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When Do You Send Out Save The Dates For Wedding

Do We Need To Add And Guest To The Save

When do you send out save the dates and wedding invitations?

It’s best to be clear about who’s invited to the wedding, even this far in advance. By including the actual names of every intended guest on the envelope, you’re less likely to have any assumed invitees , or general confusion . Communicating who’s invited up front also gives families with uninvited kids ample time to plan for child care, and out-of-towners time to figure out travel and hotel plans. Include all of the housing information on your wedding website to avoid being bombarded with the same questions multiple times.

These Templates Are From Every Last Detail Blog And Did An Excellent Job Creating Templates For Couples In Various Situations:


In these uncertain times, we hope you are hugging your loved ones a little tighter at home and keeping yourselves healthy. We wanted to update you with some information about our upcoming wedding on DATE.

As of right now, the wedding is going on as planned. We are working with our vendors to make sure the day is safe and beautiful.

Here are some safety precautions we are putting into place

Suggested items to cover

How To Handle Save The Dates And Invitations For 2021 Weddings That May Be Affected By Covid

While so many couples had to deal with the uncertainty of how COVID would effect their weddings in 2020 the disappointing news for couples planning a wedding 2021 is that COVID is still affecting the way that we plan weddings and the typical timeline of how we would plan.

Many couples have now postponed numerous times or even early spring 2021 are now considering postponing. Dates for 2021 and availability of wedding professionals are already really slim, and it seems like we are still all riding the COVIDcoaster.

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Sending Them Too Late

As a general rule, it’s best to send Save the Dates 8 to 12 months prior to your wedding . Given enough notice, you may be surprised by the distance that family and friends will come from to be able to attend! The more time your guests have, all the more opportunity to ask for time off work, confirm travel plans, save money and organise. Any later than this and they won’t have enough lead time. Given that the only information you need on your Save the Dates are your names, wedding date and location – just the city and state – you don’t even need to have your venue booked yet – it should be relatively easy to create your Save the dates. Including your wedding website is a nice touch, but not necessary.

When To Send Wedding Invitations Save The Dates And Rsvps

When do you need to send your Save the Dates? It depends ...

Your big day is fast approaching. Youve taken your engagement photos and set a date. Now you just want everyone you love to block that day off on their calendar. But how soon should you send out save the date cards? What about invitations to your bridal shower? And what about the actual invites do you know when to send wedding invitations?

All these questions are about to be answered. Well help you construct the perfect wedding day timeline to give your guests enough notice with save the dates, wedding invites, and RSVP deadlines. Youll also learn suggested time frames on when to send out invitations to bachelor and bachelorette parties, and the rehearsal dinner, and well cover what deadline to set for RSVPs.

So grab your white wedding planner or open up your Google calendar because we have a special timeline to construct. At the end of this virtual wedding planning session, youll know exactly when to notify your guests about your big day.

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Should We Share Registry Info On Our Save

While your guests will likely want to know where you’re registered, it’s inappropriate to print this information on your save-the-dates or invitations since gifts, of course, are not technically required. Guests usually know they can ask you, your family or your friends about registry details, otherwise the best place to share that info is on your wedding website. The Knot wedding website tool syncs with your registry, so your guests can easily view your wishlist for your newlywed nest.

Why Send Save The Dates

Before getting into the when, you might be wondering about the why. While you dont have to send a save the date, it can be super helpful for your wedding guests.

Most peoples friends and family members are spread out around the country or even the world, so getting your big day on their calendar ASAP is more important now than it may have been in the past when most people lived close to their friends and families. Add in the fact that everyone has such busy schedules these days , and youll want to do whatever you can to make sure the special people in your life are there to see you tie the knot.

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Do I Have To Send Save The Dates

Nope. But we recommend you do for a few reasons:

  • Your friends and family will appreciate the heads-up.
  • You’re more likely to have first dibs on guests who know other couples getting married on the same day.
  • They’re a great way to get everyone excited about your weddingand to get your own creativity flowing early in the planning process.
  • Give Your Guests Notice

    Do You Really Need To Send Save-the-Dates?

    For Vega, one of the most considerate things a couple can do is give their guests notice which means sending out electronic save-the-dates as early as possible. With online save-the-dates, couples should really be aware of the timeline when sending them. The save the date isnt just about announcing your wedding date but also considering that it helps your guests to prepare in advance for that day, she says.

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    The Ultimate Guide To Save

    This invitation before the invitation will announce your wedding date, general location, and let guests know that a formal invitation will follow. Here’s everything you need to know about save-the-date etiquette.

    Once your wedding planning process is underway, its time to share the exciting news with your guests. This is where your save-the-dateand knowing save-the-date etiquettecomes in. This invitation before the invitation will announce your wedding date, general location, and let guests know that a formal invitation will follow.

    Do I Have To Send Out Save

    No, you do not have to send out save-the-dates if you dont want to, but it is highly recommended. Sending out these cards gives your guests a heads up so they can reserve your wedding day or wedding weekend. This is especially true if youll be getting married during a holiday weekend or if guests will need to travel to attend. You want to make sure there is ample time for them to make travel arrangements and clear their busy schedule. save-the-dates will increase the chances that your guests will be able to attend your wedding celebration.

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    Dont Freak Out About Your Wedding Because Of This List

    There are so many lists in your future Take it step by step. Youll probably be pinning about a million more How tos posts in your wedding planning future. Really, no need to freak out. At the end of the day, this should be the most exciting time in your life so all these lists are really just suggestions. Try to enjoy and do your wedding your way.

    Take a big breath and have fun! Need help staying calm?

    So, whos excited to get married?

    Don’t Be Afraid To Set Rules About Plus

    When to Send Save the Dates

    Your wedding should be the party of your dreams, and you shouldn’t feel obligated to cater the event to others.

    That means you don’t have to let people bring their kids. More and more couples are opting for child-free weddings, as it creates more of a party environment.

    You can list your no-kid rule on your wedding website or leave out guests’ children’s names on invitations. However, that might not stop some guests from trying to bring their children anyway. In that case, Chertoff recommends being as clear as possible on the no-children rule.

    “If someone RSVPs with their children, call them and explain that while you love their kids, you have decided not to invite anyone’s children to the wedding,” Chertoff said. “If you’re offering to have a sitter on-site at the venue, let them know. If you decide to invite some children, nieces, and nephews of the couple, for example, let it be known that you’re only inviting those children and why.”

    You can also create parameters to limit the amount of plus-ones who are the wedding, Chertoff said. It’s best to make a concrete rule about who gets to bring a date to the event so no one questions your choices.

    For example, you could only allow guests to bring a plus-one if they’re engaged or living together, Chertoff suggested.

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    When To Request The Return Of Rsvp Cards

    Last but not least, you should set a requested date for the return of RSVPs. This date should give you enough time to get the final headcount for your big day, which can then be communicated to the caterer and other wedding vendors. Typically, RSVP response cards are requested two weeks before the wedding date.

    Most wedding invitation suites come complete with an RSVP card attached. This way, your wedding guests can tell you whether or not theyll attend, the name of their plus one, and their desired meal preference .

    At Greenvelope, your guests RSVP can be submitted automatically. In fact, you can track all RSVPs in one place, collect survey responses , or even see when they opened your invitation. Theres no texting guests for updates or tallying up responses on a Post-It instead, we do all the guest tracking for you.

    Can We Send Electronic Save

    Email invitations for informal events like bachelorette parties and postwedding brunches are becoming more popular, which, as a result, is changing the rules of snail mail etiquette. We stand by old-school stationery for the big stuff like formal invitations, but leave the use of digital up to the discretion of the couple for any additional wedding events. If you do opt for e-save-the-dates, consider doubling up: Send out an electronic save-the-date to everyone, and paper correspondence to relatives or friends that may want it as a keepsake.

    You’ll also want to keep your wedding website completely up to date in case your guests lose track of the email in their inbox. We recommend adding a section for FAQs, which covers everything from logistics to registry to housing. That way, your guests won’t be flooding your phone with questions leading up to your nuptials.

    If you’ve had to postpone your wedding, sending electronic save-the-dates is a simple way to spread the word as well. Look into pretty online templates that you can send out .

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    What Should I Include On My Save The Dates

    Save the dates should be kept relatively short and sweet. Your and your partners names, your wedding date, the location of your venue , and your wedding websites address are really all you need. Some couples, particularly those hosting destination weddings, may choose to put travel and accommodation information in their save the dates, but as long as the information is on your wedding website, and you note your sites address on the save the date, youre fine. Youll also want to say that a formal invitation will follow so that guests dont think this is the actual invite.

    Adding A Wedding Website To Your Save The Dates

    When Is The Best Time To Send Out Save The Date and Wedding Invitations

    You only need to include your wedding date and general location on your save the date cards. However, if you are ready to share more details with your guests, adding a link to your wedding website is a great idea. You can attach a URL to save the date cards and save the date Flyers, too. You will keep the design of your save the date sleek and clean, while still sharing all the details with your guests.

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    Common Mistakes About Sending Save The Dates

    How amazing is this proposal? So we know the proposal happened and the wedding planning is on. The first thing you should start doing is figuring out when you would like to have your special day.

    Will you and your closest friends being flying to Greece for a destination wedding? Or perhaps you will be holding an intimate backyard wedding at your parents home. Either way you need to set a date and a location. After that you can begin to shop around for your Save The Dates.

    Now before you pick out a design and fill in all your information, keep scrolling to check out six common mistakes about sending your Save The Dates out.

    1. deciding you dont need to send save the dates

    If you want your guests to show up, then we highly recommend sending out Save The Dates. Especially if you would like your out of town guests to attend. This gives them enough time to book their flights, get a good rate on a hotel and just make travel plans in general.

    Personally, we would have to arrange for someone to watch our dogs, water our plants and possibly take care of our children if they werent invited. If we only had 2 months to plan for this, then more than likely we would just be sending a gift. We bet that Elisha and Wesley sent out their Save The Dates with plenty of notice. They went with The Biltmore by GeekInc Design. We are loving the real gold foil. So fancy!

    2. sending out your save the dates before you book your venue
    3. being vague about who is invited
    • Wedding Chicks

    They Take Timeand Money

    Creating and sending save-the-dates is another expense that youll have to build into your wedding budget. Plus, designing, printing, and actually mailing your save-the-dates takes time and effortincluding the tedious task of collecting everyone’s mailing addresses, although that list sure does come in handy come wedding invitation time!

    Even if you opt to send digital save-the-dates to save funds, you’ll still need to collect everyone’s email addresses .

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    Send The Invites Sooner

    The first thing to keep in mind is timing. While a regular wedding invitation goes out eight weeks before the wedding and save-the-dates go out around four to six months in advance, a destination wedding invitation should go out at least 12 weeks in advance. And those save-the-dates? Plan on sending them a minimum of six months in advance, and up to eight months before the big day. This will give your guests plenty of time to compare flight options, make arrangements at work, and plan an extended trip before or after your wedding if they so desire.

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