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How Early Should You Send Out Wedding Invitations

When To Order The Invitations

When do you send out save the dates and wedding invitations?

We recommend ordering your wedding invitations and other stationery 4-6 months before your special day. Many couples choose to order it all at the same time so they can move on to the next aspect of their wedding planning. Whatever you decide, make sure you allow enough time for printing, address gathering, postage to you, and also mailing out to your guests .

Is It Too Soon

There is often a lot of debate about whether or not you can send out wedding invitations too early. Whilst you may be planning to wait a few years before being wed, it is important not to jump too far ahead in your planning timeline. Stay as close to the timeline as possible, as sending invitations too early can mean that some of your guests may forget or not be able to commit to your future date. Don’t forget, you are certainly able to chat with your friends and family and give them an idea of when the wedding will be so that they are aware.

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The Importance Of Completing Your Registry First

Your wedding registry should be live and fully functional, with gifts of varying monetary value, by the time your shower invitations are sent. But to avoid any miscues for your guests or extra work for the host, we recommend completing your wedding registry even earlierabout two months before your shower date. The more time your guests have to plan and shop, the more likely it is that you will receive the gifts you asked for.

To make this process easier, Zola has a seamless registry platform that only takes a matter of minutes to set up. Our completely customizable and comprehensive wedding registry allows you to add gifts from other stores, add cash funds and gift cards, and even keeps track of your guest list.

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When Should The Invitations Go Out If I Have An Early Rsvp Date

When do you mail out invitations when you want the yes or no back ASAP? People need time to consider their availability and make plans, so if you have an especially early RSVP date we recommend adding at least two weeks to your timeline. This increases your chances of getting RSVPs back on time.

What About Rehearsal Dinner Invitations When Should We Send Those Out

When Do I Send Out Wedding Invites

After your guests have received your wedding invitation, they might be wondering if theres a rehearsal dinner and if theyre invited. We recommend sending out your rehearsal dinner invitations a week or two after sending out your main wedding invitations. That way, your guests will have enough time to adjust travel plans if needed. Rehearsal dinner invitations should be sent separately from your wedding invitations, even if the guest list is generally the same.

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What To Include On A Shower Invitation

Before you pop those bridal shower invites in the mail, make sure youve included all of the following important details:

  • The name of the host/hostess
  • A formal/cordial invitation to attend
  • Name of the person for whom the shower is being thrown
  • Date and time of the event
  • Event location
  • Attire
  • A link to the couple’s Zola registry
  • An RSVP request with a name, email, or phone number
  • Creating The Wedding Invites

    At Peppermint Press, its all about you. Whether you pick a style from one of our 8 collections, or decide to create a bespoke design, what you see on our website is inspiration for almost anything you want to create.

    After we receive your order, we will personally be in touch with you for your design consultation. Unlike other websites where your order ends at checkout and you get what you get, we will work with you to personalise your wedding stationery exactly how you like. Depending on how your invites are printed, the process can take 10 to 15 days. Allow a few extra days to ship to you depending on where youre located in Australia and more if located internationally we can provide a shipping estimate at any time before purchase or during your design consultation.

    Whether you work with us, design your own wedding stationery or go to another source, make sure to account for enough time to design, print and receive all your stationery. Proofreading is also essential as some companies dont allow for revisions or re-prints.

    Soleil White on Black RSVP paired with White Envelope

    We also offer envelope and return addressing to save you time on hand printing or writing each envelope or return card yourself. Be sure to check if this detail is included in your order elsewhere, or if you are doing it yourself, give yourself extra time and extra stationery as backup for any errors.

    Do you have any wedding invitation or save the date questions? Let us know in the comments.

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    When To Send Wedding Invitations


    There are so many wedding-related events and festivities that take place throughout a couple’s engagement period, and they all require a lot ofstationery andinvitations. At first glance, it can seem a little overwhelming, but it’s manageable if you know what to expect.

    Read on to learn when to send everything from save the dates to thank you notes, and who to send them to. Chances are, you’ll be making more trips to the post office than you have in your entire life, but these invitations are things that you will look back on as precious keepsakes in the years to come.

    Prepare To Be Showered


    Wedding showers are a popular way for the people in your life to express their joy about your upcoming nuptials. There is nothing more special than celebrating the love you have for your spouse-to-be than with your friends and family.

    Zola is here to help you with every aspect of your engagement and wedding planning process leading up to the big day, including any showers you may have. Our easy-to-use wedding registry will help your guests shower you the best way they know how while helping you navigate the wedding registry process seamlessly.

    For more resources surrounding bridal showers, see our expert advice below:

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    Timing Your Wedding Invitations

    Our recommendation is to send out your invitations between 8 to 12 weeks before your wedding, but if you need more time, 16 weeks early is acceptable.

    Ultimately, you can send out your invitations whenever you want, but you should keep in mind that guests may forget that they RSVPd or simply forget to answer if you invite them too early. If youre worried about guests being double-booked, use a save-the-date to encourage them to mark their calendars. A wedding website, perhaps even with email updates, is another great way to remind guests about your upcoming celebration.

    Sending Out Your Save The Dates Too Early

    You should send Save the Dates to guests between one year and six months before your wedding. That should be enough time for guests to save, so they can afford to go and plan annual leave from their jobs, if theyll need to travel or your wedding is on the same time they are working.

    However, some couples feel that sending out their weddings Save our Date cards even a couple of years in advance is a good idea. While it might seem more time = more organised, its unlikely to work that way in reality.

    Too far in advance, and people wont Save your Date too early and theyll put it off and then chances are theyll forget. Then youre looking at extra work, and cost, sending another round of reminders.

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    When Should You Collect Wedding Rsvps

    As challenging as sending your wedding invitations can be, you cant relax until you get all your RSVPs back. RSVPs are crucial for your wedding plans because having an accurate headcount can make a huge impact on catering costs and other expenses.

    Lots of people understand how difficult wedding planning can be, so theyll be sympathetic and return their RSVPs as soon as possible. However, you should include a deadline to respond on your wedding invitation in case you know any lovable procrastinators.

    If your guest list is small, you can get away with setting the deadline two or three weeks ahead of the wedding. However, larger guest lists create more uncertainties. To be on the safe side, one months notice is the perfect compromise to help guests figure out their own schedule and allow you to notify your caterer and venue.

    You shouldnt have to feel shy about hunting RSVPs down if people miss the deadline. If you provide a deadline on the invitation and others ignore it, dont hesitate to give them a call and get a definitive answer.

    Ready to Create Your Perfect Wedding Invitations?

    Now that you know when to send wedding invitations and how to avoid common mistakes, your wedding planning can be much less stressful.

    If youre ready to start designing your perfect invitations, Greetings Island would love to help you create beautiful, custom cards. Check out our wedding invitation collection& save the date cards to find your dream wedding invitations template.

    Timing: As Soon As You Know The Date & Location

    weddings 101_when you should send out your wedding ...

    Your personal website can double as your save-the-date, or you can go the more traditional route and mail out a paper save the date. If you choose to mail something out, its best to keep it simple. Include your destination, wedding date, and the URL of your wedding website. Check out this post for more destination wedding save-the-date tips & ideas.

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    To Whom Should I Send My Invitations

    Your invitations should be sent to all of your guests at the same time. We dont recommend sending a batch of invitations, waiting to see if there are any nos, and then sending them to your B-list. Those who have received invitations may spill the beans to those on your B-list, which could make things pretty awkward. When considering when to send wedding invitations, make sure your guest list is completely finalized before doing so.

    Kim Forrest

    Kim Forrest has been writing about weddings for over a decade, specializing in etiquette and… planning advice. Kim writes and edits much of the content youll read on WeddingWire, and also manages our team of freelance writers. Kims love of the wedding space first blossomed when she was an assistant editor at Washingtonian magazine in the mid-2000s . She became WeddingWires first full-time editor in 2012. Kim is originally from Long Island, New York and currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland with her husband and two children. She loves baking, yoga, ballet, theater, trying out the latest skincare fads, and listening to podcasts on a variety of random topics.

    Sending Wedding Invitations On A Budget

    Wedding invitations can cost a lot more than youd expect. Aside from purchasing enough cards and envelopes for your guest list, you also have to worry about postage. If you have a lot of friends scattered around the world, these letters can rack up your bill even faster.

    Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can save money on your wedding invitations.

    One of the best ways to trim your expenses is to create your own invitations. Not only is this approach more affordable, but the results are also more personal and special.

    Skip the fancy bridal shops that have booklets of expensive templates. You can be in control of every design element to ensure you love how your cards look. Many couples frame their wedding invitations or keep them in a photo album to remember their special day. Making your invitations together as a team is a fun way to create something both of you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

    These customizable invitations give you the option to send in a variety of ways. You can print them from home or at your local print shop, email them online with RSVP and full event management system, or save them as a high-quality image to share on social media or other messaging apps.

    The rest of the world is digital now, which means its no longer tacky to send an online invitation. If you do decide to ditch mail altogether, its another great way you can save money.

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    Should We Include Our Registry Info On Our Invitations Or Save

    Including registry info on the wedding invitations or save-the-dates is considered impolite because it can give the impression you’re asking for gifts. But go ahead and put your registry info directly on your wedding website . If you’re planning on having a wedding shower, you can put your registry info on the bridal shower invitations . You can also tell your wedding party, parents and close friends where you’re registered, and let them fill guests in.

    When To Send Out Invitations Calculator


    As an estimate, if youre getting married during the month indicated below, youll need to send invitations in the mail around the date indicated next to it. I recommend the 8-week amount of time, but 6 weeks is also an acceptable amount of time before the wedding.

    Heres a sample calculator to figure out when youll be sending out wedding invitations based on the month in which youre getting married.

    Wedding Date

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    When To Send Out Save The Dates

    Before your wedding invitations go out, youll want to send out your save the dates much earlier. This gives your loved ones plenty of time to prepare for the wedding, but they dont need all the details that your wedding invitations will have. Save the dates can be sent six months to a year before your wedding. For additional information, visit our guide on when to send save the dates.

    When To Ask For Rsvps

    Short Answer: 1 Month from Wedding Date

    Your wedding invitation must include a way for guests to respond. Whether you choose to have guests RSVP online via your wedding website, or you send an RSVP card and pre-addressed envelope as part of your invitation suite, be sure to indicate an RSVP deadline so that guests know when they need to alert you to their decision. The rule of wedding invitation etiquette says that one month before your wedding date is the perfect amount of time: it offers a brief window for guests to receive the invitation and consider their decision, while also providing your wedding vendors enough advance notice to order and prepare supplies. The sooner you’re able to get an accurate guest count, the sooner you’re able to finalize your wedding planning details .

    A one-month-prior deadline also adds some timeline padding for those stragglers who wont get their RSVP card in on time…because you know there will be those!

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