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Should I Wear A Tuxedo To A Wedding

How Does The Groom Know If Everyone In The Wedding Party Has Been Measured

How to Choose a Tuxedo for a Wedding

A few weeks before the tux shops fitting deadline, remind the wedding party that they need to be measured and give them a fake deadline thats a few days before the real deadline to help ensure that any habitually late people will still make the actual deadline. Then, call the tux shop to make sure that they have received everyones measurements a few days before the deadline.

The shops deadline is usually two months before the scheduled pickup otherwise, the shop cant guarantee that the tuxedos will be available for the wedding date.

How Soon Do Groomsmen Need To Get Fitted

If possible, schedule a group fitting for you and the wedding party four to six months before the wedding. No one likes walking into a tux shop to waste 30 minutes of their day. A group fitting allows all of the guys to get together and of course, to also make fun of the groom.

A second fitting can be scheduled, if necessary, but usually, those who cant make the first fitting can stop by any tux shop, have their measurements taken, and email them in to the local store.

Black Tie Optional Or Formal

This wording suggests something slightly less formal than black tie. While the event doesnt require a tuxedo be worn, it is still formal enough for one to be appropriate.

Men should wear a tuxedo or a dark formal suit. White shirts and neutral colored ties are appropriate.

Ladies can choose a full-length gown, a dressy cocktail dress, or a dressy suit in neutral tones like black, grey or navy.

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How Can The Groom Stand Out From The Groomsmen

While back in the day it was traditional for the wedding party to wear identical clothing, today its completely acceptable and practiced for the groom to differentiate himself. A couple of ways to accomplish this is to wear a different colored vest and tie or for a more subtle approach, wear a slightly different boutonnière.

You can also help your guys accessorize by gifting them items such as cufflinks or ties.

Need a little help on what to think about when choosing what to wear for you and your best friends on your big day? Keep these tidbits in mind when picking out groomsmens attire.

Its Your Big Day You Get To Make The Rules

Should I wear a Tuxedo or a Suit for my wedding?

Us ladies are always expected to buy the dress. Get our nails done. And our hair. And our makeup. If the bride gets a cohesive look on her side of the aisle, the groom should expect that his side looks the part of the wedding party, and not just random guests who wandered up front. All you have to do is the suit that is, unless your nails need some work.

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How To Wear A Tuxedo

If the invitation to a wedding or a premiere at the theatre specifically require a black tie attire you have no other alternative, you must wear a tuxedo accompanied by the classic black silk bow tie.

But what are the other details to seek when wearing a tuxedo? Here are some rules to choose the right dress and match it with the right accessories.

Wearing A Tie With A Tuxedo

One of the biggest questions people face, when wearing a tuxedo, centers around the bow tie. Some love the look, while others would prefer to bypass this tie style. In the past, wearing a bow tie with a tux was mandatory, but the experts agree the pairing isnt as clear-cut anymore. More recently, were seeing customers swap the traditional bow tie for a slim necktie, reveals Foley. A slim black or ivory/white tie is definitely becoming a more common accessory for tuxes, especially for people who want a less traditional look while still achieving the level of formality a tuxedo creates.

Forgoing the traditional bow tie can feel a little unnatural, but Ganz reassures that its a personal preference that still adheres to a black-tie dress code. There are no formal rules for when it is appropriate to wear a necktie with a tuxedo. You really have to go with your gutbased on your comfort level with trends and what event you are attending, she explains. If the event specifies black-tie, but you are going to be around mostly friends and family , dont hesitate to go with a tie if you love the look and feel great.”

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Rustic Wedding Attire For Men

Is it required that the couple planning a rustic wedding have a passionate love of wood . What does that have to do with your outfit? It tells you that itd be a good move to incorporate varying textures, like a wool necktie, or a simple plaid linen bow tie . Itd also be wise to opt for a darker suit if youre a guesttan is a popular suit color for the wedding party at rustic weddings. Besides, a charcoal or navy suit will let those brass cufflinks shine. This is also the perfect time for a 3-piece suit, so dont forget the vest.

What to Wear:

What To Wear To A Black Tie Event

Groom’s Wedding Attire – What To Wear As A Groom, Suit, Tuxedo… & What Mistakes To Avoid

Now we get to the crux of the matter. What should you be looking for in a dinner suit? From your dinner jacket to a waistcoat and cufflinks, here’s the lowdown on everything you need from a black tie suit.

The dinner jacket: The silk-lapelled jacket maketh the black tie outfit. There are three different types of lapels: the notch lapel, the peak lapel and the shawl lapel, the V increasingly deepening through the list, ending with the shawl lapel, which is commonly found on the tuxedo suit and is the most traditional and arguably the smartest. Traditionally the dinner jacket was in silk but wool barathea is the order of today says Simon Cundey, the director of Henry Poole & Co. However, the velvet jacket is just as acceptable and, in some cases, chicer.

Heres a little spanner thrown into the works: traditional black tie isnt even black. Kaboom! It was midnight blue, which actually looks darker than black in artificial lighting. So, to create the classic monochrome contrast, go for midnight blue.

The jury is out for the white tuxedo. Its tricky, but it can be pulled off. If you want to step out in a white dinner jacket, our advice is to go off-white with black lapels. Black or white trousers? The answer is always black.

Really looking to impress your youthful modernity on the place? Henry Golding in a metallic Tom Ford jacket is how to veer from tradition in ostentatious style.

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Can I contribute wedding ideas for you?

What Does Black Tie Optional Mean

A non-committal code such as this makes everyone ill at ease and results in a strange convergence of wedding and office party looks. Not good.

If you do receive the black tie optional invitation, go all out. Partly just to spite you invitees and partly because youll look better than those that dont bother.

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Rule 14accessorize With Purpose

Suspenders: With a vest or cummerbund, suspenders are essential they keep your pants on your waist at the ideal height of a properly sitting vest or cummerbund. In other words, wear suspenders or else pants fall down go boom. If youre not wearing a vest or cumberbund, make sure your suspenders offer some contrast with your white shirt so as not to compete when you ditch the jacket.Pocket Square: And we do mean square . Linen is more conservative and easier to fold. Silk is festive and flashy but more cosmetic a puff fold works. Whatever fits your personality .Cufflinks: Keep on keepin it Bond. Simple silver or gold to match your studs and watch metal. Also cant ever go wrong with onyx. And let your tailor know you want to show a little cuff.Watches: Sorry, Panerai fans. Either wear a classic-sized watch that matches your other bling, or leave your wrist bare. Big faces are distractions from brides faces.Boutonniere: Make sure you get your left lapel buttonhole opened by a tailor and maybe snag a boutonniere loop to keep the sucker in place. Otherwise, this falls under flowers and flowers belong to the bride.

Casual Wedding Guest Attire

Should I Wear a Tuxedo or a Suit For My Wedding?

The designation of Casual Attire is probably the most broad and confusing of the attire designations discussed in this post. Its the most confusing because everyones description of casual wedding guest attire may be different. First and foremost when deciding what you will wear to a wedding indicated as Casual Attire, try to take some clues from the invitation, venue and time of day that the wedding will take place.

  • Wear chinos or suit pants. Chinos or khakis are a great option for casual weddings especially those that take place in the summer. If it is an especially warm climate, you may even consider wearing khaki or chino shorts. In cooler climates, opt for a nice pair of lightweight wool trousers.
  • Wear a printed shirt. A printed shirt in plaid, stripes, or all-over pattern is a great option for a casual wedding
  • Add color to your look .Different than black-tie and formal weddings where dark colors are encouraged, a casual attire wedding is often a good time to add a little color to your look.

Looking for more style tips? Contact us at [email protected] or follow us on .

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When Should The Groom Pick Up The Tux Before The Wedding

About two days before the wedding, you and the wedding party will need to pick up your tuxedos . Remember: Its very important to try it on to ensure that youll have ample time for any necessary alterations or to correct size mix-ups.

Check for all of the appropriate pieces and accessories that should be included with your tux, such as a bowtie or regular tie, a cummerbund or vest, cufflinks, and shoes. Although it might be funny for your groomsmen, you dont want to end up looking like the fat guy in a little coat.

TMR Recommendation: Most tuxedo rental shops will give you one free rental for signing your wedding party up. It is common etiquette to give the free rental to your future father-in-law. After all, he has footed the bill for your wedding. Giving him a free tux rental is the least you can do to thank him.

Rule 11with Respect To Tradition Ditch The Pleats

When you begin to question whether timeless really trumps trendy, recall that in the 80s and 90s pleated pants were trendy. You may be more comfortable pleated , and in certain cases they may make you look more stylish and elegant. If thats your prerogative, go with god. Generally, though, plain front pants are the risk-free choice. And while were talking trousers, formal pants never have cuffs. Your pant legs should break slightly on top of your shoe and angle slightly downwards try on your pants with your dress shoes for a perfect fit. No Thom Browne walking in floodwater ankle cleavage, please.

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Conventional / The Wedding Suit

Also known as the lounge suit, the wedding suit is a traditional business-appropriate ensemble of a matching jacket and trousers.

The jacket style can be single-breasted with two buttons or a double-breasted 6 on 2 or even 6 on 1.

Lapels should be at least 2.5 inches wide or wider, as super skinny lapels look trendy and cheap. Ties should either be a bow tie or a standard tie, typically tied in a four-in-hand knot.

A three-piece suit can be dashing and can be made more formal by adding a mismatched waistcoat of dove gray or buff beige.

Blue and grey are the perennial choices for the classic lounge suit. If the wedding time is between 4 and 6 oâclock, then darker shades of blue or grey can look good. The wedding suit is the most versatile option for groom clothing as it can be worn again and again throughout the years.

NOTE: Stay away from patterns like pinstripes and windowpanes, as patterns weaken the seriousness of the occasion. Black suits can be viewed as somber , instead of a celebratory color. If you are set on wearing black, then by all means have an evening wedding and wear a tuxedo.

Remember, strange suit color themes like green or cranberry will only embarrass you later.


For this category, any good maker will be able to provide the suit of your life. Depending on your budget, you can find the ideal suit in bespoke, made-to-measure or even ready-to-wear. Please refer to : the 2014 ready-to-wear suits edition.

When To Wear A Tuxedo

Can You Wear A 3 Piece Suit To A wedding?

Since its origins, tuxedo has always been considered the evening outfit par excellence. The original purpose of this elegant clothing was to replace the suit worn all day, allowing men to leave behind the dirt and smell of a day spent on horseback.

The choice of wearing a tuxedo epitomize the desire among people of high social inclination to be fresh, clean and as attractive as possible when meeting on evening social events and attending high spirits affairs. This tradition was maintained also with the beginning of the use of the automobile, when there was no practical justification.

Before the Second World War, tuxedos and tails were still considered the only appropriate clothing for all the elegant social evenings. However, after the war, the traditional suit, or the work suit, began to be accepted more on informal evening and daytime occasions, and so the use of the tuxedo was limited to just formal evening gatherings only.

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