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Size 16 Mens Wedding Band

Plain Patterned Or Alternative

Men’s Wedding Bands 101: How to Choose Your Ring

Choosing a style is probably the most difficult task in the entire process of choosing your perfect wedding ring. There are endless styles, shapes and patterns to choose from, and its near impossible to find exactly what you want straight away. So you may as well settle down and enjoy the process. After all, you’ll be wearing this ring for a very long time!

Your best option is to try on a selection of different patterns and styles that catch your eye, using our ring sample service. This gives you the chance to test-drive all the different factors that weve covered in this guide without committing to buy or feeling pressured by shop assistants and sales advisors.

You also get to try rings out over the period of a week in the comfort of your own home, as opposed to a quick five minutes in jewellery shop.

But what with so many rings available, where do I possibly begin?is probably what youre thinking? Well, to help nail down to just a few rings, weve created a video that showcases the most popular rings amongst our grooms. Take a look, and see if any of them catch your eye.

Perhaps youve seen a couple of other styles that youre interested in? Or maybe you have your own idea of your perfect wedding ring? Orla James offers a Bespoke Ring Service, in which we design a custom made ring specifically for you based on the design you desire.

Mens Wedding Rings & Bands Your Ultimate Guide

Your story is different from the next guys and your wedding band should be too. From choosing the right ring size to finding the perfect finish, well show you how to choose your wedding band and start forever in style.

Somehow you met the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with and they said yes! The easy part is officially over.

From here on out, youve got a wedding to help plan. While you might be knee-deep in flowers, cakes, and seating charts, theres one thing we can help you take care of your wedding band.

But what with so many rings online, where do I start?. Thats probably what youre saying right now. First, stop talking to the screen its strange. Secondly, weve created a guide to help with a decision that you’ll live with until death does you part.

Well take you through all the steps involved in buying your wedding band, from finding your size to keeping it clean. Read on for everything you didnt know you needed to know about mens wedding bands and how to find the one to tell your story.

Size 16 Mens Wedding Band

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Platinum Wedding Bands For Men

Platinum is a rare, dense metal and more valuable than gold. In addition to its rarity, platinum is an excellent choice for a mans wedding band because it’s strong and durable in a way that gold can never be.

  • Pros: Durable and strong, hypoallergenic for sensitive skin
  • Cons: Expensive, can be heavy due to its density

Big And Tall Men’s Jewelry Wedding Band Rings

Jewelry Stores Network

We understand the frustration of finding the ring that fits a man who needs “Big and tall clothing”. Especially with rings that are made from new alternate metals such as titanium and tungsten, resizing is impossible. Unlike traditional gold, silver and platium rings, titanium and tungsten rings cannot be cut or stretched to accommodate different finger sizes, the exact ring size has to be made for people who need it.

However, very few jewelers would offer sizes larger than 13 because it costs more than double to make them. We offer a collection of tungsten ring styles with ring sizes larger than 13 all the way to 15 for “Big and tall” men with only a small additional fee. All “Big and tall” sizes are in stock for immediate delivery just like other sizes.

Please browse our Big and tall wedding bands collection below

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Tungsten Wedding Bands For Men

Next to diamonds, tungsten is the strongest material on earth. Unless you know where to buy wedding bands made from Vibranium, titanium is as close as youll get to unbreakable. Tungsten is also extremely scratch-resistant and affordable. Tungsten wedding bands wont bend out of shape…. so, in an accident, the ring will not become deformed and injure your finger.

  • Pros: Hypoallergenic, extremely strong and scratch-resistant
  • Cons: Difficult to resize, with extreme impact it can break

While gold, platinum and silver are classic wedding band materials, they come with a price tag to match.

To us, a mens wedding band is about the commitment behind it. The promise you make to your partner. To match the strength of that bond, you need a wedding ring equally as strong and still affordable.

What If I Dont Get The Ring Size Right

If you or your partners Queensmith ring doesnt quite fit right, well resize your ring free of charge. As proposals are usually a surprise, well invite you and your partner to come into the store following the big moment. Then, well properly measure the right ring size and make any needed adjustments, to ensure the perfect fit.

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Titanium Wedding Bands For Men

Titanium is a strong metal that is surprisingly lightweight. A titanium wedding band will weigh about that of a platinum ring. If youre new to wearing rings or worried about the feeling of a heavy ring, a titanium wedding band is a solid option.

  • Pros: Lightweight, very strong, resistant to bending
  • Cons: Can be expensive, difficult to resize

Choosing A Ring Metal

How to Choose a Wedding Ring (Type, Size, Fit, Shape)

Now were onto the easier and more enjoyable part of the process! After finding your size and establishing what’s comfortable, its time to decide what your perfect ring will actually look like, starting with the material.

Picking your ring metal is an extremely important factor when making your final choice, as it can not only influence the way it looks, but factors like price, maintenance and care.

So where do we begin? Nowadays, many couples are buying matching or contrasting rings with their partners. If you wanted to match the metal of your partners wedding band, sit down and discuss the different metals that you both have in mind.

If you want a wedding ring that contrasts with the tone and colour of your partners ring, again have a discussion with them and get to know what metal type they like best. This simple process helps rule out just one metal so you can go ahead and check out a variety of rings.

  • The most common of all precious metals, easier to source and a lot cheaper to buy.
  • Perfect as a temporary or stand-in ring if you are unable to make up your mind.

Once youve decided the metal you want, now comes the part that ties it all together. Youre going to choose the style of the wedding ring. What kind of pattern would suit you? What if I just want a plain band? Can I find a unique ring? These are the questions well answer.

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Crownal 8mm 6mm 4mm Black Tungsten Wedding Couple Bands Rings Men Women Matte Brushed Finish Center Engraved I Love You Size 4 To 17

Size 16 mens wedding bands. Lend your style a helping hand with stylish rings from kmart. Make your hand sparkle with the perfect ring from sears. If youre not a fan of heavy jewelry weighing you down as you hit the town rings are the perfect accessories for you.

Silicone wedding bands or rings are a blessing for anyone who does active work or has a very active lifestyle and wants to show their commitment while at work or participating in sports or strenuous activity. Ideal wedding band engagement ring promise ring for men and women. Normally when it comes to choosing the rings for your big day engagement ring is the first that comes to mind.

Looking for bridal and wedding jewelry like womens diamond anniversary bands. Overstock uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our site. Taking a slight break from engagement rings today to discuss diamond eternity bands vs.

Whether its for a casual night out or for your sweethearts hand in marriage rings are a classically beautiful addition to anyones jewelry collection.

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Mens Wedding Band Size 16

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What Are Damascus Steel Rings & Wedding Bands

Damascus rings and wedding bands are made by folding 2 types of stainless steel together. Each Damascus steel ring has a unique pattern that resembles wood grain or flowing water.

Most Damascus steel rings are handmade. Thats something that may affect the price, and its something to consider when looking for a truly one-of-a-kind wedding band.

The technique used to make Damascus steel rings and bands is the same that was used to make welded swords in ancient Japan and the Middle East .

Even the Vikings used Damascus steel to make swords.

While you wont wield your ring like a Japanese samurais katana, your Damascus steel ring can handle whatever life throws at it without rusting. As with all stainless steel, Damascus steel rings have an Achilles heel chlorine and saltwater. Take it off before diving in and your wedding band will look as epic as the story youre telling.

Damascus Steel Rings Pros & ConsPros

  • Strength with roots in the Viking age
  • Easy to care for and keep clean
  • Unique design
  • Must avoid chlorine and saltwater
  • More expensive than other stainless steel types

Stainless Steel Wedding Bands For Men

15 Best Ideas Men

When you hear stainless steel, you probably think of kitchen appliances not jewelry. But for durability and quality, as well as the way it looks, stainless steel is one alternative to traditional platinum and gold wedding rings that you should consider.

After all, if its strong enough to build the Empire State Building, it can handle whatever you throw at it.

The 2 most commonly used types of stainless steel in mens wedding bands are:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Rings and wedding bands made from 304 stainless steel have very high oxidation and corrosion resistance, meaning they wont rust. Its also considered hypoallergenic.
  • 316L Stainless Steel For a higher quality of steel, 316L stainless steel is used. Its often called surgical-grade steel because its used to manufacture surgical instruments and is hypoallergenic. While chlorine and saltwater can harm stainless steel, 316L has a greater resistance to corrosion than other types. Good news if you forget to remove your ring before taking a swim.

Dont let the durability of a stainless steel wedding band fool you. Despite its strength, its an extremely lightweight metal. Thats good for a ring that you plan on wearing every day.

Speaking of shine, when it comes to mens wedding bands of any metal, there are several finishes to choose from.

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Mens Tungsten Wedding Bands

Super tough and super comfy. These men’s wedding rings are built to withstand just about anything. Plus they are backed by our lifetime warranty.

Whether you’re looking for a modern wedding ring, classic, or one in between. We offer a variety of designs and colors.


U.S. Domestic Shipping: 1 to 4 Days

International Shipping: 9 to 24 Days

Canada orders usually take 8 to 15 days.

Most rings ship in less than 24 hours. All shipping times are given on each product page.

Faster shipping options are available at checkout.

We ship both domestic and internationally for free. We use United States Postal Service.

You will receive a second email with a tracking number when your ring ships out.

Customer Care

What Band Width Do I Want

There is no real way to determine which band size youre going to want until youve tried rings on. Its one of the factors you need to consider as it can ultimately influence how comfortable a ring is on your finger.

This is one of the reasons our Sample Service is l oved by couples across the nation, as it gives them time to find their perfect ring without all the pressure of shop assistants.

There’s a pattern with band widths. We’ve noticed that most men opt for bands 4mm or wider, while a few choose narrow 3mm rings or even the super-slim 2.5mm.

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Mens Wedding Band Styles

Wait you thought you were done? Choosing a wedding band isnt all about the looks it has to be wearable, too. Heres a breakdown of 4 of the most popular band styles.

  • Classic Court or Comfort Fit Bands This style of mens wedding band is rounded on the inside and out. Its commonly known as the Comfort Fit because it wears comfortably on your finger and slides on and off with relative ease. And since a wedding band is something you wont take off often, its all about comfort. Known also as Full Court and Traditional Court, it’s the most common shape and style of ring.
  • D-Shape or Dome Bands This style of ring is just as popular as Full Court bands. Unlike a Classic Court, the outside of a D-Shaped band is round, while the inside is flat. This gives it a dome shape on top or a D. D-shaped bands are perfect for men wanting a closer fit without sacrificing the traditional shape of a Comfort Fit band. Dome-shaped bands, like the classic court, are less likely to get caught on clothing or machinery.
  • Flat Ring Flat bands and rings are exactly what the name says flat. Designed flat both inside and out, flat bands are known for being comfortable to wear but are more likely to catch on clothing and machinery.
  • Flat Court Bands You can think of Flat Court Rings like an inverted D-shaped band with a flat outside and a round inside.
  • Polished Ridge Edge Dome Mens Thin Gold Ring

    How to find the perfect wedding band size by Spexton

    Polished to the max, this ultra-glossy dome-shaped band mixes radiant silver and yellow gold. Features a modern and classic ridge edge design.

    End of content


    We like to keep things simple. Free express shipping on all orders over $60, and if you need to exchange for a different style or size, no problem!


    Here at Mens Rings Online, we take your safety and security seriously. That’s why we use SSL security sitewide, to ensure that both your personal details and payment information are kept safe.


    Mens Rings Online is an Australian owned and operated family business. We’re also proud members of the Jewellers Association of Australia.


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    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sizing With The Local Jeweler

    Any jeweler in the mall will size you, so grab an Orange Julius and make it a date! Doing this in conjunction with the ring sizer, while not required, covers all bases.

    While at a local jeweler, do the following to get your most true size:

    1. Get your standard size. They will size you with a very thin sizing band. However, when you add width to a ring, it changes the fit.

    2. Try on some rings to understand which width you like.

    3. Try on comfort fit rings and standard size rings in the widths you like .

    4. Now it’s time for the age old question – boxers or briefs? Wanna spin your ring around or do you like a snug fit? Make sure whatever you choose works with your fav size and width.

    -For 6mm Comfort fit rings, order a half size down from your standard size-For 8mm Comfort fit rings, order your true standard size

    That’s it! You’re now fully educated on what size and width you should order 🙂

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