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Engagement Ring Or Wedding Band First

Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring Over Your Wedding Band

All About My Wedding Ring, Q A, Diamonds vs. Moissanite ð

There are so many choices for wearing engagement rings and wedding bands. There are no rules. Some people are even tattooing rings on their fingers. Some wear their wedding ring daily and their engagement ring on special occasions. Many people are stacking rings now. So, the aesthetics may dictate where you wear your rings.

The aesthetics may dictate where you wear your rings.

The Right Way To Wear A Wedding Ring: Your Faqs Answered

Brooke Randell

Engagement ring and wedding band conventions can be confusing for the uninitiated.

When it comes to the right way to wear your wedding ring, there are many options, and its important to keep in mind what fits best with your personal style! To provide guidance to new fiancés, weve pulled together some popular traditions on when and how to wear wedding rings and engagement rings.

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Names Used For Fingers On The Hand

Doctors rarely number fingers owing to the confusion over which finger is genuinely the first finger. Do we have ten fingers or eight fingers and two thumbs?

For this reason, a familiar name exists for each finger of the hand thumb, index, long, ring and little finger. These terms are used today instead of more technical terms.

Names applied to fingers of the hand

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Wear It During The Ceremony

Theres nothing wrong with wearing your engagement ring the entire day, even during the ceremony. To avoid awkwardness or stumbling, wed recommend not removing your engagement ring during the exchange of the rings. The truth is that most people wont be able to see your spouse-to-be putting the wedding band on your finger, so they wont even notice if you put them on in the wrong order. Simply swap them after the ceremony.

Can I Wear Rings On My Ring Finger If Im Not Engaged Or Married

This Is What Meghan Markle

A: There are no rules saying that you cannot wear a ring on your ring finger if you are not engaged or married! However, if you choose to wear a ring on this finger especially if it is a gold band or a diamond ring be prepared for some people to assume that you are married or partnered. There are many styles of fashion rings or stacking rings that will not be mistaken for a wedding band, especially if you wear stacks or multiple rings across your hands.

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How To Wear Wedding & Engagement Ring Set

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Posted on March 16, 2015

Now that you are married and have both your engagement ring and your wedding band, the real question is, how do you wear them? Should you wear them both on your ring finger on your left hand? Should you wear the engagement ring on top or on bottom? Or maybe you should wear them on two different fingers altogether? Here is a rundown on how to wear wedding rings.

What Order Should I Wear My Engagement And Wedding Rings In

An engagement and wedding are both important milestones in life, which over time have both steeped in tradition.

It is traditional for brides to receive two rings, the first is an engagement ring which symbolises a promise of marriage. A wedding ring or commonly referred to as a wedding band is then given during the wedding ceremony, and this band is traditionally known to solidify and strengthen that promise.

It all comes down to individual choice in the end, are you wanting to stick with the traditional etiquette when it comes to wearing your engagement and wedding rings? Or instead will you infuse your own style on the custom.

Variations on ring placement include but not limited to

  • Wearing your engagement ring on your right hand
  • Keeping your engagement band/ring tucked away for special occasions

There are always extra thing to take in account when it comes to how you wish to wear your rings, are you heavy handed? Is your job accommodating enabling you to wear the rings?

Regardless of which you choose to do, the most important thing is that the ring is comfortable to wear. View our wedding and engagement rings here.

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What Ring Goes Where

Firstly, let me start with the practical details of what goes where.

The engagement and wedding ring both sit on the third finger of the left hand. The engagement ring comes first, during the proposal, and the wedding ring is added during the nuptials. The engagement ring is removed during the wedding ceremony whilst the wedding ring goes on first, now followed by the engagement ring. Got that? Right lets get down to details:

How To Style Wedding Band And Engagement Ring Outfits

Engagement Ring vs. Wedding Ring: What’s the Difference?

Styling wedding bands and engagement rings shouldnt be that difficult. In fact, theyre one of the easier pieces to style compared to other types of jewelry.

But for those in need of additional styling tips, Ill provide some inspo for the fashionably inclined.

  • The stacked approach: This styling tip requires you to stack your wedding band and engagement ring on top of each other. This works best with simple designs, as glamorous sets can often look too overwhelming.
  • The left & right-hand look: Most wedding experts recommend wearing the wedding band on the left and the engagement ring on the right.
  • Additional accessories: This includes more rings, bracelets, earrings, or necklaces. I suggest sticking to one type of precious metal, like rose gold or sterling silver.
  • Consider personalization: Some couples opt for engraved initials or symbols on their wedding/engagement rings. Its considered a simple way to add a personalized touch to any type of jewelry.

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Should You Put Your Wedding Band On First

Which should you put on first: your wedding ring or your engagement ring? Well, theres really no right or wrong answer to this question. Ultimately, how you wear your bridal set is a personal choice thats entirely up to you. However, if youre wondering what affects how other people wear their rings, we can clear that up, since there are ancient and modern traditions that come into play. Read on to learn the old and new traditions that influence how people wear their wedding ring sets today.

Follow Tradition Or Become A Trailblazer

Years ago, it was tradition for a man to purchase an engagement ring with a diamond setting. However, times have changed. Other precious stones are also acceptable on an engagement ring.

Another tradition is for you and your spouse to have matching wedding bands. For instance, if you have a gold wedding band, then his would be gold as well.

Many couples are choosing to incorporate their unique style with traditional ring etiquette. There are no rules for most faiths on how to wear wedding rings. Whether you want to become an engagement band trailblazer or stick with tradition is up to you.

Engagement and wedding rings are more than beautiful, sparkling pieces of jewelry. They are symbols of your love and future and should be treated with care and respect.

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Countries That Change Which Hand The Engagement Ring Goes On After The Wedding

Numerous other cultures switch which finger displays the engagement ring after the wedding ceremony including Jewish, Danish, and Brazilian.

On the wedding day in Australia and many western cultures, the engagement ring gets switched from the left hand to the right so that the wedding band may be placed on the left ring finger. Then, often the newlywed moves the engagement ring back to the left hand to pair it with the wedding band.

What About Stacking Rings Which Finger Do I Wear Stacking Rings On

Which Ring Goes On First Wedding Band Or Engagement Ring

A: Stacking rings are versatile fashion rings, often featuring diamonds or gemstones, that can add extra sparkle to your bridal set or decorate your other fingers to give a more luxe look to your overall style. When designing your ring stack, take into account your existing engagement or wedding rings and look for bands that will complement or contrast the rings you already own. Curved or contoured bands are beautiful rings that nest around your engagement ring or bridal set. These rings are a great option for those who want to ensure that their wedding or stacking ring will fit flush nestled against an engagement ring with a large or elongated center gem.

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Its The Big Day Now What

Up until the wedding day, youve had your engagement ring on your left hand without the worry of a band. But now its time to exchange vows and also exchange wedding rings, so what do you do with your engagement ring?

Many brides place their engagement ring on their right hand or some even leave it safely at home while the ceremony is taking place. This makes it easier to smoothly place your breathtaking wedding band on your left hand, without having to worry about taking off the engagement ring or putting both rings on in a particular order. Of course, if youre comfortable you could elect to keep that dazzling sparkler on your left hand where its been since you first slipped it on.

Outfit Ideas With A Wedding Band And Engagement Ring

Lets be honest. We often play it safe when it comes to reception outfits. That said, weddings are a time of celebration, which requires an equally festive lookto match.

Case in point, this OOTD features a series of armored stilettos rings that help complement your band and engagement set.

Engraved with intricate swirls and decals, its considered a more practical alternative to wearing long nails. In terms of the ensemble itself, you can never go wrong with a poofy dress, such as those sold at Selkie.

Minimalism works beautifully with loud jewelry. If youre blessed with a 4-carat Swarovski set, this how to wear a wedding band and engagement ring guide highly recommends opting for a simple outfit.

Featuring a cream turtleneck, beige pants, and alabaster heels, this OOTD puts all the emphasis on any additional accessories. In order to properly flex your newly married status, I suggest rolling up your sleeves as a quick styling tip.

Speaking of simplicity, this casual outfit is considered the perfect go-to for honeymoons.

Composed of a cable-knit shirt, light-wash jeans, and a series of stacked necklaces, it can help emphasize your wedding band and engagement ring set in a subtle manner. If anything, it screams young married couple living their life in Soho, New York.

In terms of shoes, for this how to wear a wedding band and engagement ring guide, Id suggest wearing Converse sneakers or loafers, depending on what mood youre in.

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What Is The Correct Way To Wear Your Wedding Band And Engagement Ring

Tradition in western countries like the U.S., U.K., Canada, France, and many Asian countries wear the wedding band on the left-hand ring finger first, followed by the engagement ring. In countries like Germany, India, Spain, Norway, and Russia, they wear the wedding band on the right-hand ring finger first, followed by the engagement ring.

In these times of change and breaking tradition, anything goes when wearing both the engagement ring and the wedding ring.

Some people wear the engagement ring on the left hand, and then when they marry, they wear their wedding ring on the left hand and the engagement ring on the right hand. Sometimes that is because the engagement ring and the wedding band do not match up.

Engagement And Wedding Ring Combinations

MOISSANITE Engagement Ring & Wedding Band – CHARLES & COLVARD Unboxing

Pairing an engagement ring with a wedding ringthat were bought separatelyrequires some careful comparisons. The metal type and color, style and fit need to be a near match, in order to look like a cohesive unit and avoid unwanted rubbing between rings. Most jewelers are happy to assist with such a matching request and can help in designing a beautiful pair.

An alternative to matching the rings on your own is to select a matching wedding and engagement ring set, also known as a bridal set. This ensures the metal colors are identical and that the rings will fit together perfectly.

We suggest looking for matching wedding ringsor any rings, for that matterfrom trusted and reputable online vendors. Our years of experience have taught us that when customers work with a reliable dealer, their experience is exponentially better.

We recommend Blue Nile to our readers, as theyre an industry leader for diamonds and jewelry. They offer a range of matching engagement and wedding ring sets.

Heres an excellent examples of Blue Niles offering: Classic v-curved diamond rings in 14K white gold

You can even build your own matching set with the exact setting you want, using Blue Niles Build Your Own Ring tool.

James Allen is another diamond vendor we highly recommend. James Allen provides high-end customer service and boasts an expansive inventory of exceptional diamonds and settings.

You can also build your own matching set with James Allens bridal set tool.

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Whats The Difference Between An Engagement Ring And A Wedding Ring

A: Despite the terms being used somewhat interchangeably, each ring signifies different milestones. There are a few differences between an engagement ring and a wedding ring, including design, placement and price-point, but the main difference between the two is when each ring is given. An engagement ring is typically given at the time of a proposal and a wedding ring is commonly given when a couple exchanges marriage vows. Couples will frequently buy matching wedding ring sets so they can have similar ring styles to signify their union. However, its becoming more and more common for couples to buy wedding bands that reflect their own individual styles without worrying about coordinating with their spouse.

Anniversary Bands Promise Rings And Fashion Rings In A Bridal Set

Just like there are no rules on how you should wear your wedding band, there are no rules on how you can or cant incorporate other rings alongside your bridal set. If you have a shiny new anniversary ring, a beloved promise ring, or a stylish fashion ring you want to add into the mix, you can do so in whatever way you like.

Out of the ring options mentioned here, the anniversary ring is the one thats most commonly added to a bridal set. An anniversary ring, commonly an eternity band, is typically given to mark milestone anniversaries. If you like the modern idea of telling the story of your relationship with your rings, you may like adding your eternity ring as a bookend on the ring finger of your left hand. You can put your engagement ring first, your wedding ring second, and your anniversary ring third, thereby telling the story of three very special occasions in your life. Of course, if you dont like that styling choice, you have plenty of alternative options. For example, some people like to spread out their bling and wear their anniversary band on the ring finger of their right hand. Others like to stack both bands on one side of their gemstone or diamond engagement ring. Then, other people may choose to swap out their wedding ring for their new anniversary band, which can keep things simple yet still freshen up your look.

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Can Men Wear Engagement Rings

A: Of course! Although men dont traditionally receive engagement rings in western cultures, the practice is not unheard of. Ed Sheeran, for example, wore a silver band on his left ring finger while engaged to his now wife, Cherry Seaborn. When asked about it he said, I never saw why men didnt wear engagement rings. Its the same commitment either way. Other celebrities who sported mens engagement rings including Skylar Astin, Michael Bublé, and professional wrestler David Otunga.

What Are Other Ways I Can Wear My Promise Ring Engagement Ring And Wedding Ring

Show me your engagement ring with two wedding bands!

A: It truly is your choice! When not on the left ring finger, people most commonly move their engagement rings or promise rings to their right hands. Some couples who dont like wearing rings but still like the idea of having an engagement or wedding ring will wear their ring on a necklace chain instead of on their fingers.

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Influenced By Modern Tradition: Engagement Ring First

There really isnt a dominant modern tradition about how to wear a bridal set, but wearing your engagement ring first is a popular choice thats based on modern wedding culture. Today, brides-to-be usually receive their engagement ring before their wedding day, then get their wedding band at their wedding ceremony. Thats why many people like to put on their engagement ring first, then put on their wedding ring second. This placement symbolizes the story of your marriage: first comes the engagement, then comes the wedding.

Which Finger Do You Wear Your Engagement Ring On

Given this knowledge, most wearers dictate their fourth finger on their left hand as their engagement ring finger. Since its become so mainstream over the years, the engagement ring finger is generally known to be on the left hand. However, there arent any steadfast rules about ways you must wear your wedding jewelry. If the ring feels comfortable on another finger or your opposite hand, you can wear it wherever you please.

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