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What Are Chargers For Wedding

What Are Chargers For Wedding

Log Chargers Wedding Centerpieces


. Moreover, do you need chargers for wedding?

Because plates are generally placed at the buffet, allowing guests to walk to the buffet without carrying their plate, the charger is often placed on the table without a plate on it. If you want to use chargers at a buffet, then go for it! This is YOUR wedding.

One may also ask, do you use chargers with placemats? Chargers and PlacematsFor a formal table: Place a charger, or presentation plate, at every place setting. If you like, you can place a soup bowl or salad plate on top of it when you serve those courses, but the charger should always be removed before you serve the main course.

Furthermore, what can I use instead of charger plates?

Charger plates ideas diy alternatives

  • Use cake rounds as plate chargers but paint them with black chalk board paint.
  • Stenciled Chargers.

Follow Proper Guidelines For Placement

Try to place all your service platters one inch away from the edge of the table. Your platters should never hang off the edge of the table. This placement will not only look shabby, but it’ll also increase the risk of food falling on the floor if someone jostles the table. You should also make sure to position each platter in the center of each guest’s seat and that none of your guests’ platters touch.

The Jay Companies 13 Round Gold Tiled Charger Plate

Haven’t found a gold charger wedding place setting that speaks to you yet? That’ll likely change with the introduction of these Round Gold Tiled Charger Plates from The Jay Companies. These plates feature a smooth gold center and a tiled rim. The rim is much thicker than it is on other plates we’ve discussed, so it’s sure to stick out in the best way possible. Even if your charger plates get crowded with lots of dinnerware at certain points throughout the night, their beauty will still shine through, thanks to the tiled rim.


  • Weight: 13.6 ounces

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Skip The Whole Roasted Pig

The visual of a lacquered hog crackling away over an open fire is, we grant you, a completely epic one. But heres where fantasy and reality collide: Everyone wants to have a giant pig with an apple in its mouth, but it may not be the best use of your money, said Adam Howard, the corporate chef of catering at Mike Isabella Concepts in Washington, D.C.

To successfully pull off a pig roast like the one pictured above, youll need experts who can a) transport a larger-than-normal piece of meat, b) set up roasting equipment, c) cook the animal properly, d) carve it without wasting any meat, and e) keep the meat warm until serving time. Its a long, involved process, and each step is an additional line item on your total budget. Thats not even considering the price of the actual pig, which Howard said can skyrocket up to $6,000.

To boot, roasting a whole pig isnt the most efficient way to deliver the tastiest meat to the greatest number of people. A single pig includes multiple cuts that each have an ideal cooking temperature, method, and cook time, so its impossible to prepare them all perfectly at once. Instead, Howard suggests planning a menu around pork shoulders, a piece of meat with consistent texture and moisture levels. You can roast them in a traditional oven or over an open fireeither way, its a lot easier than cooking a huge beast.

Top 3 Reasons To Use Charger Plates For Your Event

Elegant Wedding Chargers Archives

#1 Add elegance and sophistication – charger plates can add an additional touch of elegance to a formal dining experience with multiple courses. Each course can be served in its own bowl or on a separate plate and placed on top of the charger.

#2 Support a theme – glass, wood or rattan chargers work well for beach-themed or outdoor events. China is better for events with a more traditional aesthetic. Have some fun with your settings by mixing and matching your china and charger plates.

#3 Increase the wow factor – choose charger plates with bold colors, shimmering metallics, and interesting shapes – or a combination of all three!

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Gold Charger Plates For Weddings

As you’re planning a wedding, you likely have a lot on your plate – the ceremony, the music, the food. But you know what many future brides and wedding planners fail to put on their plates? The charger plates.

That’s right. These decorative pieces can liven up your dinner tables and amplify your guests’ experiences. But what exactly are these classy additions to your wedding? Below, we’ll cover everything you need to know about gold charger plates. We’ll also review five of our best-selling products so that you’ll have a starting point if you’re looking to buy some for your next wedding.

Splurge On A Light Pre

News flash of the century: Weddings can be stressful. Thats compounded if youre bringing together people whove never been in the same room before. So David Mawhinney, the chef at NYC-based catering company and event space Havens Kitchen, combats potential awkwardness with a pre-ceremony welcome drink.

Itll be like a Tom Collins or a spritzer, just so people have something in their hands that they can fidget with, he said. The key is to keep the drink lightafter all, stomach-lining canapes wont appear until after the ceremonybut a little bit of booze goes a long way in loosening the mood. Theres a bit of a placebo effect, because theres not a ton of alcohol in them, Mawhinney said.

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Etiquette For Using Wedding Gold Charger Plates

Now, we all know basic etiquette at the dinner table: don’t talk with your mouth full, keep your smartphone off the table, take a sip only when you’ve finished chewing, etc. But did you know there are some certain etiquette practices to follow when using wedding gold charger plates? They aren’t overly intricate or confusing, but you should know what to expect so that you can be the most well-mannered host your guests have ever had. Below, you can review some basic etiquette for using gold charger wedding place settings:

Introduce Your Table Accessories

DIY Dollar Tree Glam Chargers| DIY Bling Décor| DIY Wedding Series| Silver Flower Charger

Next, it’s time to introduce all your table accessories. These pieces can include name cards, menus, and napkins with napkin rings. Some wedding hosts like to place all these accessories directly on top of the charger plate. This choice works well, as all the food-bearing plates and bowls won’t come out until later in the evening. So, guests don’t sit down to an empty plate. They’ll feel welcome by all the decorations set out in advance. Make sure that all your accessories fit onto the plate comfortably without creating an overcrowded look. If you have some accessories hanging off the side, you should take some of them off. Feel free to place them around the plate if possible, or ditch them altogether if you can’t find an appropriate spot.

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Can I Reuse My Gold Charger Plates

Yes! A lot of diligent work goes into manufacturing wedding gold charger plates. These pieces are designed to last for the long term. If you hang onto your set properly, you’ll be able to use it not only for your wedding but also for your kids’ and grandkids’ weddings! If you’re a wedding planner, a set of gold charger plates is a valuable investment. You can use them for multiple events a month for years to come and never have to worry about the plates getting ruined. They’re built to withstand the clamor of consistent use and the wide temperature ranges of various foods.

What Is The Purpose Of A Charger Plate

A charger plate is a large, decorative plate that is used in formal settings such as weddings, catered events, banquets, or fine dining restaurants to elevate the ambience and dining experience of the guests. The average size of a charger plate is 13 inches, while a typical dinner plate is about 10 to 10.5 inches.

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Making Your Wedding Table Perfect

Whether ’tis nobler on the table to place them… chargers always seem to come with questions. Between etiquette, style, and having a “user friendly” wedding, these are the things we must ponder.

Etiquette – Traditionally, chargers are used for a served meal, and not for a buffet meal. The logic is that a plated meal would then be set upon the charger by a server, if the china coordinates with it. Another option, is that it serves simply as a place marker and is removed prior to the plate being placed before the guest. But, modern day etiquette somewhat delights in throwing out the “rules”, allowing for an undone sophistication that is currently all the rage. Thus, do we follow traditional etiquette, or mix it up?

Style – The perfectly chosen charger is a beautiful thing. They can be made of natural, metal, or even plastic materials. Wedding stylists enjoy them because they feel they complete the table. A mixture of textures and colors adds depth to your tablescape, making chargers a fun additional element to play with.

The Jay Companies 13 Round Gold Pebbled Charger Plate

Gold charger plates in Kono

If you’re looking for gold charger wedding place settings that aren’t as bulky, consider getting these Round Gold Pebbled Plates from The Jay Companies. Each piece weighs less than one pound, so they offer a refreshing change from the products we’ve already discussed. Not only are these gold charger wedding place settings lightweight, but they’re also beautiful. They have a pebbled trim that will suit any festive or formal wedding you have planned. As a bonus, the pebbled surface resembles that caviar that your chef is serving with minced onions and mini potatoes! Trust us it really ties the look together.


  • Weight: 13.6 ounces

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Why Should I Use Wedding Gold Charger Plates

Some charger plates aren’t necessarily gold. They’re available in various materials, including:

  • Plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Porcelain

But some of these materials present specific drawbacks. For example, porcelain charger plates are very fragile, faux wood pieces are susceptible to scratches, and plastic plates can look cheap. A set of gold charger plates is an excellent choice for someone looking to invest in a durable, long-lasting, and elegant product. Gold charger wedding place settings will add an element of sophistication to any wedding you’re hosting.

To Charger Plate Or Not

So I have a question…

I absolutely love the look of decorating our tables with charger plates and when I asked for them I didn’t think much of price obviously I knew they would cost but I certainly did not think that 130 charger plates would cost a little over & dollar 1,100.00 !!!!! When my FH saw that he of course immediately said get rid of them, then he mentioned purchasing them. If we buy them they would be between & dollar 400 – & dollar 500 only issue is what the heck will I do with them after?!

on March 25, 2016 at 11:46 AM

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How And When To Use A Charger Plate

Charger plates are not intended to be used as dinner plates and should not come into contact with food. Instead, they are placed under the plates used to serve each meal and remain on the table until all guests are finished eating their main entree, then removed before dessert is served. They also help create a firmer foundation for the tablescape.

Charger plates come in a variety of materials including glass, ceramic, wood, rattan, acrylic/plastics and are available in a variety of colours. Which material you decide upon is determined by the mood and theme of your event. For example, if you are hosting a boho-chic, vintage or an outdoor vineyard event, then wood, rattan and decorative plastic may be your choice. On the other hand, glass or ceramics might be preferred if you are aiming for a luxe look. Now, this is just a very loose guideline. It all depends on the entire décor theme linens, chairs, florals, colour palette and what you like.

Now lets take a look at this same picture, but with charger plates in place of the functional tableware. Notice how the charger plates anchor the table and brighten it up.

This is one of our newest additions this year, The Wave. We fell in love with the Pantone colour of the year, and thought that a great way to incorporate it is by anchoring it to the table using charger plates.

Prepare Your Gold Charger Plates Ahead Of Time

My Wedding Vlog: Charger Smackdown! Dollar Tree Vs. Michael’s

We know there’s a lot to think about as you’re planning a wedding. But once you set up your tablecloths and silverware, don’t stop there. Make sure you allocate enough time to set up your guests’ gold charger plates thoughtfully. You shouldn’t have waiters trying to quickly set the plates as your guests fill in from the ceremony. Your guests should arrive at a fully set table, gold charger plates included.

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Other Charger Plate Uses

The elegance of a charger plate does not need to be restricted to just holding a dinner plate. Here are some additional uses for your chargers:

  • Use charger plates as a tray or platter to pass around small appetizers or desserts, but make sure to place a doily or a linen napkin on top of the charger when coming in contact with food.
  • Group pillar candles together to create an elegant centerpiece.
  • Set floral centerpieces on top of chargers to create a colorful base.

Whether you’re hosting a formal get-together, catering a wedding, or planning a reunion, charger plates are an important part of bringing a table together. No matter what formal event you’re planning, you can use the information above to ensure you adhere to the proper use, etiquette, and presentation of charger plates.

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What Are Charger Plates


Hello my lovely Moers! How are you? Anyone getting married this weekend?

What is a charger plate? Ive heard recently when explaining them to couples! A charger plate is

  • Also known as a service plate, underplate or chop plate
  • Its a large plate
  • Used to dress a table for special events as a table place setting
  • Generally their stylish and can fit a lot of designs
  • People dont often eat off them!
  • Theyre used as an underplate for the main plates or taken away before the food begins by the caterers.
  • Though always removed before the dessert
  • They come in a range of materials. i.e traditional china, metal, wood, glass, plastic and pearl
  • Theyve been around since the 19th century
  • You can hire them from a range of places or if you want a particular design, you can buy them!

Here are a few examples of charger plate been used as a wedding place setting

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