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What Goes On A Wedding Registry

Honeymoon Fund Registry Wording

How to Shoot a Wedding- Lighting Tips for Wedding Photography

Creating a honeymoon fund registry is extremely popular these days, either instead of a traditional gift registry or in addition to it. With many couples living together before marriage or marrying at an older age, oftentimes, they have everything they need for their home but would appreciate contributions to a honeymoon instead.

Rather than have guests just send you cash for your trip, it’s a good idea to give as much information as possible about your travel plans including destination, hotel, airline, sightseeing tours, activities and experiences you are planning to enjoy. Thankfully, there are excellent honeymoon fund registriesThe Knot, Traveller’s Joy and Honeyfund, to name a few. These platforms make it easy for you to lay out your plans so your guests can contribute.

Why You Need A Wedding Registry

A wedding registry is a collection of curated gifts from which wedding guests can shop. Why are they necessary? Thats simple. They make the shopping experience easier and more efficient for wedding guests. They also ensure that you receive gifts that you actually want. Friends, family, and loved ones are usually very eager to purchase gifts for newlyweds as a token of their affection and a thank-you for your wedding invitation and including them in your big day. Being able to purchase registry items helps them feel confident that theyre getting you something youll love!

Gone are the days of traditional wedding registries existing only in brick and mortar stores. Online wedding registries simplify the process enormously , allowing an engaged couple to pick items from multiple stores or include a cash donation on their wish list. Plus, an online wedding registry is easily accessible with a link on your wedding website, which you can include in your save the date or invitation suite.

Check out our guide to all of the registry basics you need to know and create your ultimate wedding registry checklist.

Hamilton Beach Stainless Steel Artisan Bread And Dough Maker

This programmable bread maker will help you whip up delicious loaves of homemade dough without even breaking a sweat. Want some bread with your pasta? Toss in the ingredients for tasty focaccia. In the mood for some pizza? This bad boy will take pizza night to a whole new level. Plus, if either you or your partner have any food allergies, this could become your new favorite kitchen gadget.

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Estelle Colored Champagne Coupe Stemware

Courtesy of Estelle Colored Glasses

Theres going to be plenty of champagne drinking and celebrating happening, so, along with a yummy bottle of bubbly, some chic champagne glasses are in order. These art deco-inspired coupes are a fun departure from traditional flutes and are made of beautiful, hand-blown glass.

There are various colors to choose from, but you cant go wrong with this statement-making-yet-still neutral amber smoke shade.

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Round Dutch Oven With Lid

FREE 18+ Wedding Registry Checklists in PDF

A colorful Dutch oven is another timeless registry item that’s usually worth the splurge. The Signature Dutch oven from Le Creuset is a perennial favorite, thanks to its eye-catching enamel and solid, heirloom-worthy cast iron. It’ll add an air of elegance to any kitchen.

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Lenox Tuscany Classics All Purpose Stemless Wine Glass

Courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond

There is no shortage of different types of wine glasses you could register for, but if you want to keep it simple and go with an option that you know youll reach for time and time again, add these to your list.

Made of fine crystal, theyre nice enough to work for any special occasion, yet durable enough to be your weeknight glass of the cheap stuff glass, too.

Plants And Design Planters

iSave to

You are a design-addict? Your guests might want to give you natural or artificial plants, together with design planters. Couples with a love for the outdoors will love this, the same as natural gardeners. They come in bamboos, glass, ceramics, pottery and even fabrics to give your lawn an appealing look. Design planters retail between $14.91-58.65 on .


Scratch maps are wedding registry must-haves for adventurous couples who are in love with traveling. They allow you to scratch off places where you have been to around the globe, a beautiful way to preserve memories. Luckies of London retails for $31.98 on .

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Fortessa Arezzo Flatware 5

Courtesy of Zola

Register for this flatware now and you wont need replacements for a long, long time. Made of a heavy gauge stainless steel, these wont fade or rust, and the style is completely timeless.

Were partial to the black finish, which adds an unexpected pop to any table setting, though the set also comes in a more classic stainless steel, as well as gold and rose gold.

How Many Gifts Should We Register For

Zola Registry Tour! ASMR Soft Spoken Ramble! Wedding Planning Series

So how many gifts should you register for a wedding? Aim for two to three gifts per guest, with the idea that not every gift on your registry may get purchased. Every guest has a different budget, so while one guest might only be able to afford that beautiful picture frame for your wedding photos, other guests may want to bundle things together into themed presents. And if you are worried folks will go off the registry having a fuller registry that doesnt run dry is a good way to prevent this.

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Wedding Gift Registry Etiquette

Now that your registry items have been selected, its important to keep the correct etiquette in mind when communicating this to your guests. Remember, you should never explicitly request gifts but, your loved ones will undoubtedly ask you for ideas before the day.

Consider these dos and donts when sharing your gift registry details with guests:

  • Dont include your registry information on your wedding invitations. Your wedding invitations should be reserved for essential information about the day , and not for gift requests.
  • Do share your gift registry information on your wedding website, instead! Your wedding website is the perfect place to include some additional details about your registry for guests who may be interested. This will also make it super easy for guests to access your registry in just the click of a button.
  • Dont put any expectations on your guests to purchase a gift from your registry. Remember, your registry is purely there to provide ideas and inspiration for your guests.
  • Do share your registry details in a way thats polite and appreciative. Make it clear that gifts are totally optional, and your loved ones joining you on the day is the greatest present of all.

For example:

Celebrating with you on our special day is the only gift we require. However, for those who have expressed an interest, weve created an online registry here:

Dyson V11 Animal Cord

Courtesy of Bed, Bath & Beyond

Who knew a vacuum could elicit so much excitement? Trust us, this is nothing like your grandmas vacuum it boasts all kinds of cool features that will make you actually want to clean. Its capable of capturing 99.97% of even the tiniest, microscopic dust particles run for 60 minutes before it needs a charge, and has twice the suction of other similar vacuums.

It can easily be turned into a handheld and the slim size makes storage a breeze. The bottom line: Theres good reason to be excited about it.

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Wedding Registry Checklist: Everything To Add

Youre engaged, overjoyed, and excited to start planning your wedding. One of the first steps youll take leading up to the nuptials is organizing your wedding registry. While receiving gifts is not the most important part of your big day, it can certainly be a fun part of your celebration.

Knowing what to include on your registry can be tough, but were here to help with this wedding registry checklist. Here, youll find top tips on how to create a registry, the dos and donts to keep in mind, plus plenty of gift ideas for your wedding registry list.

Best Places To Register For A Bridal Shower

Wedding Gift Etiquette in the U.S.

Some stores offer discounts on purchases after youve completed your registry or gotten married. These are the kinds of bridal registries that can save you money on wedding gifts or even qualify for free wedding giftsfrom yourself! Truth is, many couples have no idea that these kinds of bonuses exist, such as a free gift card with wedding registry. Dont miss out!

Yes, thats rightyou the bride and groom can save money on gifts for yourself and/or get free gifts just for creating a bridal registry. These are some of the best wedding registries programs with awesome perks! If you ask me where to register for bridal shower gifts, I would tell you to go with the stores that have wedding registry freebies, wedding registry incentives and wedding registry perks!

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How Should You Share Your Registry Information

Integrate your wedding registry into your wedding website, and share the link to your wedding website on all formal communication about your weddings such as save-the-dates and wedding invitation , says Skurnik. There is no need to share the link to your registry specifically.

When it comes to blasting out your registry on social media, different cultures have different takes. Some feel fine sharing at large, especially if it is customary in their community to celebrate marriages even when they wont be attending the wedding, while others feel its inappropriate to share if not all followers will be invited to the wedding events. Go with your gut on this one, or take a cue from what close friends or family with similar guest lists have done in the past.

What Not To Put On Your Wedding Registry

Your wedding registry should be a shared list for you and your partner, so its probably not the best place for gifts that are super specific to just one of you. Instead, opt for things you can share with your significant other as you begin your new life together.

We also recommend avoiding too many expensive items for your registry. Be mindful of your guests and instead include a range of price points for them to choose from.

Lastly, dont put things on your wedding registry just for the sake of it. Select items that you will truly get good use out of and wont just stuff in a closet or drawer somewhere. Your guests want to get you something youll actually love, so make your selections intentional.

Check out our top 10 dos and donts of creating your wedding registry. Now that you know whats best to leave out, here are some great options to include on your list.

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What Should Grooms Have On Their Wedding Registry

As grooms become more and more involved in wedding planning and the popularity of man showers and couples showers continue to grow nows the perfect time for grooms to bring in some serious loot by creating their man registries.

Although traditional wedding registries are great for items like bath towels, dishes, and bedding, there are certain items that guys should handle or at least have a hand in selecting. After all, the groom is half of the wedding equation. Plus, your guy friends will want to give you something they know youll enjoy.

Should We Register Online

Bollywood Style Wedding Film Lip Dub on Do Gallan | Sumit Productions

Yes! Most guests these days shop online, so consider an online registry to make things even easier for your guests. As far as online wedding registry etiquette for guests: It cant get easier to make gifting deadlines than a click of the button! Online registries also have a tracking feature, so sending thank you notes just got that much easier.

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Wedding Gift Registry Ideas And Wording Examples

So youve set your wedding date, chosen your venue and finalised your guest list. But before you start sending those invites out, have you made a decision on your wedding registry?

Gift-giving was historically one of the most traditional elements of any wedding, with the ritual dating back centuries. The purpose of a wedding gift was to help the happy couple set up their new home and begin married life together.

Traditional wedding gifts have become a little less mainstream over the years, and these days there are some more alternative options available. From online registries to wishing wells and even charity donations, couples can now opt for a gift-giving style that best fits their big day.

Whatever you decide, communication is key to give your guests a heads up before the wedding. Most couples choose to share their registry details via their wedding website, which can be a great way to make the topic of gifts feel a little less awkward!

With that being said, finding the right wording to let guests know about your wedding registry can be tricky. So we thought wed run through a few of the most popular wedding gift scenarios, along with some wording examples for each one.

From traditional gift registries to less-conventional alternatives, keep reading for some helpful guidelines to follow below.

What Is A Wedding Registry

A wedding registry is a curated list of gifts an engaged couple creates to make the wedding gift experience easier and more guided for their wedding guests.

To help ensure you cover the must-haves, fun-to-haves, and everything between, we consulted registry expert Emily Forrest Skurnik. Read on for our ultimate wedding registry checklist along with answers to important registry etiquette questions.

Meet the Expert

Emily Forrest Skurnik is the director of communications at Zola, a one-stop site for wedding registries offering gifts from over 1,000 brands.

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Bed Bath And Beyond Bridal Registry

The Bed, Bath and Beyond bridal registry has partnered with certain brands that are popular on bridal registries. This gives you, the bride and groom, free stuff as a thank you for registering for those brands.

Actually, the wedding registry freebie comes when your guests buy the products. Then, you send in a redemption form for your free item.

Free stuffif that isnt one of the best wedding registry perks, I dont know what is?!

Keep in mind that Bed, Bath and Beyond stocks many brands that offer a lifetime warranty. These products that are guaranteed for life can save you money in the long run!

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