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How To Assemble Wedding Invitations

How To Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations

Shannon Von Eschen

When you receive your wedding invitations from the printer, you’ll probably be excited to get started stuffing envelopes and sending them off to your friends and family. But if your invitation suite involves multiple cards and pieces, you might start wondering how to assemble wedding invitations properly. The truth is, it’s less complicated than it looks.

Read on to find out exactly how to put wedding invites together and start an at-home assembly line with your bridesmaids.

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Things You Should Know Before Addressing Assembling And Mailing Your Wedding Invitations

If you’re in the middle of wedding planning, you likely have your big-day stationery suite picked out and ready to go. Before you eagerly pop those fresh-off-the-press paper goods in the mail, however, you’ll want to research everything there is to know about properly formatting all of the information typically included on the invite. Like with most things wedding-related, there’s a code of conduct to follow when addressing wedding invitations and guests, assembling invitation pieces in a specific order, and choosing a time to send.

Thankfully, these must-know wedding invitation tips will help you mail your invites without a hitch. Trust usyou’ll find this cheat sheet particularly helpful when it comes time to put together all of the elements that actually go inside the envelopeincluding that second “inner” envelope. If you’re already confused, don’t be. While these invitation customs have history, there are endless ways to make your paper suite your ownbut it’s important to nail down a few of the bigger rules, to ensure that the invites make it into your guests’ hands safe and sound.

Since you paid good money for your invites, you also want to be certain that they remain in pristine condition throughout their journey. Here, you’ll learn about requesting hand-canceling, which prevents heavy machines from damaging soft paper goods. Ready for more invitation suite tips and tricks? Click through for all the paper good details, big and small.

Fyi: The Navy Template I’m Using For This Tutorial Is Editable So You Can Change The Background Color To White If You Want To Save On Printing Costs At Home Try It Out For Free Here

When deciding whether to print your belly bands at home or at a print shop, consider the ink heaviness and quantity you’ll be printing. Does your design have a full color background like the one above? If so, it will consume a lot of ink, which can get expensive. Printing at home is often a more cost-effective solution for DIY stationery, but if you need large quantities of an ink-heavy design, printing through a local print shop might be more budget-friendly. For more money-saving tips, check out The Complete Guide to DIY Stationery.

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Assembling Wedding Invitations: A Step

Youve ordered your wedding invitations, purchased postage, and addressed the envelopesnow what? Once youve received your finished invites from the printer, its time to get everything out the door! The first step of understanding how to stuff wedding invitations is to make sure all of the various stationery pieces are in the proper order. Save time by following our guide to correctly assembling wedding invitations.

How Do I Assemble My All

How to Assemble the Perfect Wedding Invitation  Today

Minteds All-in-One wedding invitations allow you to share wedding details and an RSVP, no separate reply card needed. Heres how to assemble your All-In-One invitations:

  • Start with your invitation lying face up, with the addressed side down.
  • Fold up the bottom RSVP panel along the pre-scored crease.
  • Fold down the top flap.
  • The folded invite should now resemble an envelope, with the top flap covering the bottom.
  • Seal the invitation closed with the clear stickers provided. We suggest using multiple stickers for a secure seal and to ensure proper USPS handling: Place the stickers in the center as well as on both sides of the invite.
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    Last But Not Least How To Tie Your Silk Ribbon

    This elegant option will definitely bring your invitation suite to the next level of beautiful! Our 100% silk charmeuse ribbon is both charming and romantic. Tying your wedding invitations with silk ribbon, either by itself or in addition to your belly band, can be a bit challenging the first few tries. Due to the delicacy of the material, the ribbon will have a little bit more room for your pieces to move around. Below is a step by step process of how to tie your suites with perfection.

    Ribbon arrives on wooden spools approximately 4.5 yards in length, with a width of 1.75. We highly recommend cutting your ribbon into 22 for portrait oriented invitations or 31 for landscape oriented invitations, with the use of fabric shears or scissors that have not cut paper before. This will ensure a clean straight cut.

    Please note, when ribbon wedding invitations are purchased or if you plan on using ribbon to tie around your wedding invitation suites, we highly recommend also using double envelopes. This will better protect your stationery when traveling through the mail to your guests. The beautifully tied invitation can be placed inside in the inner envelope, which is then put inside the outer envelope. This gives the beautifully tied invitation the protection that it needs.

    How To Assemble In 5 Easy Steps

  • Insert the wedding invitation into the envelope with the printed side facing you.
  • Place the reception card in front of the invitation with printed side up.
  • If youre including other enclosures, like map cards or accommodation cards, place them in front of the reception card printed side up.
  • Now tuck the response card under the flap of its envelope, printed side up. Be sure to place a stamp on the envelope. Then place the card and envelope in front of the enclosures mentioned in step 3.
  • Once you have all the pieces assembled in the correct order, tuck the stacked invitation pieces into the envelope with the printed sides facing you.
  • If you ordered from the Seal and Send or Sep and Send collections, youll want to read How to Assemble Seal and Send Invitations or How to Assemble Sep and Send Invitations.

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    Dont Forget To Get Them Hand

    What the what?! Ah yes, hand-canceling.

    Heres another trip to the post office: once the invitations are all stamped with proper postage, put them in one giant stack and ask them to hand-cancel them.

    This prevents your wedding invitations from running through their machine, thus making them look nicer upon delivery.

    Its something many couples overlook, but its a great thing to do.

    Now that you know the proper order of assembly for invitations, along with some tips, do you have any questions for us?

    Have you picked out your invitations yet?

    Dont forget to assemble invitations as soon as possible, as it can sometimes be a daunting task that takes longer than you may think.

    Its always a good idea to have them assembled early, so you can mail invitations out on time.

    Hope it helps!

    Create An Assembly Line

    How to Assemble Wedding Invitations With Ribbon

    Many hands make less work, and an assembly line is a tried-and-true method of churning out a flawless finished product. Once youve gathered a good-sized crew, divide them up and give them individual tasks.

    If you have more people than you need, try breaking people up into teams to work in shifts. You can even turn the process into a party game where the fastest team gets a prize at the end. Dont be afraid to think outside the box and get creative with how you encourage people to get the job done.

    Just dont be bossythese people are giving their time to help you send mail. Try to give direction rather than orders nobody wants to help someone who seems ungrateful. Direction comes in the form of encouragement and gratitude, with plenty of compliments sprinkled on top. This subtle difference will determine whether your friends and family walk away from the day thinking that was fun versus that was a nightmare. Even if something goes wrong, try and remain calmtheres almost always a solution.

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    The Right Way To Assemble Wedding Invitations

    Ready to mail your invites out? Once you have your invitation suite and accessories ready to, youll want to lay everything on a clean table. Then, youll want to place your invitation on the table, and add any of the elements you have below on top of it Note that the invitation and enclosures should all be facing up towards you .

  • Invitation
  • RSVP Card , under the flap of the RSVP envelope
  • Map/Directions
  • Accommodations and any other enclosures
  • If you do use an inner envelope, everything would be placed into it in the same order. However, that envelope would then be placed into the outer envelope with the front of the inner envelope facing you.

    When it comes to wedding envelopes, Minted always tops our list! Get free guest addressing and custom envelopes available in a gorgeous selection of colors.

    Does Minted Send Wedding Invitation Samples

    Yes, we would love to send you sample wedding invitations! This way, you can see our papers and printing techniques for yourself to help you visualize your wedding stationery. We offer three different sample options :

  • Free sample kit with our curated designs: This includes a handpicked mix of flat, foil-pressed, and die-cut invitations, plus swatches of our premium paper.
  • Free sample kit with your design selections: You pick your favorite wedding invitation designs, which we will add to our free sample kit and mail directly to you. To choose this option, browse our wedding invitation designs select a favorite design and select “order a sample.” Use code: 10FREE for a $10 samples credit.
  • Free sample kit with a personalized save the date: Choose from five of our unique save the date designs, personalize it with your photo and specific wedding details, and we will send it to you with our free sample kit.
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    Assembling Your Wedding Invitations How It All Goes Together

    So, youve got all your wedding invitations together with your new double envelopes, response cards, and any other information or enclosures youll be sending to your guests. Now how do you put it all together?

    What follows are some brief guidelines to help you construct a traditional wedding invitation mailing ensemble. These are merely generally accepted methods feel free to deviate from them if you want.

    Proofread Your Wedding Invitations

    Assembling Wedding Invitations

    You don’t want to send out wedding invitations with a spelling error or the incorrect date or time. Chances are your stationer sent you a digital proof before printing them, but it’s important to make sure it turned out the proper way and that all of the wedding invitation wording is correct. Check to make sure your wedding date is correct, the time of the ceremony or reception is clear, the name of the wedding venue is accurate, your parents and partner’s parents’ names are correct , and any other details you included. Ask a member of your wedding party or significant other to serve as a second set of eyes in case you glaze over a mistake. You’ll also want to check the whole invitation suite to make sure there’s no spills or stains on them when they arrive.

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    How Do I Get Started

    Your 3 for 1 wedding invitation will come as one flat sheet with perforated edges so you can easily separate the invitation, response card and reception card. You will also receive response card envelopes and inner and outer envelopes for the invitations. Why two envelopes for the invite? Read, Inner and Outer Envelopes Explanation and Etiquette. We suggest addressing all envelopes before performing the steps listed below.

    Think Outside The Box

    Your relationship is unique, so your invitations should be, too! Theres no reason you need to stay with the confines of what a traditional wedding invitation should look like. Dont be afraid to switch up your format, themes and even incorporate some personal jokes into your design!

    Via Paperless Post

    For example, this wedding invitation uses a clever, timeline format that maps out the course of the couples relationship. This injects extra personality and visual interest into this invite, especially when coupled with the cute illustrations.

    To create wedding invites with a unique format, it can sometimes be as simple as switching up your wording. From there, the other design elements often flow naturally.

    Canvas Blue and Red Colorful World Map Wedding Invitation templateproves that the skys the limit when it comes to your invite format. Its perfect for a destination wedding, or a couple who loves travel.

    Tell everyone about your big day with these fresh wedding invitation templates.

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    When Is The Best Time To Send A Wedding Invitation

    For each couple, the timeline for wedding preparations will be different. Depending on how big the wedding is, you should send these at least a couple of months before the big event.

    On the other hand, informal weddings are easier to plan, so sending them a few weeks before will be just fine.

    To provide necessary information to your guests and give them time to prepare for the big day, you should take time to assemble wedding invitations the right way.

    Multiple cards in the envelope will show how much you care for your guests and give them the preview of your wedding. If you want, you can add a card with a romantic message that will describe your and your partners love for each other. After assembling, all you need to do is send them out.

    Now that you know how to assemble the wedding invitation feel free to contact us, and our team will be at your service.

    How To Stuff Wedding Invitations: A Complete Guide

    How to Assemble Wedding Invitations

    Zola cordially invites you to the ultimate tutorial on how to stuff your wedding invitations! The perfect formula for fantastic invitations.

    Gather your gal pals, bribe your bride tribe, grab the groomsmen, and get to workits time to start stuffing wedding invitations. And the more help you get, the easier the whole process will be.

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    How To Apply The Vellum Jacket And Wax Seal

    If you also have a vellum jacket and wax seal included in your order, please follow the below steps on how to elegantly wrap your suite with some out finest embellishments.

    1. Your vellum jackets will ship to you flat, ready for assembly. We recommend folding the left side of the jacket along the pre-scored line to make it easier to slide your assembled suite into.2. Slide your suite into the folded area of the jacket and pinch with your left hand.3. After your suite has been centered within the vellum jacket, you may fold the right side along the other pre-scored line.4. Once both folds have been made and your jacket slightly overlaps on the front of your invitation, you may place your wax seal to hold the flaps closed. Please note, you will need to expose the adhesive on the back of the wax seal before placing in place.

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