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How To Have A Virtual Wedding

The Trend Of Virtual Wedding Amid Covid

How to Have a Virtual Wedding: Our Top Tips for your Online Wedding Ceremony
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  • If you had to postpone a wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic, know that youre not alone. Thousands of couples had to make this emotional decision when the coronavirus hit and lockdown restrictions began being imposed the world over.

    The unforeseeable situation that erupted quickly on a global scale put many plans on the backburner. An entire wedding industry was thrown for a loop and so many dreamy plans stopped in their tracks. However, as the world began to adjust to a new normal, a new trend began to shape up that of a virtual wedding ceremony.

    The popularity of the virtual wedding trend can be gauged from the fact that the terms virtual marriage or virtual wedding featured in Googles list of Year in Search for 2020. Many couples decided that they didnt have to let months of careful wedding planning to arrive at a date go to waste when they could have a virtual wedding in an intimate setting, with their loved ones cheering them on from tiny grids on a computer screen.

    With a legal sanction, couples were no longer just planning a virtual wedding for fun or reassurance. It became the real deal.

    How To Have A Virtual Wedding: The Ultimate Guide For 2022

    Jennifer Skulski

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    Perhaps the idea of a virtual wedding had never crossed your mind. But in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and the emerging popularity of virtual events, the idea of a virtual wedding ceremony comes with increased advantages.

    For all those interested in going virtual for their nuptial celebration, this article is here to help guide you through the process.

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  • Youre Ready For Your Virtual Vows
  • When To Make Your Partnership Legal

    Generally speaking, Anakotta says, it’s important for couples to research the marriage laws and policies of their particular regions, so they’re not surprised after the fact.

    “We’re not saying it’s flat out illegal across the board, but we are saying that because marriage laws and officiant registration requirements vary drastically from state to state ,” she adds. “Couples really must proceed with caution and do additional research. It is possible that some offices will make exceptions on a case-by-case basis, given the current state of affairs, but couples should not assume that internet weddings will be considered valid according to their local marriage laws.”

    According to US law, in most cases, couples have to be physically present with their officiant in order for a wedding ceremony to be legally recognized. The only other option that is available under current law is for couples to wed in a proxy wedding, which requires someone else to stand in for the missing party to recite vows .

    Furthermore, there are currently only four states that offer the option of proxy weddings: California, Texas, Montana, and Colorado, meaning that if couples are located outside of these four states, legally recognized proxy weddings are not available to them.

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    Step : Plan Plan Plan

    Next, put together an itinerary for the event, and be sure to think about ways you can customize it to bring out your personality as a couple. Weve put together an outline for you below to help kick things off.

    Photo: Eric Floberg Photography

    4:30PM Guest arrivalEveryone logs in to your streaming platform of choice. Make sure to have your camera lined up to face your ceremony area, and dont forget to make a playlist and have about 30 minutes of prelude music for this time.5:00PM Ceremony timeYour Officiant should enter first! They can welcome guests before the two of you enter. You can have some fun here as well, entering separately or together, and changing the music to your processional song . From here, your Officiant will take it away with the intimate ceremony the three of you designed as your friends and families watch on. Cue the happy tears!

    Photo: Stoffer Photography

    5:30PM SpeechesBe sure to chat with your closest family and wedding party members beforehand about giving a toast at your wedding. Nows the time to sit down and let your loved ones share their sentiments with the group. This is where the bring your own champagne will come in handy so that everyone can toast together!


    6:00PM GiftsRemember, your guests are here to celebrate YOU! Be sure to include your registry information on the invitations, and take time to open and share your new items with your guests.

    Keep Up The Momentum Post

    Virtual Bridal Shower Ideas

    Here are some ways to help guests reminisce about your wedding and update those who couldnt attend the live-stream.

    • Make your wedding video and images available. Your still photos and highlight reel will make everyone feel more involved.
    • Put a few screen captures from funny or meaningful moments from your virtual wedding up on social media.
    • Reminisce on social media about particular moments or exciting things people said during their toasts. To be more personal, include the sentiment in their Thank You note.
    • Open your wedding gifts virtually with the giver. Be sure to follow up with a Thank You note.
    • Host a cookout or small event after your big day so everyone can gather and celebrate.

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    Enjoy The Same Food And Drinks From Afar

    When you cant clink glasses in person, try the next best thing, according to Carter: Send all guests a signature cocktail recipe, and ask everyone to prepare it at home and enjoy it during the shower. Or, you can make things even simpler and just ask everyone to pick up a split of Champagne that you can all open together on screen. Alternatively, if alcohol delivery services are available in your area, consider having wine or Champagne delivered to each guests home prior to the shower, advises Suzanne Halperin, who oversees weddings and events for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants.

    You can do the same thing with food delivery, too: Arrange to send treats to each guest through a delivery service such as Goldbelly, DoorDash, Postmates, or Caviar, or check to see what your local bakeries offer .

    Many bridal showers include a recipe-sharing element, and while a virtual shower cant replicate the same impressive spread of delicious treats for guests, you can create a similar effect by having guests share their favorite hors doeuvres or dessert recipe in advance, says Christie Altendorf, senior event planner with DAmico Catering in Minneapolis. These can be shared with the bride as well as all the guests virtually, and everyone can share the history of the recipe and how it came to them during the showergiving everyone a tangible memory to hold on to.

    The Ultimate Guide To Throwing A Successful Virtual Wedding

    By HG

    A virtual wedding is a great alternative to postponing or canceling your wedding for whatever reason. If you or your partner has senior family members who would love to witness your wedding in some form or another, a virtual wedding is the best solution. Here is a step-by-step guide to throwing the virtual wedding of your dreams.

  • Setting the Scene
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    Involve A Virtual Wedding Party

    If youre having an elopement, or if some guests cant make it in person, you can still include them virtually. Your flower girl can dress up and walk down an aisle in her own home as she tosses flowers. A missing groomsman can wear his suit and do the same, minus the flower tossing.

    Each member of your wedding party can participate from afar as they dress up in their wedding garb, introduce themselves, and wave from home during a virtual processional.

    Have A Virtual Dance Party

    Virtual Zoom Wedding | What You Need to Know About Getting Married Online

    Sometimes you just have to dance the blues away, so why not include a mini virtual dance party at your wedding. Many DJs are now offering hourly rates for guests to be able to get off the couch and put their dancing shoes on.

    Hey, Im Sarah the face behind Kindred Weddings and Events. Let me tell you, before becoming an intimate wedding planner, I knew I was being drawn to a creative work that emphasized relationships! Becoming engaged, navigating the planning process, and maintaining a healthy marriage go hand-in-hand with all of the other relationships in your life. Marriage is the reason I work in the wedding industry. I dont do it for that one special wedding day. I do it for every day that follows after I do!

    And if youd like to have someone like me on your vendor team to help you brainstorm virtual wedding ideas to keep your guests connected and feeling loved on, check out my small wedding planning services!

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    Can You Get Your Local Vicar To Do One

    Last summer and autumn they were possible with up to 15 in attendance, Jacobs says. Vicars, registrars and Rabbis have all been happy to officiate so long as the wedding is conducted in accordance with the current Covid safe practices such as social distancing etc. Check your local place of worship for details.

    Set Up A Virtual Lounge At The Reception

    Your virtual guests should have the best seat in the house at your reception, too. Aside from ensuring that your Zoom crew can see all the action, we love the idea of having a large screen showing the virtual hangout to your in-person guests . That way, your in-person family members and friends can stop by and say hello to your virtual guests throughout the event, making everyone feel even more included in the day.

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    A Virtual Wedding Doesnt Have To Be A Consolation Ceremony

    Just because you decided to have a virtual wedding doesnt mean it cannot still be a dreamy ceremony that you or your partner had always hoped for. For instance, getting married in a virtual ceremony doesnt mean you and your partner cannot splurge on a wedding gown and tuxedo.

    Or hire someone to set up that canopy that you always wanted to get married under. Or do up the place with star lights to recreate the whole married under the stars experience.

    If the circumstances allow for it, get in touch with the decorators you had finalized for your original wedding plan or find new ones to spruce up the place a little. You can also consider having wedding favors or little treats shipped to your guests who are close by.

    Going the extra mile can transform your virtual wedding into a ceremony you and your partner can cherish for the rest of your lives.

    Coordinate With Any Vendors

    How To Have A Virtual Wedding

    While you may have had to nix your venue, rentals, and catering, a few vendors may still come into play. A photographer, for one, is a vendor you may still want to keep in the fold. You dont need to be up close and personal with your photographer. Social distancing can absolutely still be a thing while they capture all your wedding day glory. Be sure to tell them youre live streaming so they dont stand directly in front of the feed!

    Your cake is another piece that doesnt need to fall by the wayside, though you may want to downsize it. You and your partner can still do the ceremonial cake-cutting and nibble on that sweetness, throughout the quarantine. Just let your baker know that instead of feeding 50+ people, youll need one for the two of you.

    Finally, your officiant can either join the two of you in-person or they can lead the ceremony online*! Just make sure to get that marriage license signed and mailed in!

    A note on virtual ceremonies

    Since the marriage license is a legally binding contract, the couple and the wedding officiant will likely need to conduct at least part of the ceremony in person, and its important to make sure that you are in full compliance with your local marriage laws.

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    Create A Festive Atmosphere

    Whether you decide to decorate virtually or physically, creating a festive atmosphere will take the shower from a casual hangout with friends, to feeling really special.

    If the virtual shower is over Zoom or another platform that allows attendees to set a virtual background, create a background for guests to use during the shower, such as photos of the couple, a photo related to the shower theme, or a solid colored backdrop with text such as Marys Bridal Shower across the top.

    For physical decorations, the shower hosts can send a care package to each shower guest and the bride or couple ahead of the shower, including fun items to bring the virtual shower to life.

    How To Live Stream Your Wedding

    Its crucial to confirm that your internet connection is solid. If youre going to broadcast your wedding to all your loved ones virtually, you want to make sure that they get to see everything, without important moments dropping out. Theres nothing worse than having slow or lagging internet problems, so make sure the space youre performing your virtual wedding has decent internet service, Norian says. In the event that there are internet troubles, make sure you are recording your ceremony so that if guests were cut off for a period of time, they can watch the recording to see what they missed.

    Next up, choose your streaming platform. There are a number of great video call platforms that could be used for thisyou could use profile-based software like Skype, or you can use simple online platforms like Zoom or Whereby, which just require attendees to click on a link you share with them, Valentina Ring, owner and head planner of London-based wedding company The Star Inside tells HelloGiggles. Just note that Zoom does have some drawbacks, such as charging for group calls that go beyond 45 minutes. Zoom bombing, or hackers showing up in private chats, is also a problem the platform is still working to correct. There are also dedicated live streaming options like, though signing up for this will require a small investment, Ring says.

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    How To Book Your Virtual Wedding With Lovestream


    This part is optional! But if you want to chat to a real human about using LoveStream to live stream your wedding or have questions about customization, then just add yourself to our calendar and well have a call!

    Choose your Package

    We offer three packages for virtual weddings, each serving different purposes and budgets. These can be purchased at any time, or if you are looking for something unique, we can give you a custom quote.


    We will hold your date for three days while you put the pieces together. Once everyone is on board, simply purchase your package. After this step, you will receive emails outlining how to move forward.

    Secure your Date

    We give each of our couples personalized service with a dedicated wedding technician just for their event. This means we can currently host two virtual weddings per day, so secure your date quick!

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