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Wedding Colors Red And Purple

How To Use It

Setup With Me – Hot Pink and Purple Wedding Decorations | Time-Lapse Setup

Use this nature-inspired hue to bring a serene effect to your 2022 wedding colors. Green is a universally flattering color , so it’s an easy addition to your wedding attire. Jazz up your ensemble with a sage green jacket or patterned tie, or outfit your bridesmaids in sleek green slip dresses. Emerald green engagement rings are another way to rock this color, and luckily, emerald gems are trending for 2022 . And of course there are your flower arrangementsâEnglish ivy, ferns and olive branches are a few options to try if you’re looking for greenery other than eucalyptus and philodendron leaves.

Sage + Gold And Oak Buff

Sage gold and oak buff are wonderful together and perfect for a fall wedding. Because these colors are lighter, add depth with brown hued accents. Sage and gold can also be used to great effect on your wedding invitations, use sage as invitation and oak buff ink and complete with gold envelope like this romantic envelopes designed by Kate Farley Designs this is so perfect and unique, beautified photograph by via stylemepretty

How To Pull It Off:

Since blue and pink are statement colors, embrace the gradients of both to blend them together. Consider adding deep mauves and pastel blues to your bouquet, or arrange light pink and blue candles around your reception space. Include accents of both on your wedding stationery, and let your neutral base color stand out too so one shade doesn’t feel stronger than the other.

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Summary Of Fall Wedding Colors:

  • Time to think of more rustic and muted colors
  • Embrace orange but be creative with it
  • Start thinking of winter a little.

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Red And White Wedding Bouquets

Red and purple themed wedding idea.

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The red and white bouquet is almost a staple for weddings. But incorporating diverse other colors can switch up the bouquet game. Begin with your flower picks based on your style, season, and wedding theme. For red flowers, options include roses, orchids, tulips, poppies, yarrow, gerbera daisy, aster, canna, ranunculus, and more. Pair them with white snowdrops, babys breath, calla lilies, iris, daffodils, and yucca or white roses.

Styling Tips: Add colorful peonies, muted coralbells, purple lavender, deep pink petals, or greenery to your white and red roses wedding bouquet. Infuse some accessories to make a statement with your bouquet. Add some rhinestones or brooch for a glam wedding style. Use pearls to portray timeless elegance, succulents for a desert, or rustic-inspired style. Add on some feathers for bobo feel, crystals for sophistication, and sparkle. Use jewel-toned butterflies for a whimsical vibe, or cotton, greenery, and berries for a rustic look.


Red and white cakes are stunning, and with some elements, you can achieve amazing cakes for any wedding theme.A romantic wedding theme will work with enchanting shades of pale pink on white butter icing. Decorate with gum-paste tulip blossoms attached with a cloth-coated edible wire. Finish with tasty vanilla cream and praline filling.

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Some Of The Most Often Asked Questions About Wedding Gowns

Gold is unquestionably the most opulent hue for a bridal gown. You wont be able to avoid the attention youll receive if you wear a gold dress.

In this case, you can either go all out and wear a golden gown, or you can tone it down with an Ivory lining with gold details.

A gold wedding dress is connected with opulence, riches, knowledge, power, and happiness.

Stylish Red And White Wedding Ideas

Your invites, bouquets, and cakes are expressive to the tone youve set. So get inspired by the creative red and white wedding ideas below.


When choosing invites, the first thing to decide is your wedding style. Are you going classic, glam, modern, elegant, or casual? Deciding this will help you incorporate the proper hues and motifs to make your invitation suite stand out.

A trendy color combo at the moment is red and white. They are perfect for nearly every wedding style. The difference is the colors added to them. For instance, red, black, and white invitations are perfect for Gothic themed weddings. A black floral damask card with a red bow and white scrawled lettering is a hit.

Styling Tips: For rustic weddings, try a black and white card with ruby accents. A modern wedding will feature white cards with red and gold flower trimmings. If youre going vintage, try the elegant red Gerber Daisy accents in black card and white lettering. Theres also the option of an all-white card with a red or silver bow.

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Top 7 Red And Black Wedding Color Ideas

When it comes to wedding colors, I bet most of you would choose colors popular ones like navy blue, burgundy, blush and so on. While black and red are gradually getting more attention. Black is quite a mysterious colour, and red has some background when it comes to wedding day colours also. These two colors carefully put together can look truly amazing, its just making sure you dont overdue the look and add hints of the colors here and there to ensure these overpowering colors dont take over. Keep scrolling and get inspired by 7 gorgeous red and black wedding color palettes we have made.

What Color Goes With Red For A Wedding

DIY Purple and Royal Blue Wedding Centerpieces/ Wedding Ideas

Because red is a bold, dominant color, it can hold its own when it comes to your wedding color scheme. But to enhance your decor and overall theme, we suggest adding one or two accent colors, and those will depend on the look you ultimately want. Pastel colors, like blush, dusty blue, and peach, will tone down the intensity of a red color palette. If you’re okay with going bold, consider using vibrant accent colors like fuchsia, citrine yellow, or jewel tones . Into a glamorous, Old Hollywood wedding vibe? We love red and metallic color combos with silver, gold, or mercury glass accents.

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What Are The Trending Wedding Color Schemes For 2022

A popular trend for 2022 wedding color schemes involves incorporating gradients into your theming. One of the top wedding color ideas for this year are gradient blues. Dont just settle on one shade when you can dazzle your guests with a beautiful gradient design in which your light shade of blue gets paired with darker and darker versions of itself.

Other top wedding color schemes of 2022 include pairing reds with bold gold accents or pairing raspberry with a soft gray. These two wedding color ideas are sure to nicely tie your venue together in a flattering and trendy manner.

What Is The Story Behind Wearing A Pink Wedding Dress

Make the boys squirm with a dash of pink! The color pink can be used to showoff your feminineside, or you can go all out and wear a brilliant shade of pink.

There are several shades of pink to choose from, ranging from blush to flamingo, for your wedding dress entrance.


The thought of a full pink wedding dress may not be for everyone, so consider a subtle ombre look. In this manner, you may wear a white/ivory dress at the top and then transition into a shade of pink at the bottom. Thats exactly what Gwen Stefani wore on her wedding day.

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Do Wedding Color Palettes Have To Match The Season

Many brides and grooms try to create a color palette that matches the season during which they are getting married. Its common for couples getting married between September and November to incorporate a fall wedding color palette, but there are no rules about choosing a color palette for your wedding.

If youre getting married in the fall, its common to use color combos associate with autumn, like falling leaf inspired hues, amber tones, earthy hues, jewel tones, and other shades in the autumn color family. If you prefer spring wedding colors, however, dont let the season hold you back!

Earlier fall weddings may have lighter palettes, while the late fall will lean closer to winter colors.

Not all couples care about the season, and unless youre getting married outside it wont be obvious in your wedding photos anyway. If pastel purple, pale blue, rainbow balloons, or any other colors speak to you, use them at your wedding! Your big day is all about you.

Glamorous Dark Purple Wedding Inspirational Ideas

50 Fabulous Wedding Flower Ideas

I tend to think of winter weddings as being more glamorous and Im absolutely smitten with this glam palette of dark purple. It would make for such an elegant wedding, right? Dark colors always look more couture, fashionable, chic than the light ones. As for deep purple specifically, it combines very easily and beautifully with many different colors that can soften it or add even more glamour . Just choose what better suits you and your beloved, your vision of the wedding. Heres a gorgeous purple wedding gallery for you to peruse and get the inspiration.

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Navy Yellow And White

If youd like to channel a nautical theme in your wedding, navy and white is the typical color scheme youll want to go with. Adding in yellow for a pop of brightness can both enhance and diminish the nautical effect use a pale yellow to maintain the nautical theme, or use a bright or dark yellow for a totally different feel. Regardless of whether or not you are trying to achieve a certain theme, there is no question that navy, yellow and white are gorgeous colors that go perfectly together.

Photo Credit: Bellingham Event Rentals

Perfect Wedding Color Combinations

Your wedding colors should capture and evoke the mood you want for your nuptials.

But thats not all you have to consider: What tone you want in your wedding photo album. What color would look good on your bridesmaids? Most importantly, the colors you choose must tie in with your wedding narrative. Although weddings are a predominantly white affair, its the accompanying colors that give shape to your theme and sets the mood for your event.

The most challenging thing about picking colors, though, is the harmonizing part. Just like you and your partner-to-be, your colors must be a match made in heaven.

To help you out, weve gathered 25 color palettes taken from some of the most inspiring wedding invitations online. Weve also included the HEX color codes below each image. To apply the colors, simply copy and paste the codes into the color menu of your Canva editor.

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What Is The Significance Of Wearing A White Wedding Dress

For a bride, white is the most common and traditional color for her wedding gown. As a result, you may assume that you must wear white wedding dress, yet colorful wedding dresses that have recently seen a return. What does a white wedding dress entail, and why might you wear one ? Lets take a look.


Christian roots and the practice of no sex before marriage are being traced back. White wedding gowns are a staple in most bridal retailers collections, as they symbolize newness, brightness, and simplicity.

Innocence, virginity, brightness, cleanliness, freshness, and tranquility are all connoted by the color white, which is often worn by brides.

How To Choose Your Wedding Color Scheme

Beautiful Orange, White, Brown and Red Wedding Decor by LUXE Weddings and Events

Wedding color schemes can say a lot about you and your partners relationship and style. Are you yearning for a bright, bold, and energetic celebration or a more subdued and elegant atmosphere?

Your wedding color palette can also greatly influence the feeling of your venue and the clarity of your wedding theme. Nautical or beach-themed weddings often feature a prominent blue scheme. Rustic weddings on the other hand feature more naturalistic and lighter colors.

As you begin to explore you and your partners wedding color palette ideas, remember to keep both your wedding theme and wedding date in mind. Once you decide on a color scheme that matches your tastes and styles, you can begin putting that beautiful color scheme to good use.

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Red Wedding Colors& nbspwedding Color Palette

We know many different shades of red, the classic red, burgundy, claret, dark red, maroon, marsala, wine, etc. Many brides-to-be who choose red for their wedding colors will prefer a darker red instead of the traditional red, such as burgundy, which I think was the wedding color of 2017 and its just getting stronger for 2018. Besides burgundy, wine and marsala are also frequently incorporated in wedding decoration. If you are planning to have some shades of red in your wedding, we have 7 awesome red shade color ideas to inspire you. Enjoy!

1. Marsala, Taupe Neutral Shades

This color combo works because it lets Marsala be the shining star! You cant help but look at it when paired with the other tonesbut dont think those other colors arent needed because they arethey are the backdrop to the starlet and really let her shine!

2.Red, Peach and Greenery

Waitred and PEACH? YESred and peach! This is SO pretty when paired together because it is just so unexpected! The peach serves as a pink and we all know how well red and pink work together, so there you have it! And the greenery ties all this together to make this unlikely combo a match made in heaven.

via Green Wedding Shoes/Invitation from EWI

3. Burgundy, Blush and Gold

Yes, yes, and yes, is the correct answer to all three of these colors. Have as many or as little of one or the other and it always works. This color palette is a classic as black, white, and silver and its always a win no matter how your pair them up!

Orange White And Goldenrod

Celosia orange is one of the trendiest colors for 2014 and this gorgeous color adds a splash of color and warmth to your wedding. Combine with goldenrod yellow and white to make the perfect blend of warm, sunny colors. If youre not convinced that bright orange is for you, burnt orange and a deep orange red also look great with this lovely shade of golden yellow. White is the perfect neutral color to incorporate into this wedding scheme to add a touch of freshness and lightness. These citrus colors are perfect for spring, summer and fall.

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Dusty Blue & Sunflower

Dark hues, like navy blue and sapphire, will be less present this year as lighter blue tones become a big 2022 wedding color trend. But we canot forget dusty blue. Dusty blue with birght sunflower, new try and new trend! Lets check it, you wont be regret to choose this wedding theme if your wedding is in summer.

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Luxury Red Gold And Purple Wedding

Pink, Purple and Red inspiration page

Equally Wed Editors 7 years ago

From the beginning of the planning stages, Christopher and Kevin designed their event to be a celebration. Central to the wedding day was the momentous legal ruling that allowed equal representation for their 12-year relationship within their home state. However, their accomplishments within those years wouldnt have been nearly as appreciated without the support from their friends and family.

Enthusiasm for the celebration had been building over the months, not only for the couple but for the guests that were able to attend. Friends and family represented nearly every state along the eastern U.S., starting from the coast of Georgia, ending at the coast of Massachusetts California being the furthest distance traveled.

The late season snow and sleet from the previous week had given way to glorious sunshine and Carolina blue skies. Upon arrival at the Grand Hall, a renovated 20th-century fabrics mill, guests were greeted with Champagne and signature drinks. The appetizers of butterflied shrimp , sous vide chicken mousse upon a crisp, and mushrooms were served throughout the cocktail hour.

The hand selected menu consisted of lobster bisque , grilled mahi-mahi salad and seared petit filet over red wine demi-glace . In between the courses the guest were entertained by an opera singer.

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Hot Pink Yellow And Orange

Citrus-inspired colors like pink, yellow, and orange make quite a statement on the big day. These bright colors are whimsical and upbeat, so they’re an excellent choice if you’re going for a party-all-night vibe. We love how they look when paired with metallic gold and natural accents, like wood and leather . This is also a great wedding color palette for a spring wedding.

Wedding Colors For 2019

If your wedding is in 2019, you can get more ideas and inspirations from these wedding colors trends for 2019. They will help you to make your wedding stand out. The detailed information about wedding design elements such as bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, men’s suits, wedding venue, flowers, cakes, invites, table décor etc. will be illustrated!

Here we list the 30+ best wedding color ideas for 2019. No matter what your wedding season and theme, you can find a wedding color idea that you like best!

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Deep Purples And Lavender

If purple is your favorite color, dont be afraid to decorate your wedding with purple on purple! A dark purple like a deep violet looks great with a lighter lavender or lilac purple. These shades of purple will make for gorgeous floral arrangements, and whether your bridesmaids wear the dark or light shade theyre sure to look great!

Mustard yellow is a hot trend right now, but still makes for a timeless autumn wedding look. Darker yellows look great with natural greens in a backyard wedding, or you could add in pops of olive green.

You can also throw in bright orange as an accent color for a pop of color that makes for a quintessentially early fall color palette. For a more subdued look, pair mustard with slate grey.

Navy looks good on everyone, and gold accents make for a chic, formal affair. A dark navy blue can fit with various themes, from farmhouse rustic with florals to modern and sleek with metallic notes. Navy and gold make for a classic combo, but navy also looks good with silver, grey, white, or even beige-y natural accents.

Burnt orange is the color of autumn, so it makes for a great color for your wedding in the fall. A color combination that you might not think of includes dusty blue hues and dark orange together. You can choose either a blue or a rusty orange as your main color and then feature the other in pops for a lovely contrast!

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