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A Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas

Wedding Chapel In Las Vegas

A Little White Wedding Chapel no longer for sale

Are you looking for a 5-Star Wedding experience with the beauty and elegance of an expensive affair together with the speed and ease of a Las Vegas Wedding?Then look no further! The Lucky Little Chapel is a 5-Star Wedding Chapel that features excellent guest services, gorgeous professional photography,three stunning chapel options, and every item you need to make your wedding day an amazing occasion!Check out some of our most popular packages here:


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Little White Wedding Chapel

Is this on the strip? Or not?

If you’re referring to the little white chapel then yes and it’s down near the stratosphere, I got married there in ’96.

yes it is but past the gols and silver pawn shop on the same side of the street. We also got married there in 2009 by Rev. Charolette Richards

Las Vegas

From The Comfort Of Your Own Car

In 1991, Charolette noticed a disabled couple having difficulty getting out of their car and into the chapel for their wedding in Vegas. Having a heart for the disabled, the idea of a drive-up window became very clear to her.

She instructed her son, a contractor, to knock out a wall. After the window opened on Valentine’s Day, it became such a novelty that all kinds of couples began lining up for a “drive thru” ceremony.

Our Drive Thru Tunnel Of Love includes a unique romantic ceiling with cherubs and sparkling starlights. Highlight your big day with a Drive Thru Tunnel Of Love Wedding in Vegas!

Reserve this chapel today!

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Has Either Performed Or Been A Part Of Several Weddings For Famous Couples

It is our experience that the celebrities prefer quiet times of the year to get married in Las Vegas… as opposed to the most popular wedding day – Valentines Day! Michael Jordan and his wife-to-be Juanita Vanoy came unannounced with four guests in a taxicab at 2:30am on a Saturday morning.

Pictures of these famous couples fill the nostalgic reception room at the intimate Little White Wedding Chapel. Weddings by Charlotte Richards have been performed on many television shows all over the world. The Little White Wedding Chapel was the centerpiece of a recent episode of a popular European sit-com where the show’s stars got married.

  • Sinead O’Conner

  • Sylvester Stalone

  • James Caan

  • Charles Woodson

  • Darryl Strawberry

  • Patty Duke

  • Steve Lawrence & Edie Gorme

  • Mickey Rooney

  • Ryan Young – Renewal

  • Drummer for Cher

  • Xiao Xiang Yu

  • “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

Little White Chapel Elopement Package

Famous Las Vegas Landmark âLittle White Wedding Chapelâ? on Market for ...

Looking to add a little bit of that Vegas flair to your wedding ceremony? Get married or renew your vows in one of the most famous chapels in the world, the iconic Little White Chapel on Las Vegas Boulevard. This is the chapel that presided over the marriages of Frank Sinatra, Michael Jordan, Demi Moore, Judy Garland and even Britney Spears. We pick you up in a limousine and chauffeur you to your ceremony where you have your choice of the Little White Chapels inside room or their outdoor gazebo. Both accommodate up to 16 guests. After you say I do, youll enjoy two additional stops for wedding photos at famous landmarks along the Vegas Strip. You choose from our ten locations. See details below.

Vegas Views Little White Chapel Elopement Package $1295 * Coverage of ceremony * Minister to preside over your ceremony * Traditional wedding music

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Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas Ceremony

This is the classic wedding chapel ceremony ideal for couples on a budget. It can occur on short notice since all you need are the documents. The ceremony package includes traditional wedding music, processing post-ceremony documents, and the option of a religious or civil ceremony.

The package can also provide you with two witnesses if you need them. The ministers fee is excluded, but you can appreciate them through cash donations. This package will cost you $75.

Pink Cadillac Ceremony

This ceremony involves the famous Little White Chapel pink Cadillac. While the vehicle does not move, it will serve the couple with beautiful photos ideal for aesthetics. It is also an ideal option for car enthusiasts.

The ceremony happens in the Tunnel of Love, and it can be civil or religious, depending on your wishes. The chapel will process the post-ceremony documents, and you will get witnesses if you need them or you can bring your own guests. It will cost you $95, excluding the ministers fee.

The World Famous Drive Thru Tunnel of Love Ceremony

This famous wedding chapel ceremony is hosted at the sophisticated, lengthy canopy with a divine sky of painted cherubs and LED stars. This drive-thru ceremony takes only 15 minutes, so it is ideal for couples in a hurry or have a short time frame.

The package includes a ceremony, witnesses if needed, and post-ceremony documents processing. Similarly, this package does not include the minister fee, but it will cost you an affordable $50.

A Little White Wedding Chapel Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important characteristics of A Little White Wedding Chapel in terms of venue type, style and location?

What kind of indoor/outdoor options are available at A Little White Wedding Chapel for wedding events?

What kind of wedding events does A Little White Wedding Chapel offer?

What services does A Little White Wedding Chapel offer for wedding events?

  • All Inclusive Packages

What percentage of users recommend A Little White Wedding Chapel and which are the most valued aspects of their wedding services?

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Gazebo Was Noisy From Traffic

Gazebo was noisy from traffic. Should have sound proof glass. Couldn’t hear the minister over the traffic!! Paid extra 110.00 for Air Brush makeup, the makeup artist didn’t bring Air brush. Complained about it but was told I couldn’t get a refund for Makeup. Could’ve done a better job myself. Very disappointed!!!!!!!! Don’t pay for something your not going to get!!! Isn’t that false advertising. Makeup artist said no one told her. Person at front counter said they don’t offer it anymore but was on their website for additional 110.00 which we paid for NOTHING!!!! BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU BOOK.

The Significance Of The Color White

Wedding Chapel Tours – A Little White Chapel (Las Vegas, Nevada)

The color white is also a color of wholeness and completeness. You are acknowledging that this marriage even one at a Las Vegas wedding chapel serenaded by Elvis is bringing a sense of wholeness and completeness to your life. Marriage is a beautiful picture of how wonderful life can be when you find your soulmate.

When people from other areas of the country find out we own a Las Vegas wedding chapel, they are always intrigued by what that means, and if we do a lot of weddings with people that just met. It does happen but it is truly rare!

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A Little White Chapel

Perhaps most famous for its Tunnel of Love rather than its chapel, A Little White Wedding Chapel can personalize its ceremonies to suit your needs even if that need is to get in and out as fast as possible!

This chapel offers drive-through ceremonies starting at just $95. For that price, youll get married in a pink Cadillac in the Tunnel of Love and all the necessary documents. Wham, bam, and then its done!

Famous couples who appreciated this swift service include Michael Jordan , Sinead OConner, Rita Hayworth, and Britney Spears.

A Little White Chapel is located just north of the Las Vegas Strip proper.

Where It All Started

Known around the world as one of the most famous places to be married. This charming, cozy collection of wedding chapels in Vegas is the perfect setting for the most intimate moments when you say your wedding vows. Come visit us to see why people from around the world come to get married in our beautiful wedding chapel. Included in the chapel fee is the use of the Little White Wedding Chapel. This beautiful Chapel is decorated with flowers and has traditional wedding music. There is seating for 20 guests.

Upon entering the Little White Wedding Chapel, you will be convinced that your wedding day will be beautiful. You will feel the romantic atmosphere surround you, enhanced with the traditional wedding music and the fragrance of fresh flowers. It will be the marriage ceremony you’ve always dreamed of having!

Many stars have chosen us for their nuptials, as well as generations of the same family from grandparents to the present generation. Our historic chapel has fostered romance since 1951 and married hundreds of thousands of couples. Whatever your situation and preferences may be, we offer romantic and affordable options for your most precious day. We also have expert wedding coordinators that will assist you in selecting the ceremony of your choice. Give us a call to discuss everything that we have to offer you to make your wedding day the most unforgettable experience.

Reserve this chapel today!

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Getting Married At The Little Church Of The West

Whether you are looking for a classic Elvis-inspired celebration or an elegant wedding that will stand the test of time, you have come to the right place. The historic Little Church of the West has been helping couples create lasting memories since 1942. Plan your wedding at the original Las Vegas wedding chapel today.

Tell Us About Your Attire Choices

Little White Wedding Chapel Las Vegas Drive Thru

My only hard rule in the whole process was that my mom would make my outfit. She made her wedding dress, along with all my school dance dresses, so I knew she had to be involved. We decided on a little two-piece number in order to deal with the Vegas heat.

A special touch for my outfit was all of the vintage buttons my mom has in her collection that we used on the back of my top. I picked out ones that represent things in Charlie and my life. For example, the little lion buttons that represent both of us and our Leo zodiacs. My favorite button was the one my mom had kept from my grandmothers flight attendant uniform from the 50s.

Charlie wore a really lightweight suit that matched his baby blues and my shoes, which were an ode to Vegas legend, Elvis Presleys Blue Suede Shoes.

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Chapel Of The Flowers

Chapel of the Flowers was voted the best wedding chapel in Las Vegas by TripAdvisor, The Knot, and the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Its nailed the Vegas wedding ceremony over its more than 60 years in business.

If youre planning a surprise wedding and took off to Vegas without telling friends and family, never fear: Chapel of the Flowers can set up a Skype call so everyone can be involved, live from their living rooms and offices. With a microphone, they can even pipe in when the officiant says Speak now or forever hold your peace!

The chapel offers four different wedding locations on site, including its Victorian Chapel, with a luxurious aesthetic, the La Capella Chapel, with a more Italian countryside feel, an outdoor gazebo surrounded by trees and beautiful gardens, and the Magnolia Chapel for the more modern couple.

The Chapel of the Flowers isnt the least expensive option on the Strip, with wedding packages that start at $299 and go all the way up to over $9,000. But since its rated the best, many couples are willing to pay.

Chapel of the Flowers is located just north of the Las Vegas Strip proper.

How To Find Your Dream Wedding Photographer

While the flowers may fade, the guests may go home, and your gown goes into the closet.your photos are the one thing from your wedding that holds its value. Its not just about having someone with a professional camera to come and simply document your wedding. You dont want to scroll back through your photos and think Yup, thats what the day looked like. You want to hold your photos in your hands and say, This is what the day felt like.Investing in a photographer that can truly capture the ambience and love in your day. From the in-between candid moments between you and your partner to the laughs of your college best friends during the cocktail hour, every moment matters. A photographer who can not only capture these memories but also make you feel at ease and comfortable is the best investment you can make.

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A Little White Wedding Chapel

A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada has been the site of many quick celebrity weddings. It is noted for its Drive-Thru Tunnel of Vows. It was established in 1951 or 1955, and has married about 800,000 couples. It employs ten ministers.

Similarly named Las Vegas wedding chapels, such as The Little Church of the West, The Little Chapel by the Courthouse, and the Chapel of the Flowers are often confused with A Little White Wedding Chapel. The Little Chapel by the Courthouse is also owned by We’ve Only Just Begun Inc., also the owners of A Little White Wedding Chapel. Charolette Richards, the owner, also has had association with the Little Church of the West.

Richards has worked at the chapel since the late 1950s. She came into the wedding business after her first husband abandoned her in Las Vegas, and Merle Edwards, who worked in the wedding chapel business, rescued her from the street and soon after became her second husband. He died in 1982. She has presided over the marriages of Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Michael Jordan, Britney Spears, Bruce Willis and Demi Moore.

The chapel has been featured on such TV shows as WWERaw, Supernatural, Friends and Good Morning America. Michael Ross and Naomi Defensor, two cast members on the 2011 season of The Real World: Las Vegas, participated in a mock wedding at the Chapel during the June 1, 2011 season finale of that series.

A Whole Lot Of Love At A Little White Wedding Chapel

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck marry at White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas

A Little White Wedding Chapels Tunnel of Love in Las Vegas, Nev.

LAS VEGAS For more than 60 years, A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas has been helping couples seal their love in marriage. From a Chinese couple saying I do on a hot August afternoon to A-list celebrities sneaking in under the cover of darkness, chapel owner Charolette Richards cares for each like they are her own family.

A Little White Wedding Chapel has made headlines around the world over the decades for celebrity weddings and its Tunnel of Love drive-thru. Most recently, actor Ben Affleck and singer Jennifer Lopez tied the knot at the chapel on July 17.

  • A Little White Wedding Chapels Tunnel of Love Drive Thru in Las Vegas, Nev.
  • A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nev.
  • A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nev.
  • A Little White Wedding Chapels Tunnel of Love Drive Thru window in Las Vegas, Nev.
  • A Little White Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas, Nev.

The list of celebrities married at the Little White Wedding Chapel includes Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Michael Jordan, and Brittney Spears.

And while not held at the chapel, Richards has overseen many other weddings across Las Vegas, including Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow in 1968 and Elvis Presley and Priscilla at the Aladdin in 1967.

But for Richards, its the thousands of couples that have continued to show up to be married that warms her heart every day.

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Little Church Of The West

Your love is one-of-a-kind and deserves a one-of-a-kind venue. That is what you get when you choose the Little Church of the Wests main Las Vegas wedding chapel. It is the oldest and most iconic structure on the Las Vegas strip and has been the home to celebrity weddings and famous on-screen weddings. We offer all-in-one packages at all price points, so all you have to do is bring the love of your life.

Love In Times Of Recession

Its difficult to accurately attribute marriage rates to economic factors, given the complexity of the intensely personal decision to tie the knot, but in the Journal of Population Economics, Jessamyn Schaller crunched the hard numbers behind a subject about which we like to be distinctly unanalytical: marriage.

The last recession undoubtedly coincided with a record low number of couples walking down the aisle. Schaller reports:

In 2009, after decades of declining marriage rates, the number of Americans aged 25 to 34 who have never married surpassed the number currently married for the first time in recorded history.

Schaller expanded the period of time and put it under a microscope, examining data over 32 years, from 1978 to 2009, to get a more accurate picture of how economic conditions have affected marriage rates in the U.S. What Schaller found is that a dip in unemployment rates has a knock-on effect in marriage rates: specifically, a 1% increase in unemployment was associated with a 1.5% decrease in marriage and an even bigger decrease in divorce rates . The results are the most pronounced among the working population and groups that are most susceptible to fluctuations in the labor market.

Weekly Newsletter

This isnt only significant for Las Vegas chapels. As Schaller highlights:

A correlation between marriage and divorce rates and the business cycle could imply that we are not accurately measuring the full welfare cost of an economic downturn, she writes.

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