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How To Keep Track Of Rsvps For A Wedding

Tell Your Friends And Family About Your Website

How to manage your wedding invitations

Finally, send your friends and family the link to your new wedding website that you built yourself. Dont forget to include it on your save the date cards and wedding invitations.

You may want to email your guests reminders to RSVP on your website, as getting people to confirm that they are coming is one of the most difficult parts of planning a wedding!

For The Wedding Guest: How To Fill Out A Wedding Rsvp Card

If no ones ever walked you through it before, filling out wedding response cards can be confusing for guests.

If youre perplexed by this small piece of stationery, dont worry. This list of dos and donts for an RSVP reply card will ensure that your card reaches its destination without breaching etiquette or missing key information.

How To Create A Gorgeous Wedding Website In 7 Steps

The wedding bells are ringing and love is in the air. Congratulations! Project Wedding is now underway.

To help relieve some of the challenges of planning your big day, youll want to create a wedding website that serves as an online resource for all your guests needs. That way, youll have a single, centralized platform for sharing important information such as event details, photographs and more.

Working with these gorgeous wedding website templates and following the recommendations listed below, youll be able to make a wedding website that wows your guests, reflects your personality as a couple, and provides practical details about the event. Heres how to create the perfect wedding website, from choosing the right template to managing RSVPs.

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Getting Your Url And Password Ready

In order to share your wedding website, youll need to send the URL link to your guests. Some wedding website builders allow you to create a custom URL for your website, or use your own domain name if preferred. Creating a custom URL not only helps to personalise your wedding website, but also makes it easy for your guests to remember the link even if they dont have it right in front of them.

When it comes to choosing your wedding website URL, wed recommend keeping it simple and concise by including your first names or future surname. For example: HarryLovesSally or TheFutureJohnsons.

Depending on your wedding website builder, you may also have the option to set a custom code to password protect your wedding website. Again, wed recommend keeping this simple and easy for guests to remember for example, your wedding date.

If You’re Buying A Big Or Heavy Gift Just Mail It To The Couple

Keep Track Of Wedding RSVPs In 4 Steps

I love the statement you’re trying to make with that giant, 50-pound present. Gift-giving is clearly how you express love, and I’m here for it.

But what the heck is the couple supposed to do with that at the end of the night?

Please make it easy and have big gifts mailed to the couple directly. If you feel odd coming empty-handed to a wedding, bring a card. Bonus points if you use the card to tell the couple what you sent them.

In nearly all situations, anything that’s brought to a wedding must be removed the same day. That means your love token just became the problem of whichever VIP guest was tasked with clean-up.

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Wording Your Wedding Rsvp Cards

If you are finding it difficult to find the right words for your RSVP cards then do not despair! The wording of your wedding RSVP cards should match the style of your wedding invitations. So whether you are hosting a relaxed barn wedding or a formal countryside affair, you can adapt your RSVP card wording accordingly. Take a look below for a list of what to include on your response cards, along with wording ideas in both formal and informal styles.

If you still need any help with your RSVP wording then do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly customer service team, who will be more than happy to help. Our talented proofreaders will also double check all of your RSVP wording to make sure that there are no spelling errors as part of our complimentary retouching service. This means that your RSVP cards and wedding stationery truly are in safe hands!

How To Fill Out A Wedding Rsvp Card

A wedding RSVP card will look different for every event, depending on the couples style and the formality of the celebration. However, there are a few things that are pretty standard across all RSVP cards. Heres a breakdown of what you might typically find on a response card:

  • A place for your name
  • A place to check off or write your response
  • A place to choose your meal of choice
  • A place to provide the total number of guests attending
  • A place to answer a fun question from the couple
  • A place to share a note with the couple
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    How Do You Request Digital Rsvps On Your Wedding Invitations

    Wondering how to tell guests to RSVP online? When it comes to the etiquette and wording for requesting RSVPs through your wedding website, templates can be extremely helpfulâand we’ve got you covered. You should be able to fit all the relevant details in one short sentence. Just make sure to include the full URL of your wedding website and the date you want guests to RSVP by. It’s a good idea to request responses early so you’ve got time to confirm the final guest count with your caterer and venue. Ready to get started? Check out these wedding website RSVP wording examples:

    Kindly respond by May 15th at

    RSVP online at by May 15th

    Please visit to respond by May 15th

    Once you’ve got the wording down for your wedding website RSVPs, you need to figure out where to put that information. RSVP details typically go at the bottom of your invitations, but if your wedding invites are on the formal side, it might look a little out of place. If that’s the case, use a separate enclosure or response card to point guests in the right direction. If you are including paper RSVP cards but want to give guests the option of using your wedding website, you can still include online RSVP details on the invitation or enclosure card in addition to including a mailable response card.

    The Knot Invitations

    Introduce Yourself At The Event

    Online RSVP App & Guest List Manager – How to easily collect RSVPs & track guests – Planning Pod

    Ideally, youre able to kick off the event with a few opening words thanking everyone for coming. At this time, mention that you were the person they communicated with prior to the event. If addressing the whole group isnt possible, find time to go table by table and thank the guests as youre able. If there are particular guests you know traveled far be sure touch base with them before the event is over.

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    Traditional Wording For Your Rsvp Cards

    If you are hosting a traditional wedding then your RSVP card wording should also be in a traditional style. Along with your wedding invitations, your RSVP cards are a glimpse at the tone of your wedding day, so traditional RSVP card wording will let your guests know to expect a classic wedding. Traditional RSVP card wording is formal and uses classical response options. If you are struggling to give your RSVP cards a more traditional feel, then take a look at our RSVP card wording examples below.


    Easily Collect Rsvps For Your Event

    Among the worlds fastest growing event planning platforms, EventCreate is the perfect tool for collecting RSVPs online. EventCreate is the first-of-its-kind platform, enabling event planners –casual and professional alike–to easily collect RSVPs online and create a beautiful, impressive event page. Whether your event is private or publicor small or large–our built-in RSVP system allows you to start collecting RSVPs in minutes.

    – Lisa B.

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    Rsvp For Multiple Events

    One of my absolute favorite features of Joys online RSVP platform is the ability to create multiple wedding events and have your guests respond to each one theyre invited to. Trust me when I tell you that this will save you A LOT of time. As well, it becomes much easier to keep track of all your wedding events the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding breakfast, the ceremony, reception, and more.

    I dig into this feature in more detail below, so keep reading.

    Mobile preview of a wedding schedule from

    Tip : Be Clear That Kids & Dates Arent Invited

    Print RSVP Cards for Weddings

    For formal wedding invitations, the only guests invited are the ones whose names are on the inside envelope.

    But many weddings arent so formal these days, and there isnt an inside envelope. In that case, only the guests whose names are included on the outside envelope should attend. The only exception to this is if the addressee states and family.

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    How Do I Track Changes That Coming From The Wedding Website When Someone Has An Update Something

    This magic is hidden under the hood. All RSVP statuses from the Wedding Website will synchronize automatically with your Wedding Project, and you will see the most recent data, dietary restriction, and who bring a plus one guest. Event if anyone changes their mind, you will see the chain of their responses.

    Why Collecting Wedding Rsvps Online Is The Best Option

    This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.

    In this article, Ill look at why many couples are opting to collect their wedding RSVPs online. Ill also take an in-depth look at, a wedding planning website with one of the most robust online RSVP systems available all for free I might add!

    Getting your wedding invitations prepped? Whether youre sending digital or paper invites, now is the time to consider how you want your guests to RSVP for the big day. This will have a big impact on your wedding planning down the road, so its important to know your options and choose wisely.

    Lets dive into why online wedding RSVPs are the way to go and take a closer look at Joys slick system.

    Please note: This is a sponsored post from

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    To Go Paperless Or Stay Traditional Wedding Planning 101

    Date Published:

    If you look at any of the latest wedding trends, youll probably see something mentioned about paperless invitations and RSVPS.

    This decision might seem like a no-brainer you either want to sent invitations in the mail, or you dont. While thats the decision, it comes with more implications that you might think.

    At Alegria Gardens, weve helped couples plan their special days for years and years. Weve seen some wedding trends come and go, and weve seen others become fixtures of the modern wedding.

    How To Avoid Event Rsvp Pitfalls For A Wedding:

    Wedding RSVPs – Top Tips to Make It Easier

    A few days or weeks before the wedding, call or email all of your guests who havent RSVPd. Let them know that you have a deadline for responding to your venue and caterer, and need to be able to properly accommodate those guests attendance at the wedding. If you do not hear back, let them know that since they did not reply youre assuming they are not attending.

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    Poop It Out: How To Deal When Guests Bail The Night Before Your Wedding

    The evening before my wedding, three guests cancelled via text. I was pretty gutted as there didnt seem to be any reasoning behind them cancelling. Obviously if it was something really important behind them cancelling, I would be so understanding but they didnt really give a valid reason.

    Im a bit sad that they didnt come and Im not sure what to say when I see them next.

    Tracking Down Rsvps For A Bachelorette Party

    I received an incomplete guest list for an bachelorette party. Not everyone had phone and address, and some are simply “Find on Facebook”. I miraculously tracked down these girls with phone calls, messages, printed invites , and even sent text messages. I created a Facebook Event as well, that every lady who is invited is a part of.

    There are still 5 girls who I haven’t been able to contact. I am wondering how much more effort I should put into tracking down these ladies. It is a month away, but the guest list is large and has a very high cost . I was going to try one more round of phone calls for soft RSVPs, and then send a Facebook message and hope for the best.

    I want to make sure this is a great party, but I don’t want to rip my hair out trying to track down her friends. Most of them I don’t know , and only one other bridesmaid is being any bit helpful . My nightmare is these girls RSVPing the very last minute, and not having enough space for them!

    Add your voice! Click below to answer. ThriftyFun is powered by your wisdom!

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    Hard Factors That Impact Your Invitation Count

    Flavor Catering

    Budget and guest count.

    To put it frankly, your dollars only go so far when it comes to planning a wedding. One of the biggest deciding factors of guest count should be your budget. After all, the two go hand-in-hand with guest count being the largest contributor to your overall budget.

    To start this calculation, figure out roughly how much you will pay per head for your caterer, baker, rentals and any other vendors who offer per-guest pricing.

    To determine how this will actually affect your guest count, decide how much you are wanting to pay total for each category. Lets look at catering as an example.

    Real wedding budget example.

    Lets say you cap your catering budget at $5,000.

    At $20 a plate, you can afford to have 250 guests.

    At $70 a plate , youre looking at just about 70 guests.

    If you wanted to do something really extravagant for dinner at $150 per plate, youre now looking at about 33 guests.

    Now, if the caterer you fall in love with quotes you $70 a plate, and you have already received 150 RSVPs for your event, you might be looking at spending upwards of $10,500 for catering.

    But its not so simple! You might be required by your contracts to feed your vendors. Many caterers also include a service fee or gratuity in the total price, so be sure to take these into consideration when calculating your budget. You might pay $5,000 for catering, but only $3,500 is actually covering the food for your guests.

    Venue and guest count.

    Only Give Guests One Point Of Contact

    Print RSVP Cards for Weddings

    Before sending any RSVP requests, determine who will be the one handling themand only give guests ONE contact. This is especially important if youre co-hosting. It ensures that the guest list is accurate, and it wont confuse your guests. They want to know who to call if theres a question, or if they have to change their response. Plus, theyll be more receptive to future communication about the event if they recognize your name on their phone or in their mailbox.

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