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What Is A Wedding Hotel Block

A Courtesy Room Block Is A Bit Different

Wedding Room Blocks 101

This is the kind of room block that is specifically designed for small social groups like weddings.

Most couples dont know how many out of town guests will be able to make it so they are apprehensive about guaranteeing a certain number of rooms. For these kinds of smaller groups, a courtesy room block is ideal because it is exactly the same as a room block but without any deposits or attrition fees .

Once your courtesy room block is set up, you can give out the group code to your guests who can book rooms at a discounted rate up until the cut-off date where the rooms are released.

The only disadvantage is that most hotels will not offer you a courtesy room block if you need more than 30 or 40 rooms per night. But there is a way around that too. If you need more than 30-40 rooms per night, get a courtesy room block at two hotels. You can learn more about setting up two courtesy room blocks here.

What Questions Should Be Asked When Reserving

Once youve settled on a rate youre happy with, its time to seal the deal but not before covering all the grounds. Here are some key questions youll want to ask before finishing up your hotel block reservation.

  • Do you have facilities for hosting pre- or post-wedding events onsite?
  • Is there a bar and restaurant onsite? What are the hours?
  • What is the group rate, including taxes and fees?
  • Is there a fee for parking?
  • Does the parking fee include in/out privileges?
  • What time are check-in and check out? What is the policy on early check-in or late check-out?
  • Do you offer a courtesy block/agreement?
  • What is the maximum number of rooms available?
  • If additional rooms are needed, can we add them to the block? Would it be the same cut-off date?
  • What kinds of hotel amenities does the property offer?
  • Is there a charge to deliver guest welcome bags?

Do your best to ensure that each of the hotels youre working with are given the same information thats required for your wedding day. Dont forget that youll need to coordinate logistics with each point person at each hotel if you do not have a wedding planner handling all of this for you.

Do You Send Hotel Information With Save The Dates

You certainly can. In fact, since by the time the wedding invitation is sent it may be too late to book hotels, most couples choose to include this information in their save-the-date cards. You can also put hotel information on your wedding web page, and just include the link on your save-the-dates.

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So How Can You Get A Room Block Without Having To Put Up A Deposit

If you already have a hotel in mind, then simply make a phone call to the group sales department and see if they will offer a courtesy room block to you for your given dates. Keep in mind that some hotels will not offer this kind of room block if it is during their peak season.

If you dont have any hotels in mind, then try getting group rates online. Just fill out this group hotel rates form and hotels will email you their group rates directly. This service is entirely free.

If you are looking to block hotel rooms without a deposit, just copy and paste the following into the Comments section of the form:

We would like to be near . We will give preference to the hotel that requires no deposit . Thank you.

Once you submit the form with the comments above, you will receive quotes for several hotels near your wedding venue. Just select the hotel that suits your needs and get it booked.

What Are The Benefits Of Hotel Weddings

Hotel Block for Wedding: How to Book and Expert Tips

The most obvious benefit of a hotel wedding venue is that they can provide accommodation. Logistically, this arrangement makes things much simpler. Since everything takes place at the same venue, guests dont have to worry about transport which can be expensive . Wedding guests will also get much better rates on rooms as well as food and beverage if the entire wedding is taking place at the hotel. Best of all, it is convenient for everyone involved as guests can now relax and enjoy themselves. There is no worry about getting back to their accommodation and everyone can be together again the next morning.

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Conveniently Chic Wedding Room Blocks At Kimpton Gray Hotel

Allow Kimpton Gray Hotel to assist in planning your big day . Discounted courtesy wedding room blocks are available for your guests. A sophisticated, comfortable room awaits them at the end of your big event and we will help you navigate all the details. Highlights include:

  • A location near public transportation
  • Close proximity to theaters, museums, and shopping
  • An on-site restaurant, energetic rooftop bar/lounge, and cozy library-themed bar
  • Evening wine hour in the lobby
  • Complimentary WiFi for IHG® Rewards members

To book your wedding event at Kimpton Gray Hotel, or call 750-9012.

This Hotel Block Oversight Could Accidentally Blow Your Wedding Budget

Don’t get stuck with a bill for unused rooms.

You’ve invited out-of-towners to your Big Day, and those traveling guests need a place to rest their heads. You set up a hotel block to reserve enough rooms, and your guests book up those spaces. It’s as simple as that, right?

In some cases, yes. In others, unfortunately not.

Let us introduce you to a little bit of contract language that can be a huge budget buster if accidently overlooked: the attrition clause. If included on your hotel contract, this vital verbiage will spell out the exact percentage of rooms that must be booked to avoid a penalty fee typically 80-90 percent. The party responsible for the block can owe a hotel for unused rooms if that percentage is not met. Unless you like throwing money out the window, that sounds like something worth combing your contract for, now doesn’t it?

We know you’ve poured countless hours into your color-coded wedding budget worksheet , so we’re not here to cause more spreadsheet stress. You don’t have to carve out extra funds for empty rooms. Instead, consider a few attrition rate workarounds.

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Negotiate For The Best Rates

If youre choosing between two hotel blocks, be open with the salesperson, says Ayers. Ask if they can add rooms to the block or drop the rate. Its not guaranteed, but definitely worth asking if youre having a hard time deciding. In Ayers experience, there can be some wiggle room between $10 and $30 on rates, and flexibility of up to five additional rooms on a block.

You should also inquire about deals for you and your spouse as well as discounted rates for auxiliary events held at the hotel before and after the main celebration. If you book a brunch at the time you book the block, you can ask for a 10 percent discount at booking, Ayers offers as an example.

How Many Rooms Do We Really Need To Block For Our Wedding Guests

Wedding HOTEL BLOCKS // Why You Need Them How To Book

And other hotel basics.

Feeling confused about hotel room blocks for your wedding guests? You’re not alone. There are a number of questions we’re frequently asked about hotel bookings for a wedding. The one we hear most often: How many rooms do we really need to reserve for guests? Here, find the answer to this query and more.


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How Do You Block Hotel Rooms For A Wedding

There are a few key points you need to keep in mind before setting out to reserve hotel rooms for your wedding: proximity to your reception venue, amenities and price point. If you happen to be getting married at a venue that also has accommodations, start there. Ask the venue manager about room rates and a possible discount for your guests who reserve early. You should reserve hotel room blocks with at least two hotels if you’re having a destination wedding with a lot of out-of-town guests, you’re getting married at a hotel with exceptionally pricey rooms or you have a larger-than-average guest list .

To reserve a hotel block for your guests, you’ll want to narrow your search to two or three hotels and then give each a call. When you call to reserve, give the hotel the dates you expect your guests to be there, plus any special requests you’re hoping they’ll help you fulfill . To start, book a smaller number of rooms and add more later if needed. This way, you avoid having to deal with penalties if rooms go unreserved. Sound like a hassle? Save yourself a ton of time by using Hotel Planner, our premier hotel room block reservation service. With certified planners that boast decades of industry experience and collectively speak 28 different languages , Hotel Planner is your one-stop shop for your group’s hotel reservationswe’ll explain the benefits and how-tos later.

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Hotel Room Blocks For The Whole Gang

One of the best parts of getting married is the chance for friends and family to gather from near and far in celebration of you. Make it easy for them by obtaining a block of rooms at Kimpton Schofield Hotel, where theyll get a real feel for the great city of Cleveland. We offer:

  • A special discounted rate for you and your guests
  • Option to book our3-bedroom penthouseapartment suite – a fully-equipped residence style suite for your special day!
  • In-room spa services for a little pre-wedding relaxation treatment
  • Nightly hosted evening social hour
  • Morning coffee and tea service
  • A yoga mat in every room
  • Pet-friendly bring your loyal companion
  • Bikes for your guests to explore downtown

To book your Wedding, Event, or Block of Rooms at Kimpton Schofield Hotel,or call us at 730-5630.

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Now You Know All About Wedding Room Blocks

It takes some great research and negotiation skills to navigate hotel room blocks for weddings. But with this helpful advice straight from the minds of experts who have been there and done that, youll get rates and rooms everyone will love.

Up next, boost your wedding planning knowledge even further by learning how to plan a rehearsal dinner.

Let us help you book your room blocks!

Shop Around For The Best Rates

A Guide to Reserving Hotel Blocks for Your Wedding Guests

Ayers recommends calling 3 to 5 hotels in the area to determine the lowest rates. Youll be surprised by how much they can vary, she says. The size of the hotel, if they already have groups booked for your date, convention, or major event traffic it can all impact room price.

Be sure to note when a quoted rate is set to expire. A hotel typically only guarantees a rate for about two weeks, says Ayers. After that, there’s a good chance it will increase.

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Can You Book An Entire Hotel For A Wedding

Yes, you can definitely book an entire hotel for exclusive use by your wedding guests. We call this a buy out in travel terms. This is the ultimate destination wedding experience! All the guests can be together and you have the entire property to yourself, including the staff. If the hotel has enough rooms to accommodate all of the guests, then the best room block is to buy out the property. The guests can still pay for their rooms individually but the entire property and all the staff are dedicated to your wedding weekend. Everyone involved loves this scenario for a destination wedding.

Why Hotel Room Blocks

For anyone planning a destination wedding, blocking hotel rooms is a must. Blocking hotel rooms in advance is the best way to ensure that all guests have a place to stay at or near the wedding reception. Most hotels have a minimum number of rooms that must be blocked. But many also provide significant discounts for wedding guests. As a result, planning for both the couple and the wedding planner gets easier. Guests can be referred to the hotel that will automatically provide the discount for the rooms that were blocked. This means guests can manage their own travel plans in a simple and easy way. Subsequently, this frees up some much needed time for the couple who can now focus on the actual wedding. However, the process of arranging room blocks can be confusing and time-consuming. So dont attempt it alone.

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Whats The Difference Between Courtesy And Contracted Room Blocks

As youre researching hotels, you might hear the terms courtesy and contracted tossed aroundbut what do they mean? Well, it’s all about the amount of rooms you need to book. A courtesy room block is a group of rooms that are held for your guests for a set period of timeyou may or may not have to sign a contract and you don’t have to put down a deposit to reserve these rooms. After a predetermined cut-off date passes, the rooms will be released to the public. Courtesy blocks are often reserved for smaller groups of under 30 rooms.

If youre hoping to reserve more than 30 rooms at a single hotel for your wedding, youll probably end up with a contracted room block. This means that youll sign a contract and put down a deposit guaranteeing that your family members and friends will book a certain number of rooms for a certain number of nights. If you fall short, you can lose your deposit and/or be charged for unbooked roomsthat’s why we recommend starting with a small number of rooms, and adding more rooms if needed.

Does Save The Date Mean Youre Invited

Reserving Hotel Room Blocks 101 ll DIY Wedding Corporate Event Planning

A save the date card doesnt necessarily mean that youre invited to the wedding it simply means that youre on the proposed guest list. That said, couples dont just send save the date cards to anyone, so if youve got one its a safe bet that you are going to be welcome at the wedding.

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Why Book A Hotel Block For Your Wedding

all your guests in one placewe provide hotel discounts for booking 9+ room nights

affordable room ratesguaranteed lowest rates at your favorite hotel. if you find a lower rate we will match it.

negotiate the perfect room typeour professional planners will help you get the best room for the best price.

guaranteed rooms

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