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Where Can I Get My Wedding Ring Resized

How To Resize An Engagement Ring

The Easy Way To Resize Your Wedding Ring Or Any Ring

Your significant other put a whole lot of time and effort into picking out the perfect engagement ring, and while they probably did their best to figure out your ring size, there’s always a chance they might have miscalculated. If your gorgeous new rock is a little off in size, don’t worry! Engagement ring resizing is quite common. If the ring doesn’t fit, it’s time to head back to the jeweler to have your ring resized.

While the process is fairly simple, it’s not something most people are familiar withunless, of course, they’ve already gone through it. We spoke with expert Jennifer Gandia to find out everything there is to know about getting the perfect engagement ring fit. “Resizing a ring usually takes one to two weeks,” says Gandia. This means you’ll have it back on your finger in no time!

Meet the Expert

Jennifer Gandia is the owner of Greenwich St. Jewelers in New York City.

Bailey Mariner/Brides

The Ring Sizing Processes

A jeweler cutting into the back of a ring.

When a jeweler sizes a ring, they can use two methods. One is the traditional method of cutting into the ring this involves opening the band, adding or removing metal, and then closing the band once the ring is the correct size. The second method is stretching- this technique is used for plain bands to increase or decrease the size by a half size or full size.

Both of these methods can be used to resize a ring with engraving on a case by case basis. The jeweler determines whether or not the ring can be sized without removing the existing engraving based on the following criteria:

  • Location of engraving: If the engraving is behind the stone, or in an area that isnt the band, the engraving will not be affected by the sizing process. If its on the band, it may be affected as the jeweler has to work in that area to size your ring.
  • Available blank space: If there is a sufficiently large enough area, the jeweler can simply cut into that area to size the ring as normal. This will not affect the engraving.
  • Number of sizes down: To size a ring down, the jeweler has to take out metal. If youre going a lot of sizes down, this may potentially affect a long engraving as part of the ring will have to be removed. In the event that this is the case, the jeweler will offer to polish off the original engraving and re-engrave the inscription after sizing for an additional charge.
  • Ring Sizing Alternative : Sizing Beads

    Sizing beads are a great choice when you just need a slight size adjustment or if youre dealing with a spinning ring. Adding sizing beads to your ring is a very simple process: The jeweler simply solders two small metal beads on the inside of the band. This is a great way to keep your ring upright on your finger, and it can help get a smaller ring over your knuckles. This approach essentially fakes the smaller size ring, giving you the benefits of a better fit without the downsides of actually making it smaller. This is the most common and inexpensive solution people get, but sizing beads can only be used to make the ring up to half a size smaller. Additionally, some people dont love the feel of a ring with sizing beads, so its a good idea to ask your jeweler to try on some rings with this sizing option to get a feel for what its like.

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    Sizing Engraved Tungsten Titanium And Ceramic Carbide Rings

    This engraved ring is made out of tungsten.

    Unfortunately due to the nature of these items, these rings cannot be sized, nor can the engraving be removed. Tungsten, titanium, and ceramic carbide are not malleable and cannot be worked on with regular jewelers tools.

    Now you know how to resize a ring with engraving! If youd like to get started on an item, comment below and well help you out.

    How Much Does It Cost To Resize A Ring

    Ring Resizing at Kay

    Looking for an exact price list for resizing a ring? You won’t find that here. Or likely anywhere. And here’s why:

    Jewelers must consider numerous factors when determining ring resizing cost, as each element affects the materials needed and the time and effort of the procedure. Read on to learn what affects the cost of resizing a ring.

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    My Engagement Ring Is Too Small: Now What

    First things firstdont panic.

    We understand how that might not be the easiest thing to do at the momentespecially if all of this is happening at once and youre totally overcome with excitement. And why wouldnt you be excited, right? Youve got a fantastic partner, and likely just had an epic proposal.

    And now, you have an insanely beautiful ring thats begging to slide onto your finger with easebut instead, youre staring down at an amazing engagement ring thats just too small, that you cant display, and thats left you feeling just a little bit heartbroken.

    Of course, its easy to freak out a little.

    But, weve got good news. For as upsetting as it might be now, its a totally fixable solution. Even better, that first round of good news we just shared probably means that your spouse-to-be is probably off-the-hook and out of the doghouse for getting your ring size wrong .

    Check out our helpful guide that dives into the basics of ring resizing, how to tell if your ring is too small and useful next steps for taking care of a tight engagement ring.

    Increasing The Size Of Your Ring

    Depending on how much your ring needs to be sized up, there are generally two methods to do this. If it just needs to be modified slightly larger, stretching is the best option to achieve your desired modification.

    The limit to this is that stretching can be done to a maximum of a half size larger depending on the material and design of the jewelry. Reworks to increase the ring by more than half a size requires the ring to be cut. Thereafter, additional pieces of metal are soldered into the gap.

    This highly detailed ring from White Flash is resizable up to 1 size.

    Increasing your ringâs size may pose a problem if your band has an ornate pattern around it as discussed above. If the ring has multiple stones attached to it, it might be necessary to move the diamonds or gems around the band to balance the setting in order to keep its inherent beauty.

    Regardless of whether you are enlarging or shrinking your ring, you should always check that the ring had been properly polished and that the ringâs surface is smoothed out evenly with no visual signs of soldering lines.

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    Ring Resizing Cost Factors

    Ring Thickness

    This one’s simple. The thicker the ring, the higher the price of the resize. More ring = more material.

    Pro Tip: “See a jeweler with the exact ring you want in order to size it correctly, because a wide band will fit tighter than a thinner band.” – Kim, Dream Jewelers

    The width of the band isn’t the only thing that can contribute to its thickness, though.

    Does your ring have a flat bottom? This is called a european – or euro – shank. Many people like it because it reduces the ability of your ring to spin on your finger. In the case of resizing, a euro shank does add to the cost because the corners add more metal weight.

    Additional Stones

    The number, type and location of the stones in a ring will all affect the cost to resize.

    More stones, more problems – or at least the potential for more problems. The more stones a ring features, the more likely some will need to be moved or adjusted to accommodate the increase or decrease in band.

    If diamonds, or other gemstones, are set along the side of a ring that needs to be sized smaller, they will need to be retightened, or even reset, because of the change in curvature.

    Some types of gems are temperature sensitive, and those will need to be removed and reset.

    If one or more of these conditions applies to your ring, your ring resizing cost will increase.

    Use A Ring You Already Own

    Need to Resize a Ring? Easy Ways 2 you never heard of – How to make ring fit at home – Ring hacks

    If you already have a ring that fits you perfectly, you can use it to measure your ring size. All you need to do is find an online true-to-life ring size chart, like this free one, print it out, and place your ring on provided circles until you find the one that perfectly matches your rings inner circumference.

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    Sizing Your Wedding Rings

    Use our ring sizing guide to find your correct ring size. If you find your ring is not the perfect fit, we also offer complimentary sizing of your wedding rings within 60 days when within the jewelers recommended sizing range. Please note our eternity rings cannot be resized due to their design. In order to maintain structural integrity, certain vintage rings are final sale if they are resized. Vintage rings that are final sale if resized are marked clearly when a ring size is selected. We will also provide a free FedEx return shipping label so that your resizing process is seamless and easy.

    Sizing Soldered Rings With Engraving

    A wedding set before and after unsoldering. Note the engraving in the back.

    Its a popular practice to solder wedding rings and engrave on the newly combined back. However, this poses an issue when the rings need to be sized. A jeweler cannot stretch soldered rings- the only way to size them is to cut them apart, size them individually, and solder them back together. If the bands are still distinguishable from one another, the jeweler may be able to cut them apart and size them without removing the engraving. If the back of the rings has been merged together and engraved, the jeweler will have to remove the engraving and re-engrave the inscription after sizing.

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    How To Make A Ring Smaller With Professional Resizing

    Before you resize the ring, make sure it actually doesnt fit. The general rule of thumb is that a ring that fits well is one that goes on the finger easily, but comes off with a bit of difficulty. Wearing the ring should not cause any discomfort, and the ring should sit snug on the finger without spinning.

    If a ring is too big, the first way to make it smaller is to have it resized by a professional. Most jewelry stores offer ring resizing services, so take the ring to any reliable jeweler that is located near you. Typically, professionals can alter rings by a maximum of two sizes, which means they can make the ring two sizes larger or two sizes smaller.

    Making a ring smaller is easier than making it largerthe process of downsizing is actually pretty simple. All the jeweler has to do is cut a chunk of the band and weld it back together. Voila! A smaller ring.

    Whenever a ring is professionally resized, it should be perfectly polished and look just as pristine as it did before the jeweler altered it.

    This is the simplest way to resize rings since its handled by a professional who will know exactly how to make the ring smaller.

    Is It Bad To Resize A Ring Multiple Times

    Ring Resizing at Kay

    You may have a family heirloom ring or have already resized your ring several times. Contrary to what some people believe, there is no limit to the number of times a ring can be sized.

    If your ring is made of quality materials, it should be able to handle being sized several times. However, having the same ring resized several times could weaken the structure of the ring. While its generally easy enough to have a jeweler add metal or reshape the band, be sure to talk to him or her first to ensure your ring is strong enough to withstand reshaping/resizing.

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    Restoring Rings Restoring Moments

    When that special ring needs quality care and repair, we are here to provide it. Our process makes it easy to place your order, so you can mail your rings to our certified specialists. We evaluate them for free, and you choose the repairs you want! We then perform the repair and send it right back to you.

    Benefits Of Ring Resizing Alternatives

    One of the main reasons that people opt for resizing ring alternatives is the lower cost and that some rings may only need to be resized temporarily. While permanently resizing a ring is a great option for many people, it is not always ideal. Resizing rings smaller is permanent, and more than one resizing is not recommended as it affects the strength and integrity of the ring. If you need a temporary resizing, such as in the winter or due to significant weight loss, many of these alternatives are excellent options.

    If you live in or are visiting New York City and youre looking for ring resizing near you in NYC, come visit Roman Malakovs location in the Diamond District for an expert opinion. We can give you information about how to get a ring resized, including all the precautions we take to protect your jewelry during the process. A reputable jeweler can help to take a look at your ring and recommend your best options for how to resize a ring to be smaller even if its temporary There are also some ring resizing alternatives that you can purchase and use yourself without a professional jeweler. These DIY alternatives should be short-term solutions only and should not be a permanent fix for making your rings smaller. If you need to know how to make a ring bigger, unfortunately, the only option is to resize it. While many temporary solutions work to fill in the gap of a too-big ring, a ring that is too tight can only be made to fit by having a jeweler resize it.

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    Everything To Know About Getting Your Engagement Ring Resized

    Your partner got down on one knee and surprised you with the most beautiful ring. You said yes. They slipped the dazzling bauble onto your finger andit didnt fit. Hey, it happens! Sometimes you can plan the perfect engagement moment and pick out the perfect engagement ring but the ring size? Not so much. Unless you two have actually specifically discussed rings and ring sizes, chances are your partner is going to guess at what size you are. Whether your ring is too tight or too loose, theres no need to panic or be embarrassed. Heres what you need to know about getting your engagement ring resized.

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