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How To Wear A Jumpsuit To A Wedding

Grab A Leather Jacket

How to EXPERTLY Wear a Jumpsuit to a Wedding
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  • Isnt a leather jacket the coolest winter thing? Leather jackets go with every piece of clothing alongside, adding mood and style to every outfit. So, how about you pair it up with your jumpsuit?

    Believe it or not, a leather jacket is your best friend in the chilly winters of the city. It makes your jumpsuit look super classy, perfect for a concert or formal gathering. Since color combination makes a lot of difference. You can choose pastel-colored jumpsuits as they compliment brown and black leather jackets.

    Although black over black looks amazing but avoid pairing up the same colored jumpsuits and leather jackets. This isnt a fashion disaster but something too last year. In case you feel hot during the daytime, you can simply tie your leather jacket around the waist of your jumpsuit. It just looks exquisite and edgy!

    If youre skeptical about your choice due to the chilling weather, then remember the material of leather jackets is thick enough to not let any wind pass through it. Besides, the extra thick material of the jacket also protects your body in case of accidents. Thus, you can step out with utter confidence and grace.

    However, if you think the leather jacket would look too gaudy for the occasion, you can grab any jacket or blazer with a good color combination to make it look equally appealing and stylish with the jumpsuit.

    Wedges With A Jumpsuit

    A summer staple that adds comfort even to a heel, is a wedge shoe or sandal. There are so many styles available today, that its really up to your personal preference how youd like to wear your wedges with a jumpsuit!

    If your jumpsuit is wider legged or flared, you can easily choose platform wedges to complement your look and make you that much taller! For casual looks, I love a good cork wedge or espadrille heels with a jute sole wedge. Like these Soludos wedges which are timeless.

    Pick Floral Patterns & Prints

    When it comes to wedding-worthy patterns and prints, florals are a guaranteed hit for summer soirées. Add a little sunshine to your look with a ditsy floral jumpsuit or bring the tropics to a midsummer celebration with tropical prints. Complete your outfit with neutral-toned heels and accessories for a winning wedding combo.

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    How To Choose A Jumpsuit

    Much like dresses and other types of clothing, jumpsuits come in many different styles, sizes, and designs. When wearing a jumpsuit outfit, part of the challenge can be finding the right fit to complement your body shape. While some are under the assumption that jumpsuits only work for women who are of model height, this couldnt be further from the truth. Jumpsuits can look chic and classy on petite and plus-size women. In general, youll want to shop for a piece thats fitted at the waist and loose around the legs for a sexy feminine look. If you want to add height, find a jumpsuit that is form-fitting and cropped or cuffed instead of baggy and pair it with pumps. Depending on your style and wardrobe, youll also need to pick the right fabric for the season.

    Floral Jumpsuits For Weddings

    Wedding Dress out of BHLDN

    Floral dresses are always spot on for an afternoon wedding, so its no surprise that floral jumpsuits would be too. Theyre a little less formal than a solid-colored jumpsuit but just as pretty. Heres a beautiful yellow floral jumpsuit with flattering wide legs and a waist-defining wrap top. . Some kind of tie or cinching in at the waist is essential if you want to look great in any jumpsuit.

    How to Style it

    In keeping with the twisty wrap tie top, Ive added twisty nude sandals. Wide leg jumpsuits look so much better when you wear a heel. A chunky heel looks more balanced with wide-leg pants.

    These pretty pearl earrings pick up on the tiny white flowers in print, and the striped clutch bag adds a chic touch.

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    Pluses Of Overalls For A Wedding

    Besides the obvious comfort, wedding jumpsuits have many advantages. The following advantages can be cited:

  • A jumpsuit is easier to choose. It is quite difficult to find a wedding dress that will perfectly fit the figure.
  • The wedding overalls after the celebration will not turn into a meaningless thing in the closet. It can be worn at any gala event. It remains only to correctly select accessories.
  • Overalls will not let you down, no matter what the weather the heavens send on the wedding day.
  • Velvet Sweetheart Wide Leg Jumpsuit

    Straddling the line between on-trend colours mustard and olive, this jumpsuit will earn you mountains of compliments. You’ll spend half the wedding rubbing your hands over the soft velvet, and the other half admiring whatever necklace you choose to sit perfectly above that sweetheart neckline. It comes in black too, if you’re after a classic colour.

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    Pair The Jumpsuit With A Blazer

    I like to add dimensions to my outfits! Even though the white jumpsuit could stand alone, I wanted to show you how you can easily add a blazer to give it some personality.

    If youve never worn a jumpsuit before adding a blazer will make you feel more comfortable than without. It breaks up the look and adds a layer to make the jumpsuit more subtle.

    When selecting a blazer or jacket go with one that enhances the jumpsuit and goes with the occasion. This outfit could work for a cocktail party, formal evening dinner or going out to fancy drinks with friends. Consider where you are going to wear your jumpsuit and select a blazer that either brings it up a notch or makes it more casual.

    I wanted to create an elegant look with this white jumpsuit, so I selected a black tuxedo like a blazer with split personalities. Its a tuxedo blazer in the front but looks like a cape from behind.

    Pick color tones that are similar to your jumpsuit or contrasting. Like, in this case, I went with a black and white jumpsuit outfit. If youre wearing a pretty floral jumpsuit you might want to wear a light rose blazer. Just make sure the two items match.

    Shop Tuxedo Blazers & STILETTO HEELS
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    What Is A Jumpsuit

    Summer Wedding Guest Dresses & Jumpsuits | What To Wear To A Wedding

    Before I begin, maybe youre curious as to what a jumpsuit is, exactly. Or what purpose a jumpsuit serves. Well, this is fashion, baby, so purpose is much less important than aesthetics! A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment with sleeves and pant legs with openings for the feet and hands, often even full arms, if the jumpsuit is sleeveless.

    What is the difference between a romper and a jumpsuit, then? Unlike a romper, which is more of a top-meets-shorts, the pant legs on a jumpsuit are are full length or slightly cropped. Just like the ones featured in the post.

    And if youre wondering yes you have to take the whole thing off to go to the bathroom. So its up to you whether the inconvenience is worth the fashionable look!

    The great thing about these full-length rompers, so to speak, is their ability to dress them up for fancy occasions. But you can also just as easily dress them all the way down.

    Normally, I love wearing a jumpsuit in lieu of a tracksuit, just for bumming around the house, but this time around I decided it was time to dress it up a little. To make that little black jumpsuit feel a little more important

    There are lots of of amazing jumpsuit styles year round at Nordstrom, here if you want to check them out!

    Shop Jumpsuits for Women, below:

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    Sneakers With A Jumpsuit

    Sneakers are one of my top shoes that go with everything for casual occasions. Depending on the sneaker itself, sneakers can even work for business casual occasions when choosing a more refined sneaker style.

    Sneakers are great because they are comfortable and effortless and are a prime choice shoes to wear with a jumpsuit, because jumpsuits are also effortless. Sneakers are the absolute perfect shoes to wear with a denim jumpsuit, if thats your thing!

    What sneakers to choose? You cannot go wrong with an It-sneaker du jour or a classic. Depending on your style, you can opt for chunky fashionable sneakers, simple canvas sneakers , breathable knit sneakers or one of Golden Gooses low tops or high tops to add some glam.

    The failproof sneaker with a jumpsuit, however? A simple white sneaker, either made of canvas or leather .

    Shop Sneakers, below:

    What Overalls To Choose

    Choose something out of the box but it must give you a wedding feel.

    This year, many houses in their spring-summer collections released on the catwalk models in jumpsuits. Experimenting with silhouettes, length, materials, and width of the pants.

    And this is not surprising: ore than a year has passed since the wedding day of Beyoncés younger sister. Solange Knowles, but her trouser outfit with a cape thrown over captivated many brides. And excites the minds of wedding designers to this day.

    So, that the image of the bride in overalls is as effective as possible, adhere to the emphasis on the shoulder line. And the secret weapon of your wedding dress will be an asymmetric cut, a seductive V-neck, wide trousers with arrows, and pure solid color.

    Individual image

    Creating a really stylish and creative wedding look is much more difficult than classic. Particular attention should be paid to the details of the jumpsuit: a cotton lace top, a proper fit, arrows on trousers that visually extend the silhouette, and pants length, designed to show beautiful ankles and new shoes. The most important thing is the feeling of comfort that you will feel on your wedding day.

    hoose flowing fabrics: silk, chiffon, crepe de chine, lace.

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    Where To Find A White Jumpsuit

    Since white jumpsuits arent necessarily the most popular wedding attire choice, you might have a harder time finding them in your local bridal shops. However, more and more designers are taking notice of the trend and creating amazing bridal jumpsuits for their lines to accommodate modern brides. The best thing that you can do is to call ahead to shops in your area to see if they have what you are looking for before you come in or do research online.

    Formal Shoes To Wear With A Jumpsuit

    Convertible Wedding Dress Jumpsuit

    If youre looking for what to wear with a black jumpsuit to a wedding or similar fancy occasions, this section is for you. Of course, if youre going to be uplifting your jumpsuit no matter what color for an elegant soiree or cocktail party, a few tips:

    Make sure your jumpsuit isnt already very casual, such as a jumpsuit made of denim or a beach looking linen jumpsuit. I would stick to sleek fabrics and simple shapes. There are also ultra-glam jumpsuit made of satin materials, or available with extra large bows, or made with lace or metallic fabrics.

    These are perfect choices for wearing jumpsuits elegantly and allow you to not put as much pressure of your shoes and accessories to do the elevating for you. However, as long as you dont choose a rugged/beachy jumpsuit, you can wear any of the shoes with a jumpsuits to make it fancy, below.

    Purse Styling Tip: A small clutch in either a neutral or metallic hue would complement your fancy jumpsuit outfit. A velvet or embroidered purse is also a good choice if your jumpsuit is a simple black or one-color. You can also opt for a smaller hand held purse if freeing up your hands is more convenient for you.

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    Plus Gold Sequin Asymmetric Jumpsuit

    You can always rely on high street favourite River Island to deliver on party wear, and they haven’t disappointed with this fun sequin jumpsuit. Available in sizes up to 28, it’s perfect for any black tie or winter wedding and you’ll look incredible hitting the dance floor in this number! This would be great if you’re looking for an unusual gold bridesmaid dress alternative too!

    Accessories That Complete The Look

    Speaking of accessories, its time to talk about those finishing touches for your formal jumpsuit. Most formal jumpsuits are one solid color, which is very fashionable but also a little one-note. Luckily for you, accessories are an easy way to break up that color and add some excitement to your look!

    Try out some statement jewelry or a belt in a contrasting color to add extra oomph to your outfit. Youll also want to look for small handbags, like a clutch or small crossbody bag. These will hold all your wedding essentials but wont distract from your jumpsuit.

    And of course, it wouldnt be 2020 if we didnt discuss face masks. Masks are here to stay for quite some time, so why not make them a part of your fashion ensemble? You can add a couture mask to your wedding jumpsuit for a look that is polished, complete, and protective!

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    Black Jumpsuits For Weddings

    Can you wear a black jumpsuit to a wedding? The answer is yes. Wear a classy black jumpsuit when you are attending a sophisticated black-tie wedding. This one above, with the keyhole neckline and flowy pleated pants, would look gorgeous.

    How to Dress Up a Black Jumpsuit for a Wedding

    The beautiful thing about dressy black jumpsuits is that, just like little black dresses, there are countless ways to dress them up. This chic, black, halter jumpsuit has been styled for a black-tie destination wedding. Ive added tassel hoop earrings, a fan straw clutch, and sexy transparent slides to go with the exotic tropical location.

    You could just as easily style this jumpsuit with upscale gold or silver accessories for a black-tie city wedding. A luxurious evening jacket would also work well over a jumpsuit like this if you wanted some arm coverage.

    Wear A Solid Color Jumpsuit

    Changing into a 2nd Dress or Jumpsuit on the Wedding Day: Multiple Outfits!

    If youre a jumpsuit virgin ease into it and wear a solid black, navy, forest, or dark-colored jumpsuit. If youre a little daring, opt for a jumpsuit with a small print, like polka dots, or bright color!

    In these summer travel outfits, I wore a polka dot jumpsuit, a bright pink jumpsuit, and a bright yellow polka dot jumpsuit. Those are some jumpsuit outfit examples on the other end of the spectrum, casual and fun for summer.

    But Black is always a slimming choice!

    A solid jumpsuit is elongating since its one unbroken vertical line the eye moves easily up and down without interruption.

    Once you feel comfortable in a black or white jumpsuit experiment by adding some pattern or splashes of color.

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