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What To Ask A Wedding Planner

Spill Your Expertise: What Makes You An Authority On Wedding Planning

5 questions to ask when hiring a wedding planner

We are Jessica Gonzales and Deniz King, owners and lead planners of Amethyst Event Productions. Weve been in the industry separately for 10 years and when we first came together we bonded over our mutual vision to produce creative and intentional events. Seeing a lack of creativity in the execution of weddings and a cookie-cutter approach inspired us to offer a different option. Ultimately, we know that all weddings are not one size fits all.

We specialize in planning vegan and sustainable weddings because its something were both really passionate about. As wedding planners, weve seen first hand how much waste can be produced with one event. Through our years of experience, weve learned ways to cut down on that waste without compromising your design. Our clients are on different levels of their eco journey, so we can make your wedding as sustainable as youre comfortable with.

Even if wedding plans have changed, you can still plan an event that showcases your personality, highlights your love, and makes an impact. Here are Jess and Deniz five questions to ask a wedding planner. Lets kick this off by zeroing in on your values.

How Many Weddings Do You Take On Per Year

When it comes to this question to ask a wedding planner, less is better! says Christina Baxter of Christina Baxter Weddings and Events in Washington, D.C. You want your planner to have plenty of time to commit to planning YOUR wedding and customizing every detail. You are looking for quality, not quantity.

How Do You Give Back As A Wedding Planner

This is an important question to ask to gauge where a prospective wedding planners values lie. Were extremely passionate about giving back to the things that are important to us. We believe a sustainable, vegan lifestyle is an essential part of kindness toward animals which is why a portion of our Amethyst Wedding and Event Package proceeds is donated to Last Chance for Animals.

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Can You Help With The Design And Inspiration Process

While this question isnt always thought of, we feel its an important question to ask. Hosting a wedding is more than just scheduling a location and date, its planning an immersive event with decor, styling, and a color scheme. For some planners, the design process is always a part of their planning process, for others, its not. Full event wedding designers will have a very specific process for their design and event ornamentation. Their process may include various meetings, mood boards, and sketchings to make sure your inspiration is assimilated perfectly.

If the design process is just as important to you as the timeline and logistics, be sure to ask this question in order to understand how the events design and inspiration will be set about.

Are There Any Vendors That We Would Have To Book If We Hire You

10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

Some wedding planners have contracts with vendors. These can include florists, decorators, stationery dealers, or even caterers. If they do, you may be required to book those vendors, too. If you do not have any other vendors in mind, you can go along with this arrangement. Otherwise, you will want to choose another wedding planner.

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Can You Work With My Budget

The final important question to ask your wedding planner is can they work with your budget. When you are planning your wedding, its important to have conversations about the budget early in the planning phase. This is because its important to understand just how far your budget will take you. By starting the conversation early, your planner will be able to give you honest feedback for event you have in mind.

If they cannot work with your budget, that is okay! Most planners will have various solutions like recommending a day of coordinating package rather than a full planning package. In addition to this, they may refer you to another planner who can work within the means of your budget.

Planning the perfect wedding begins with asking the right questions in order to find the right vendors. Although there are so many questions to ask a wedding planner, we feel these five questions will help you find the right wedding planner.

Interested in learning more about our luxury and full-service event design package?

If you are ready to start wedding planning Fill out our contact form here or send us an email to [email protected] with your wedding date and location. You can even call or text us at 407-591-9610. We cant wait to hear from you and help you plan your dream wedding!

Not Common But Definitely An Asset If Included

  • Assessing & offering feedback on vendor contracts

  • Collecting information regarding your balances with vendors, payment date with vendors, preferred payment method of vendors, vendor meal requirements, etc. to pass along to you and/or the venue

  • Reviewing order lists with rental companies, florists, caterers, etc. to ensure everything your event requires is accounted for

  • Discussing details to ensure youve got everything for the day-of covered even outside of ceremony & reception prep, execution, & clean-up

  • Full decor set-up and break down

  • Extensive & specific decor creation or inclusion

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    Did You Hire A Planner For Your Own Wedding

    I would love if every client asked about my own wedding planning process and if we hired a planner , says Nicole Fauls of Urban Allure Events in Costa Mesa, California. I am a real person, too, and have been through what my clients are experiencing both professionally and personally. Even though I am a wedding planner myself, I still turned to another pro to help make sure my own wedding day went off without a hitch.

    What Questions Should Couples Ask A Potential Planner

    ASK YOUR WEDDING PLANNER these questions BEFORE you hire anyone!

    Like any prospective date, you want to know if youre a match. Asking a variety of questions can reveal volumes about a person and how they work. Mr. Meyer suggested starting with these: How does your planning process work? Whats the typical budget of your couples? How many clients do you take on each year? Will I be working directly with you or someone else on your team? How many in person versus zoom or phone meetings will we have? Will you be at the wedding from start to finish?

    The responses, Mr. Meyer said, will give you key insight and guidelines about their personality, company values, work ethic, method and approach, and philosophy. Most importantly it will let you know on a gut level if youre a fit.

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    Do You Carry Personal Liability And Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Why you want to know: It’s important they’ve taken every step possible to protect you in case something goes wrong . You also need to find out if they have insurance and what types of scenarios it covers. For example, if the equipment used to lay the dance floor damages the venue, their insurance should cover those damages.

    How Is The Money Disbursed Are There Hidden Fees And What Is Your Cancellation Policy

    Money and contract questions should be a crucial part of the conversation. Some planners work on a flat rate to produce the wedding, others work on commission, charging 10- 30 percent on the subtotal of the final cost of the wedding, said Ryan Hill, the owner of Apotheosis Events in Manhattan. Others work on a hybrid of both. Some planners may also receive money from vendors they have suggested for the job. My contracts state I dont do that, so it assures clients that I present the vendors best for the job rather than something Im going to get from the back end, said Mr. Hill, who presents vendors invoices to the couple for direct payment.

    You also want to ask how my fee is structured, what is the payment schedule, and what my fee does not include, said Mr. Hill, which for him are hotel rooms, meals and travel. Because the pandemic was especially disruptive to the wedding industry, couples should ask planners what financial penalties are incurred for rescheduling or canceling. Couples should also ask if the planner has personal liability and professional indemnity as a business, and have a full understanding of force majeure, Mr. Hill said. Because it dictates the terms and conditions of liability for both parties when major occurrences beyond the control of both parties occur.

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    How Do I Ask For Money For A Wedding Gift Sample Phrases:

    Option 1, 2, and 4 are the possibilities weve come up with that you could find useful if youre intending to go with one of those alternatives. These range from the overt to the subtle, from the formal to the informal, so we hope youll find something that suits your needs here.

    • Your attendance at our wedding is the most precious present we could have received. However, if you would want to honor us with a gift, a monetary contribution would be greatly appreciated. The most important thing to us is that you will be able to join us in celebrating our wedding. However, if you would want to make a present to us, we would really appreciate a little contribution towards our honeymoon expenses. Our love, laughing, and house full of furnishings make us feel tremendously fortunate, so if youd like to help us celebrate with a contribution, weve set up a honeymoon fund at . Cash donations are appreciated, but are not required. Cash donations are appreciated but not required, and will be used to offset the cost of our honeymoon. If youd want to contribute to our honeymoon with a monetary contribution, thats OK with us. However, it is your physical presence on the day that is most essential to us. Your attendance at our wedding is a gift in and of itself, but if you would want to make a monetary contribution to our honeymoon, that would be highly appreciated.

    Will We Have Contracts With Individual Vendors Or Will All Vendors Be Booked And Paid Through You

    Six Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Wedding Planner

    What you need to know: It’s important to clarify this detail from the start. Some wedding planners will book and pay vendors on your behalf . Other planners will connect you with recommended vendors and let you work out the pricing and contract details. Whatever you decide, it’s one of the great questions to ask your wedding planner up front so everyone is on the same page.

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    What Lengths Have You Gone To Ensure Client Satisfaction On The Wedding Day

    This question to ask a wedding planner will allow the pro youre interviewing an opportunity to tell you how she or he will make sure you have an amazing experience. I take great pride in my ability to go above and beyond for my clients on their wedding day. I know how hard I work to ensure a flawless day, so being asked this question gives me time to talk about it! says Moreau. If you ask a prospective wedding planner what lengths they have gone and you get silence or a long pause, you may want to keep looking at other options. Especially if your wedding has a lot of moving parts and the possibility of unforeseen circumstances.

    Will You Be With Us On Our Big Day

    One of the perks of having a wedding planner is that he or she will coordinate your wedding day and handle any emergencies so you can relax and have fun. Unfortunately, not all wedding planners will be at the venue on the day of your wedding. Those that are may not plan to attend your rehearsal dinner or other big wedding events. Before you sign any contracts, ask planners how long they intend to stay through the ceremony and reception. Also ask what time they plan to arrive before the wedding and what time they’ll leave. If a planner won’t be there for the live show, find out exactly what tasks he or she will handle that day in terms of setup, scheduling or running out for more champagne if the bar runs dry. Be sure to get the name of your point person for any other incidentals.

    When the wedding’s over, the planner’s work isn’t done. Inquire if the planner will stay after the ceremony to oversee cleanup and to collect and deliver wedding gifts to your home. Finally, ask if he or she will handle post-wedding tasks, such as collecting your deposits from vendors and returning rented items.

    If your wedding planner won’t be on-site the day of your wedding, make sure your maid of honor has the planner’s number programmed in her phone. In case of an emergency, she’ll be more level-headed and can work with your planner to troubleshoot any problems.

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    Will You Be There During Our Wedding Rehearsal

    The wedding rehearsal is important, because every wedding ceremony is different! Even with the most experienced bridal crew, it’s necessary that everyone is on the same page about the details. That includes your planner! It will help both parties to have a clear idea about how things will proceed on your big day.

    Things To Do After Booking Your Wedding Coordinator

    Asking a Wedding Planner YOUR Questions! Ft. Jamie Wolfer
  • Discuss what information they will require and when they need to receive this information. Wedding coordinators will typically need all of your vendor contact information, vendor contracts, a floor plan, house rules or venue protocols, a floor plan , order forms from rentals, florals, caterers, etc., a list of decor you are personally providing, the ceremony information , and a timeline . Depending on the specific coordinator you have booked, they may require more information.

  • Discuss what kind of questions you can come to them with throughout your planning process. Typically day-of coordinators are only readily available for support about a month or so prior to your wedding. Certain coordinators make themselves available to answer questions regarding general vendor recommendations, reviewing vendor contracts, and discussing any variety of factors that may alter or shift your timeline.

  • Ask how often you can expect them to touch base. Day-of coordinators typically will reach out roughly a month prior to your wedding, but depending on the specific coordinator and how far in advance youve booked they may reach out intermittently to check in.

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    What Date Has She Set

    This is one of the most important questions to find out if the wedding is not clashing with other events you are working on. You cant waste the time of the bride if you are not available to the wedding date. You must be available to work on the wedding date. Plus, the wedding date should be flexible. If the date is flexible, you can also give them few suggestions for other dates to finalize their wedding. You need to check if the venue wants for her wedding is available or way expensive for that particular date.

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