense of what you like and need.

Avoid Asking For Cash On Save

Some couples have trouble asking for cash as a wedding gift in person but they have no problem doing so on an invitation or save-the-date. Couples often feel this method is less invasive, and since they’re not physically holding out their hands to their guests, it can’t be completely rude, can it?

In short, yes, asking for cash as a wedding gift is generally rude, especially on wedding invitations and save-the-dates. Here’s why.

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