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What To Know About Wedding Rings

Choose A Coverage Provider

Men’s Wedding Bands 101: How to Choose Your Ring

To get your wedding ring insured, youll need to first choose the coverage provider that youll want to work with. Each provider may have different ways of providing you assistance in the event of a ring mishap. If youre worried about losing the ring, making sure the policy offers lost wedding ring insurance is important. Youll also want to look into if the coverage offers replacements, repairs, or compensation, and to what extent or under what circumstances.

There are a couple of places you can go to find your coverage, so lets go over both options.

Homeowners Or Renters Insurance

If you already have a homeowners or renters insurance policy, you can easily add your wedding rings to the list of items you want to be covered by your policy. With your current insurance, you can purchase an insurance rider which essentially is an extension or addition to your policy. In this case, the rider would be in regards to the piece of jewelry youd like to insure.

While adding a rider to your current homeowners insurance policy can be a convenient way to insure your wedding ring, youll want to be cautious. Should your ring actually get lost, stolen, or damaged, the results might affect your entire insurance policy by making your homeowners or renters insurance premium increase.

Independent Wedding Ring Insurance Companies

Jewelers Mutual
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What Does An Engagement Ring Symbolize

The Ancient Romans were the first recorded people to use engagement bands. Engagement bands were a mark of ownership, love, and obedience. Rings were given to future brides to show others that they were taken and off the market to other potential suitors.

Women in Rome wore rings of ivory, bone, copper, flint, and iron although gold rings have been found dating back to the earlier Common Era . Romans wore the ring on their left ring finger, as they believed a vein located there connected directly to the heart.

In the centuries afterward, a more extravagant engagement ring was meant to indicate the husbands wealth and status. As a wife was unable to own property or make money for herself, the engagement ring signified how heavily a wife could rely on her husband for financial support.

Nowadays, the symbolism of engagement bands is centered more on love and commitment. As rings are circles, they have no beginning or end, so they represent the neverending love and devotion between two people.

You or your spouse should wear your engagement ring however feels most comfortable. In many Western cultures, the ring is still worn on the left-hand ring finger. However, some cultures believe the left hand is unlucky, so they wear the engagement band on their right-hand ring finger.

Am I Allowed To Take Off My Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are mostly symbolic, so theres no reason to keep your ring on 24/7. After your wedding, you can take off your ring when youre going to bed, taking a shower, or doing chores where you could risk tarnishing your ring.

You are expected, however, to always wear your wedding ring outside your home unless its necessary for you to take it off . Not wearing your wedding ring is seen as inappropriate because it gives others the idea that youre trying to look like a single person.

When a person wears a ring, its a passive way of saying that they are in a committed relationship and are not romantically interested in anyone else. By wearing a ring that others can see, its like telling them to not give you romantic advances because your heart is with someone else. So, if youre in a social setting without a ring, people may assume the worst and think youre seeking other romantic relationships.

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Ring Styles And Design Options

While wedding rings may have been modernized in various ways over the years, there is still plenty of variety in terms of styling and aesthetics.

Indeed there are arguably more options to consider today than at any point in history, both for men and women alike.

Brides have a literally dazzling selection of stones and other adornments to consider, ranging from mined and lab-grown diamonds to semi-precious and more affordable alternatives like amethyst, tanzanite and even pearl.

The cut of the stone is also important do you opt for a timeless round, oval or emerald cut, or do you go for a more up-to-date heart, pear or Princess cut?

Grooms, meanwhile, can opt for classic, unadulterated bands of gold or platinum, or push the boat out and choose a more outlandish design that will let them stand out from the crowd and also increase the uniqueness of their ring.

What Metals Are Used In Engagement Rings

Dainty Deco Engagement Ring with Marquise Diamond  ARTEMER

Your four general options for the metal in an engagement ring are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold. The choice of metal has a huge effect on a rings style.

A good way to gauge the right metal when buying the ring for your partner is to take a look at their favorite pieces of jewelry. Do they tend to wear more white gold or yellow gold? Most people have one or two favorite metals, and the engagement ring you buy should align with their existing style. If your partner has metal allergies, platinum is naturally hypoallergenic.

A popular engagement ring metal for a long time has been platinum. White gold makes for a slightly less pricey option than platinum. As it rises in popularity, however, many engagement rings now are being made in rose gold. Additionally, different colored gemstones are especially popular when embedded into yellow gold metal.

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Everything You Should Know Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Buying an engagement ring can feel like one of the most important purchases in a relationship. As modern perceptions of marriage change, the approach to engagement ring shopping changes too. 63% of couples now choose engagement rings together, and more couples have at least some discussion beforehand about preferences and sizing. These conversations make finding the right engagement ring a lot less risky.

However, you might be asking, What makes a good engagement ring? First and foremost, the perfect engagement ring for each person is as unique as its wearer. Perhaps the better question to ask is, How do you get the engagement ring you want?

In this guide to buying an engagement ring, you will get the background on every aspect you need to know in the simplest terms. That way, you can choose a ring both you and your partner will cherish for years to come without feeling overwhelmed with the details.

How Golden Tree Jewellers Can Help

For all of your CrownRing wedding band needs, choose Golden Tree Jewellers. Since 1980, Golden Tree has provided the nearby cities of Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnaby with fine jewellery items from some of the worlds top designers. On top of wedding bands, Golden Tree provides engagement rings, timepieces, fashion jewellery, as well as other luxury grade items from their showroom located in Langley, British Columbia.

If you have any questions regarding CrownRing or other wedding band designers, please visit or give them a call at -530-7221.

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Incorporate Your Personal Style

Think about what jewelry you already own and what catches your eye when you’re shopping. Are you more of a white gold or yellow gold person? Do you have a specific cut diamond that you prefer over another? Is your style more trendy and modern or traditional and timeless? Take a look through the jewelry you already own and use this information to help define your personal style. “Choose something that represents you because these pieces truly become a part of you, and commonly become heirlooms that are cherished and passed down to future generations,” says Alex Stuller, senior director of bridal at ever& ever.

Rest Assured With Your Ring Insured

Where to Buy Affordable Wedding Rings| Kate Sparkle Review

Weddings alone can already be an overwhelming and stressful planning process. Put a bit of your mind at ease by insuring your precious wedding ring. We hope that this guide has answered all your burning questions about what wedding ring insurance is and how it works.

Be sure to do your research as to which ring insurance policy and provider best meets your standards. After selecting your coverage and getting a professional appraisal, youll be well on your way to having a property-insured wedding ring!

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Make Sure To Get The Right Certificate

We always encourage our readers to always ask for a lab certification on any diamond. This certificate lets you know that the diamond youre buying actually has the characteristics that its advertised as having.

Not all diamond certificates are equally reliable. For example, some of the grading entities used to certify diamonds are well known for overstating a stones quality. This allows a diamond vendor to sell what might be a poor quality diamond at an inflated price, all based on inaccurate claims about its quality.

The most reliable laboratories in the industry are the GIA and AGS. Both of these labs provide accurate, reliable and consistent gradings of factors such as cut, color, clarity and more. We highly recommend making sure that youre buying either AGS or GIA diamonds.

Having one of these certificates verifies that the diamond youre receiving is indeed the diamond the vendor is selling you.

Other certificates, such as EGL or IGI, arent as reliable. We recommend avoiding diamonds with these certificates, as well as diamonds that are sold without any type of certification at all. You can learn more about this in our guide to diamond certification.

What About The Engagement Ring

The wedding ring is usually worn first so it can be closest to your heart. But you can wear wedding ring sets in whatever order works best for you. Its also a matter of personal preference what you do with the engagement ring during the ceremony. It can be briefly moved over to the right hand, entrusted to a close family member or simply left in place.

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Understand The Diamond Basics

Having a solid understanding of the four Cs will help you make an educated decision on a diamond. The quality and beauty of each diamond can differ dramatically.

Here is our general recommendation for each of the four Cs. You can read our full guides for more information on each area.

  • Cut: Only choose an Excellent or Ideal cut diamond to ensure your stone offers the most brilliance and fire. Cut is the number one decider of a diamonds beauty.
  • Color: Opt for a diamond in the nearly colorless range of G-I. To the naked eye, the diamond will appear just as colorless as a diamond in the D-F range but will cost far less.
  • Clarity: A VS1 or VS2 Clarity usually offers the best value for what can be seen with the naked eye. Inclusions and blemishes are not noticeable at these grades.
  • Carat: Because beauty and sparkle matter most, focus on purchasing a beautifully cut diamond rather than a certain carat weight. Once youve determined your grades for the other three Cs, find the largest carat that still fits within your budget.

You can also use our 1 carat diamond ring buying guide to help with your engagement ring purchase. You can also check out our average engagement ring size article if you arent sure what size to get.

Think Youre A Diamond Pro?

Think youre a Diamond Pro and can save 25%? Choose the diamond that you like better. Is it the J color for $4,082 or the G color for $5,500?

Return And Insurance Policies

Two Wedding Bands  Halo Rings or Any Style

With a purchase as big as this one, you should really consider getting it insured. “Usually insurance companies will ask that you that provide a receipt of purchase, or sometimes even an appraisal, depending on the kind of coverage youre looking for,” said Vardi. Returns are more complicated, especially if you go the custom-made route. ” stands behind all the products that we sell, and if a repair is needed , we always send rings back to the original designer so that they can be repaired in the best way. Some rings are returnable, but most custom-ordered rings are final sale. We can always work with customers and show them samples so they are 100% comfortable before having a ring made.”Vardi and Plessner suggest soliciting help from her best friend, mother, or sibling someone she may have discussed her preferences with if you’re not already sure about what sort of ring she wants. “A surprising number of our wedding annex clients have also been tipped off by a Pinterest board.”

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Shape And Settings Set Style

The two things that have the largest impact on the style of your engagement ring are your center stones shape and your setting style. Shape refers to your diamond center stone shape and each shape has a different style. Your engagement rings setting will also impact its style. Settings can be classic, vintage-inspired, modern, unique, and so much more.

Shop Around Do Some Comparisons

Before deciding on the right engagement ring for your beloved, take time to conduct some comparisons. Do you like this halo setting from James Allen? Or do you prefer this three-stone setting from Blue Nile? Which vendor offers the most beauty for your budget?

Although its definitely not required, its usually helpful to begin searching for an engagement ring two to three months before you propose. Youll have time to look for the right vendor, narrow down your options, order any custom pieces, and have the jewelry made and shipped.

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How Much Are Wedding Rings In The Philippines

The price for a pair of wedding rings can vary for a lot of reasons:

  • Material
  • Stones
  • Custom engravings

The average wedding ring pair costs P15,000, though you may be able to find a pair cheaper in the market. You can also opt to have a jeweler customize your wedding rings, but this is more expensive than buying one that is already made.

If youre trying to stick to a small-budget wedding, this is one of the things you shouldnt cheapen out on.

For example, a silver-plated ring is cheaper than a genuine silver ring because majority of the formers composition consists of cheaper metals and are coated with a thin outer layer of silver. Eventually, the cheap metal will oxidize from the inside, expanding and causing the outer silver to crack.

This means that after a number of years your silver-plated ring will lose its shine and color. Genuine silver wedding rings, on the other hand, consist of at least 92.5% silver, giving it durable and longer-lasting properties.

Wedding rings are one of those traditions that have stood the test of time. While theres nothing wrong with budgeting for a wedding, wedding rings are one of those things you really have to buy in good quality so that you and your partner can wear your rings for the rest of your lives.

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