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Men’s Wedding Bands Wood

Shop Unique Mens Wedding Bands

The Wood Collection | Manly Bands | Mens Wedding Ring

Buy him a wedding band hell never want to take off! Our exclusive collection of rings showcase the most unique and trending wedding band styles for men. Going for a modern or classic design? Our bands are available in a myriad of materials, from traditional precious metals to out-of-this-world meteorite. Want a ring with meaning behind it? Go with a band with a Celtic engraving or opt for a rare Dinosaur bone detail. Love nature? Show your affinity for the great outdoors with exotic wood inlays and other Nature-themed rings. No matter the style we offer the widest variety of men’s bands which ensures you’ll find the to match his taste and your budget!

What Are Lifetime Warranties Are They Legitimate

That usually depends on the manufacturer. Unless you are buying from a reputed designer or a trustworthy store, lifetime warranty may not make much sense. Always ask for documentation like warranty cards, receipts and signed copies of warranty documents while making your purchase.

There is no ONE style or design of mens wedding bands that can fit all. The color, metal, inlays and design is more of a personal choice than a passing fashion trend. You will have to pick one and stick with it till death do you part. So you better pick the one that your heart desires! Check out amazing designs and lucrative prices that will win your heart at the Mens Wedding Bands website today!

How Do I Find My Ring Size

The easiest way is to measure the outer diameter and inner diameter of the ring you wear on a regular basis. You can download and print online ring size . You can also go to a local jeweler or a friend who knows about rings to measure your finger. You can even do it at home. Simple take some dental floss, wrap it around your finger, be careful of the fit. Mark the point where the string ends. Unwrap the floss and measure in millimeters. Compare to a standard ring sizing chart.

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Wood Inlay Rings Versus Bentwood Rings

The easiest way to compare a wooden inlay ring to a bentwood ring is to start with a definition of both. Then we’ll discuss the creation and techniques and durability of each style.

Wood Inlay Ring: Metal ring, with wood inlaid within the metal.

Bentwood Ring: Solid wood rings, with wood strips wrapped around a cylinder.

Wedding Rings Made From Unconventional Materials: Silicone Antler Dinosaur Bones And More

Men Tungsten Wood Ring Wood Engagement Band Celtic Wedding

From silicone to dinosaur bones, you can find unique wedding rings for men made from some truly unconventional materials:


Antler rings are especially favored by outdoorsy men, and theyll typically be made of metal with an inlay of deer or elk antlers. If the antler material is naturally shed, it means that no animal died to produce the rings.


Along with being affordable, silicone rings offer safety benefits to people who are active or who have jobs with a high risk of hand injuries. Examples include football players, construction workers, and electricians who want a nonconductive material for their ring.


Rubber wedding bands are made out of silicone, and theyre advertised as silicone rings or rubber rings.

Dinosaur Bones and More

Several companies like Manly Brands specialize in unconventional wedding rights for men made from materials like meteorite, dinosaur bones, black zirconium, cobalt chrome and more.

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What The Warranty Does Not Cover

  • Lost rings. Your ring is not covered if you lose the ring.
  • Alterations to the ring, such as engravings or any other sort of alterations to the ring. We will still replace your ring for free in the first year, but we will not cover any out-responsibility of the consumer.
  • Northern Royal is not responsible for the sentimental or intrinsic value of the original ring.

Men’s Wood Design Wedding Band Black Ion

Service Needed

Plan Terms and Electronic Delivery.

4Allow ring sizing up or down two sizes.

5Costs may vary depending on specific service, size and material type.

Have a question about Men’s Wood Design Wedding Band Black Ion-Plated Stainless Steel?

Product Details

Content + Care

Returns & Exchanges

Guest Return and Exchange Policy

Your online purchase may be returned to any of our stores or returned by mail to our distribution center.You can return your item for up to 30 days after purchase or exchange it within 60 days. Watches may be returned or exchanged within 30 days. Exchanges must be done at a store.Watches that haven’t been special ordered and accessories can be returned if they’re unworn or unaltered, and must be accompanied by the original packaging, instructions and warranty information within 30 days of purchase. Again, exchanges can only be done at a store.You can’t return or exchange custom-designed merchandise, class rings, special-ordered watches or PANDORA merchandise.


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Wood Wedding Ring Maintenance Tips

Once you buy your wood wedding ring, you will want to make sure it stays in top shape

01. Seal it up

Make sure your wood wedding ring is properly sealed to keep it looking newer longer and prevent damage from daily wear.

02. Take it off before doing dishes

Remove your wood wedding ring before doing laundry, dishes or bathing the kids to prevent possible water and chemical damage.

03. Leave it off overnight

To prevent sweat and moisture from washing hands set in the wood, let your ring dry out on your nightstand every few days. If your ring does get wet, dry it promptly.

04. Get regular inspections

Have your ring periodically inspected for any reparable damage to prevent long-term issues. We recommend getting an inspection once every three years or so, or let your ring inspector determine the best timeline based on the material of your ring.

Rings Featuring Diamonds And Precious Stones

Awesome Unique Natural Ceramic Wood Ring Inlay Mens / Womens | Wedding Ring | Review

Men dont have to limit themselves to unadorned wedding bands. They can choose rings with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, or other stones. They may choose a particular stone for symbolic reasons or because of an aesthetic preference.

Prices vary wildly based on the quality of the stones and their weight, which is measured in carats. For both ethical and budget-related reasons, their origin also matters. Lab-grown diamonds, for example, may cost only half as much as mined or natural diamonds.

Another important consideration is the stones appearance alongside the other materials in the ring. For example, how does a diamond look when set in yellow gold versus white gold?

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What Is The Difference Between Wood Inlay Rings And Bentwood Rings

Youve heard us mention several times now the terms wood inlay rings and bentwood rings, and you might be wondering exactly what were talking about. The terms wood inlay rings and bentwood rings simply refer to the two different styles of wood wedding rings:

Wood Inlay Rings

Wood inlay rings are just as the name implies, a traditional precious metal ring with and embedded wood strip in it. Ceramic, bone and tungsten can be easily swapped out for the metal.

Bentwood Rings

Bentwood rings are rings made with solid wood surrounded with wood strips bent and gently formed into the shape of a ring.

Can I Inlay A Gemstone

Gemstone inlays are not as standard in the USA as we would like them to be. Nonetheless, you can get one from us, and we can also replace inlaid stones your old ring has lost over time. The most significant challenge with inlaid gems is that they can come off after years of prolonged use. Setting a gemstone on an inlay is different from placing it on the ring. The surface needs to be flush, and that can compromise the integrity of the setup.

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Buying Mens Wedding Rings Locally Vs Online

Historically, the vast majority of mens wedding rings were purchased in person at a local jeweler. Comfort with purchasing wedding rings online, especially among younger consumers, has increased in recent years, and accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While you can see whats available locally by looking up jewelers on Google or Yelp or through recommendations from family, friends, and colleagues, its a great idea to compare options from a few online retailers before deciding whether to purchase a wedding band online versus in a brick-and-mortar store.

To get more comfortable with the idea of buying a mans wedding band online, you can:

  • Make a virtual appointment at online jewelers including Brilliant Earth, Blue Nile, Clear Origin, , or Zales.
  • Order a home try on kit to test out mens wedding rings at once from online brands like Ring Bear, Hitched, Jordan Jack, , or Catbird.
  • Start by calling up or chatting with a promising online option. Manly Bands suggests starting a chat or who can help find the ring of your dreams.
  • Faqs: Mens Wedding Bands

    Black Hammered Tungsten Ring Wood Inlay Wedding Band Mens 8MM Comfort ...

    Here are answers to some of the most frequently-asked questions about mens wedding bands and engagement rings:

    Which finger does a man wear a wedding ring on?

    It is most common for a man, like a woman, to wear a wedding ring on the fourth finger of his left hand. This is because of the fanciful conceit that from that finger a nerve goes straight to the heart, writes Mrs. Burton Kingsland in the 1901 version of Etiquette for All Occasions. However, other men wear their wedding band on their right ring finger based on religious tradition, as is tradition in the Eastern Orthodox Church or out of personal preference.

    How much should a mens wedding ring cost?

    There is no rule of thumb or right amount to spend on a mens wedding ring. A simple stainless steel wedding ring can cost as little as $49, while a luxury diamond-encrusted platinum band for men can run more than $12,000. A wedding band for men should be chosen based on the grooms personal preferences and the couples budget. Couples may seek to match the grooms wedding band to their partners wedding ring style.

    How do you measure a mans wedding ring size?

    How often should wedding rings be cleaned?

    Where can I find mens wedding rings near me?

    Online review site Yelp is an excellent place to discover highly-rated jewelers making wedding rings for men. I relied on word of mouth to find my jeweler.

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    Can Wood Rings Get Wet

    Water is most certainly not a wood wedding rings best friend, especially when it comes to long term water exposure.

    While its probably best to remove a wood wedding ring before hand washing the dishes, bathing the kids or washing the car you should be alright with short-term exposure to water as long as you have your wood wedding ring properly coated and sealed at all times .

    Regular care and maintenance are important for both wood inlay and bentwood wedding rings.

    A Word Of Caution For All Grooms

    When you purchase a wedding band from any mens wedding bands site, do not forget to mention your sizing and styling preferences. While the right size at the first go will save you a lot of hassle and time, choosing a smaller ring size in the first go can leave you with a big hole in your pocket. If you pick a larger size at first, your ring will have better chances of turning out alright. Always remember, it is easier to go one size down than go one size up. Our jewelers are experts at sizing, and your ring will incur no damage during the process.

    We also offer free shipping on specific products, depending on value and occasion to make your wedding extra happy and extra special. We also have a 30-day return policy just in case you change your mind about the purchase. All our products include a lifetime warranty. Although our titanium rings, platinum rings, and tungsten wedding bands are resistant to corrosion. So what are you waiting for? Go through our extensive collection to find out all the latest designs, offers and warranties for yourself.

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    Exploring The World Of Wood Wedding Bands

    A unique piece of jewelry will set your style above the rest. These beautiful and durable mens wedding rings give off a natural look thats great for everyday wear. If you’re looking to do something a little less conventional than the standard metal rings, our high-quality wooden wedding and engagement rings will be your perfect option.

    Each of our wood wedding rings begins with a stainless steel or black tungsten ring for rugged, lifelong quality. Our ring designers then add an inlaid wood band made from real wood and coated with a protective finish to keep it looking great for life. Like the heart of an old-growth tree, your relationship will continue to thrive and grow and your mens tungsten wedding band and its real wood inlay will be there alongside you the whole time, keeping it classy and speaking to the power of your love.

    Take a look at all of the gorgeous wood wedding rings we have to offer! The Bourbon is a masculine whiskey barrel ring that summons the strength of whiskey barrel wood with its dignified oak inlay. Meanwhile, the Aloha pairs a beveled edge with a sandalwood inlay to give you a little free-spirited island character, and the Marksman creates a clean and classy appearance with its combination of antler and tungsten.

    Find Him The Perfect Wooden Wedding Ring

    Manly Bands – Unboxing of The CEO

    Our wooden wedding bands are unique and masculine, perfect for the outdoor enthusiast or nature lover at heart. With their beautiful, rustic tones and unique design, these polished pieces of work truly showcase natural beauty in its greatest form. Whether worn as a wedding ring or styled as an everyday accessory, our wooden engagement ring is the perfect ring for everyday wear.

    Every wood inlay ring from Modern Gents is designed for the man who speaks from the heart. Anyone who wants to be sure that their wedding rings are ethically sourced can take pride in wearing our ring designs because every single one is 100 percent free of conflict minerals. We also price our rings so that anyone can afford a beautiful ring made from high-quality materials because, frankly, thats what all of us deserve when we make the ultimate commitment!

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    Ceramic Wood Inlay Ring

    After the wood strip is added, a resin is applied over the wood. A resin is a special substance commonly used with jewelry that, in this case, covers and protects the wood, making it essentially waterproof and very durable. High-end resins are practically invisible, making the wood appear more natural.

    Bentwood Rings

    There are few different methods when it comes to how bentwood rings are made. The following is the most common method:

    The picture on the left is a thin strip of wood that is in the beginning stages of being bent. It will sit in a special solution for a few hours before it is wrapped even tighter. The picture on the right shows the thin wood being wrapped even tighter and into multiple layers which gives it great strength.

    Comparing Mens Wedding Ring Types

    Mens wedding bands can be fashioned from all sorts of materials from gold to platinum to wood and can be plain or adorned with diamonds or gems.

    Gold, particularly a plain band of yellow gold, has been the standard choice for men ever since wedding bands came into regular use. Although most men continue to choose gold for their wedding rings, there are many excellent options to explore.

    Like gold rings, other ring varieties can have a classic or traditional look, such as mens silver wedding bands or plain bands made of platinum. Also, some men wear rings made of less expensive metals, rings that arent made of any metal, or rings that have creative designs or beautiful stones, particularly diamonds. There has even been a recent uptick of men wearing engagement rings.

    Many factors affect mens decisions about wedding bands. Husbands and wives may choose rings made of the same material. Other considerations include personal aesthetic preferences, budget constraints, and issues related to health and comfort.

    Lets step back and compare the most popular types of wedding rings for men:

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    Gibeon Meteorite And Arizona Ironwood Wedding Band

    By RenaissanceJewelry

    Another fine choice is this exquisite Gibeon Meteorite wedding band with Cobalt Chrome and Arizona Ironwood. Authentic textured meteorite provides a striking contrast against polished ironwood. A flat bevel top makes this ring as comfortable as it is eye-catching.

    Check out more meteorite bands here.

    Pros Of Wooden Wedding Rings

    8 mm Wood Mens Wedding Bands in Titanium
    • Eco-friendly characteristics
    • They come in a variety of styles: plain wood bands, colorful inlay designs and braided patterns. They can even be set with diamonds or gemstones.
    • Wood wedding rings are in most cases hypoallergenic
    • No two are exactly alike
    • Affordable ring choice
    • Poor conductor of heat and electricity
    • They can be customize and engraved

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    A Mens Wedding Band Thats Worthy Of Forever

    At Modern Gents Trading Co., we offer a variety of different types of mens wedding bands so you can find the best fit for your unique style and personality. The abundance of quality materials and workmanship in each ring is made to give you confidence, knowing that you’re getting a stunning ring thats both beautiful and affordable.

    We also pride ourselves in giving you another kind of confidence: the kind that comes with knowing Modern Gents always has your back. With a full variety of ring sizes available, were here to ensure that youve always got a great fit on your wedding ring. Size not quite right? Our 60-day return policy makes it easy to swap in the perfect size. And, of course, our famous lifetime warranty always has you covered in the unlikely event you discover a defect in your ring.

    Not set on the natural beauty of our wooden rings? We also offer a wide selection of different metal types and style choices. If you’re interested in other ring styles, feel free to check out our full line of mens wedding bands, including distinguished choices like Damascus steel, carbon fiber and tungsten wedding bands. Dont forget to find the perfect matching piece from our womens collection, including stunning options in rose gold and sterling silver.

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