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How Much Do Wedding Dance Lessons Cost

How Much Does Wedding Dance Lessons Cost

Wedding dance steps with Ballroom dance basics

Jen K.

The champagne has been popped and the celebrations are in full swing. Now, it’s time to dance. All eyes are on the bride and groom for their first dance — it’s the most memorable moment of any wedding.

More couples are investing in wedding dance lessons before their big day. Just a few lessons will give them the confidence and skills they need when they take to the dance floor. But how much do wedding dance lessons cost? And how can couples save money?

Private Lessons Vs Group Lessons

The cost of wedding dance lessons depends on various factors. Typically, group lessons tend to be cheaper than private lessons. Here, couples will learn dance skills with a group of other people, which will bring down costs. These people might be other couples or the bride and groom’s friends and family. Private lessons, on the other hand, involve just three people — the bride, the groom and the dance instructor.

Couples can learn different types of dance when they sign up for dance lessons. Some of the most popular dance styles for weddings include the waltz, slow dance, swing, hip-hop and Latin. These dances always go down well with party guests and get everybody talking.

The Importance Of An Instructors Advice

Instructors arenât just giving you steps and letting you practice them. They are also able to advise you what song you should pick depending on your wedding theme or taste, so the dance would complement the atmosphere you want to engage your guests in.

The lessons usually start with a background on the song you will be dancing to so you can have an overview of the tune. Instructors will then provide you with the basics of the dance, and the steps and the timing after. They are responsible for making your dance perfectly in tune and with grace.

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Dance Lessons Tailored For You

Your big day is all about you and your first dance for the day should tell everyone just that. Our lessons as intentionally curated to suit the specific needs and desires of couple. We offer fully personalized consultation sessions for couples to discover what they have in mind for their wedding. Then we will work with you to curate the perfect dance and schedule private dance to teach you all you need to learn. Click here to schedule a consultation with one of our instructors.

Know What Style Of Dance Or Song You Want To Dance To

How Much Do Bachata Dance Lessons Cost ?

It’s important to have the song for your first dance ready when you’re booking your wedding dance lessons. If you and your partner want to a traditional ballroom style dance great! If you want to do a bunch of swing dance aerials and throws awesome!

There’s no wrong way to have a first dance. Look for a teacher that will support and enhance what you want to do, not try to change the way you like to dance just for effect.

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Start With An Intro Lesson

You try on a wedding gown before you buy it, so why wouldn’t you try out your dance teacher before you sink hundreds or even thousands of dollars into a dozen lessons? Insist on an intro lesson or a meet and greet to discuss your goals for your first dance at your wedding. While most teachers are talented, not every instructor will be a great fit with your style and goals and that’s ok.

How Should I Dress For My Lesson

We realize that some Students arrive for Lessons straight from work and others may be dressed more casually for their Lessons either is fine. The most important thing is to wear something comfortable, which allows you to move easily. Of course, youll also want to select comfortable shoes. We suggest leather-sole shoes for gentlemen, and a shoe with a back for ladies . Athletic shoes do NOT work well on the ballroom floor because they stick, which will make it difficult to move your feet.

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Create A Beautiful First Dance With Your Love On Your Wedding Day

Enjoy these First Dance videos shared by student couples, and picture the two of you surrounded by family & friends on your special day making memories that will last a lifetime.

Foxtrot and Country Western Two Step First Dance, Lessons by Fred Astaire Dance Studios Phoenix North
Foxtrot First Dance, Lessons & Choreography by Fred Astaire Dance Studios Phoenix North
Waltz First Dance, Lessons by Fred Astaire Dance Studios

How Many Wedding Dance Lessons Do We Need

Christian Wedding Night: How Much Do The Classes Cost?

The answer to this depends in general on what you are looking for. If you are just looking at learning the basics of one dance, one lesson should be fine. However, most couples like their individual choreography to their chosen song and for a simple routine you will probably need 3 lessons and a more spectacular one around 5 lessons. Easiest dance styles are Waltz, Foxtrot/Slow Rhythm and Salsa. For a mash up of more than one dance I recommend minimum of 5 lessons and more practice time between lessons.

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Whats The Difference Between Private And Completely Private Lessons

Our Private Lessons are similar to what other studios offer as Private Lessons – a lesson taught in a shared space with one teacher per couple. Our Completely Private Lessons are one step more private in that they occur in an unshared studio with its own dedicated sound system, offering complete privacy.

Private Lessons offer enough focus and privacy for most engaged couples. But we began offering Completely Private Lessons because some couples requested a more exclusive and focused experience. Typically, couples seeking Completely Private Lessons either want more privacy and/or intend to have a choreographed dance thats intended to WOW their audience.

If youre still unsure which is the best fit for you, we offer an Introductory Lesson so you can sit with an instructor to chat about your goals and timeline. This Intro Lesson is only offered to couples with 8 or more weeks before their wedding. Schedule an Introductory Lesson.

Dance Lessons Houston Wedding

How much do wedding dance lessons cost?

Wedding Dance Lessons Pricing

Wedding Dance Classes Houston

How many wedding dance lessons? Learning to dance fluently in just one or two lessons is a bit ambitious but learning during five wedding dance lessons a few basic dance steps that can be repeated throughout the dance, how to lead and follow in dance frame, entrance and exit choreography, and a fun dip and kiss at the end is not unreasonable. More often than not mashups require more than five dance lessons.

Houston Dance Lessons Wedding

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What Benefits Do I Receive

Dancing is your first line of social activity. Good dancing is a lifetime investment in fun, poise, confidence, improved personality and new friends. Beyond these, dancing is a superb physical conditioner, providing fun without working at it! Learning to dance will open up a wonderful new world of togetherness and a thriving year-round social calendar.

Vancouver Dance Studio Directions

Find Your Rhythm Through Dance Lessons

How Much Do Ballroom Dance Lessons Cost?

Well introduce you to dance styles from Rumba, Salsa, Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, Tango and more. Whether youre looking for private dance lessons, group classes or social dance parties, our experienced and enthusiastic instructors are here for you. We cant wait to meet you on the dance floor.

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Do You Offer Father/daughter And Mother/son Dance Lessons And The Dances Necessary

In short, yes!

In preparation for your father/daughter or mother/son dances, we will teach you to dance in a style that best fits your song choice and personal taste. Most importantly, you will learn to lead and follow so that you will feel confident and comfortable dancing in front of the guests at your wedding.

Our Space Is Perfect For Your Next Event

Our dance studio is the ideal space for hosting small to medium sized events such as weddings, rehearsals, bachelorette parties, baby showers and birthdays. You will discover that our Jersey City location is the perfect venue rental for your special celebration or even just a fun night out with friends.

Looking For Something To Do In Jersey City?

Whether it is dance lessons, group classes or a private party hosted in our spacious ballroom, we have something to offer everybody that is looking to get out and dance this weekend in Jersey City.

Liz D.

Jersey City Ballroom is a warm, welcoming and wonderful community of dance! Attending dance class is one of my favorite things to do duringRead More

Hector L.

I’ve been going to Jersey City Ballroom since September 2016. The instructors are enthusiastic, professional, dynamic, and patient. They not only teachRead More

Victoria B.

My now-husband and I had an incredible experience!!! Dylan our instructor was so patient, fun, creative, and awesome!!! We went from

Fun & Lively Dance Classes For All Ages

Group dance classes are a great way work on new dance patterns and perfect the ones that you already know. Our group classes will sharpen your partnering skills, help you develop rhythm and timing and they are a fun way to meet other dance students. No dance experience or partner needed.

We take pride in making dance accessible to Jersey City and the surrounding community.

Jersey City Ballroom

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Have Fun Along The Way To Wedding Day

Wedding dance lessons are a great way to have fun and relax before the Big Day. With all the decisions, schedules and deadlines involved in wedding planning, enjoying this time together thats just for you can help you both de-stress and re-energize and we promise youll have lots of fun doing it! Contact us today, and give everyone at your wedding a dance to remember.

Why You Should Get Dance Lessons

How to Dance at a Wedding | 5 Basic Dance Moves for Weddings

Isnt it obvious? Dont you want to start off your marriage with a memorable moment with your partner. Dont let your wacky moves ruin the moment on your big day. Your first dance does not have to be elaborate or over the top. But its still worth investing in a few dance lessons. And even if you are a good dancer already, adding a little extra to it wont hurt anyone.

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How Many First Dance Lessons Do We Need

Lets start frankly and get to the real answer momentarily: studio data shows that the average couple takes 10-15 lessons ).

How many lessons? is the most common question, but there is no good answer and thats not because we havent tried! See: this, this and this blog post. The reality is that every couple is different in their abilities, desires, song choices, time and budget. So we work with each couple to create a first-dance-game plan that is unique to them.

Think about it this way: would you be satisfied with your wedding dress or tuxedo if all they offered was a one-size-fits-all option. Your apparel would be clunky at best.

Were baffled at how some dance studios offer wedding packages, where each couple, despite differences in song choice, dance style, vision, etc. are promised the same outcome. Those studios are just misinformed.

The best thing you can do is to get started with your first lesson so we can sit down and discuss your particular goals for your first dance. While we require the you purchase at least 5 lessons, after your first lesson youll also have a much better idea about how many youll need and what youd like to commit to the learning process. If you have zero thoughts about your first dance, thats ok, too! Were here to help!

If you’d like to find more first dance advice, check out our blog or Youtube channel. If you just want to discuss your first dance with a human being, give us a .

Does It Vary By Which Dance I Choose

The amount of practicing youll need to do does depend on the type of dance you choose. Of course, if you only want to choreograph a special entrance, it will not require as much time as learning a dance to a five-minute song. There are also some dance styles that are generally easier for beginners, but it is ultimately up to you what to do. Just keep in mind that harder dances and more advanced techniques will take longer to learn than simpler stylings.

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Many People Ask Us Is The First Dance Important

The simple answer is yes, but weve taken a few minutes to clarify exactly why your first dance is important. Keep reading!

There are countless details to think about when planning your wedding reception and every couple has their own priorities. But no matter if youre planning a formal black tie affair at a country club or a casual outing in the mountains of Tennessee, your first dance at your wedding reception is the one detail you shouldnt leave to chance. Why is the first dance so important?

1. The first dance gets the party started and establishes the energy for your wedding reception.All of your friends and family want to have a good time at your wedding, and, more specifically, they want to see that youre having a good time. Let them celebrate for you and with you.

2. Your first dance is your one moment together, just the two of you, during the wedding ceremony and reception. The wedding night is going to fly by! Between greeting your guests, photographs, and ensuring everything is running smoothly, how could you pass up the opportunity to share a few intimate minutes with your partner? It might very well be the only time you get to be alone together during the whole wedding reception.

When Should We Start Taking Lessons

How Much Does a Dance Class Cost?

The bottom line: You should start taking first dance lessons ASAP! Learning a new skill takes time and effort, so the sooner your start, the more you focus and the more consistently you take lessons and practice your first dance, the more you can expect to get out of dance lessons.

Here is a general outline for what we can accomplish in first dance lessons for a few different timeframes. In each case, the couple preparing for their first dance consistently takes lessons and practices outside of Ballroom Dance Chicago:

One Year+

Most importantly, when you start this far in advance, the process of learning your first dance is relaxed and you will be able to enjoy your time at the studio without feeling the stress of a close deadline your first dance lessons will be a fun date night for you and your fiancé.

Six Nine Months

If you come to us with six to nine months before your wedding, you still get to experience a good amount of leading and following technique prior to focusing on your first dance. You can expect to learn a variety of dance styles and feel comfortable moving with your partner. Whether you want to lead and follow or have a choreographed first dance, with six to nine months to prepare, you will be very well prepared to get on the social dance floor and perform a beautiful first dance at your wedding.

Four Six Months

Two-Three Months

One Month or Less

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