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What To Wear To A Summer Wedding Men

What To Wear To A Wedding

What To Wear To A Summer Wedding For Men

Wedding guest attire guidelines can be tricky, but we’ll decode the dress codes for what to wear to a casual wedding, a beach wedding, a semi-formal wedding, and the most formal events.

When your next wedding invitation arrives, guests typically get all the details of who, when, and where but the specifics of the other ws–namely, what to wear to a wedding are sometimes left for guests to interpret between the lines.

Formal / Traditional Wedding

A morning suit makes for the ultimate day time formal attire! Make an impression during the day at your summer wedding with a morning suit. Courtesy of

Morning, or formal day dress, is the day time equivalent of the white tie dress code , which in essence, makes it the most formal day time attire for your summer wedding.

Morning dress consists of a long tail morning coat, its key distinguishing component, along with a waistcoat and formal trousers. While this is not as prevalent in the U.S, morning dress is still largely adhered to in the UK. Morning or formal day dress typically consists of the following:

  • Morning Coat in Black Or Grey
  • Striped Black or Solid Grey Trousers
  • White or light blue French cuff shirts
  • Waistcoat
  • Silk Necktie
  • Well polished black shoes

To learn more about morning dress , please click here.

Casual Wedding Outfits Vs Others

People often get confused when it comes to dressing them up for a casual wedding. What to wear at a casual wedding? Is casual wedding the same as formal weddings? Whats different? Wedding outfits are not same like other outfits. Just like birthday outfit for men and wedding outfits for men are not same.

Hold a little! I am here to answer you all! In a casual wedding, everything will go. Casual weddings are also called informal weddings. Just wear whatever you feel looks good. Try to avoid shabby or stained clothes. Casual weddings allow dress pants with any button-down shirt. You can go to polo shirts too.

There are also wedding dress codes like semi-formal attire, dressy casual, themed wedding attire, formal attire, beach formal, white or black attire, etc. Casual weddings allow you to wear the most comfortable outfits where the other weddings only allow you to wear formals like suits, shirts, and tuxedos.

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What To Wear To A Summer Wedding: The Go

What is the right thing to wear for a summer wedding? Barring that your friends are hosting themed nuptials where everyone wears Hawaiian shirts, Game of Thrones costumes or nothing at all, its best to pick out a look that will help keep your cool, be appropriately festive, and project a sense of formality and reverence for the occasion. We like choices that travel well, look fresh all day or all evening, and add some wardrobe mileage for the rest of the season.

Michael Kors Slim-Fit Ponte Blazer and Trousers $198

If youve waited until the last minute to get the suit for your buddys wedding, dont panic. You can get a somewhat bespoke fit without actually dropping the dough on a fully tailored look: Suit separates offer the chance to buy a jacket, trousers, and maybe even a vest, each independently and in a size that fits you best. We like this Michael Kors version for its season-spanning midnight blue color, but its ponte-knit fabric is super comfortable and perfect for travel. Throw it on with white jeans for the rehearsal dinner just mind the chocolate sauce.

Charles Tyrwhitt Slim-fit Spread Collar Shirt $69
1901 Floral Cotton Tie $20

Floral patterns for guys are everywhere this season, but we like this neat, clean pattern for neckties. Its festive, yet restrained try to keep that mood in mind when it comes time for toasts at the reception. Itll also pair nicely with other solid dress shirts and even micro-patterned checks.

What To Wear To A Black

How To Dress for a Summer Wedding: Country Edition ...

While seeing the phrase ‘black-tie’ on an invitation can seem intimidating, it actually makes things very straightforward. With this sort of dress code, only one thing will fit the bill: a tuxedo and bow tie.

At a black-tie wedding, a male guest will be expected to wear a dinner jacket with slim satin or silk lapels and no vents or slits to the back. This should be worn with a white dress shirt with a turn-down collar, and a pair of fitted black dress trousers. As for the bow tie, its generally agreed that clip-on styles should be avoided, so you’ll want to go for a hand-tied version instead.

Traditionally, a black-tie outfit would also feature a cummerbund , but this is no longer a necessary requirement, so its up to you whether you wear one. To finish the look, you’ll want to wear a pair of well-polished dress shoes, although a pair of brogues will look the part, too. When wearing black-tie, the most important thing to remember is that you want the silhouette to be clean, sleek and sophisticated, so its also essential that your tux is a great fit.

Lastly, dont be deceived by the name: a black-tie outfit doesn’t need to be black. Unless the invitation specifies a colour, youre free to pick a tux in any shade you like. Those that want to stand out from the crowd could go for a navy blue, burgundy, or even a checked style. An all-white tuxedo with a black bow tie is great for a summery take on a classic look .

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Read The Invitation And Ask Around

on Mar 1, 2016 at 8:55am PST

If youre still not sure what the proper summer wedding attire for men for your event is, the best thing you can do is check your invitation one more time. It may give you some clues as to what the wedding will be like in the form of a symbol or something else.

Another option you have is to ask another guest going to the wedding what theyre going to be putting on. Theres a chance they could be wearing the wrong thing, but at least youll have some backup and know why somebody else is deciding to dress a certain way.

On the off chance you happen to know the bride or groom well, simply asking is a last resort, but one you might need to take advantage of. Theyre busy enough with the wedding, but a voice mail, text message or email shouldnt be too bothersome if youre not overly persistent and dont wait until the last minute.

What Do You Wear To A Summer Wedding In 2021

Now that we know the general rules for wedding attire for men, we have a full breakdown of what to wear to a summer wedding. Taking into consideration high temperatures and 2021 spring trends, there are many ways that you can put a summer spin on wedding attire.

Lets start with a little bending of the rules. While black tie and white tie are very specific wedding dress codes, there is wiggle room for summer tuxedo hues. As a guest, you can opt for navy or grey instead of black. For a bit of flair, explore different patterns and colors for bow ties and pocket squares. Add a pop-of-color or non-traditional finish, like velvet, with your footwear. Try swapping out the traditional tuxedo for a dinner jacket and complementing pants, rather than a full matching set. A summer vibe enables you to express your style in your own unique way.

Wait, what is a dinner jacket? A dinner jacket is similar to a tuxedo jacket, however, it varies in color from the bottoms you pair with it. This type of jacket deviates from the traditional black tuxedo jacket and can be made in bright colors, extravagant patterns and lush textures, enabling you to personalize your summer wedding ensemble.

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Lean Into The Summer Look

Just because youre considering ways to play with more casual wedding attire, doesnt mean that anyone else has to notice. Take a page out of the garden casual style book and make comfier adaptations to formal dressing a whole look of its own.

Garden casual is the warm-weather answer to smart style with a preppy edge. So if youve ever wondered if you can get away with wearing your khakis and a blazer in a fun way to a wedding, this is how.

Since the trick to nailing post-pandemic style lies in striking the balance between the desire to get dressed up and our newly-ingrained habit of laid-back comfort, now is casual suitings time to shine. Ditch the thick wool suit, and pair your favorite chinos with a linen or even camp collar shirt, and style your blazer on top for the dose of smartness no mens wedding attire would be complete without.

Pick Your Fabrics Wisely

How Men Should Dress For a Summer Wedding

Choosing the right suit fabric is one of the most important considerations any time of the year, but it becomes particularly important for summer weddings when rising temperatures and sweat patches can conspire to undo your hard sartorial work.

Breathable materials like linen, cotton and blends of the two serve well for weddings in hotter climes, while merino wool and cotton-wool blend styles are preferable if the marriage is taking place somewhere where summer heat is relatively moderate.

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Cocktail Wedding Attire For Men

What It MeansImagine your work is business casual, but youre going out for the evening and cant stop home to change your outfit first. Cocktail attire is that happy medium dress code that covers all bases. If thats too vague, just make sure your outfit shows a little more personality than your office 9 to 5 go-to.

What to Wear

What Is The Best Color To Wear To A Summer Wedding

Summer is known for its fun hues, but when it comes to color, look for these trends when deciding what to wear to a summer wedding. Depending on the specific wedding attire requirementsthis is the time to explore all spectrums of the color palette. From bold tones to pastel colors for a soft feel, use color strategically to achieve a fresh look that will wow any wedding you attend.

But is it ok to wear black to a summer wedding? Absolutely. A black and white combo is timeless and can be worn in any season. Is color not your thing? Instead of exploring color, play with fabrication and lighten the look with airy fabrics. Linen, seersucker and chambray are breathable options sure to keep you cool and wont compromise the appearance of your summer suit.

Bringing a date to the summer soiree? Coordinate your colors to complement each others summer wedding looks. Dont go all the way twinsies, from neutral to pastel. Find a palette that makes both of your looks shine.

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What To Wear To An Outdoor Summer Wedding

“If you know part or all of the wedding will be outside, it’s crucial to wear styles that allow for a bit of a breeze and are lighter in fabric,” says Walsh. The style director suggests turning to outfits with “cutout details, open backs, or skin-baring necklines.” Of course, you should still keep modesty in mind. Avoid anything too revealing, like super-high leg slits or plunging V-necks. Handspiker agrees that lighter fabric choices are key when it comes to outdoor summer wedding attire.

Opt For Seasonally Appropriate Fabrics

Beachy Gatsby wedding outfit with bowtie, vest, rolled up ...

When deciding how to dress for an outdoor summer wedding, comfort is key. “Nothing is worse than getting all dolled up for a wedding and then sweating it out during the ceremony,” says Walsh. If you want to enjoy yourself, breathable fabrics are the way forward. Avoid anything too heavy or itchy and steer clear of materials like velvet that have a distinct winter feel. Instead, opt for linen, silk, cotton, or chiffon attire. For beach weddings, Handspiker recommends a suit made from linen or a wool-linen blend.

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What To Look For In A Wedding Suit

When it comes to shopping for a wedding suit, there are a few factors to take into consideration. First, the dress code. If the wedding calls for formal attire, opt for impeccably tailored suits in classic colors like navy and black or go for a three-piece style for a more statement-making look. For a casual dress code, opt for less structured silhouettes and forgo ties and pocket squares for a more laidback aesthetic. Next, consider the time of year. Spring and summer weddings are all about suits in lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton while fall and winter weddings call for thicker wool fabrics in deeper hues like burgundy and emerald green. And lastly, don’t be afraid to showcase your personal style! There are many different ways to accessorize your wedding suit from eye-catching ties and bow ties to sleek tuxedo shoes and statement-making socks.

Vintage Wedding Attire For Men

Wrangling the chaos of an upscale vintage flea market into an orderly, coordinated event takes a lot of careful consideration. It wont take nearly as much effort to put together a look that honors the aesthetic of the day. Vintage weddings invite color and pattern in ways very traditional weddings do not. This is also the right time to bust out unique accessories, like your grandfathers cufflinks or a funky boutonniere lapel pin. Have fun, but think of your outfit like an old turntable console: Play your favorites, but dont play them too loud.

What to Wear:

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Pulling It All Together

At TieMart, we’re obviously more focused onyou guessed itties. But we want to make sure youre still able to look spiffy from head to toe, not just around your neck. Here are a few tips to consider when youre picking out the rest of your outfit.

Above all else, when you’re dressing up for a wedding , make sure your clothes actually fit! There’s no bigger mistake a man can make when attempting to dress up than when he throws on some loose-fitting misshapen shirt or pair of pants.

When you’re dressing up for a wedding, make sure your clothes actually fit!

If the wedding calls for a dress code that’s anything less than formal, go for a khaki or lighter-than-navy blue suit. These lighter shade suits will make you stand out in a tasteful manner. Additionally, these colors work well with just about any wedding location. To really make your tie pop with a suit like this, pair it with a white or very light blue shirt.

In terms of footwear, it has been very trendy to wear no-show ankle socks along with either a saddle shoe or a classic solid color buck shoe. If you’d prefer to stay away from what’s trendy, you can never go wrong with a pair of more traditional long cotton socks. If you’d still like to add a little something extra to your outfit, pick up a pair of patterned socksyou might be surprised by how big of a difference this subtle touch can actually make.

Men’s Navy Blue and Blush Pink Argyle Socks

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