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How Early Are Wedding Invitations Sent Out

Wedding Rsvp Deadline Etiquette

Invitations sent out for Prince Harry and Meghan Markles wedding

Set your RSVP due date for 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding day. This has a few key benefits:

  • Setting your RSVP deadline 3-4 weeks from the big day gives you the chance to follow up with anyone who hasnt responded in time.
  • You are able to finalize your seating chart when you set the RSVP deadline a few weeks before the wedding day, rather than waiting until the last minute.
  • Securing all RSVPs at the deadline allows you to share that information with your caterers, so they can begin to prep for the wedding day.

You want to set your RSVP deadline to be at least a couple weeks in advance of when you actually need that information from your guests. There will inevitably be wedding guests who do not send their RSVPs back in time, and this gives you the time you need to follow up with them after sending the wedding invitations.

Green Wedding Shoes Pro Tip: Make it easy for your guests to complete and send back your RSVP card before the deadline dont forget a stamp and a response envelope when you send your wedding invitations!

When Do You Send Out Wedding Invitations If Youre Hosting A Hometown Wedding

With hometown weddings, you can be a bit more flexible when it comes to when to send wedding invitations. Usually about six to eight weeks before the event is a sufficient amount of time, if a majority of your guests arent traveling a long distance to your event. Youll want to set your RSVP deadline for about two to three before your big day, to ensure you have enough time to plan your seating chart, create escort cards, and to give your caterer and venue a final headcount.

When To Send Out Invitations Calculator

As an estimate, if youre getting married during the month indicated below, youll need to send invitations in the mail around the date indicated next to it. I recommend the 8-week amount of time, but 6 weeks is also an acceptable amount of time before the wedding.

Heres a sample calculator to figure out when youll be sending out wedding invitations based on the month in which youre getting married.

Wedding Date

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Is It Rude To Send Wedding Invitations Early

Sending wedding invitations out early is not against any recognized wedding etiquette or considered rude, but it is not advised from a practical perspective. You can lose the intended effect they are supposed to have.

For example, wedding invites help to build excitement for your wedding day. Sending them out too far in advance almost dulls the affect that they can have as guests have longer to wait until the day comes around.

Equally, not every guest on your wedding list will be comfortable with making their arrangements too far in advance. They may not know if they will be able to get the time off work, will be able to afford to come etc.

Or you might latter discover certain guests needing to change the response as the event draws closer .

Beyond this, guests have a naturally greater chance of either losing the invite itself, storing it out of sight, or simply forgetting about the date altogether! While this may seem unlikely for the closer, more intricate members of the guest list, it can and does happen with those wider acquaintances.

Ultimately, it is not rude, it is just poor form and one that is not likely to work out in the best interests of you as a couple and for your guests.

Use Your Save The Dates Effectively

How Soon Before The Wedding Should Invitations Be Sent Out

In terms of save-the-dates and wedding invitations, its not a question of which is better. These two things should serve different purposes. Utilising each one effectively can positively affect the experience your guests have when they attend your wedding.

While planning your wedding, consider how great of an impact Save the Date cards might have. If you feel your guests can benefit from receiving a Save the Date, then send them out. However, simpler is sometimes better, especially if your wedding is small or has a short engagement.

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Formal Or Casual: What To Include

First, decide what will be written on your invitation and how it should be worded. You and your fiancé may feel that since committing to one another is a very significant event, you would prefer to use formal phrasing on your wedding invitations.

This formal phrasing can work for any style of wedding. Its particularly appropriate if you will be having a more traditional wedding with a religious ceremony, followed by formal reception. It can give your guests a heads up to the fact that your event will be classy and elegant.

However, if you and your fiancé are hosting a more casual event, the phrasing on your wedding invitations can likewise be more casual.

Regardless of how formal or casual the phrasing on your wedding invitation is, there are some basics that always must be included: who, when, and where. This means the invitation should give the full names of the couple, and the full names of the hosts if youre using formal phrasing. It should clearly list the time, date, month and year of the wedding. Dont forget the full address of where it is being held! If you are requesting an RSVP, this should be written on the lower left corner of the invitation.

How Early Do You Send Wedding Invitations

Timeframe: 6-8 weeks in advance

If you send wedding invitations too soon, people may forget about the event or feel unable to commit too far in advance. If you send them too late, you could cause a lot of stress for guests who have to scramble to accommodate your plans.

If the wedding is local, then the best time to send your invitations is two months ahead. You do have a little bit of wiggle room, though. In order to be courteous to your guests, do not send out wedding invitations any later than six weeks ahead of the event.

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Are You Wondering About When To Send Out Your Wedding Invitations

To give you a fast and precise answer, for when to send out your wedding invitations, here is a quick answer. For people that live in the the US and U.K, it is quite normal to send out your wedding invitations, at least 2 months before the wedding. However, sometimes if its possible people send out their invitations anywhere from 3-6 months before the wedding as well. It all depends on your personal circumstances and whats right for your wedding. Yet people that live in Sweden send out their wedding invitations 1 year in advance! It all depends on your culture and where you live!

With so many details to arrange, planning a wedding and knowing when to send out your wedding invitations can be a busy time!

Once youve settled on a date and a venue, you need to make sure you let your guests know as soon as possible. If youre getting married abroad, it makes sense that you need to give your guests time to save and book the trip, but it can be difficult to know when to send out your wedding invitations whether your guests live in the states or in the UK.

Put simply, you want to give your guests as much notice as possible, especially if it takes them a while to RSVP. As such, its customary to send out your save the date around 6-12 months before the wedding and your invites at least three to four months before.

View the above collection here. Photography above by Auras Studios

Do Weddings Start Right On Time

Fiance Sent Wedding Invitation To Her Childhood BFF Who Turned Out My Toxic Ex – RELATIONSHIP ADVICE

Etiquette states that a wedding ceremony shouldnt start more than 15 minutes after the time stated on the invitation, so guests should arrive well before the listed time to be in their seats when the music starts. If you are running late to the wedding of someone you really love, it can be even more stressful.

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When To Order Stationery Sample Packs

When should you mail your invitations? Before you even get to that question you have go right back to the beginning of the timeline and ask: when do I order a stationery sample pack? . Paperlust recommends ordering samples 9-12 months before the wedding or, if you have a short engagement, ASAP! You want to allow for shipping times , so always check how long it will take to get to you.

Once your sample pack arrives, you can narrow down your choice of paper and print type, as well as format, and get to picking your dream design online.

When Should You Consider Ordering Your Invites

Once youve settled on a design, you need to order your invitations. If youre ordering custom, designs like those on offer at Crimson Letters, youll need to set aside at least 12 weeks for these to be agreed, completed and sent out to you. This means youll need to add an additional 2-3 months onto your wedding timeline. That means that if you plan to send out your invites 6 months before your wedding day, youll need to have these ordered at least nine months before your chosen date.

I know, theres a lot to think about with when to send out your wedding invitations!

But getting ahead with ordering your wedding invitations and RSVPs will give you more time to send them out and wait to receive the RSVPs from your guests. If youre ordering ready-made designs you should still give yourself a two month window to receive these. Getting ahead with your ordering will help to take the stress out of organising your big day.

And as with anything in life, things change and you may find that youve got additional guests youd like to invite. That or one of your invites gets lost in the post. For this reason, its a good idea to order some extra invites. The number of extra invites you order will depend on the size of your wedding, but giving yourself a 10% cushion to give you plenty to fall back on should you need them.

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When To Send Wedding Invitations


There are so many wedding-related events and festivities that take place throughout a couple’s engagement period, and they all require a lot ofstationery andinvitations. At first glance, it can seem a little overwhelming, but it’s manageable if you know what to expect.

Read on to learn when to send everything from save the dates to thank you notes, and who to send them to. Chances are, you’ll be making more trips to the post office than you have in your entire life, but these invitations are things that you will look back on as precious keepsakes in the years to come.

When To Order Place Cards:

How Early To Send Out Wedding Invitations

Order your wedding place cards with your invitations .The Knot Note: Instead of writing each guests table assignment on the escort card itself, slip the card into a small envelope thats tagged with a table number. This way, you can easily swap guests table assignments up until the last second.

These handwritten notesâfrom both of youâshould thank guests for their gifts and/or presence at your wedding.

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Wedding Invitations With Rsvp

With our tools, making wedding invitations online has never been easier. After youve found the right design, use our online invitation maker to customize the text, fonts, envelope, and the color palette. We have photo wedding invitations if youd like to upload your own image, and a wide variety of custom wedding invitations to suit any vibe. From romantic to modern invitations, you can customize our best online invitations to perfectly match your wedding theme.

When youre ready to send to send your wedding invite, create a guest list based on your previous Paperless Post lists or add new guests with their email addresses. All of our wedding invitations online include RSVP cards so collecting RSVPs is easy and painless. Plus, with our follow-up tools you can effortlessly communicate with guests, from reminder emails to week-up updates. After the I dos have been said and rings exchanged, collect and share photos from the event in a wedding thank you card.

How Early Is Too Early For Wedding Invitations Are You Getting Married In Wedding Season

Typically in the UK, the spring and summer months of May to September are wedding season. If your big day falls in this peak time then think about sending your handmade wedding invitations earlier rather than later. As this is also holiday season it would be a good idea to give your guests plenty of notice so that they dont get double booked. Of course you might already have this covered with a save the date .

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We’re Having An Adults

Address your invitations correctlyto each guest by name, not “and guest”and guests should understand that the invite is meant for only those mentioned. If you find that some reply with their children’s names added, give them a call and explain you’re having an adults-only wedding and you hope they can still attend. If there are a lot of kids in your family, you may want to consider hiring or arranging for a babysitter. It’s definitely not required, but it’s a nice gesture. Just be sure to include this information on the wedding website.

Is It Okay To Not Send Save

Wedding Invitations : When Do You Send out Wedding Invitations?

Its okay not to send save the dates, especially if youre doing a small wedding. However, it would be best if you also double-checked on who youre sending these cards to because it would be distasteful to uninvite someone youve given a save the date suddenly.

Furthermore, always send save the dates if youre doing a wedding during peak holiday or travel season. If the wedding is meant to be an extended weekend or a destination wedding, guests should prepare for them much earlier.

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When To Send Save

A save-the-date is different from a proper wedding invitation. They typically stand as a placeholder for the real invitation to ensure that guests know to clear their schedules on that day, or avoid committing to any other events.

Save-the-dates are sent out before wedding invitations, and the general rule of thumb is to send them between 6 and 12 months before the wedding. If your engagement is on the longer side, its common to send the save-the-date 12 months out.

In light of COVID-19, couples across the globe have had to reschedule their weddings. Right now, many brides and grooms are grappling with rescheduling venues, vendors, and alerting their guests.

If you are scheduling your wedding in the aftermath of the global pandemic, it may be wise to send out your save-the-dates slightly earlier. With so many couples rescheduling at once, dates are being scooped up quickly, and it may be necessary to let loved ones know your date earlier so that they can save it and avoid missing your special day.

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