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How To Have An Affordable Wedding

Recruit Talented Friends To Help

HOW TO HAVE A CHEAP WEDDING | 10 TIPS WEDDING HACKS, how to pay NOTHING for your venue, dress & more

Explore your network of family and friends and call in some wedding favors. Whether its having a friend design your wedding invitations or an aunt bake your wedding cupcakes, utilize the resources you have in your network to save money. Using people in your circle in lieu of hiring professional vendors can save you money on your wedding!

Book Your Most Important Suppliers First

Booking your most important suppliers first can help you manage your budget throughout the wedding process. Theres no point splurging on parts of your wedding that youve agreed you can budget on, and then not having enough when your dream photographer comes along. Making a list of what to book when can be helpful to keep your mind on the task at hand.

We advise starting your wedding search with your venue. The average cost of a wedding venue equates to about 45% of the average wedding budget and can also help you set the date, which will, in turn, help your budget.

A Cancun Beach House With A Private Dock

Looking for a dreamy seaside escape? At under $600 per night, this Cancun beach house can be yours for the weekend. There’s rooms to host a maximum of 22 guests to celebrate your nuptials, and you can choose between an intimate ceremony on the grounds, or head to the private dock on the beach for a stunning backdrop.

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Ask For Wedding Help Instead Of Wedding Gifts

Talk to some of the friends and family youre inviting to the wedding and ask them if they would be willing to provide help at the wedding in lieu of a gift. This is particularly true if you have someone on the guest list with a particular talent.

Guests for your wedding might be able to help with photography, provide emcee services, tend the bar at the reception, or perform any of the other endless tasks that a wedding entails. While some guests may prefer not to do this, others will relish the chance.

Many of the roles at our own wedding were provided by family and friends. From our perspective, we felt that everything would be much more meaningful if people we loved were actually involved with the ceremony in some way, and many of them jumped at the chance. Some of them provided supplies as their wedding gift, while others provided discounts.

Getting even a little help can easily shave 5% off of the total cost of the wedding.

Strategy: Ask family and friends for assistance at the ceremony in lieu of giftsSavings: $1,400

With all that money youve saved on your big day, turn to your next big step in life: Buy the home youll love as much as each other. Compare mortgages below.

Check Your Mortgage Rates

How To Have An Awesome And Affordable Backyard Wedding

How to Have a Cheap Wedding for Under $1,000 in 2020 ...

The Knots 2014 Real Weddings survey found that the average cost of a wedding is $31,213.

Some people dont see the practicality of high cost weddings a friend who runs a Charlotte limo rental has mentioned that his personal friends always feel that to them, that money could go towards a home, retirement, or starting a family.

It makes sense to plan a low-cost wedding to fund your other financial goals, and having a simple backyard wedding can be a good option to save money.

Want to learn how to create an awesome backyard wedding? Follow the tips below.

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How To Find A Wedding Venue On A Budget

If budget is a high priority on your wedding checklist, the first place to start looking for cheap wedding venue ideas is your own backyard.

  • This advice is literal as well as figurative. Your own backyard gives you a lot of control, a lot of familiarity and the fees are highly negotiable. Youll have to factor in the costs of rentals furniture, extra washrooms, etc. but this is usually a very cost-effective solution.
  • If you happen to live in a rural area, barn weddings are all the rage right now. Clearing it out and setting up extra lighting may be a little bit of a task, but between the simple wedding venues savings and having two spaces for all of the festivities, its well worth it.
  • If your own home wont suffice, move on to friends and family for your small cheap wedding venues needs. Many of your nearest and dearest will gladly volunteer their home to your big day, and the higher-ups at work may even consider donating their space as a wedding gift.
  • With all of these at-home wedding options, it doesnt have to seem like youre saving money. With the right combination of decor, food, and entertainment, each and every single guest will be enveloped by the experience.
  • If all of these are not viable options, check out Airbnb. There are plenty of homes and other spaces out there that have more than enough room to accommodate your vendors and guests, and all for a fraction of the price youd pay with a formal banquet hall.

Postpone Your Wedding If Needed

In case most of your guests and relatives cannot attend your wedding due to the pandemic, for instance, you can opt for postponement of your wedding to another date. Talk to your wedding planner or coordinator to help you decide.

If you are going to postpone your wedding and move it to a different date, be sure to act quickly so that you can reserve for a new date and inform your team and guests immediately about such details. For lesser stress and hassle, inform the venue and your other wedding suppliers three to five months before your wedding day if you are postponing it.

Formulate an alternative plan and have options in terms of date savilable. But, determine first if your chosen venue for the ceremony and reception can accommodate an adjustment of dates, then reach out to your other suppliers if they can do the same for you. Announce this along with the cancellation of your wedding to your potential guests once finalised with the venue and other suppliers.

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Focus On What Is Important To You

Theres no point in splashing out on a wedding if youre going to look back on what should be a special day and regret it. Focusing on what is important to you can help you decide what you do and dont put your budget towards.

We suggest choosing a handful of wedding features that are important to you and focusing on them as your must-haves. That way, if your planning starts to get a little bit out of hand, you can look back at these must-haves and compromise on the rest.

Dont lose sight of what you want your wedding to be about, and your budget shouldnt lose sight of it either.

Cafes Restaurants And Bars

How To Have A Wedding Under £10k

Renting out a private dining room at a coffee shop, bar or eatery or possibly the whole facility can be a budget-friendly option, depending on the guest list size and type of establishment. A full-service place will have food, tables, chairs, dishes and utensils in-house, which can save money compared with hiring outside vendors.

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Concentrate On What Is Essential To You

Prioritise what is significant to you to help you decide on what to put and not to put in your budget moving forward. It is recommended to select wedding details that have an impact on you and your partner during your journey as a couple. Focus on the must-haves first. Through this, if your planning gets a bit out of hand, you can review these must-haves and do away with the rest of the details.

Remember not to lose focus on what you want your wedding to be and you should not lose sight of your budget either.

Cleveland Museum Of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art was founded in 1913, offering a space to showcase a vast collection of art. It’s also the perfect place to host your nuptials, offering multiple spaces for a ceremony including The Ames Family Atrium, as well as an on-site restaurant and private banquet room. Rental fees for this artistic gem start at $3,500.

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Small Wedding Ideas For An Intimate Affair


Overwhelmed by the thought of gathering 200 of your nearest and dearest together for your wedding day? Eloping may have crossed your mind, but thats not the only way to avoid the crowd. Instead, have all the fixings of a wedding, but on a much smaller scale. Were talking 10 guests, 20 max , and all of the things that will make your wedding feel like, you know, your wedding: invitations, dinner, a white dress, cake, and any other detail important to two of you.

Shrinking the event down to a cozy, intimate size guarantees youll love where your money goes, and it creates the opportunity for great memories with every single guest. But theres more to it than decreasing your guest list. There are planning changes to make, details to consider, and a proportionally larger budget to work with.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up 30 wedding planner-approved small wedding ideas to consider for your big day.

Shop Around For Entertainment

How to Have a Cheap Wedding for Under $1,000 in 2020 ...

Wedding DJs are pricey. In fact, just saying the word wedding, causes vendors prices to skyrocket.

If you know someone whos in a band, maybe theyll give you a discount. Companies like Alive Network offer a variety of wedding entertainment. Some companies will even package some services together to save you even more.

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Be Thoughtful With Activities

As youre determining the details and activities, decide what is important to you and your partner and skip the things that dont matter. Many couples opt to forgo some of the traditional dancing at a small wedding, says Nick and Aleah Valley. Know your crowd and replace it with an activity everyone will enjoy, or keep it in the timeline if your loved ones love to dance.

Sunset At The Palms Negril

Wedding package: $599 $2,899

Next on our list of 5 Affordable Jamaica Wedding Packages is Sunset at the Palms in Negril. Situated among lush forests and offering a level of tranquility thats nearly unmatched, this resort aims to provide the most intimate Jamaican wedding experience possible. Guests stay in raised Asian-Caribean inspired treehouse suites to offer a cozy, one-of-a-kind tropical environment.

The entry-level wedding package is $599 and can be complimentary when meeting specific booking requirements. The package includes the continual assistance of their professional wedding planner, floral bouquet and boutonniere, wedding cake and sparkling wine, and special dinner reservations. Upgrades are available to your ceremony decor, food, drink, and more. Sunset at the Palms offers over a dozen floral customization options, so if youre seeking a wedding ceremony full of flora and stunning colors, this is the place for your Jamaica destination wedding.

Room rates are quite reasonable at $165 $185 per person per night, considering the rooms are elevated treehouse villas that showcase the beauty of Negril exceptionally. For its comforts, tranquility, and unique approach to a romantic Jamaican experience, Sunset at the Palms weddings make our list of 5 Affordable Jamaica Wedding Packages.

Example Signature Sunset Wedding Package:

Dream Wedding Held at Exclusive Sunset Hour

Resort Wedding Planner

Bouquet and Boutonniere

Recorded Music

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City Hall Or Courthouse

Yes, you can always get married at your local courthouse or City Hall!

Some of these buildings are absolutely breathtaking. San Franciscos City Hall has jaw-dropping interiors and Philadelphias majestic City Hall is constructed of brick, marble, and granite. Visit the citys website or office to find out their marriage license requirements.

Barn At Madeline Island In Wisconsin

wedding planning: how to have a wedding on a budget

This barn home has serious history. The hand-hewn beams and barn board walls come from a 200-year-old barn in Vermont that was lovingly disassembled, transported, and constructed into this waterfront home. Surrounded by white pine forest and with private lakefront access, its the perfect cozy spot for a family retreator an intimate wedding. For a group of 35 or fewer, settle into the property and fill your wedding weekend with kayaking, biking, and long nights under the stars on the back deck. Rates start under $1,000 per night, and the minimum stay varies depending on the season.

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Don’t Mention The ‘w’ Word

If there’s one thing guaranteed to increase the price, it’s when the suppliers you’re buying from know it’s a wedding. So when negotiating flowers, wine etc, try to avoid the word ‘wedding’. Call it a party or celebration, and only once the price is agreed should you mention it is for a wedding.

Having said that, if you’re eloping, or after smaller bits and pieces, such as make-up, then mentioning you’re getting married can mean freebies galore. Forumite laughing cow said her wedding was a secret elopement…

It was like catnip lots of squealing and loads of good quality free samples . Same thing on the plane got chatting to some other passengers and crew and said we were eloping. Cue lots of champagne on the flight and a bottle to take with us. laughing cow

Do Your Research And Explore All The Options

When shopping for literally anything, its so important to do your research and shop around. Gather all the relevant info, options, and quotes and youll be much more likely to find the best value. Also be sure to check for wedding deals and discounts on *everything* you buy for your big day.

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Save Money On Wedding Venues Near You

  • Have the ceremony and reception at the same place. Chertoff suggests picking a venue that can host both, like a legion hall or a church with a hall attached, so that you wont have to pay two rental fees or for transportation between locations.

  • Negotiate. Bertino says venues that charge a minimum food cost and room rental fee sometimes will waive the fee if you ask.

  • Trim the guest list. With fewer guests, you could get a smaller space.

  • Choose an off-peak time. Pick a month, day of the week or time of day thats not in high demand and you may get a break on the price. Consider a Thursday brunch instead of a Saturday dinner.

  • Approach blank spaces carefully. Locations that require you to bring everything in yourself like tables, chairs and audio equipment can get expensive. Calculate how much it would cost to rent or buy everything you need versus choosing a place that provides the basics.

  • Pay with a credit card. Depending on the type of card you have, you might earn cash back, rewards or travel points that you can put toward the honeymoon or recouping some of the costs. Use cards responsibly, and dont spend more than you can afford to repay.

  • Take your time. Thoroughly research options and compare prices to find a venue you love that fits into your budget.

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