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How To Make A Wedding Monogram

Literally The Most Beautiful Invitations I’ve Ever Seen In My Life


Oh my goodness! Have you looked at these things? Literally the most beautiful Invitations I’ve ever seen in my life! My invitations were definitely one of my most favorite things about my wedding and I will cherish them for the rest of my life! I’ll let their beauty do the talking. And considering they are based in Australia. Communication was on point! We are so happy that they ship all the way to New York! They also came SO quickly!

Katherine & James

You Can Register For Your Wedding Photo Album

Are you wondering how youre going to pay for your album with all of your other wedding obligations? Well, you can add your album to your registry! Register for the type, number of pages, and color of the album.

Theres no stress, and you can personalize your photo book after you receive your wedding images. Its the perfect way to obtain a photo album without having to incur the post-wedding expense.

Instead of registering for an entire album, you can also put gift cards on your wedding registry. Family and friends can purchase photo albums gift cards in $50 increments from $50 to $500. That way, many folks can help you buy the wedding book of your dreams. Another option is to register for Zola gift cards, which can be used for anything throughout the site.

No matter what your wedding day looks like, its worth documenting. Chances are that youve hired a photographer , and those beautiful images shouldnt sit on your hard drive. Display them and make a gorgeous Zola wedding photo album so that you can enjoy your precious memories for years to come.

How To Use A Custom Wedding Monogram

As stationers, we are used to printing monograms on customers personal stationery. And as southerners, we are especially used to embroidering monograms on our bags, childrens clothing, linens and even engraving our jewelry. What we love more than anything when working with our brides is designing and creating custom wedding monograms. Some of our brides come in with a monogram style they already like, others may have a family crest they want to incorporate and others are just exploring the idea. In this post, we will explore a brief history of the monogram, our process for creating a custom monogram for your wedding, the importance of a cohesive theme, and how you can utilize it beyond your wedding day.

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Can The Wedding Monograms Be Used Commercially

The free wedding logo generator can be used by couples or wedding planners for personal or commercial use.

How to Change the Color

To change the color, click on the object that you want to change . Click on change color. Select the color that you want to use. If you are using a specific color scheme and you know the hex color code for that color you can write the number of the color. If not, you can select the color from the color wheel. Feel free to play around with the colors and download as many options as you want. If you are not sure which version to use you can show them to friends or family and ask their opinion.

How To Make A Wedding Monogram You’ll Love Forever

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Add an ultra-customized look to your big day by creating a personal wedding monogram to feature throughout your stationery and decor.

A wedding monogram isn’t much different than a regular monogram, other than the fact that it can combine you and your spouse’s initials into one design if you’re planning on sharing a last name. Along with the letters, wedding monograms also often feature decorative accents, like laurel wreaths, floral motifs, and elegant filigrees that create a formal effect. Using a monogram on details such as your wedding stationery, cocktail napkins, and even incorporated into your wedding attire will instantly give your celebration a bespoke, one-of-a-kind feel.

You can find a handful of wedding monogram makers for free online, but we’d argue that the best way to create a monogram is through a professional stationer or calligrapher. They’ll be able to take your specific wishlist to design a totally custom monogram or crest that you’ll continue to treasure long after the party is over. If you’re already hiring someone to design your wedding invitations, ask them what types of services they offer when it comes to monograms and logos.

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Hyphenated Last Name Monogram

For a personal monogram with a hyphenated last name, the style of the monogram dictates the direction. When a block monogram is used, the initials are placed in their natural order with a hyphen between the initials of both surnames. For example, Jane Doe-Smith would become JD-S or JKD-S if she includes the initial of her middle name as well. However, the use of the hyphen is not necessary and a personal matter of style, so JDS or JKDS are also correct.

When a traditional monogram is used where the middle initial is slightly larger than the others, a woman would place the first initial of her married name in the center. So the monogram order would be first initial, married surname initial, maiden name initial. An illustrative emblem, like the one above, would artistically entwine the letters.

Which Letters Are You Using

There are many ways to create your monogram using various letters of your and your partner’s first and last names. You may want to just include the first initial of your and your future spouse’s names. Or, if you or your spouse will have the same last name after you’re married, you may want to incorporate your joint initial as well. Decide on which letters you would like to showcase first, then move on to finding the right design.

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Monogram Wedding Ideas We Love

Monogramming is an age-old practice with roots in ancient nobility. What once began as Greek and Roman coin signatures became a marker of aristocratic property and a sign of prestige. Today, monograms carry on that symbolism, but are far from stuffy or exclusive. Brides and grooms from all over have embraced their initials for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways. Whether used to carry a cohesive design throughout your wedding or as nod to familial ties, monograms can be made modern or kept traditional, and add personalized flair to your big day. Looking to celebrate your combined initials or sign off on all of your celebration’s décor? See how real couples incorporated their names into their weddings to get inspiration for your own. From the programs to the cakeand with designs ranging from conventional to casualyou might be surprised by just how much you’ll want your name on!

More Than Just Sewing

DIY Wedding Decorations: WOODEN MONOGRAM SET tutorial

Traditionally, monograms are applied via appliqué and an embroidery machine. These days, makers and crafters use cutting machines with an SVG or cut file, vinyl, and a heat press. Don’t forget the adhesive vinyl too. Makers love vinyl and other great craft products. Remember to take a look at the formats the designer supplies and make sure it matches the machine you’ll be using. Another option is engraving the initials to personalize a glass, jewelry, or other metal, which can be done by hand or with a machine.

Adorning initials with free SVG monogram frames can add an elegant touch. Makers can up their game with a free split monogram SVG too. Split monograms are those cut in half with a space in the middle to write out a name or fill as you like. Download one of our great free design resources and get those initials just the way you want.

There’s hardly a better option for customizing gifts than by using a monogram they make fantastic DIY wedding gifts, for example. Or you can show off family names in a sophisticated, timeless fashion. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, take a look through our monogram svg collection.

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Fantastic Monogram Ideas To Incorporate Into Your Wedding

While many people become enthralled with choosing their wedding colors, theme, and style, they forget that theres one more way to personalize your special day monograms! More than just personalization, a wedding monogram is a physical representation of the intertwining of your lives. If youre looking for wedding monogram ideas to incorporate into your wedding, check out these top picks from The Southern Rose.

1. Wax Sealed Invitations

Once you create your custom monogram, its not a stretch to add it to your invitations. If youve already included the monogram on the interior of your invitation, another wedding monogram idea is to also put it on a personalized wax seal for an extra special touch. Find wax in your wedding colors and order a seal with your initials to stamp each envelope with those special letters.

2. Your Aisle Runner

Many people have a plain runner rolled down the aisle for their wedding ceremony, but we think thats too simple for some weddings! Your wedding monogram initials belong in large format print at the beginning of that aisle. As every bridesmaid and groomsman walk down it, you get closer and closer to actually making those initials a reality.

This wedding monogram idea is perfect if you have a white runner, but it can also work with other colors. Just consider the contrast between your script and the runner color to ensure its visible.

3. Cufflinks

4. Ceremony Program

5. Table Runner

6. Wedding Cake

7. Drinkware

8. Party Favors

The Importance Of A Wedding Logo: They Last Forever

Like we mentioned, and in our previous post, your wedding invitation does actually last forever. You can incorporate your custom wedding monogram into your daily home life with towels, linens, marital stationery, gift tags, and more. Once our graphic designers at Kyle Fine Stationery create your custom monogram it is yours to use however you like. Some clients order engraved stationery which comes with a plate to use over and over again. Other clients have the monogram embroidered on the front of their wedding album as a beautiful way to memorialize the day. You could even have a custom wreath, flag, or wood carving created. The possibilities are endless.

Contact Kyle Fine Stationery today to see more of our beautiful custom designs and discuss the possibilities of having one created for your wedding. We also create custom monograms for anyone. It doesnt have to be for a wedding. You can have one created for your child, your own family, or as a gift to a loved one. Let us know, wed love to chat!

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Idea #: Table Centerpiece

When setting up tables, the centerpiece is what brings everything together. The eyes are drawn to it, so why not have a table centerpiece that features your wedding monogram?

You could have the classic centerpiece of a bouquet of flowers, but with your monogram elegantly displayed as an accent on the vase. On the other hand, you could have the monogram on full display as a large centerpiece with flowers for accents, bringing the original design to life.

How To Make Your Own Monogram: 5 Free Online Monogram Makers

Wedding Monograms on Behance
  • Design
  • A monogram is a symbol that incorporates one or more assembled letters. Monograms are usually created by mixing a business or persons initials for the sake of logo or symbol branding. Creating a design of your own is easy when you utilize the following services. These no-fee monogram makers will aid you creating an awesome one else quickly. Type in any letters or your initials and select the font, style, and colors of your choice. Afterward, you can download your design and use it on whatever you want, including address labels and wedding invitations.

    If you prefer to make a monogram of your own, these fonts can enhance them.

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    To Change The Font And Background Colors

    1. In the Home Tab click on the square with the A on it to change the color of the letters. Highlight each letter one at a time to change the color.

    2. To change the outline color of the circle. Make sure you have the Text Tools Tab opened. Highlight the textbox the circle outline is in. Go to Shape Outline and click on the color you want click on- Enter. There is an option for more line types. Click on it if you want to change the thickness of the outline while changing the color.

    Color changed.

    You are done just send the file to your printer to print.

    To change the background color. First make sure the color of the letters will show up against the background color you choose. I changed mine to white.

    Dont forget to change the outline color as well.

    You have to create a new circle to fill with color. Go to Drawing ToolsFormatChoose ShapeOval. Move cursor to page. Click and drag to create the circle.

    Fill the circle with color. Choose Shape Fill choose a colorEnter.

    To get the letters to show up again. In Drawing Tools. Click on the circle text box on your page. Go to Send To Back. Click on it Enter. The circle will move behind the letters.

    To add a border around a filled circle add another circle outline on top of the letters with No Fill. Choose Shape Oval . Click and drag over the page to create it. Change the line color to white.

    A monogram with a color filled background.

    Print it.


    Keeping Your Last Name

    If youve chosen to keep your maiden name, while your partner keeps their last name, theres an option for that, too. Put together your monogram using the first initial of both of your last names, without any ampersand, plus sign, or unifying design element. For example, John Doe and Jane Smith would become SD, with the wife’s initial traditionally taking first place in the order. This would look similar to the two-letter hyphenated last name monogram but without the hyphen, or you can stack each of your personal initials for a more contemporary aesthetic.

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    Tip #: Consider Etsy Artists

    If youre willing to spend a bit of money, you can get a professional artist to design your wedding monogram. For example, Etsy has a range of independent artists who create custom monograms for as low as 10 bucks. Even if youre throwing a wedding on a budget, you still have options.

    The benefit of searching on Etsy is that you can find a relatively inexpensive wedding monogram with unique calligraphy, watercolors, and whatever else you desire. Of course, it goes without saying that the more you pay, the more options are available to you.

    If youre lucky enough to have a professional artist as a friend, even better. Instead of buying you a toaster, they can give you a wedding gift from the heart.

    Once your wedding monogram is ready to go, you can start incorporating it into the festivities. Keep reading to learn about 15 ideas for using your wedding monogram.

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