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How To Properly Rsvp To A Wedding Invitation

Email Sample Two For Accepting An Rsvp

Subject line: Accepting your invitation for your WeddingDear Simon and Annie,Thank you for inviting me to your wedding on the 19th of June. I will be attending. If theres a dress code or anything I need to know beforehand, please let me know. Thank you again for your invitation. Kind Regards, John Doe.

Wedding Invitation Rsvp Cards: Use These Templates

Creating wedding invitations is easy, right? You just choose a style you like and then input your wedding details and information? Well not exactly. Like any hands-on job, youre going to need the right tools for the job and a plan. Start by gathering up the following:

  • the invitation itself
  • the outer envelope
  • an envelope that goes inside that is unsealed
  • a reception card
  • a stamped RSVP card that is addressed to the host

That last point is really important, as the RSVP card lets you know who among your friends and family are actually coming . And youre not the only ones who need to know this information your venue, catering company, and even other vendors such as transportation and hotel contacts will need a final count well in advance of the wedding date.

In This Article

The number of RSVPs you are sent back will determine final costs that you, or whomever is paying for your wedding, will be responsible for, and many times, changes cannot be made past this date, explains Danielle Rothweiler of Rothweiler Event Design in Verona, New Jersey. This means that if someone RSVPs after the date, you might feel pressured to try and accommodate them, but your venue might not be able to at that point.

Finalize Rsvps And Count

If you are making the RSVP cards yourself, you will want to print a few samples to check ink quality and alignment and to make any changes to the wording. Those who are going through a printer or ordering invites online may be able to request a sample be printed or emailed for their approval before the order is completed. Double check the RSVP sample for errors in spelling, reply date, and layout design before giving final approval.

Once the requested RSVP date has passed, give guests a few days extra for any responses mailed on the response date to arrive. Then you or the hosts of the wedding should call anyone who has not responded. For persons who were invited “and guest,” a couple should find out the name of the guest for seating arrangements, if necessary.

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Hi Guys So Excited For Your Special Day Of Course Well Be There Cant Wait To See Claire Walk Down The Aisle To The Man Of Her Dreams See You On Friday For A Celebratory Drink Big Hug Samantha And Alyssa

While it would be inconceivable to begin a formal wedding invitation acceptance with Hi guys!, this is an entirely appropriate opener for an informal acceptance letter.

You can mention something about the ceremony you are looking forward to, or else reference an inside joke.

Since the bride and groom have decided to have a more informal affair, they will surely appreciate you picking up on the tone of the invitation and will like seeing what you come up with in your response.

How To Respond To A Wedding Invitation Informally

Formal Response Card Etiquette

While some people go for the full shebangthe big princess dress, the formal invitations, and the marqueeother people decide they would be happier with a more low-key wedding.

Intimate, informal weddings can be a whole lot of fun. You get to hang out with people you love without having to stand on ceremony too much.

If you receive an invitation that doesnt require a traditional confirmation of attendance, you can personalize your response to your hearts content and be as genuine as you want.

Here are a few ways you could confirm your attendance to a more informal shindig.

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How To Rsvp By Post To A Wedding Invitation

Weddings are special and enjoyable events, however they also come with certain etiquette and expectations. We wanted to provide some suggested wording and guidance on how to reply to a wedding invitation.


Upon receiving a wedding invitation, it is common to read Répondez s’il vous plaît or R.S.V.P. towards the bottom of the invitation. Translated, it literally means ‘Respond if you please’, and the desired response is for you to let the hosts know your response to whether you can attend, or not, and perhaps some other questions they ask.

These days there is all manner of methods for how the host would like to receive the response email, wedding websites, response cards or no preferred method.

While you should always endeavour to use the method prescribed by the host, a handwritten response as a standalone or, in addition to the prescribed manner is a beautiful way to leave an impression with the host – remember, they are very excited about their big day and it is wonderful to see someone take the time to echo that excitement.


Responses help the hosts keep track of the guest list, which is an important and often stressful part of the wedding planning process. Therefore when invited to a wedding a guests duty is to respond promptly confirming your attendance or regrets.

Style & Examples

Formal Responses

Dear, accept with pleasure the kind invitation of Mr and Mrs John Harristo the wedding reception of their daughter Sarah & Tom Duncan. Yours Sincerely,

What Is A Wedding Rsvp Card

An RSVP card, also known as a response card, is an important piece of your wedding invitation suite. Although it might not get a lot of spotlight, this small card plays a critical role in facilitating guests responses to your invitation. RSVP cards are included in the same envelope as your wedding invitations, typically placed on top. Theyre accompanied by postmarked, addressed return envelopes so that guests can fill out the required info and send back the completed card to you with minimal effort. RSVP cards and envelopes are necessary unless you choose to include RSVP contact information on your invitation or to gather wedding RSVPs online.

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Wedding Rsvp Etiquette: 9 Tips All Brides Should Know

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In this article, were going to cover everything there is to know about wedding RSVP cards. Were going to explain how to create them, and what to do about those invitees who forget to RSVP

Getting ready to send out your wedding RSVP cards?

Stressed about how to go about it?

Planning a wedding is not easy. With everything there is to plan, the last thing any bride wants is for her RSVP list to go haywire. Lets get you sorted out!

What Shouldnt I Do Not That I Would Have Anyway

How to Observe Proper Wedding RSVP Etiquette

Aside from waiting too long like we noted above, there are a couple common donts that plague event hosts commonly:

  • Guests who dont provide the required info that an RSVP requires. This might be forgetting to make a meal choice, not identifying if you plan to bring a +1, or forgetting to include the meal preference of another guest in your party.
  • This probably goes without saying, but dont fill in or plan to bring with you a random if your host hasnt specifically offered you a guest.
  • Do your best to make sure you arent going to make any changes after submitting your wedding RSVP back your host is probably using this info as soon as they get it to plan anything from budget to seating.

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When Your Guests Don’t Respond

Hosts, this is for you. If Susie Slacker and Polly Procrastinator have yet to respond and your event is just weeks away, it’s fine to reach out with a gentle nudge. You can say something like, “Hi Susie! I hope you received the invitation to our dinner party. I’m putting the last few touches on the meal now and would love to get a final headcount. Please let me know today whether or not you’ll be able to join us. Hope to see you then!”

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Compile The Guest List

RSVP invitations should go out no less than 6 weeks before the wedding. Ideally, they should go out 8 weeks before the reception. Invitees should have received Save-the-Date memos even earlier.

If you previously compiled a guest list when you mailed out your Save-the-Date memos, great! It shouldnt be hard to compile your RSVP invitation list!

Youre going to want to number your guest list . Make a copy of the list, and keep a checklist of the RSVP invitations youve already sent out.

You also want to make note of peoples locations. Some guests on your list may live farther than most. You want to give them ample time to plan so they can make the trip in for your big day.

Be consistent with how you notify people about your big day. If you sent Save-the-Date memos in the mail, you should also mail out your RSVP invitations.

Brides traditionally mail RSVP invitations through the post office. But these days, more and more brides are opting to send RSVPs by email.

Regardless of how you send, if youre having a wedding reception, your RSVPs should be concise.

RSVP card from Minted

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Can I Bring My Kids

Unless your invitation indicates a space for you to fill out multiple names or if your invitation is addressed to The Smiths or So-and-so and Family, its best not to assume that you can bring the kiddos along. Some invitations may even flat out say that children are not allowed to be in attendance, in which case you should respect the couples wishes and make arrangements for childcare.

How To Confirm Rsvp

Formal Response Card Etiquette

Generally, it comes with a date within which you must respond but make sure you do it at the earliest. This is because it doesnt take any effort for an RSVP to skip your mind amidst many preoccupations.

The invitation cards typically come with an RSVP card along with an envelope with the address mentioned. You may just have to write your name and choose from various options and include a note for your host.

If you receive an invitation via email, then all you have to do is to hit reply and type out whether you are going to attend it or not and also drop a message showering love and best wishes.

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Unique Wedding Response Cards Wording

Unique RSVP card wordings are the most creative. Play with words or create invitation components without using over flogged lines. They could be formal and straight-laced, destination or fun. The bottom line is that theyre so unique, theyd catch the attention of guests.

  • We request the favor of your reply by the tenth of JuneI cant say no to free food, drinks, and a beautiful love story! I will cheer to you from here

  • Give a response to this request by June tenthYes, theres no party till I show up! No, you guys have fun without me.

How Do I Inform My Friends And Family About Including A Guest

To keep your wedding at a set number of attendees a line to include would be ” ______ of ______ guest will attend,” and then pre-fill in the second blank with the number of people you are inviting. This is a great way as well if you invite a large group or family, and only 3 of the 6 plans on attending. Another way is to include the line ” of seats have been reserved in your honor” and use the next two lines to include the guests names and another line for their +1. This way your guests will be informed of how many people can come along.

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How To Rsvp Using A Paper Rsvp Card

Most RSVPs will ask for 3-4 key pieces of information from you:Your Name: Yup, that first line is for your name and the names of those in your party.

Your Reply: Whether you plan to attend . If some members of your party can attend while others cannot, use the relevant line to write in the number of guests who will attend and who wont be coming.

Your Meal Preference: Most RSVPs will give you a few choices for your entree and some might even offer a choice of an appetizer or dessert. If replying for more than one guest, indicate the totals for each option. If theres no meal preference section, chances are the event will offer a buffet with plenty of selection.

Guest/+1: Sometimes, RSVPs may include a separate +1/guest area. Typically, this area asks only for the guests name, and youll fill in your guests meal preferences along with your own.

If you have any food allergies or other special needs, be sure to include those with the RSVP card either in the meal selection section, in the margin, or on the back of the card. If theres no room for such a note, feel free to include a small note in the envelope containing your reply.

After youve filled in your reply details, slip the RSVP card into the included envelope , and drop it in the mail. Be sure to submit your RSVP before the your reply is appreciated by date way earlier, if possible.

Wedding Invitation Rsvp Wording Examples

How to Formally RSVP to a Wedding

Sample 1: Simple Regrets

If you are not attending the wedding, a short note is still necessary. Since you are declining the invitation, you do not need too much information.

Providing a reason for declining is optional. You can choose to offer a reason why you cannot attend such as vacation plans already made prior to receiving this invitation. Wed recommend providing a reason if you are particularly close with the couple.

If you are not providing a reason, you can simply write:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Richards,Thank you for inviting us to celebrate with you. We regret that we will not be able to attend your wedding on June 6th.Best wishes,David and Rebecca Smith

Sample 2: Group attending

If you are responding for a group, be sure to include the total number of attendees along with the names and any requests.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Richards,

Thank you for inviting us to attend the wedding of your daughter, Hannah. We are honored to be included in the celebration and look forward to seeing you at the ceremony on Saturday, June 15th at St. Marys Church in Little Rock.

The following 4 people will be attending:

David SmithJunior Smith Michelle SmithVegetarian Meal

Traditionally RSVPs were sent by mail. Today couples have multiple options of collecting RSVPs digitally to save time and money. Since RSVPing by email may be a newer concept for weddings, we hope this post helped to guide your next RSVP by email.

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