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How Much Do Wedding Rentals Cost

What To Do Before Planning Your Wedding

How much does a wedding tent cost

Before getting married, you and your partner should understand some legal aspects that you need to fulfill. According to Philippine law under Executive Order No. 209, both you and your partner have to fulfill these requirements:

  • Both parties must be at least 18 years old, male and female
  • If you or your fiancé is below 25 years old, you must get parental consent or advice
  • Must not have any legal impediments

Once youre sure that you fulfill these criteria, its time to identify your needs and wants for the biggest day of your life. This will help you estimate the cost of the wedding that you need to shell out.

Creating Your Ideal Setting

There are a host of wedding tent options available today, from simple awnings to large ballrooms, and everything in between. These structures provide a great way to throw an event with a romantic outdoor feel, while still offering an important way to shelter and protect your guests from the elements. Better yet, when you decide to go with a tent, you can locate it anywhere that space allows. And you can tailor the space with a variety of elegant extras sure to meet your unique needs and your taste.

Costs To Expect For Each Different Type Of Wedding Chair Rental

Folding metal chairs or plastic chairs: $1.50 each

These are perfect for a garden wedding ceremony and/or reception and usually come in white, black, or brown. This is what I would suggest to my friends who are going to have backyard weddings or anything outside. You might be hesitant to go with lower priced chairs, but they are FINE and perfectly acceptable for this setting.

We attended an absolutely beautiful wedding on a lake last summer that used rows of white folding chairs. They added some small bouquets and greenery to the backs of the last row of chairs and along the aisle for decor, and it looked amazing.

Resin or Wooden Chairs: $2.25 $5.00 each

These are a slight upgrade from metal or plastic but still work well for a backyard or garden wedding. If youre looking for a way to up the formality factor just a little bit for an outdoor ceremony, a wooden or resin chair setup could be the way to go.

I also think the white color works really well for spring and summer outdoor weddings.

They arent necessarily more comfortable than the cheaper option, but they look slightly more classy.

Bamboo Chairs: $4.00 $8.00 each

Bamboo is a trendy material in general for couples who are trying to go eco-friendly for their weddings . Bamboo also looks really beautiful.

Bistro or banquet chairs with chair covers: $4.00 $5.00

Silver or gold Chiavari or Tiffany chairs: $6.00 $8.00 each

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Jos A Bank Tuxedo Rental Cost

Generally, tuxedo rentals at JoS. A. Bank tend to run in the range of $90 to $180 for a set with the coat, pants, vest, collared shirt, tie, shoes and sometimes a bonus accessory such as a pocket silk.

Their prices can vary depending on your location and their current demand. Currently, their policy is not to give you a price quote on your rental until you go in for a free personal measurement session. Like many other tuxedo-rental companies, you also have the option to pay less if you don’t need shoes. They have a wide range of bow ties available as well.

How Much Do Wedding Tents Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wedding Venue in New York?

Dreaming of a garden wedding? While the great outdoors can make an amazing scenic backdrop for your wedding ceremony or reception, if your wedding venue requires a tent your wedding tent costs can add up quickly. Those added dollars can put your dream wedding venue over budget if you dont plan accordingly. So, just how much do wedding tents cost? Ive included some general prices below to help get you started as well as questions you should plan on asking a prospective wedding tent company . There are also easy ways to save A LOT of money when it comes to wedding tent cost, so read on!

What You Need to Know When Figuring Out Your Wedding Tent Cost

Wedding Tent Type:

The first thing you should know is that wedding tents are basically broken down into two different types: pole tents and frame tents. While the materials they are made out of as well as their overall shapes/designs can vary widely, you can get a better idea of the style of tent youre looking for by deciding which one of the two you like better. Here are the basic differences:

Pole tents: These tents typically go on grass since they have to be staked. They have at least one center pole but can often have several .

Frame tents: A frame tent is more versatile since it can go on multiple surfaces . Since there are no poles inside the tent, it will give you more square footage inside since you dont have to plan your seating around the poles.

Wedding Tent Size:

Things to remember:

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Types Of Wedding Venues In New York

This short list encompasses the range of wedding venue options available throughout New York each venue catering to different needs and wants, unique in their own amenities and aesthetics, all at varying costs.

This majestic property atop a ridge offers a peaceful, private setting surrounded by gothic/Victorian influence costs $250 per hour with a 4-hour minimum.

What It Costs To Rent A Wedding Tent

Expect to spend a fair amount to create the perfect wedding tent setting for your upcoming wedding. The tent rental price itself can start at $250 for a small frame that can accommodate 25 to 40 guests, and the price can go up from there to about $500 or even more. For a medium-size wedding tent that is recommended for up to about 150 to 180 guests, the price starts at about $1,000and can go up to about $3,000 or more, depending on how fancy the wedding tent is and the part of the country in which you live. An extra large size tent you can find, which works well for receptions of up to 500 guests, can range from $2,000 to about $4,500 or more.

Keep in mind that the bigger the wedding tent, the more you will also need to spend on the details. For instance, rent heaters can run about $200 to $250 or more each, while a 12-foot square parquet dance floor can be about $2,000 or more and you can expect to spend up to $100 for each chandelier you rent. Satin wall draping can be in the $1,000 to $2,000 range, but the more space to fill and the more extravagant the effect you desire, the more it will set you back. And renting a portable bathroom can be in the $100 to $200 range for each.

When you add all of these details in, estimates for a wedding tent wedding range in the $8,000 to $12,000 for about 150 guests.

Just keep in mind that this is NOT including your flowers, food, drinks, servers or entertainment.

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Cost Of Renting Dishes Glasses And Flatware For Your Wedding

MINIMAL Budget-Friendly Wedding Planning | How Much Our Backyard Wedding Cost

As I plan my own wedding, Im in the position of trying to figure out the cost of renting dishes, glasses. forks, knives, and spoons for our big day. I was wondering about rental prices so I did a bit of research comparing various rental companies. How much does it cost to rent dishes and glasses for your wedding?

  • Dishware costs between 40 and 85 cents per plate, with the cheapest options being standard white or cream and the expensive options pearl white and/or gold-rimmed plates.
  • Glassware runs between 40 cents and $1.50 a piece, the higher priced items being vintage glass goblets and crystal wine glasses.
  • Flatware costs between 35 cents and 1.10 per piece with stainless steel options on the cheaper end and more expensive options available with gold-brushed finish or other premium added details.

To make sure youre getting a really accurate idea of what you can expect to pay for dishes and glasses at your wedding, Iets break down the different kinds of style options available and the difference in price for each.

PRO-TIP: You can rent most of your dishes, glasses, and flatware but consider checking out a variety of specialty champagne glasses on Amazon by , that you can use on the wedding day and then keep as mementos for the rest of your lives.

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How Long Can You Rent Wedding Linens For

The standard wedding linen rental is three business days expect linens to arrive one business day prior to the event and be returned one business day after. . Returns are generally made by simply tossing used linens in the companys reusable shipping bag, attaching the pre-paid return label, and dropping off or scheduling a pick-up with the affiliated carrier.

Couples have the option to extend the rental window for a fee, which is a smart choice if youre sourcing linens from the States for an overseas destination wedding and need to check them on an airplane.

Other Materials That Add Up To The Tent Rental Costs:

Basic Rental Tent costs for Smallest size: $140 $165 for your smallest tent of Size 15×15 Square feet. It is enough for accommodating 16 to 20 people.

Generator Costs: $500-$1,250 or more depending on the electricity requirements.

Chandeliers: $50-$500/each or more based on what you choose for the decoration.

Flooring Costs: Tent flooring can run anywhere between $1-$3.50 per square foot, so estimate between $250-$1,500+ depending on the type you choose such as plastic or wood.

Tent heaters: $125+/each or more and you may need more than one heater for a larger size tent.

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How To Calculate Size

When ordering a wedding tent, you will need to know how large a size you will need for your event. For a small group of 25 people, you will want a smaller structure with a more intimate feel, while larger groups will require much larger accommodations. When in doubt between tent sizes, the experts recommend going with the larger option to ensure your guests wont feel crowded. Some things to remember include that you will need about two feet around the entire outside of your wedding tent. In addition, not only will you need to fit your guests, but you will also need to add in room for the bar, cake table, band or DJ, buffet tables and dance bar. One tent company says that the average size tent for a wedding is 2400 square feet. Further, here is a rule of thumb that some companies offer for couples to help determine what they will need for their event:

  • For the wedding ceremony, assume you need about 6 square feet per person.
  • For the wedding dinner, you need between 8 to 12 square feet for each guest .
  • For the wedding dance floor, 2 square feet per person .
  • Serving tables for a buffet need about 100 square feet, while the DJ can take up 200 square feet.

These can give you an idea of where to begin. You can also go to RentalHQ for some guidelines on tent size and heating and cooling needs. In addition, tent rental companies should be able to advise you on what to select for your specific needs so you can get exactly the best fit.

Determine What Type Of Tent You Want

How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wedding Venue in Los Angeles?

There are several styles of tents available for rentbut the most popular are frame tents and pole tents. There are three main considerations to take into account when it comes to which type of tent you rent: space logistics, aesthetics, and budget.

Pole Wedding Tent Pros and Cons

  • PRO: Pole tents tend to be the more aesthetically pleasing option theyre the ones with the swooping roof
  • PRO: Pole tents are less expensive
  • CON: Pole tents will have center poles/obstructions
  • PRO: No frame to cover updoes not need liner
  • PRO: Pole tents require shorter setup time
  • CON: Must be staked into the ground
  • CON: A pole tent requires clearance on all sides for stakes and anchor ropes

Frame Wedding Tent Pros and Cons

  • PRO: Can be erected on any surface
  • PRO: Can be attached togetheryou have more options when it comes to shape/configuration and you could have multiple spaces connected, such as a walkway from ceremony to party
  • PRO: Does not have any center poles or obstructions
  • CON: Almost always pricier than pole tents
  • CON: Frame is visible from the insidemany people dont like the look of the frame, and the solution is an expensive liner to cover it up
  • CON: Requires longer setup time
  • PRO: Can be left up for a long time

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You Rarely Need A Tux

Whens the last time you wore a tuxedo? Or, how many times do you expect youll need a tux in the next few years? We ask because trends and styles change, as do waistlines. A black tuxedo is a good investment if you dont get too trendy with the fit or design, but for most of us, renting a tux thats on-trend now is a safer bet than those longer odds.

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