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How To Come Up With Your Wedding Hashtag

The Best Wedding Hashtags

How To Incorporate Your Wedding Hashtag Into Decor

Drum up excitement for your big day and share your photos in real time by creating a catchy wedding hashtag. Here are our favourites

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Unless youre hosting an unplugged wedding, you probably want to create a wedding hashtag to make your day even more memorable.

Not only do hashtags allow you to see your wedding photographs in real time, but they allow you to create a virtual wedding album which will be available for everyone to see. A wedding photographer can capture all of the most special moments, but its the guests who fill in the gaps.

Creating a wedding hashtag has now become a core part of any wedding planning process, but with so many hashtags to choose from , it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here, weve rounded up the best wedding hashtags that weve seen floating around the internet, plus a few top tips for creating your own. Oh, and check out the amazing wedding hashtag signs at the bottom of the page! Theyre so cute.


Contrary to popular belief, your wedding hashtags dont have to be insanely witty. Switch your names into one of these simple and fuss-free wedding hashtag templates which do the job perfectly.

  • #WilliamsWedding2022
  • Image: Jacqui McSweeney

    Wedding hashtags are totally personal, and the best ones are those which play on the names of the couple in question.

  • #ToGalvinToHold
  • Wedding Hashtag Walls Instagram Wedding Hashtag Generator

    Wedding Hashtag Walls Wedding Hashtag Generator only requires a few pieces of information: the first name and last name of the future bride and groom, and the wedding date .

    The generator then provides dozens of hashtag ideas, including simple hashtags, advanced hashtags, and some specifically for couples sharing a last name in their marriage. This service is totally free, and they even provide templates for a wedding sign to share your hashtag with guests on the big day.

    Things To Consider Before Choosing Best Wedding Hashtags

    1. Gather InformationBefore you sit down to making the best wedding hashtag for yourself, jot down all the things that are useful. For instance, your full names, nicknames, your wedding date, other important dates or milestones of your relationship, your wedding destination, the theme of your wedding etc. Its exactly all of these things that you make your wedding hashtag out of.

    2. Let Creativity FlowNow that you have all the required information, let the ideas flow. Irrelevant of how funny or bad they might sound, keep writing them down for you never know how and when an idea might flourish from these ones. Also, take help from your family and friends as well. Ask them to send in their ideas as well and make a note of that too.

    3. Tickle Your Punny BoneNow, a wedding hashtag could simply be your names put together, a fancy one including other elements too, or a witty one. So while making your wedding hashtag, try using rhyming words or synonyms, or puns and try making your hashtag a bit phrasal. For instance, Jasleen and Joshuas hashtag was JasLeanOnJosh. See what they did there? While this would add fun and humor to your hashtag, such smart wordplay is also gonna make it much more memorable and distinctive.

    4. Shortlisting TimeWhen youre done creating a lot of hashtags its time you start shortlisting all the probable ones that makes the most sense to you. Try bringing down the list to your top five favorites.

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    Whats Your Wedding Date

    If youre thinking of going the more traditional route and using your two names , use the wedding date to make it personal. Adding in an exact date also helps create a distinction between you and other couple hashtags if you and your partner have common names. Some examples include:

    • KnowlesWedding2020
    • EricaLovesJoe121422

    Where To Get The Best Wedding Hashtag

    5 Tips to Coming Up With a Creative Wedding Hashtag

    The wedding day is an exciting time for the bride and groom, but it can also be stressful to plan everything. One thing you might not have considered is what wedding hashtags or phrases you want to use on social media during your wedding. You donât have to strain your brain to come up with some unique wedding hashtag ideas. In order to help with this decision, here are some great wedding hashtag examples and where to find more inspiration!

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    Still Stumped Add A Number

    If you have a hashtag you like but are worried it’s already been taken or is too generic, add a number or numbers to the beginning or end to set it apart. Any number that’s special or significant to you and your S.O. will work! For example, instead of #JimAndHarry, you could tack the year you met onto the end for a special touch: #JimAndHarrySince87.

    Four: Choose A Location

    This is the biggie. The cost of your custom Snapchat filter is dependent on how long its available and where its available. You cant have it so that people can use it across the country. It is, after all, a geofilter. So you have to determine where people should be at in order to use it.

    Using Google Maps, you have to draw a fence around the location you want people to be in when theyre using your filter. It was relatively easy, and fairly cheap too! Drawing my fence around Santa Monica Colleges entire Corsair Stadium, which was almost 180,000 square feet, for 1 hour was only $5.

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    Choose Date & Location

    Once youre satisfied with the look of your template, the next steps will be to select a date, time, and location for where and when your custom Snapchat filter will be visible in the app. There is a nominal fee involved with setting up the filter, but for a 12-hour period coinciding with a ceremony and reception being held at one venue, the cost might not even break $20-a nominal amount in relation to all of the gorgeous memories that will be made.

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    Origins Of The Wedding Hashtag Trend

    Getting your wedding guest’s photos automatically using IFTTT & Hashtags!

    The hashtag symbol itself, formally known as the , also called the number sign or pound sign, dates back to ancient Roman times. WOW! Who would have thought? A New Yorker article, “The Ancient Roots of Punctuation,” explains that the hashtag’s story begins around the 14th century with the introduction of the Latin abbreviation “lb,” which eventually mutated into the abstract #.

    The specific use of the hashtag symbol as we know it is a lot older than you may think. A Lifewire article on the topic explains, “The metadata tags have been around for quite some time, first being used in 1988 on a platform known as Internet Relay Chat or IRC. They were used much then as they are today for grouping messages, images, content, and video into categories. The purpose, of course, is so users can simply search hashtags and get all the relevant content associated with them.” We had no idea the hashtag had been around so long.

    But, when did the wedding hashtag emerge on the scene? Buzzfeed tried to track down the first wedding hashtags and, based on researching old Twitter posts from June 2008, the first wedding hashtags were used by a man named Jon Bohlinger.

    Ready to create your very own unique wedding hashtag? Have fun getting creative and if you need inspiration on the witty word-smithing front, Wedding Hashers have you covered. Thanks to One Day Collective for the cover image.

    Have a topic of interest to Brides & Grooms? Submit a guest post to share with our audience.

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    Wedding Hashtags: 5 Steps To Perfection


    Wedding hashtags, amiright? How do you know if you really need one? NO IM JUST KIDDING. Here we are, on the Internet, talking about planning weddings, so obviously youre going to have a hashtag. Which means youve probably sat down and had at least one conversation about what exactly your hashtag it should be. When we were planning, a hashtag was a foregone conclusionof course it was happening. Our questions were all about how to come up with the best hashtag for our wedding and we had many feelings on the topic.

    First, its important to break down what a wedding hashtag even does. Sure, its a really fun way to bring in social media to your wedding, but what is the purpose? Hashtags in general are kind of like a very personal search tool, and people use them online for everything. Say you hashtag every photo of your cat with #princessleonathecatwell, now everyone who wants to can find photos of your cat by tapping or typing in your hashtag. So your hashtag works the same way for your guests: its an easy way to make your guests part of the celebration . Since we had a small wedding with primarily just immediate family, this was the best way for the rest of our family and friends to follow along from afar.

    So once you know why you want a hashtag, you need to figure out what it should be. Heres are the five steps to creating a perfect hashtag, and then all the details you need to make it happen.

    Work With Your Vendors

    Many wedding vendors have vibrant social media presences and followings, so if you really want your big day to blow up on social, enlist your vendors help. Your wedding pros will likely be thrilled to post about your event before, during, and after your big day, so be sure to let them know youre totally cool with itand its definitely fun to see the behind-the-scenes aspects of your big day on social. Your vendors may also be able to offer social media wedding ideas you havent already considered.

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    Reasons Why You Need Wedding Hashtags

    Your Custom Wedding Hashtag Is Forever

    Your wedding hashtags are a special sentiment that will outlive your wedding day. Dont just think of it as a one-time use. Your hashtag is a way to brand your relationship. You can use it as a way to commemorate your lovely relationship.

    A Wedding Hashtag Helps Keep Things Organized

    Advertising your wedding hashtag to your guest list can be an effective way to get the most out of your tag. When you and your guests go to share pictures, videos, and beautiful moments from your wedding day celebration on social media, encourage everyone to use the hashtag. This way when you search your custom hashtag, all the incredible memories of your special night are organized and immediately available. Think of it as your very own digital photo album.

    Wedding Hashtags Can Easily Be Incorporated Into Your Big Day

    A wedding hashtag is a creative element just begging to be incorporated into your wedding preparations. This includes putting your wedding hashtag on your save the date cards and wedding invitations. Many couples also opt to hang signs that spell out their hashtag or light up their hashtag on a neon sign to pose under. Whether you choose to include your hashtag on cards, apparel, signs, wedding favors, or anything else, couples love incorporating their unique hashtag into their ceremony and venue. You can be as creative as youd like with it!

    Custom Hashtags Allow You to Relive Your Favorite Memories

    Think About Your Trademarks And Favorites

    Wedding Hashtag Inspiration

    Is there a cute little nickname your friends gave you that you love? Or, do you have a favorite romantic movie that you both absolutely adore? Brainstorm about your personal favorites or any unique terms that describe you.

    For example, if one of your favorite movies is Keeping Up With the Joneses you can easily turn that into the #KeepingUpWithTheSmiths wedding hashtag.

    Play around with your favorite romantic quotes, something you and your friends joke about, anything that you could think of that can make you stand out.

    Ideas to write down:

    • Meaningful song lyrics

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    Creative Wedding Hashtag Ideas For Your Special Day

    The wedding industry witnesses umpteen trends every year, in fact, every season. And while some of them dwindle down in a matter of weeks, some of them end up winning hearts making a place for themselves for ever. One such trend that has conquered time and space quite literally, subsequently becoming an imperative part of weddings is that of the wedding hashtags.Aptly referred as a telltale of a couples journey and/or their wedding shenanigans, hashtags personalize a wedding in a way that no other element can. Showered with so much love, wedding hashtags are the thing for reasons more than one.While a hashtag flaunts the couples tale, it can also be used to further personalize other wedding elements like the decor, the mehndi designs, outfits & accessories, and favors. And no, this doesnt stop here. Using that wedding hashtag on social media helps keep a track of all the photos of your wedding that everyone took while reveling in the celebrations. And not to forget how your wedding might end up trending over the social media platforms because of it.

    Dont Be Afraid To Hire An Expert

    If you just dont have the time or mental energy to come up with your own bachelorette hashtag, you can hire professional creatives to come up with something unique and personal to you. Consult Hitched with a Hashtag, recommends Kristen. Among their many services, this social media agency offers custom services that include brainstorming hashtags for weddings and wedding-related events.

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    Why Get A Wedding Hashtag

    If you’re not sure what wedding hashtag examples to use, there are many suggestions listed below. These wedding hashtags will help create a cohesive social media presence for your wedding and allow all of the guests to share in the experience!

    Wedding hashtags aren’t just used on your wedding day. They can also be used to plan wedding activities, coordinate wedding guests’ travel and accommodations, introduce new wedding traditions, or find the perfect wedding dress.

    A wedding hashtag allows your guests to have an interactive role in wedding planning. They can share wedding ideas, post their own wedding photos, and find inspiration for wedding gifts!

    When used appropriately, they act as a central location to store all the memories of your big day. You don’t want any important moments forgotten because it was never shared on social media!

    Of course, you’re busy and searching deeply for wedding hashtag examples may not be a priority. That’s when you need to explore wedding hashtag generators or hiring an affordable service to write a unique wedding hashtag for you. Let’s explore each of these options.

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