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How Expensive Are Wedding Photographers

Where Do Wedding Photographers Get Their Pricing

Why is wedding photography so expensive?

Being a wedding photographer is the same as being in any other business. When you first start, you will need to put together a business plan and do your market research. You have a look at your competition and see what they have to offer. Then you build your proposal in a way that is competitive with them.

This is exactly what a wedding photographer would do if they were setting up for the first time or re-evaluating their business. They would review other photographers to see what they are charging and also what they offer as part of each package, and then they would base what they offer on what other photographers do.

They would also have a look at the costs involved with the service that they provide and their cost of living. It is the cost of living that is the main factor in regional variances in the cost of the services offered by photographers. House prices in the north of the country can be a lot lower than in the south. Therefore the cost of living would be less.

Initial research into a wedding photographer would show you that the majority of wedding photographers target themselves at the price range. This price would also normally include either or a combination of an album, prints and a USB drive.

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Are Albums Included In A Wedding Photographer’s Prices

Many photographers do include an album in their wedding photography rates. However, some photographers offer it as a separate line item, which can add several hundred dollars to your total. There are indeed other services that allow you to create your own wedding photo album, but it can sometimes be more seamless to go through your own photographer.

Wait What About Video

You may think wedding videographers are an entirely different world, but they’re actually not. The averages for videographers generally follow the same rules that photographers do. However, you may see that average videographers actually charge slightly less.

In my opinion the reason why is wedding videography is still a fairly new industry and is still playing catch up to photography. That is a good thing for now because you can save cash, but I personally see wedding videography increasing to prices above photography in the near future, because of how much more work goes into crafting a wedding film.

To get the highest quality experience compared to price, we recommend hiring a

This is what we offer, and the overwhelming majority of our couples hire us for both. Why should you go with a photo/video team vs hiring two separate companies? Well other than the obvious, there’s several great reasons you may not think of.

You’ll Save Money.

  • The math is simple. If a photographer charges $4k and a videographer charges $4k, but a photo/video team charges $6k, which would you rather have?

Less Headache.

  • Instead of finding and dealing with two companies, it’s one. Instead of signing two contracts, you sign one. Instead of paying two retainer fees, you pay one. Instead of coordinating details with two companies, you only worry about one. So much more simple.

Less Professionals at Your Wedding.

You Won’t Sacrifice Quality.

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Ing Advice: Choose Your Photographer With Intention

For some final advice, we asked each wedding photographer what wisdom they wanted to impart on every Bay Area couple searching for their wedding photographer.

There are so many talented photographers here! Of course, you want to fall in love with someones work, but also take the time to get to know them on a personal level and make sure you connect with them. Use your consultation as time to get to know them the way you would on a first date. Once youve hired someone you trust, pass over the reins and let them do what they do best. The best images come when the couple puts their trust in the photographer.

Emily Ganey

Be extremely intentional with choosing your wedding photographer. You shouldnt just hire a button-pusher, nor does any photographer want to feel like a button-pusher. Your wedding only happens once, and it requires a specific type of photographer, not just any photographer. Youll thank yourself later!

Michael Dadula

We are VERY blessed to have so many talented professional photographers in the Bay Area. We encourage couples to really dig in on their search and find images that speak to them. After looking at multiple photographers, you can begin to understand and communicate what it is you like about the images youre drawn to. It takes some practice. We have three specific things we think are very important to consider when doing your search:

Skills Experience And Brand Name

Wedding photographers

Experience and skill, fame and brand name go hand in hand. It is almost self explanatory that well-known artists are in high demand so they charge above market rates for their services. Newbies often shoot for free, so if you have a small budget, please explore that option.

Please note that the results might vary.

The artist who is established has a solid customer and referral base, and built a network of industry professionals will definitely charge more than the newbie. He will most definitely receive more inquiries than a new entrant in this industry.

Newbies do not have a portfolio to show. As such, they receive a very limited number of inquiries, so they have to compete on price to convince the potential clients to book them. After all, the price is determined by the supply and demand. As the demand for a beginner artist is almost non-existent, the price is also low.

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How The Data Was Collected

Jotform was used to conduct the survey.

I was keen to keep the survey as simple as possible, to ensure a) the maximum number of respondents and b) the minimum amount of confusion.

The questions I chose to ask were as follows:

  • What country do you shoot weddings?
  • How much do you charge per wedding?
  • How many weddings do you shoot per year?
  • This obviously ignores a lot of variables, but nevertheless, it still gives a broad representation on what the average photographer earns to photograph a wedding in 2022.

    The number of weddings question helped weed out responses that didnt meet the criteria of photographers who were shooting at least 10 weddings a year.

    This number is rather arbitrary, but the assumption here is that if a photographer only shoots 5 weddings a year for example, theyre probably not doing the job full time, so have the ability to charge significantly more than a full-time wedding photographer.

    Also, if a photographer is shooting less than 10 weddings a year, one could assume they are just starting out in the industry, and thus are more likely to charge less than average.

    Finally, this survey obviously doesnt take into account the wedding photographers expenses.

    With the questions sorted, the next goal was to get as many respondents as possible.

    I also paid for some Facebook ads to extend the reach of the survey a little further, and encouraged sharing of the survey as much as possible.

    Hiring A Cheaper Wedding Photographer

    A cheap wedding photographer might end up being a bargain on the other hand, you might find yourself stuck with someone who isnt well versed in the use of aperture or shutter speed or who uses out of date equipment and the incorrect lenses for any given situation. Additionally, they may spend less time in post production or only have one photographer at your wedding so some shots could be missed and other shots may not have that finished, polished retouching feel to them. As a general rule, if you compromise on price then you are compromising on quality somewhere within the service they provide you. So if cheap is your budget, then ask lots of questions about the total service provided before locking in your photographer.

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    Drone & Aerial Photography Prices

    You can get up to eight high-quality and professionally edited drone photos for $100 to $300 from aerial photographers. It’s usually a standard add-on to a complete real estate photography package. If you want an edited video from a drone as well as the photos, then prices increase up to $400 to $500+. The final result is generally up to 25 pictures and 2 minutes of video footage.

    How Much Does A Wedding Photographers Cost On Average

    Why are WEDDING photographers so EXPENSIVE?

    Many newly engaged couples have no idea what Wedding Photography even costs.

    As I stated above, it can be anywhere from $0-$20k, or more.

    There are just so many factors at play that determine how much youll need to pay for a wedding photographer and videographer.

    The first thing a couple must decide is the value that they really want and that they will be happy with in the long run! Then after that, determining their price range.

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    Look For Professional Independents

    If your wedding medias quality is even a remote concern, resist the temptation to source an unvetted amateur from Craigslist or your wedding guest list, no matter how tight your budget. Youre more likely to be disappointed with the results.

    But it is possible to find professional-grade work at nonprofessional prices.

    Up-and-coming photography and videography professionals are often willing to work for less than what more established professionals charge. Theyre frequently just out of school or ready to move up from assistant roles and launch their own independent businesses.

    The best place to find them and verify their credentials is on reputable job boards like Indeed and freelance job websites like Upwork.

    Wedding Photographer London Prices: 1679

    According to stats of my study, the average price of wedding photographers in London were £1679. The reasons for this difference between my findings and the survey conducted by YPWP could be simply the sheer number of photographers in London along with the the variety of packages offered. By far, London wedding photographers had the most websites that had a price for all day wedding photography out of all of the regions I researched.

    • London £1679

    • East Midlands £1450

    • Northern Ireland £1380

    *Remember these are all averages, and based on a small sample size, as many wedding photographers do not list their prices on their website.

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    Should I Hire A Professional Photographer Or Use My Family Member Who Owns The Nice Camera

    Youve been spending so much of your time planning your wedding, and its not just any day. Your wedding day only happens once and your wedding photographer will capture the day as it unfolds for you to keep for years to come. Its important to find a wedding photographer that clicks with both of you, no matter what your budget. When hiring a wedding photographer to tell them what your budget is upon inquiry. Most wedding photographers post their prices or starting prices on their websites.

    How Much Do Wedding Photographers Charge

    Wedding Photographer Cost: How Much Should You Pay ...

    Even in a pandemic, its still the time to celebrate love. So if you want to hold a beautiful wedding, dont forget to hire the best photographer you can find. Its one of the most important decisions that you need to make right after your engagement.

    If you are wondering how much do wedding photographers charge this year, keep in mind that their services are pretty expensive and, in some cases, might go well beyond your budget. This is why you need to ask a photographer several questions before signing a contract.

    In this guide, we will explain in detail how to select the best wedding photographer for your needs and budget.

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    How To Save Money On Wedding Photos

    You may be able to save money by securing access to printing rights rather than being contractually obliged to purchase prints and enlargements from the photographer. Always be sure you understand whether you will have full rights to download and print pictures from any site you choose. This will help you understand the real final cost of your wedding photos.

    You can also save money by bundling engagement photos with wedding photos for a discounted package rather than purchasing each events photos individually.

    And lastly, dont be afraid to negotiate or ask for discounts. Depending on the season and demand, you may be able to negotiate lower prices for your wedding photos especially if you receive lower, more reasonable cost estimates from other wedding photographers.

    Checking Out Wedding Photography Portfolios

    To find your New York wedding photographer, make sure to check their online gallery first. Go through their website and Instagram. Ensure that the NY wedding photography costs are worth the value to you. Have a conversation with your New York wedding photographers ahead of time and make sure you click!

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    How To Find The Right Photographer

    Finding the right photographer can be challenging. A great way tofind the best match for your wedding is through social media and asking newlyweds to recommend the photographer they worked with for their wedding. Couples often develop a bond with their photographer and will be eager to share their photographers name with you.

    You can do a quick search for local photographers in your area and find the photographer that will work best for you. By searching locally, you may be able to save money on travel and accommodations. You can also check out the reviews from previous clients to get a feel for the photographers expertise.

    Youll also want to check out their previous work to make sure their wedding photography style matches your personal style. This can easily be done by going to the photographers website or social media to see previous weddings theyve shot.

    What Is The Average Cost Of A Wedding Photographer

    Why Is Wedding Photography Expensive?

    If the question of “how much should I spend on wedding photography?” has come to your mind, you already know how confusing and stressful finding the answer can be.

    If you Google Search: ‘Average Cost of a Wedding Photographer’, WeddingWire will tell you it’s “around $2000” but they don’t tell you anything else.

    What type of photographers are in that price range? Are they beginners? Are they professionals? How much experience do they have? What is their style? These are important questions you have and need answers for.

    Also if that’s the average, is that how much you should invest in wedding photography?

    Well, I’m here to save the day. In this article I’m going to show you:

    • The different types of wedding photographers there are.
    • How much they each charge on average.
    • How much you should invest in wedding photography based on your wedding, desires, budget, and ideal experience.

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