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What To Put In A Wedding Card

Welcome Them To The Family

Wedding card

When its a family member getting marriedwhether its your sibling, your child, your dad, your cousin or even your grandmayou might want to add a welcome for the new spouse marrying into your family.

More casual

  • , welcome to our big, crazy family! , what a lucky guy you are. Congratulations and lots of love to you both,
  • , youve been like family for a long time, but now its official. , it means so much to see you marrying the love of your life. Im so overjoyed for both of you!
  • Today you officially become your very own family of . So glad to have you both as part of our bigger family, too!

More formal

  • Together, youre going to be such a blessing to our family. All our love to you both as you join your lives in marriage.
  • Your wedding is such a wonderful day for the two of you and for our family.
  • Today, our family grows by one new member and by so much love and happiness.

Formal Wedding Card Messages

If you dont have a close tie to the bride or groom, its best to choose a more formal message for your wedding card. The below messages are timeless, sincere, and a classic reminder of the romance between the newly married couple.

  • Wishing you happiness, love, and joy on your wedding day.
  • Today is the beginning of your next chapter. Heres to you!
  • May the years ahead be filled with love and joy.
  • May your love grow stronger each and every passing year.
  • Thank you for letting us share in your special day. We wish you all the happiness in the world.
  • Heres to a lifetime full of happiness and love.
  • Wishing you well as you embark on this next chapter of life. Cheers!
  • May today mark the first of the rest of your life, filled with love and fellowship.
  • Heres to a long, happy life with the one you love. Wishing you the best.
  • May the love and happiness you feel today shine through the years.
  • When you two are knotted as one, both families and friends share in the oneness of their marital union may this marriage be a bridge to usher happiness, peace and prosperity.
  • Thank you for letting me share in this joyful day. I wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful union.
  • As you step into a new life as new couples, you become a treasure to our community and the world.
  • Wedding Sayings For Son Or Daughter

    Its a big deal when your son or daughter gets married. In fact, you may even be asking yourself where in the world did the time go? In addition to that, when wedding day rolls around you will also be feeling a multitude of emotions. With a pen in hand, chances are, you may not even know where to start. Start by wishing well to the couple and the life that awaits them. You could also offer some of your own advice about marriage and love. This occasion is going to be one of those thats extremely hard to put into words, so use your heart and let these example wedding sayings assist you.


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    Wedding Wishes For Sin Or Daughter

    For many parents, watching their son or daughter get married is a huge milestone. If youre the mother or father of a bride or groom, you might feel overwhelmed with emotion that can feel tough to put into words. Whats most important is that you express your joy and wish the couple well. From there, feel free to get as personal as youd like.


    Offer A Sincere Message

    What to Write in a Wedding Card: Wedding Wishes Wording ...

    While many resources will offer you the exact phrases, verses, and words to write in wedding cards, the best advice for what to write is simply to be sincere. By following these easy tips, you can write a happy and appropriate note in a couple’s wedding card they will remember and appreciate long after their wedding day.

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    Examples Of Engagement Card Messages:

    Congratulations to an amazing friend and soon-to-be friend. Cant wait to get to know him more.

    Cant wait to have join the family! You have made a wonderful choice and we couldnt be more proud of you.

    Thank you for allowing us to share such a joyous occasion with you. Congratulations on your engagement, and all the best for the future.

    You two are perfect for one another, and it has been such a joy to watch you fall in love. We are looking forward to sharing the next stage of your journey with you. May it be full of joy and love always.

    We are absolutely delighted to hear the news! Im sure your engagement will be just the beginning of a beautiful life together.

    Congratulations on the engagement! Your gift is that I wont make you retell the proposal story again .

    I guess you could say things are getting pretty serious, then? Congrats on the engagement!

    Congrats on finally getting serious enough to have your partner mentioned in the family Christmas card.

    Congrats on the engagement! Cant wait for wedding selfies and a quality wedding hashtag.

    Congratulations on your engagement! I will be coming up with a celeb-like couple name for the two of you, and you will be informed shortly.

    Congratulations on being the first engaged couple I havent blocked on Facebook.

    Im so thrilled to hear about your engagement! You two are such wonderful people and I cant think of a better pairing. So excited for what the coming years will bring!

    Wedding Wishesmessages To Write In A Wedding Card

    If youre stuck on what to write in a wedding card and looking for creative ways to express your wedding congratulations, get inspired with this list of 50 of the best wedding wishes and messages for newlyweds.

    From thoughtful wishes for the happy couple to funny wedding greetings thatll make them smile, these sweet wedding wishes quotes will make your card especially memorable.

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    Welcoming Into The Family

    One of the best reasons to include a handwritten note in your card is to welcome the bride or groom into your family. Depending on how well you already know him or her, you can use this opportunity to say that you look forward to getting better acquainted, spending more time together, or building a relationship over the years. If you’re already close, you can point out that, though he or she already has been part of your family, you are happy it’s now “official.”

    If you’re not family but have a very close relationship with either the bride or groom, welcome the new member into your community or circle. You can share the same sentiments as you would with a new family member, and it is sure to be appreciated.

    How To Sign A Wedding Card

    How to Word an RSVP Wedding Card | Wedding Invites

    With as many cards as the newlyweds are going to receive you will want to make sure they know who it is from. It is important to sign your wedding card with a closing that reflects your relationship and sentiments. There are hundreds of ways to sign a wedding card but you should always make sure you include your first and last name even if very close to the couple since they will be receiving many cards and it also makes it easier on the couple when making their thank you card list.

    Love always

    Much love to you both

    Best wishes!

    Best wishes for your life together

    Sending wedding wishes is a lovely way to celebrate the wedding couple and extend your congratulations to them on their big day. Wedding wishes for couples, wedding wishes for friends and family along with wedding wishes for co-workers are essential when wishing the couple a happy wedding day along with sending a gift.

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    What Do You Say To A Bride On Her Wedding Day

    Start by saying how happy you are for the couple. Talk about how you have admired their relationship and their growth together. Talk about your journey and friendship with the bride. This is your chance to bring up funny memories and significant moments you have shared together leading up to this special event.

    What To Write In A Wedding Card To A Colleague

    If someone in the office is getting married, you can get them your own wedding card or sign a shared one thats passed around. These messages would work for either scenario :

    • While Ive never met Hannah, I can see your love for her every time you speak of her. I wish you a long and happy life together, and look forward to seeing the photos of your big day.
    • Lets hope you make Olivia tea more often than you do your colleagues! Have a wonderful wedding and enjoy escaping work on your honeymoon.
    • What will we do on our tea break now we no longer have wedding dresses to critique and venues to discuss? I hope your big day goes just as youve dreamed and your life together is all that you want it to be.
    • Thanks for inviting me to share this day with you and your family.
    • You finally got your promotion: from fiancé/fiancé to husband/wife!

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    Wedding Wishes For Brother Or Sister

    Perhaps your closest bond is with your brother or sister so you make sure your wedding wishes are from the heart and express your love, gratitude, and admiration for your sibling. Start your wedding wishes by acknowledging your close relationship and how happy you are for your sibling and end the message by wishing them many years of love and happiness.

    It seems like yesterday we were playing house in the backyard, and now you get to do it in real life. I couldnt be happier for you both. Congratulations!

    I always wanted a brother/sister and now I get one. Congratulations to you both on finding one another.

    Best wishes to my best friend and sister/brother and new sister/brother as you start your life together.

    We/I love you both. Today I gain a new sibling and I couldnt be happier!

    Lots of love to the best sister/brother in the whole world and her/his new partner for life. May you have a marriage full of love and happiness!

    You bring my sister/brother so much joy. All my love!

    Im so thankful to have a sister/brother like you. And I wish you and your new husband/wife lifelong joy.

    Religious Wedding Wishes And Messages

    33 Things to Write in a Wedding Card If Youâre Not Sure ...

    Are you not sure what to say in a religious wedding card? Looking for some help to find the perfectly worded religious wedding message or congratulations?

    Then try our selection of the best religious wedding wishes and messages that are perfect for congratulating a couple whos faith is central to their love.

    Weddings are often huge celebrations. A big day, many people invited, party afterwards. But a traditional wedding is rooted in a church ceremony, officiated by a vicar and with solemn vows being key to the cementing of two peoples love.

    Thats not to say that the traditional and more modern ceremonies cant mix or meet in the middle. But it means you could find yourself attending a wedding where the faith and religious aspects are more prominent and important than youre used to.

    If thats the case then the wedding card you send or congratulations you will wish to the happy couple might be more appropriate if they were religious themed. Religious wedding wishes or messages are similar to the regular way you would congratulate a couple on getting married except they often mention God, possibly quote scripture or talk about the role faith plays in a marriage.

    One thing to remember make sure before writing your message that you know the religion of the couple, assuming they are both of the same religion, and also how strongly held their beliefs are. If they arent practicing or dont worship frequently then you may want to reconsider a religious message.

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    Wedding Verses For A Card

    When thinking up the wording or phrases for a wedding card, sometimes a wedding poem or wedding verse can be the best way to express what you are feeling. A touching poem or beautiful verse can make your card extra special and really stand out from the rest, and there are fitting verses for almost every relative or friend.

    Even if youre just a colleague or acquaintance then a friendly wedding verse can be appropriate and will be well received.

    Our selection of wedding verses will allow you to find the right sentiment or message for your special card.

    To be gathered here together On this very special day Congratulations to the pair of you Thats all we want to say.

    We are gathered here together To wish you all the best This year will be wonderful And so will all the rest.

    May the love that fills your happy hearts Upon your wedding day

    I Promise To Always Protect You From Giant Moths And Spiders

    When I first saw you I knew that you were the one for me. Youâre beautiful, kind, caring and my best friend. I canât wait for you to be my wife!I know that when I see you walking down the aisle Iâll find it hard not to cry. Iâm so proud that you chose me as your husband and Iâll try to show you every day just how much you mean to me.

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    In This Post Youll Learn:

    Funny wedding cards are cards written with a little extra attention and usually even a little more love. Usually written by someone close to the bride and groom, the kind of relationship that exists also determines the type of funny.

    These cards are sent as congratulatory wedding wishes to the couple and with the right amount of funny, can be a delight to read. This is why when wording your wedding congratulations card, you dont want to cross from funny to offensive.

    You need the humor to be just right for the occasion. And so we have listed here some samples and even some funny wedding quotes to help you along the way.

    These are great ideas for inspiration in writing your own perfect funny wedding card.

    While there is a simple, more somber side to weddings, it doesnt hurt to insert some humor, especially for the bride and groom. With all of the preparation and stress, it would be nice to have a wedding congratulations card to laugh too. Weddings should be all about boring. We have here examples of funny wedding quotes, readings and proverbs. You could even use some of these when giving a toast to the happy couple on their wedding day. Funny wedding cards can be a joy to read and a fun quote or two can turn a boring ceremony into a fun wedding. So, consider writing a funny phrase on your wedding day card to the benefit of the couple.

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